Man Allegedly Kills Brother After Thinking He’s A Lizard Person

This is shocking, of course — but underneath, it’s a really sad, unfortunate tragedy.

A 26-year-old Seattle man is in custody today, charged with second-degree murder after allegedly “jamming a four-foot sword through” his brother’s skull on Sunday because he reportedly thought the brother was a lizard person.

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Buckey Wolfe (in the inset, picture above), is being held without bail in a Washington jail after prosecutors argued before a judge that he was “severely mentally ill” and that he still posed a danger to the community at large.

Apparently, on Sunday, Buckey stabbed his brother James Wolfe (pictured above, right) through the skull while allegedly hallucinating that he was seeing lizard people. Afterwards, he apparently called police and told them what happened, at which point he was arrested and interrogated before being brought up on charges.

According to authorities, Buckey’s reported Facebook profile contained many posts about Christianity and President Donald Trump, as well as baseball theories from the right-wing conspiracy theory corners of QAnon that suggest there is a group of elite, worldwide pedophiles conspiring against Trump. Some in QAnon believe that the alleged global pedophile elites they hate are actually lizard people, too.

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It’s also reported that Buckey further pledged allegiance on social media to the Proud Boys, a violent right-wing nationalist group, though the group itself said he’d never actually been a member of their organization, according to a statement.

Regardless, conspiracy theories played a role in what was obviously an unnecessary and extremely tragic murder.

It’s easy to see why stories like this go viral, with their shocking and sometimes almost unbelievable details. But beyond that, a family has been destroyed and now two brothers have effectively lost their lives over extreme conspiracy theories and nonsense.

So sad…

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