Meghan Markle’s Views On Trump Being ‘Muted’ By Royal Family??

We’re Americans. NO ONE tells us when to shut up! LOLz!

For real though, when we heard Meghan Markle was once again being rubbed the wrong way by the rules of being a Royal, we really did get it.

Especially because this time it’s about putting in her two cents! (Two pence?)

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See, while marrying Prince Harry has given the former Suits star an international platform, it’s also been something of a mask when it comes to politics.

Before becoming the Duchess of Sussex, the California gurl proudly denounced Donald Trump as “misogynistic and divisive.” Notice how she hasn’t spoken about him at all recently? She’s actually not allowed to.

Robert Jobson, the Evening Standards expert on the Royal family, speaking on his Royal Podcast, explained:

“Perhaps the most important rule that has implications for the survival of the ancient and unelected institution is that the royal family is not allowed to vote, hold any type of political office or speak publicly about politics.

They must certainly not be seen to be supporting one political party above another as to do so could cause a constitutional crisis.”

That includes U.S. politics since they have to directly interact.

Jobson says Meghan has been “muted” by the Royal family so far but notes she is clearly “not afraid to use her voice.”

He suspects ultimately she will “not easily be silenced by the niceties of royal protocol.”

We will say this — in her speeches since becoming the Duchess, Meghan has continued to preach integrity, hard work, education, the equal treatment of women, the value of visiting service men and women, the elimination of racism…

So in a way she is still speaking out against Trump.

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