Meri and Kody Brown: Is This Really It for the Sister Wives Couple?

Meri and Kody Brown are not legally married and Meri Brown is dating someone new. (Or is she???)

Based on this information alone, the question posed above would seem to be a silly one.

Of course the relationship is over, right? Heck, it's seemingly been over for a long time, no?

Well, no. Not exactly. Not when we're talking about a polymagous couple that blurs the line between marriage, exclusivity and all the social norms typically associated with a romance.

Where do things stand now between the Sister Wives stars? How did they get here? Where might they go from here?

Come along down below and let's try to figure all this out...

1. How Did These Two Meet?

Meri brown and kody brown
One of Kody's sisters introduced the pair way back in 1989. Meri came from a polymagous family; her father had five wives of his own.

2. When Did They Get Married?

Meri brown sister wives star geting emotional
In 1990. She was his first-ever legal wife.

3. Do They Have Children?

Meri brown photo
Yes, but not as many as originally planed. It's been reported that the hope was to have 8 kids, but Meri struggled with fertility problems. She has only been able to get pregnant twice during their marriage; once in 1994, which resulted in the birth of daughter Mariah Lian, and once again around 2007 ... which ended in miscarriage.

4. Here They are with Mariah

Mariah meri and kody brown
Looks like a close, happpy, very normal immediate family, doesn't it?

5. When Did the Marriage End?

Meri brown with kody
Kody filed to legally divorce Meri in 2014 so that he could legally marry Robyn and legally adopt her kids. We keep using this term because Kody wanted to remain "spiritually" married to Meri and keep their same exact relationship.

6. Meri Seemed Fine with It at the Time

Meri brown from sister wives
"It's an end of something that we had had, in a way, for 24-and a half years," Meri said in a statement back then. "But at the same time, I know it's not, because I have eternity with him; I have an eternity with the family. I know it's not the end."
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