Mistress Ruins Trump Exec’s Wedding; World Points and Laughs

All over the country, wedding season is coming to a close, and like millions of Americans, you may have watched some giddy young couple tie the knot sometime in the past few months.

You may have even witnessed something truly unforgettable in the form of a drunk aunt toppling into a three-tier cake or some other memorable blooper.

Brianna Ehland-Cory Perlson

But you've probably never in your life laid eyes on anything quite as cringe-inducing as the nuptials of Brianna Ehland and Cory Perlson.

So who are these grinning WASPs and why should you care about their wedding?

Well, Brianna is an executive at the Trump Organization, and Cory is described in the press only as a "trust-funder," which means both of them are wealthy despite contributing nothing of value to humanity.

Anyway, Ehland and Perlson tied the knot over the weekend, but they probably won't be eager to go into a lot of detail when discussing the big day with their future children.

Ehlund and Perlson

You see, Perlson (allegedly) spent the summer banging a Vegas bottle waitress named Mayra Angel.

And it seems his (alleged) mistress was less than thrilled to find that her summer fling had a fiancee waiting at home the whole time.

Basically, it's the plot of the movie Sideways but with less wine, more money, and some hilarious ties to the Trump administration.

Instead of bashing Perlson in the face with a motorcycle helmet, however, Angel took a more surgical approach with a little help from the 21st century's great equalizer -- social media.

The Perlsons

Taking to Instagram, Mayra posted photographic evidence of the (alleged) affair on Instagram using the apt handle @a.summer.affair.

The account has since been taken down by Instagram admins, but Angel took steps to ensure the maximum amount of damage to Perlson's reputation.

She even getotagged the pics with the wedding location, Oheka Castle on Long Island, so that every guest seeking to upload their own selfies would be confronted by evidence of the groom's (alleged) cheating.

A lawyer for Perlson claims Angel has been hit with a restraining order, but apparently, that's news to her.

Brianna and Cory

“I have not been presented with anything of the sort," she tells The New York Post, adding:

“I have not done anything illegal whatsoever. Nothing I have said has been false information, nor did I try to extort Cory at any point.”

Sadly, Brianna went through with the vows, anyway, but we guess that's not terribly surprising.

Infidelity in the Trump Organization is probably considered about as scandalous as a football pool in your office.