Natalie Mordovtseva Accused of Trashing Mike’s House, Being a Total Slob

The back-and-forth conflict between Natalie Mordovtseva and mother-in-law Trish has flared this season.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers have been picking sides, and some are still unsure.

But it seems that all of the people in Mike Youngquist's life are united on one subject:

They simply do not care for Natalie and are glad that it's over. And that's not all. ...

Natalie Mordovtseva flashback to returning the ring in Ukraine

In the most recent episodes of Happily Ever After?, Mike and Natalie have been visiting Trish for Thanksgiving.

It is Natalie's first Thanksgiving, ever, but the event has been marred by tensions with her Mother-in-Law.

Though the two had previously gotten along, Trish was the one who convinced Mike to call of the wedding.

Trish brings out birthday cake for Mike Youngquist

During this visit, however, Trish has been vocally concerned about Natalie's role in the marriage.

Natalie is still waiting for her work visa to be approved and issued after six months of marriage.

Trish has strong ideas about what Natalie might want to do after that visa is granted.

Trish Youngquist shares her concerns about Natalie not working

But, in the mean time, Trish has concerns about Natalie being insufficiently "helpful" around the house.

Now, viewers of 90 Day Fiance Season 8 saw plenty of footage of Natalie cleaning, doing dishes, and more while Mike was at work.

But Trish seems to be under the impression (thanks to Mike) that Natalie isn't really pulling her weight.

Mike Youngquist doesn't think that it's a big deal; just traditons and caution

Mike is the one who told Trish that Natalie doesn't help out.

He told her that he has to cook and clean after returning from a long day at work (and an even longer commute).

This explains Trish's apparent fixation in putting Natalie to work ... and teaching her to stack firewood, in case she finds herself in 1840.

Mike Youngquist, Natalie Mordovtseva, and Trish stack firewood

Mike's Uncle Beau and his neighbor, Tamara, spoke on the Kiki and Kibbitz podcast.

There, Tamara shared that she had worked as Mike's housekeeper after Natalie arrived.

The podcast host asked of Natalie: "Is she, like, a slob?"

Tamara explains how everyone cried over wedding cancelation

The answer is allegedly ... yes.

According to both Beau and Tamara, Natalie's room looked like a disaster area.

"Clothes everywhere," Tamara described. "Oh my god, I can't believe it."

Natalie Mordovtseva meets Uncle Beau

Tamara added that she pitied Mike after seeing the state of the house's kitchen.

Uncle Beau shared that he had been in the habit of cleaning the kitchen before Mike came home from work.

Tamara alleged that Natalie only cooked for Mike once -- and laughed at how Natalie now has a cooking show.

Natalie Mordovtseva in white summer dress with neighbor Tamara

Fans are divided over this, in particular because Mike and Natalie are equally disliked, if often by different fans.

Some argue that this sounds like fake.

In particular, many fans noted that Mike's house didn't look especially tidy even before he moved in.

Natalie Mordovtseva - oh I found softener (NOOOO)

Other fans have vocally countered that Mike could have had Tamara come over and clean when cameras weren't there.

The production team might film at odd hours, but they don't live at the property.

Natalie could have cleaned for the benefit of the cameras and then relied upon Tamara to do most of the work.

Natalie Mordovtseva - I don't know what is 'bleach'

Obviously, we don't know how tidy or otherwise Natalie might be. It also doesn't matter.

Tidiness does not reflect moral character, and this is a complicated topic when it comes to two partners.

What this does signify is just how happy everyone who knows Mike seems to be that the two split.