Nicki Minaj’s Sex Offender Boyfriend Was ‘One Of Her First Loves’ From Years Ago…

This ain’t it, Nicki Minaj

The 36-year-old rapper has been courting controversy lately after it was publicly revealed that her new boyfriend, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, is a registered sex offender previously convicted of attempted rape.

But that’s not all he is — turns out there’s a long history with Nicki here, too.

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Petty, who first spent time in New York state prison in the late 1990s after being convicted of first-degree attempted rape back in 1995, goes back a LONG way with Minaj, all the way back to when the two were both growing up in Queens.

Per TMZ, Minaj first had a relationship with Petty when she was 16 years old, well before the fame and fortune… and she still calls him “one of her first loves” because of that nostalgic old connection.

Nicki clearly knows about Petty’s troubled past, and the whole registered sex offender/convicted attempted rapist thing — but per that source, she apparently believes so strongly in second chances that she’s willing to overlook all that and move forward with Petty.

That’s all good and fine, of course, until you realize it’s not just the rape conviction hanging over his head… Petty also copped a guilty plea over the shooting death of a man named Lamont Robinson back in 2002.

The charge in that case was originally supposed to have been second degree murder, but it was downgraded to manslaughter after negotiations — and, again, Petty owned up to it and did more than a decade of time for it. He was released in 2013 — all according to The Blast.

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Look, second (and third… and maybe fourth…) chances are fine if you understand what you’re getting yourself into when you hand ’em out like this… that’s Nicki’s call, and she’ll have to answer for it as a public figure dealing with all this.

Just sayin’ it makes more sense that she’d be so forgiving now that we know these two have had chemistry together for a LONG time. Old love dies hard?!

What do y’all think about all this, Perezcious readers??? What’s Nicki doing?!

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