Princess Anne Shrugging At The Queen & Donald Trump Is A YUGE Mood!

Even royalty gets scolded by their parents sometimes.

Nope, not Prince George or Princess Charlotte, we’re talking about Princess Anne.

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While Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and the Duchess of Cornwall greeted President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday after the first day of the NATO summit in London, a surprisingly sassy moment went down.

The 69-year-old stood in a doorway after missing the beginning of the official greeting with her family, which her observant mother soon caught wind of. The 93-year-old looked over at her daughter, clearly NOT amused and appearing to shoot eye daggers her way, but what happened next is straight out of an episode of The Crown. In an act of teenage-esque defiance, the mother of two shrugged and laughed off the whole exchange instead!

Netflix, are you getting all of this?!

The cherry on top of this perfect moment was that it appeared POTUS and FLOTUS picked up on the whole scenario, but didn’t seem to say anything in real-time. We can’t even make this stuff up anymore!!

Ch-ch-check out the full glorious moment (below):

Here are a few of the best responses from Twitter about what went down:

People are surprised that Princess Anne can hang? That woman once was the victim of an attempted kidnapping and when she was told to get out of her car at gunpoint she said, “Not bloody likely.” A true bad b***h.

British public: We’re starting to question our support for the Royal family.

Princess Anne: I’ve got this.”

Princess Anne shrugged off a dude who tried to kidnap her at gunpoint in the seventies: Dress rehearsal for this moment.

Princess Anne has ALWAYS been an absolute hero in the royal family. Didn’t give her kids titles, first to divorce, working round the clock… The videos of her gossiping with world leaders & shrugging like a teenager at the queen are just the cherry on top. *chef’s kiss*”

If you had “Princess Anne giving Trump side eye” on your “2019 IS OUT OF CONTROL” Bingo Card, then please mark it off.”

Sorry, Meghan Markle, you’ve officially been replaced as the most defiant royal in our eyes. Princess Anne, we applaud you!!

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