R. Kelly Is In A Fast Food Feud With His Ex-Wife Over Child Support Money — No, Really!

Leave it to R. Kelly to find his way into the most superficial, head-scratching feuds possible!

The R&B singer’s ex-wife went on TMZ Live this week and accused her former hubby of failing to pay child support — yes, again — and suggested that maybe he ought to “get a job at Del Taco” so that he could pay off his debts and take care of his children.

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That did NOT sit well with Kelly, who immediately lashed out at Drea Kelly about her comments, and what she insinuated about his finances and ability to pay child support for their 21-year-old daughter Buku Abi.

According to TMZ, Kelly believes that Drea should take her own advice — and if he’s supposed to get a job at Del Taco, then SHE can get her own job “at a burger joint” to pay her own way, too. Ummmmmmm OK!

The issue at the center of the feud here isn’t just a he said/she said fast food gripe: it’s that Kelly apparently believes Drea doesn’t want him to pay chid support to help Buku, but rather fund her own lavish lifestyle. Now, legally speaking, Kelly must pay to support his daughter until she’s 23 years old, even though she’s out on her own and successful as a young adult already at just 21.

The embattled R&B singer contends, then, that Drea is “using child support to fund her own lifestyle,” and he’s calling foul on her Del Taco comments for that reason — he wants her to pay he own way, too, and not live off his hard-earned cash.

For what it’s worth, Kelly’s lawyer Steven Greenbergwho has had his own, um, issues recently — told TMZ that the singer is sick of being bashed by his ex-wife, and that “she needs to get a life.”

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According to legal docs, Kelly is on the hook for about $21,000 per month in child support — and he’s allegedly behind by about $32,000 right now.

In other words — this is FAR from the last we’ve heard of this feud. And while Del Taco will hopefully not be involved much longer, something tells us that Drea won’t stop beating down the singer until Buku turns 23… and Kelly will keep on taking the bait, and biting back.

It never ends!!!

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