R. Kelly’s Attorney Blasts Lady GaGa, Accuses Her Of ‘Exploiting This Controversy… In Her Effort To Win An Oscar’

Don’t come after Lady GaGa (or anyone) like this!!! Especially when you’ve allegedly got no moral ground to stand on, R. Kelly!!

The long-since disgraced R&B musician is still reeling from the after-effects of Surviving R. Kelly running on national TV, and currently, GaGa appears to be the one in his crosshair as his lawyer hopelessly tries to make all this controversy go away.

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ICYMI, GaGa officially apologized on Wednesday night for working with R. Kelly, as she did once early in her career. While the apology was generally well-accepted across the industry, it has R. Kelly and his legal team PISSED!

The R&B crooner’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, released a statement to Access Online about GaGa’s decision to apologize for their collaboration (below):

“Mr. Kelly appreciates that [GaGa] recognized his immense talent and collaborated with him to help her career, but finds it regrettable that she is now exploiting this controversy to try and help her in her effort to win an Oscar.”

Excuse us, WHAT was that, again?!?!

Was that R. Kelly’s legal team taking a cheap shot on R. Kelly’s behalf, cynically suggesting she’s only apologizing to help herself during award show season?! That’s LOW, even for the alleged morally bankrupt crowd

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Greenberg didn’t have his sights set on only GaGa, though, further telling Access about all the people who are supposedly out to get his client (below):

“Mr. Kelly has not committed any crime. It is unfortunate the extent people want to put his past relationships under a microscope for their own personal gain. But no one complained when they were living the glamorous Life as a rockstar groupie or girlfriend. There are no victims — there are only those now exploiting Mr. Kelly for their 15 minutes of TMZ fame.”

That’s one way to defend your client, we suppose.

Of course, it’s not going to help Kelly much — he’s being absolutely demolished in the court of public opinion.

And very soon, the law may find itself knocking on R. Kelly’s door, too.

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