Ryan Edwards: CAUGHT Drinking Post-Rehab!

Here we go again.

As you may have heard, Ryan Edwards left rehab last month after completing 90 days of in-patient treatment.

Ryan had checked into a treatment center on one prior occasion, and he relapsed within days of returning home.

There was reason to believe this time would be different -- but now, it looks as though Ryan is not taking his recovery as seriously as he needs to.

Take a look:


1. Dark Times

Ryan edwards teen mom og picture
It's been less than two weeks Ryan left rehab after undergoing 90 days of treatment for an addiction to heroin.

2. Off the Wagon

Ryan edwards proposes
Now, it looks as though Ryan is no longer sober.

3. Back At It

Ryan off the wagon
A fan posted this photo of Ryan and Mackenzie at a restaurant in North Carolina.

4. The Accusation

Ryan edwards at his wedding
The person who took the photo says Ryan was definitely drinking alcohol during dinner.

5. What's the Problem?

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Ryan was not being treated for an alcohol addiction, but rehab counselors generally advise addicts to steer clear of all intoxicating substances.

6. A Repeating Pattern

Ryan edwards is mad
The last time Ryan left treatment, he was spotted drinking alcohol shortly thereafter.
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