‘Seinfeld’ & ‘Golden Girls’ Actor Charles Levin Found Dead In Oregon Woods Partially Eaten

Oregon state investigators have just released details surrounding the death of Seinfeld actor Charles Levin, and the particulars of it are very unsettling.

According to a report released by the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety, the body of the 70-year-old was found badly decomposed at the bottom of a 30ft steep hill and had signs of being eaten by animals.

The report stated:

“There were signs of animal scavenging likely in the form of turkey vultures as the presence of bird feces on and around the body.”

Levin had first been reported missing after connecting with a friend saying he was lost close to Cave Junction, Oregon. Local news outlets said the actor’s son reported him missing on July 8 near his home in Oregon with his dog Boo Boo Bear

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Police reportedly searched for Charles’ orange Fiat, which they were told he had been driving at the time. Thanks to the GPS from the performer’s cell phone, officials were eventually led to the area where he parked; there, a resident of a nearby town of Selma, Oregon helped them find the vehicle — in which, sadly, Boo Boo Bear was found dead. 

The resident, who asked not to be identified, told local news outlets:

“His car was pretty banged up and was off a logging trail. I went up on foot, hiking. I wouldn’t have driven up there by myself, no way. I think he might have made a few bad decisions.”

According to the report, Charles feel down a steep ravine while trying to get help. One outlet noted the actor’s body was found “naked, missing internal organs and was wedged between trees.”

In order to retrieve his body, officials were forced to slide down the hill using a rope and pulley system. Investigators said the Annie Hall actor was most likely trying to make his way back home when he got lost and ended up near the mountain pass.

The coroner’s office in Grants Pass has ruled the death “accidental.” As for his eaten remains, officials believe turkey vultures are to blame. 

Charles had quite an impressive Hollywood career. Seinfeld fans will remember him as the neurotic mohel — a person who carries out circumcisions according to Jewish law — in a 1993 episode of the sitcom.

He also starred in the pilot episode of The Golden Girls that centered around Rose (Betty White), Dorothy (Rue McClanahan), Blanche (Bea Arthur), and Coco. Coco, their gay chef, was supposed to be a regular on the show, but the writers eventually thought the character would distract from the friendship of the girls — so he was replaced with Dorothy’s mother, Sophia (Estelle Getty).

So, so sad. Sending love to Charles’ family.

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