Shannon Beador SLAMMED by David’s Girlfriend in Scathing Callout

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador went through a messy, acrimonious divorce this year.

Her ex, David Beador, has been dating girlfriend Lesley Cook for almost one year.

(In fact, some believe that David and Lesley became engaged on their vacation to Greece)

In an appearance on part of this season's reunion special, Shannon was clearly unhappy with David for how he had portrayed her during the divorce.

On Monday, December 10, Lesley rose to David's defense and took to Instagram to put Shannon on blast.

She says that, when Shannon criticizes David, she does more harm than she realizes to innocent parties.

Does she have a point? Take a look:

1. Shannon Beador mentioned her ex at the reunion

Shannon beador and david beador picture
She slammed him for portraying her as a "crazy" alcoholic during their divorce. Their split was deeply contentious.

2. Lesley Cook rushed to David's defense

David beador lesley cook
"Hate to go here but I am," Lesley begins on Instagram. "My kids & I have been shown nothing but love by David for almost a year"

3. Lesley heaped praise on David

Lesley cook and david beador on a plane
"The man is so crazy kind and loving," Lesley says. "He works his ass off and does everything he can to provide and take care of everyone in his family."

4. She hates to see him insulted

Lesley cook
Lesley insists that "he doesn’t deserve to be bashed on national television over and over again."

5. Lesley says Shannon should think of the children

Shannon beador debuts new look
"Children are involved and I couldn’t imagine bashing my children’s father ever," Lesley says. "My ex and I have our differences but after all, he is and always will be their father."

6. Lesley wants peace

Lesley cook photo
"Time to put egos to the side and move forward for everyone," Lesley insists. "Children need a mom & dad."
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