Sunny Hostin: Crazy Bethenny Frankel YELLED at My Young Child!

The Real Housewives of New York City fans recoiled in horror as Bethenny Frankel lashed out at Luann de Lesseps. It was ugly.

The cohosts of The View responded to the incident, and Sunny had her own anecdote to share about the Skinnygirl founder.

Sunny claims that she met Bethenny just once -- when Bethenny yelled at Sunny's 7-year-old child.

Bethenny frankel yells every day its about you

Just a quick recap, tragically not told in Whoopi Goldberg's impression of a Valley Girl voice.

Bethenny Frankel was there for Luann after her arrest and the beginning of her sobriety journey.

She clearly feltt hat Luann was too self-absorbed to return the favor after the tragic death of Dennis Shields.

In a scene that brought multiple Housewives to tears, she unloaded on Luann without remorse.

Clearly, Bethenny was having an on-screen breakdown in grief. But it remains a topic of discussion.

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So what does this have to do with The View cohost Sunny Hostin?

Well, the women offered up their reactions to Bethenny's outburst, with Meghan McCain providing nuanced context.

(Imagine if she could do that with politics! Wouldn't that be something?)

Meghan makes it very clear that she feels a lot of sympathy for Bethenny at this moment.

But not everyone feels the same way.

Sunny hostin has tea to spill

"I don't know Bethenny," Sunny mentions. "But I've seen her behave that way on the beach yelling at my child."

This gets everyone's attention.

Joy Behar mentions that she would like to hear about Sunny's experience.

(While Whoopi implies that she knows this story already)

"I don't know," Sunny says. "They're telling me not to talk about it in my ear."

Bethenny frankel nobody gives a f k

"I'm just saying," Sunny continues. "I've seen that kind of behavior when Bethenny yelled at my child on the beach."

She pauses for dramatic effect while the audience responds, and then shares her story.

"It was in the middle of the day," she recalls. "And my child was about 7, playing with other children at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon."

Speaking of Bethenny, Sunny recounts: "and she said that her child was napping inside with the window open."

"And," Sunny claims, Bethenny insisted "that our children were being too loud on the beach."

Sunny hostin side eye on the view

"[She] yelled at my child," Sunny accuses.

"And," she adds. "I went out there and stood in front of my child."

"And I yelled at her," Sunny reveals. "And told her adults speak to adults,”

“And she knows I’m telling the truth," Sunny concludes.

It is very clear that this one encounter left a permanent bad taste in Sunny's mouth when it comes to the Skinnygirl founder.

Meghan mccain speaks

Bethenny isn't without her defenders on the show, as the Princess of Arizona spoke out on her behalf.

"[Frankel] sent me a very nice note after my dad died,” Meghan says.

Meghan's father is the late Senator John McCain, a fact that she has mentioned a time or two.

“And I like her," Meghan notes. "And I wasn’t there on that beach in that scenario. I don’t have kids, as everyone knows."

Sunny points out: "I didn’t get a nice note."

Sunny hostin drinks tea on the view

Longtime fans of The View may recall that Sunny shared this anecdote back in 2016.

At the time, she provided context, saying that she and Bethenny had been renting neighboring houses in the Hamptons.

"She was very gracious later," Sunny admitted in 2016.

She added that Bethenny had "sent me some of the Skinnygirl margarita stuff later."

“Maybe she’s much nicer now," Sunny acknowledged. "But she was pretty ugly to all of us."

It seems that Bethenny's outburst brought back ugly memories for Sunny.

Bethenny frankel and fellow housewives crying

Was Sunny being unfair?

A friend of Bethenny's tells Us Weekly that it's disappointing to see her taking shots at the reality star.

According to the unnamed friend, it is a "shame Sunny continues to speak negatively about Bethenny."

"They don’t even know each other,” the friend points out. “She even attacked Bethenny’s relief efforts last year."

"Not sure why she continues to be fixated on her," the friend lamented. "And create unnecessary drama."

Sometimes, it's best to let go of grudges.

That said ... you don't yell at somebody else's kids. And you don't get mad at children playing on a beach.

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