Tamra Judge Claims Therapy Changed Her Son: He’s MUCH Better Now!

In November, The Real Housewives of Orange County fans were appalled to hear Eddie Judge dismiss Ryan Vieth as just a loser.

As shocking and inexcusable as some of Tamra Judge's son's behavior as an adult has been, mental health is a real issue.

Ryan has debilitating depression and Tamra is fearful that her eldest son's state of mind could worsen.

At least, she was fearful.

Tamra now says that Ryan has made tremendous strides thanks to therapy.

Gina Kirschenheiter has also spent time around Ryan. What does she have to say about it?

1. Ryan Vieth is a troubled man

Tamra barney ryan vieth
Ryan is an adult man in his thirties. He is a father. He's Tamra Judge's eldest child. He also has a lot going on in terms of his mental and emotional health, including a frightening arrest on charges of domestic violence.

2. Recently, it has gotten worse

Ryan vieth is obsessed
Though many months have passed since this, Ryan tweeted something horrible about a young transgender British child. Tamra ended up having to partially disavow his post because it was so distressing. Ranting about a marginalized child and that child's parents is just not okay, and Ryan's outlandish social media raised cries of alarm..

3. And then there's ... this

Ryan vieth dresses in betsy ross cosplay
Ryan has, in Tamra's words, poured his own identity and self-esteem into Donald Trump. That's worrisome for a long list of reasons, from displaying a terrible taste in character to simply being an unwise emotional investment. On the other hand, Ryan distracting himself from his misery by spitefully supporting the orange menace might explain a lot of what's going on in the country right now.

4. Ryan has been open about his misery

Rhoc nov 19 20 tamra gesture
Tamra more or less tricked Ryan into going to the therapy that he sorely needs, which is when he made some distressing admissions.

5. For example ...

Rhoc nov 19 18 tamra explain
Ryan feels that he is worthless, that his life has no value or meaning, and that he's a piece of garbage.

6. That broke Tamra's heart to hear

Rhoc tamra expose 02 tamra
She has made no secret of the fact that she blames herself. She had Ryan when she was a teenager. She graduated high school while pregnant. When she married Simon Barney and Ryan experienced a structured household at 13, he experienced culture shock and rebelled.
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