Tati Westbrook’s Latest Video Might Be The Reason Why James Charles Has Regained Followers

It seems the internet is still divided on where it stands amid the ongoing feud between James Charles and beauty guru Tati Westbrook.

As we reported, the 37-year-old publicly cut ties with the young star after he shared an endorsement at Coachella for Sleep Vitamins by SugarBearHair, a direct competitor of her beauty brand Halo Beauty.

But despite the early social media fallout and loss of millions of followers, it appears the tide might be turning in James’ favor after all!

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On Thursday, the YouTube starlet posted a video where she tried to explain the rationale behind the original call-out clip. Citing the 19-year-old’s blatant disrespect for their long and storied relationship, Tati claimed the hair vitamin ad by James was simply the last straw.

In the vid, Westbrook tearfully called for an end to the drama while also urging her followers to have an open mind about forgiveness, saying:

“We need to [be able] to call [people] out [when they do something wrong]…but also give them the chance to figure things out.”

Sounds like a mature conclusion to come to after it’s all said and done, right? We should all learn to play nice on the internet, and grow and learn from our mistakes, right?

Well, not exactly. This is where things get a little dicey…

The initial reaction to the video was overwhelmingly positive and in favor of the beauty business owner for speaking her truth, no matter the potential consequences.

As evidenced by the supportive tweets (below):

Considering the fact that Charles lost over 3 million subscribers within days of Tati’s first video, it’s safe to say this was the general consensus at first.

But some subscribers aren’t buying Westbrook’s tears! In fact, quite a few pointed out the fact that she actually benefitted from the drama that she’s calling for an end to.

The internet is certainly divided on this one!

But here’s a piece of positive news for James Charles fans: an early comeback on the horizon for the YouTuber!

Don’t believe us? According to analytics pulled from social-media tracking site SocialBlade, Charles’ began to regain a small percentage of his channel’s subscribers after Tati’s second video. See below:

James Charles has seen a spike in subscribers amid drama with Tati Westbrook.
Welcome back, Sisters! / (c) SocialBlade.com

And Charles’ Twitter following is doing pretty well again, too:

Initially, James Charles lost almost 200,000 followers on Twitter.
Initially, James Charles lost almost 200,000 followers on Twitter. / (c) SocialBlade.com

Meanwhile, Westbrook’s platforms on Youtube (left) and Twitter (right) continue to grow (below):

Tati Westbrook gained more subscribers amid ongoing feud with James Charles.
(c) SocialBlade.com

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you agree with the criticism of Tati’s motives? Do you think James Charles’ career will make a full recovery?

Share your thoughts in the comments section! We love hearing from you!

[Image via James Charles/Instagram]

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