Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie Dazzle with Live "Me!" Performance

Last week, Taylor Swift dropped new music for the first time in ages, releasing a music video for "Me!" featuring Brendon Urie.

At Wednesday night's Billboard Music Awards, Taylor and Brendon pulled out all of the stops for their first live performance.

You can see the video below, but we just had to turn some of the epic moments into gifs.

Taylor swift performs me at the 2019 billboard music awards

Super sweet pastels dominated the night on -- and above -- the stage at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

Hey, it's springtime.

The colors fit the season, not to mention the overall tone and vibe of the song.

The performance begins with marching band drummers wearing Pepto-Bismol pink uniforms.

And then Taylor walks out, wearing a colorful mini covered with glittering sequins of various pastel colors -- plus silver and gold.

Taylor swift performs me with dancers and pillows

If you were following the social media coverage of the performance, you saw everyone comment on the volume of dancers.

Backup dancers have been a staple in the music industry for decades.

But Taylor stunned the audience with her veritable horde of coordinated, pastel-clad entertainers.

Now, she remained at the center of it all, of course.

And then, of course, there were the pyrotechnics -- firing shimmering sparks into the air.

You gotta love a safe, gorgeous explosion.

Taylor swift puts on a vibrant show

Naturally, just as "Me!" is not a solo single, Taylor did not perform alone with her dancers.

She was joined on stage by Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie.

As you can see in the images (and video!) below, Brendon's outfit matches Taylor's ... except that it is a very different cut.

The two share an eye-catching, somewhat goofy dance -- which meshes perfectly with the general style and impression of the song itself.

Both appeared to be singing live, which is no easy feat for people who are moving and dancing like they are.

Taylor swift dances with brendon urie

Just a quick note before we get to the highlight of the performance.

The camera pans into the audience a few times.

There is so much to see on stage that we only get a few glimpses into the crowd.

Most noticeable of all is Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, who have only just revealed that they got married.

Also, Joe's brother Kevin was there, which we're sure was a treat for any Kevin fans. He's less visible than Nick and Joe.

The large and well-coordinated crowd of dancers, Brendon, and Taylor herself weren't the only attraction on stage.

As the song reached its climax, the camera pans and rotates to capture some new additions to the performance.

Umbrellas descend from the ceiling and stop, a couple dozen feet in the air.

These umbrellas were foreshadowed by Brendon Urie's arrival on stage, earlier, with a transparent umbrella.

Suspended from each and every vibrantly pastel umbrella is another brightly colorful dancer.

These dancers display their amazing aerial acrobatics by spinning around, holding themselves in difficult positions.

Some of them even turn upside down.

Obviously, these are sturdier than actual umbrellas, and the dancers are aided by subtle handles connected to the umbrellas.

But the overall effect is breathtaking and profoundly impressive.

And keep in mind that they manage to do all of this while wearing stuffy pastel pantsuits.

Taylor swift and brendon urie perform me at the 2019 billboard m

We know that people have been a little critical of the super-sugary aesthetic, vibe, and tone of "Me!" and of its music video.

People have jokingly compared it to the infamous Kids' Bop.

But consider that Taylor's last album was filled with fury and revenge.

Now that her Reputation has preceeded "Me!," we imagine that her future music will pivot in an entirely new direction.

Also? We think that part of the point of the original "Me!" video was just to introduce the world to her new cat. Relatable AF.

Taylor swift and brendon urie dazzle with live me performance