Taylor Swift’s Parents Change Plans for Chiefs vs. Eagles Game – Here’s Why They’re Not Attending

Taylor Swift's Parents Change Plans for Chiefs vs. Eagles Game - Here's Why They're Not Attending

Taylor Swift‘s parents were reportedly planning on attending the Monday Night Football game between the Chiefs and the Eagles to meet Travis Kelce‘s parents for the first time, but those plans have now changed.

If you didn’t know, Travis plays for the Chiefs and his older brother Jason Kelce plays for the Eagles, so it’s going to be a family match-up.

Taylor‘s family members are longtime Eagles fans as they used to live in Pennsylvania, but now they’re definitely becoming Chiefs fans thanks to Travis. It would’ve been the perfect game for them to attend!

So, what changed?

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Taylor is no longer is able to attend the game as she is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to perform a postponed concert after the heatwave caused Saturday’s show to be canceled. She’s in the middle of performing as this post is being published.

Sources told TMZ that it “just didn’t make sense for the parents to meet with Taylor absent and Travis busy on the field.” The source added that “the plans weren’t set in stone, perhaps because everyone realized Taylor‘s schedule could change.”

Hopefully everyone will be able to meet during the holidays!

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