#TechTuesday: Prepare To Cringe At This Wonderfully Cheesy ‘Kids Guide To The Internet’ Video From The ’90s!

It’s hard to imagine what life was like before sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit were around to distract us. (There’s a rumor there was this place called “outside” people used to frequent, but we cannot confirm this.)

While internet use has become second nature for many of today’s kids, it took some getting used to when this life-changing technology was unveiled to the masses in the ‘90s. Thankfully, millinials had The Kids Guide to the Internet to help them on their very first digital journey!

In this wonderfully cheesy and epically dated web tutorial, siblings Peter and Dasha Jameson teach kids everything they need to know about the wonders of the world wide web.

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As Peter puts it at one point:

“Now that I’ve gotten on the internet, I’d rather be on my computer than doing just about anything.”

Just stay off the dark web, Peter!

Peter and Dasha’s parents are quick to note both their kids’ grades have improved since the family got internet access — not to mention, their communication skills! (Remember, this was before emojis and hashtags existed.)

“Don’t worry, though,” Dasha insists, “it’s still cool.” She tells viewers the program is “by kids, for kids” (wait, what?) — “and it’s not just for boys either,” she sneers, while giving Peter some serious side eye.

From there, Peter and Dasha’s parents give them unrestricted computer access (!?) as the siblings teach their friends the fun they can have with email, chat lines (um…), and web pages! 

“What’s a web page? Something ducks walk on?”

No, Peter and Dasha’s friend! It’s… well… we’ll let the Jameson siblings do the explaining. 

So sit back, relax, and get ready to cringe as Peter and Dasha show you how to internet (above)!

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