Teen Mom 2 Fans to MTV: Fire Jenelle Evans Already!

David Eason has already been fired by MTV.

The really awful husband of Jenelle Evans said one too many homophobic things for the liking of Teen Mom 2 producers in early 2018, earning himself a pink slip by those in charge of the long-running series.

Due to Eason's latest heinous actions, the question now must be asked:

Will Evans follow suit?

Will she soon be let go by the same cable network?

As you can see below, fans of the program sure hope so. They think it's time for Jenelle to find other work.

Scroll down to see why...

1. Poor Little Nugget

Jenelle evans and nugget
For those unfamiliar with what's going on, here's a tragic update: Eason has shot and killed his family's dog, Nugget, who is pictured here with Evans.

2. He Did WHAT Now?

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
Eason shot and killed the family dog. He has admitted to doing so after reports of the homicide went viral because an unidentified male made a "frantic" call to 911 on Tuesday, April 30.

3. Police Arrived at the Scene...

Jenelle with david and ensley
... but did not file any charges because they could not find any actual evidence that a dog had been killed on the property.

4. But Eason Definitely Killed the Dog

David easons new shirt
He confessed to the crime, not that he has any shame about it, on Instagram.

5. First, He Shared This Video

David eason watch my dog attack my kid
Eason posted this footage the day after the incident happened, using it as evidence that Nugget snapped at his infant daughter, Ensley.

6. Was Ensley Injured?

Was she hurt
We can only go by this photo that Eason also posted, but it doesn't appear as if she suffered a serious injury at least.
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