Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Preview: Farewell, Jenelle!

Another season of Teen Mom 2 is upon us, which means MTV has blessed us with yet another extremely long trailer.

This one brings us up to speed on most of the girls and what they've been up to since last season.

Of course, the way the Moms document every moment of their lives on social media, there aren't too many surprises in the preview, but it's nice to see certain key developments confirmed.

For example, Leah Messer is back with Jason Jordan -- and Jenelle Evans seems to have had her role on the show greatly diminished.

She warned us that MTV had drastically reduced her role on the show, and now it seems she was telling the truth for once.

But hey, at least she's featured more heavily than Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus, who don't appear in the trailer at all!

Check it out:

1. Jenelle vs. Babs

Tm2 extended trailer 1
Jenelle isn't entirely absent from the trailer, mind you. She discusses her custody battle with Nathan and has a sit-down with Babs.

2. Too Much of a Bad Thing

Tm2 ex trailer 2
It's not that Jenelle has less screen time than her co-stars, it's that their portions feature montages and cameos from multiple members of their inner circles ...

3. Not So Much ...

Tm2 ex trailer 4
Jenelle's, on the other hand, features an extended sit-down with her mother, Barbara Evans.

4. Not That There's Anything Wrong With That ...

Tm2 ex trailer 3
Hell, Babs is far more well-liked than Jenelle at this point. It's just that the awkwardly-long scene --shot on a freakin' park bench -- serves as a reminder of how limited Evans' role will be this season.

5. The Real Drama

Tm2 ex trailer 5
What fans really want to see is the drama of Jenelle's home life, but MTV is no longer able to film her husband or even to set foot on her property.

6. Sounds Interesting

Tm2 ex trailer 6
As a result, you can expect a lot more of Jenelle and Babs in public parks.
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