Teen Mom OG Recap: Amber Portwood Goes OFF on Andrew Glennon!

Amber Portwood has seen her share of ups and downs over the years.

But these days, it's all downs for the troubled Teen Mom OG star.

In July, Amber was arrested on domestic violence charges.

Now, new episodes of the show are shedding light on just how bad things got between Portwood and her most recent ex, Andrew Glennon.

It's not pretty, but Teen Mom drama rarely is.

Take a look:

1. A Happier Time

Andrew glennon with amber
Amber and Andrew were never an ideal couple, but we're just now learning how ugly their situation was in the final days of their relationship.

2. Opening Up

Poor amber portwood
In the past, Amber has been praised for her candor with regard to her struggles with mental illness.

3. Avoiding Accountability?

Amber portwood talks anxiety
But she's also been accused of using her diagnosis to justify her most appalling behavior, a tendency the cameras seemed to have captured on Monday night's episode.

4. Road Rage

Andrew glennon and family
One scene showed Andrew driving Amber to an appointment with her psychiatrist. Sounds uneventful -- but when Amber's involved, there's sure to be drama.

5. Sharing Her Truth

Amber on the couch
"Because I struggle with bipolar and borderline personality disorder, I sometimes have mood swings and that can be tough on my relationship," she said in a confessional segment at the start of the show.

6. Not Returning the Favor

Amber portwood and andrew glennon throwback
"Andrew has always been supportive of me, but I want him to better understand what I go through on a daily basis," she added.
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