The KarJenner Fam Reportedly LOVES Kenny’s NBA Boyfriend Devin Booker!

It looks like Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker are really coming into their own now that they’ve made things Instagram official!

The pair has been connected by gossip and romance rumors for the better part of a year now, but our reporting yesterday confirmed a big step forward in their relationship. And now, we’re learning Kenny’s family couldn’t be happier about the developments therein!

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According to a source close to the fam who spoke to People about the matter, the 25-year-old super model has her family’s complete approval when it comes to the Phoenix Suns star!

The insider revealed (below):

“What first seemed like a fun hookup, is now a relationship. They are exclusive and Kendall is very happy with Devin. And her family thinks he is great. He was even invited to Kim’s 40th birthday celebration in Tahiti.”


That’s pretty interesting intel for a couple reasons! For one, it’s eye-opening to learn the new couple’s connection started as a more casual hookup! We knew things had been far less serious early on, and there had even been some Jordyn Woods-involved shade way back when. But clearly this pair caught feelings at some point, and now it’s for real! Besides, once Kris Jenner and the rest of the fame gets connected, you know things are serious. You’re in the inner circle now, Devin! Better behave yourself! LOLz!

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Also, can we talk about that Tahiti invite?! Kim Kardashian West‘s 40th was a HUGE deal for the Kardashian fam — and rightfully, they took a ton of heat for traveling during the pandemic for it. But to have Devin invited too?! Seriously, we weren’t kidding about that inner circle stuff!

Aside from that, it’s definitely kind of cool to see Kendall settle into a relationship at this point in her life. Of course, her little sis Kylie has been enjoying her life as a young mom to daughter Stormi Webster for a few years now. And the older girls in the family — KhloéKourtney, and Kim — have all long since transitioned into motherhood, as well. Heck, even big bro Rob is really coming into his own as a father!

We’re not saying all this to wonder whether Kendall could find herself pregnant soon or anything like that. Just saying how it’s nice to see her settling down! And with somebody apparently so likable and easygoing, too! What say U, Perezcious readers?! Devin clearly must be Kris-approved, right?!

Sounds like he’s passed a big test as far as the KarJenner krew is concerned!

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