The Teen Mom 2 Season 10 Trailer Is Here: Goodbye, Jenelle! Hello, Jade!

Call it Season 9B (as producers prefer) or call it Season 10 like a normal person. Either one works.

Whatever name you give it, the fact remains that new episodes of Teen Mom 2 are on their way!

And it looks like the more things change, the more they stay the same on the MTV reality staple.

We have a new mom in the mix, thanks to the addition of Jade Cline (whoever that is) to the cast.

And of course, the Carolina Hurricane herself Jenelle Evans is no longer with us, saints be praised. 

But believe it or not, that's just the beginning of the shake-ups coming our way this season.

We suggest you grab a hat, hold the f--k on to it, and buckle up. Check out what's in store.

1. Get Excited!

Tm2 season 10 1
Sure, Teen Mom trailers always promise "new adventures," but this time, there really is major change in the works.

2. Teen Mom 2sdays!

Teen mom 2 season 10 trailer is here
For starters, the show is on a brand new night! Yes, Teen Mom 2sdays are officially a thing. Check out the full trailer for Season 10 to see what's in store!

3. RIP to a Real One

Jenelle evans is sad
As many fans have pointed out, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of drama in this trailer, but that's largely due to the absence of Jenelle Evans.

4. Good Riddance

Jenelle is missing teeth
Maybe she'll be missed by fans who only tune in to the show for insane conflicts and endangered children, but we'll take a slightly slower season over a storyline in which Jenelle helps David bury the dog he murdered any day.

5. Back to the Employed People

Tm2 season 10 2
As for Jenelle's former co-stars who still have jobs, it seems they're making the most of their continued employment

6. Nothing's Perfect

Tm2 season 15
Sure, she had hoped to be moving in with the love of her life -- but hey, all in due time!
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