The Vampire Diaries: 28 Secrets from the Set… REVEALED!

It's hard to believe it, but The Vampire Diaries is officially a decade old. 

While that may seem like a short amount of time for some of the vampires who have been alive on the show for centuries, it's a significant amount of time for us humans who still obsess over the show. 

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the premiere, The Hollywood Gossip is here to talk all about the series, and the things that went down behind the scenes. 

Oh yes, we're totally going there. There's a wealth of secrets to unpack, so we hope you have time. 

Scroll down for all the juicy details. 

1. Kevin Williamson Almost Wasn't Involved

Ian somerhalder nina dobrev and paul wesley 2010 monte carlo tel
Kevin Williamson, who is well known for writing I Know What You Did Last Summer and some of the Scream movies, and for creating Dawson's Creek almost wasn't part of the series.

2. The Reason?

Delena forever
"In the beginning when I read it, I didn't want to be involved with it because I felt it was a sort of Twilight rip-off, no matter which came first," He admitted to The Independent.

"The premise was exactly the same: girl falls in love with vampire, and I felt that it had been done and that nobody was going to do another vampire story. But then Julie kept telling me to keep reading the books and then I began to realise that it was a story about a small town, about that town's underbelly and about what lurks under the surface."

3. The Elena That Almost Wasn't

Elena cant recall
Fans of the book series were livid when they learned that Nina Dobrev landed the role of Elena Gilbert. But the truth is that Dobrev didn't impress the showrunners with her audition.

"The funniest story about the first impression of Nina is that she didn't make an impression," Julie explained to EW. "None of us remembered seeing her for the first time. And then she, through her agents and the casting directors, said, 'Hey, listen—I was sick that day, I didn't do my best work, I really really want this part." [She] put herself on tape, which then got sent to us and it was so magical and so perfect that she basically had the job from that minute forward."

4. Ashlee Simpson Almost Played Elena

Ashlee simpson at the bmas
The network wanted to be in business with Ashlee Simpson.

Said co-executive producer and director Marcos Siega at a SAG event shortly after the series' debut :

"We couldn't find the girl we wanted. The network wanted us to hire Ashlee Simpson. ...But Nina sent this DVD back and we all were home looking, searching, and we came in the next day saying, 'We should look at Nina again.' We showed it to Peter Roth, and Peter only saw her on that tape and he said, 'That's her'."

5. Ashley Tisdale Was Reportedly in Talks for the Role

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Ashley was riding a wave thanks to the success of High School Musical, and there have been many rumors that she was offered the role. However, she is said to have declined to star in the one-and-done Hellcats.

Yup, it seems the producers have a thing for the Ashleys.

6. Many People Wanted the Role of Elena Gilbert

Nina dobrev at 2019 grammys
"Half of Hollywood I think went out for the role, for all our roles," Nina told E! News of the difficulty in getting the role. "I guess I did something right, here I am. We had to discover and find our characters. Every episode we learned something more and something more, and eventually we created and molded these amazing, awesome characters."
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