The Weeknd & Bella Hadid Are ‘Simply Good Friends,’ According To Insiders

Much has been made of The Weeknd and Bella Hadid supposedly being back together this week, but according to insiders close to the couple, that’s not so — and the pair is actually just on friendly terms.

As we reported a few days ago, the singer and the supermodel hit it off at her birthday party the other day — so much so that pretty much everybody figured the pair had gotten back together after their initial breakup a few months ago.

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But apparently, it’s all a false alarm — at least for now! Insiders close to the couple are telling TMZ that the two did hit it off at Bella’s 23rd birthday party the other day, but only as “close friends,” and there’s apparently no romantic connection between the two of ’em right now. Uh-huh…

Reports first surfaced Friday that The Weeknd was hanging out with the model the entire time during her 23rd birthday bash in NYC. And while that’s apparently true (he was around this week, and they did hang out), insiders are clamoring to get it in that the two are not romantically linked right now.

bella hadid the weeknd dating 2018
These two were definitely cute when they WERE together! / (c) Instagram

To hear one source close to the couple tell it, per the outlet, there was nothing romantic about their rendezvous, and the pair are “simply good friends” at this point. Is that the same story Kylie Jenner is ready to tell about Tyga?! Ha!!!

It does make us a little skeptical, though, if only because these two have broken up and gotten back together again before, so there’s a precedent here for reconciliation, ya know?!

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Also, it was about two months ago that these two last broke up — and they did so because, according to sources, The Weeknd wanted to take more time to focus on his upcoming music and other projects.

So… they didn’t break up because of cheating or anything like that, and conceivably there wouldn’t be any bad blood between them, right?? Leaves the door open for a future reconciliation, whether now or later… Just saying!!!

Anyways, it appears these two are NOT together right now… if these insiders are to be believed, at least. Are you buying what they’re selling here, Perezcious readers?! Are The Weeknd and Bella Hadid just friends?! Or is there something else going on?? Share your opinions with us by sounding OFF in the comments (below)…

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