Video Surfaces Proving R. Kelly’s Lawyer Lied About Whether The Singer Knew Aaliyah’s Real Age!

R. Kelly‘s lawyer needs to figure it out!

Steven Greenberg recently went on national television to tell anyone who would listen that his client, Kelly, had no idea that Aaliyah was only 15 years old when the pair got married — and not only that, but Aaliyah lied about her age and she’s the one at fault for marrying so young.

Now, thanks to a newly unearthed old video from 1994, we know Greenberg was NOT telling the truth!!!

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Watch this video, from a 1994 documentary (below) that has R. Kelly saying AS CLEAR AS DAY at the one-minute mark that he knows he’s producing a talented “14 year-old girl” in Aaliyah:

Tough to claim ignorance of her age not even a year later when the pair gets married if R. Kelly clears knows how old Aaliyah is in this clip!!!!


Remember, Greenberg went on ABC News last week and was ADAMANT that Kelly was unaware Aaliyah was 15 when they were married (below):

Suddenly, that little interview means nothing! And now everything Greenberg says about this case is suspect!! Can’t believe a damn word!!!

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BTW… here’s another super creepy old clip, also from 1994, where both R. Kelly and Aaliyah deny they’re in any kind of romantic relationship while also playing coy about exactly how old she is (below):


We know that years later, Aaliyah had a lot of trouble ever talking about Kelly and the things she was allegedly forced to go through… knowing that, it sure makes this clip tough to watch.

Oh, and get this… Greenberg spoke to TMZ on Sunday about being caught red-handed on how Kelly really did know Aaliyah’s age at the time of their marriage, and this is what the lawyer told them (below):

“That was 20 years ago. I didn’t know him 20 years ago, I didn’t represent him 20 years ago. And, I wasn’t invited to any wedding.”

Uh-huh… then if you didn’t know Kelly 20 years ago, and you didn’t represent Kelly 20 years ago, why’d you go on national TV and carry water for Kelly on something you had no way of proving just a couple days ago?!

Doesn’t seem like a very smart decision to us!

But let’s not get caught up too much in Greenberg’s garbage personal decisions here; the real monster continues to be R. Kelly, as the excuses are gone and it’s now increasingly clear that he knowingly, purposely groomed and married Aaliyah while she was multiple years underage.


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