90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Ariela Weinberg Will NEVER Return to Ethiopia!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 10 showed couples in very different places.

Some drew closer together. Some were torn apart. And some were disappointed and grossed out by other people in their lives.

First up, Ariela took Avi for his surgery, which went much better than his father's behavior back in Ethiopia.

Corey and Evelin are slowly getting to a better place ... but can it last?

Ellie and Victor work on his house, but the damage to their relationship can't be fixed with an overpriced drill.

Jenny has taken ill, and Sumit's parents are less than understanding ... and their proposed cure is worse than the ailment.

Kenneth's one wish for their wedding is looking less likely when they meet with the wedding planners, while Armando has his own disappointments.

Steven finally proves himself to Alina, but that's just the first step. He has to win her back ... before he proposes.

1. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela weinberg takes baby avi to surgery
Still in Princeton, New Jersey, the day of baby Avi's surgery has finally arrived. Ariela, baby Avi, and Ari's mom Janice get into the car and head to the hospital for his hernia operation.

2. Ariela feels okay about this

Ariela weinberg the last i saw avi he was smiling
She drops off Avi with the surgeons, who take him to the operating theater while Ariela and Janice wait for him.

3. Janice is worried that Ariela will have a panic attack

Janice weinberg worries that ariela will have a panic attack
She talks about Ariela's reaction while Avi was circumcised and fears that history will repeat itself, but as much as we like Janice, she may be missing the point. Right now, Ariela has brought Avi to receive much-needed surgery for an intestinal hernia. That is very different from irreversible cosmetic mutilation on his genitals that Ariela understood would rob him of his lifelong choice, but only did because of persistent pressure from Biniyam and from some of her own family.

4. The surgery went well!

Ariela weinberg holds baby avi after surgery
The next day, Avi is cuddling on Ariela at home in the living room and it's very cute.

5. It's also a great time to remind Ariela of her priorities

Kristin weinberg reminds ariela that healthcare is so important
Kristin is once again the voice of reason as she reminds Ariela that healthcare isn't an incidental thing -- it's a lifelong need. Ariela is very fortunate in that she has access to first-rate healthcare, and there is a hospital practically down the street from where her parents live. Just like the kind of school and environment in which Avi grows up, his healthcare options are also an important factor in how his life will go. (Kristin is right -- even within the same country, people will move to give their kids better education, healthcare, and more)

6. Of course, there are other issues at play

Janice weinberg has seen the other side of biniyam now
Janice confides to the camera that she has seen another side of Biniyam now. Constant partying and clubbing and not answering Ariela's calls are not the impression that she got of him when she met him in Ethiopia, but it now seems clear that he was putting on his best behavior when he met Ariela's parents.
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