Mason Disick Does It AGAIN! Rihanna’s Back! David Dobrik Rules! Johnny Depp Wins! Bad Bunny On Top! AND… | Perez Hilton

The kids are destroying our house!! Perez’s last day of drinking! And a wild recap show! LOTS GOING ON TODAY!! Mason Disick continues to go live on social media, despite mom Kourtney Kardashian forbidding him! The reasons behind Meghan Markle and Prince Harry move to Los Angeles! Tori Spelling‘s financial […]

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Kris Jenner Is To Blame!

Does Kim Kardashian care if people hate her??? Does she really want to be liked? This and much more on our latest podcast! Listen to The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or directly at
The pos…

Bad Bunny Slays In FULL Drag Makeup For New ‘Yo Perreo Sola’ Music Video — Watch HERE!!

Bad Bunny just made our jaws drop!! The Puerto Rican rapper continues to prove he has no problem boldly exploring gender fluidity and challenging images of masculinity, and he did exactly that in the latest visuals for his single, Yo Perrero Sola. The artist made quite a statement by dressing in FULL […]

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Meghan Markle Moved To LA During A Pandemic Just To Pay Less Taxes?!

Ever since we heard Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had secretly moved from Canada to Los Angeles, we have been scratching our heads trying to figure out why now?? We’ve heard for months they were planning on eventually going full Hollywood, but surely not in the middle of a global pandemic! We […]

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Johnny Depp Scores Legal Win As Judge Finds 3 Out Of 4 Amber Heard Statements *Could* Be Defamatory!

After weeks of gaining ground in the court of public opinion, Johnny Depp has scored a victory in the court of law as well. The Pirates of the Caribbean star will be allowed to move forward with his $50 million defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard over statements she made in a 2018 […]

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Vanessa Bryant Shares Sweet Video In Honor Of Kobe & Gigi Bryant Two Months After Their Death

Though it’s almost hard to remember what normal life was like just two weeks ago before we were all self-quarantining, it’s already been two months since the sudden passing of Kobe Bryant. Thursday marked two months since the helicopter accident which claimed the lives of the former Los Angeles Lakers […]

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Khloé Kardashian Claps Back After Fans Call Out ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Forgiving Tristan Thompson & Exiling Jordyn Woods!

Khloé Kardashian has made her peace with the cheating scandal involving Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods — and at this point, she doesn’t give a f**k what anyone has to say about it! On Thursday night while she was live-tweeting the season 18 premiere of KUWTK, the 35-year-old starlet found […]

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Royals ‘Stunned & Horrified’ By Meghan & Harry’s Move To USA??

We heard on Thursday Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had quietly pulled the trigger on their Hollywood plans and moved from their Vancouver Island mansion to a new home in Los Angeles — apparently in the middle of a global pandemic! We aren’t exactly virus experts, but an island off the coast […]

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Duggar Family House Rules Revealed: 21 Ways Jim Bob Utterly Owns You [UPDATED]

If you know anything about the Duggars, you know that they love rules.

There are the Duggar courtship rules, of course, that are now infamous.

But patriarch and matriarch Jim Bob and Michelle have equally strict guidelines for just about every aspect of their children’s lives.

Long before, and aside from, courtship.

Until they move out on their own (usually only permitted once they’ve married), the Duggar kids are under their parents’ control.

Not just as a figure of speech. Entirely.

From the moment they start their morning chores to the moment they finish their evening prayers, it’s Jim Bob’s show. Period.

If it sounds like a lot of pressure … well, it is.

A newly-revealed list of Duggar house rules sheds more light on exactly what’s expected of Michelle’s massive brood.

And man alive, this is super effed up.

[UPDATE: The moment we’ve been waiting for is finally at hand — the Duggar kids are rebelling against Jim Bob’s strict control! Scroll down for the latest on this exciting situation.]

1. Family Law

The duggar family picture
There’s nothing Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar love more than rules. And it seems the controversial couple has put together a list of strict regulations by which they expect their children to abide.

2. Shifting Focus

The duggar family photo
The rules were revealed this week by Focus on the Family, a fundamentalist Christian organization with which the Duggars have long been affiliated.

3. Making the Rounds

The duggar family a photo
The Duggars have a new book out, and it seems that as part of their promotional campaign, they provided Focus on the Family with the following list of 22 rules (and counting!) that help maintain order in one of the world’s most famous fundamentalist households.

4. Soft Words

Michelle duggar and jim bob duggar
“1. Always use soft words, even when you don’t feel well.” We’re not sure what’s meant by “soft words,” and unfortunately, the Duggars don’t elaborate. Suffice it to say, probably not a lot of F-bombs being dropped in Jim Bob’s home.

5. Kind Actions

The dillards vs the duggars
“2. Always display kind actions and joyful attitudes, even if you have been mistreated. Have the right response by quickly forgiving others in your heart even before they ask.” With all these rules for his kids to follow, it’s a good thing Jim Bob is big on forgiveness!

6. Praise Be!

Jed and duggars
“3. Always be enthusiastic and look for opportunities to praise others’ character.” To their credit, the Duggars are always building each other up.

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Khloe Kardashian: Tristan Thompson Watched "Keeping Up" Premiere With Me & It Was SO Awkward!

If you tuned in to last night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians then you already know it was a wild ride.

Not only did Kim and Kourtney get into a physical fight over their work ethic (we haven’t seen anything like it since the 2008 Bentley situation), but Tristan Thompson was also a key player in the 30-minute premiere. Uh. 

But I must say, the wildest part of it all was finding out that Khloe and Tristan watched the show, which showed Khloe venting about him to her sisters, together. Side by side. Alone in quarantine

On Thursday night, Khloe revealed to Twitter that the two were watching the show together after he came by her house to visit their daughter, True.

“I love that tristan is watching this premiere with me and he is now seeing what they say when he’s not around lol AWKWARD!!” she wrote.

Adding, “Let me just give around of applause for all the healthy coparenting is out there #KUWTK. THIS SHIT IS HARD BUT SO REWARDING.”

And just to make things extra clear, she also tweeted, “Lol he visits to see his daughter bless us all.”


According to an Us Weekly source, Khloe “doesn’t have bad or negative feelings toward Tristan at this point” and spending time with him while the country is in quarantine mode has “made her have a soft spot” for him.

“She knows he will always be part of her life in some way because he is True’s dad. Khloe has been open and receptive toward Tristan,” shared the source.

The episode started with Kim running into Tristan in NYC and inviting him out to dinner with her friends, a move which took Khloe, and us, by surprise. 

Khloe said it was “beyond generous” of her before Kim made it known she still doesn’t think “what Tristan did was obviously right,” referring to his cheating scandal, you know the one.

“I also know that that’s True’s dad and mom cheated on dad and all of their friends forgave mom,” added the Skims founder.

Khloe went on to explain that the two have an open door policy for him to see True and that they are in a “good place”, but believed that the dinner would still be “super awkward.”

Before Tristan showed up, Kim warned her friends that he’d be coming, with model Winnie Harlow commenting, “I’ll just keep my mouth shut.”

“I love that Kimberly says nobody was awkward,” Khloe live-tweeted during the show, “Because I was tense watching that #KUWTK.”

Kim continued being friendly with Tristan throughout the episode and even invited him to a family dinner, to which Khloe said was “the most uncomfortable dinner EVER.”

Yeah, we felt that on every level. 

In a confessional, she said this would be the first time they’d have dinner without True around and she hoped to set some boundaries.

“Sometimes people just assume everything’s good, I just want to be asked because this is just a little uncomfortable for me,” Khloe said. 

After organizing Khloe’s closet together, Khloe finally pulled Kim aside to tell her “they don’t need to be hanging out” with Tristan “for no reason.”

Adding, “It’s not even been a year into our breakup, so it’s just a lot so soon in my opinion… I just want to make sure everybody still has their head on straight.” 

Well, I think it’s safe to say that Khloe and Tristan are on the same page after watching all of that together.

But then again, with the way 2020 is going we have no idea how this is all going to play out and not much (even a Tristan and Khloe comeback) could surprise us at this point. 

Farrah Abraham Ignores Coronavirus Warnings, Drags Daughter All Over LA!

If you’re familiar with Farrah Abraham, then you’re probably already aware that she’s not the brightest bulb.

That may sound cruel, but Farrah needs to be called out, as sometimes, her foolishness is damaging to others.

For example, ake her callous disregard for the social-distancing protocol that was put in place to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

All over the world, people are social-distancing and sheltering in place.

Meanwhile, Farrah is bouncing around LA with her 11-year-old daughter in tow.

To make matters worse, she’s boasting about her idiocy on social media.

Thankfully, she’s getting roasted by followers who are encouraging her to stay the eff home!

Take a look:

1. A Sad Scene

Farrah abraham and soph
Farrah Abraham was never a mother of the year candidate. But she may have just reached a new low by risking her daughter’s health for the sake of some internet clout.

2. Masked Bandits

Farrah abraham screw coronavirus im taking my daughter shopping
Farrah recently posted this video in which she delights in the media coverage of her decision to take her daughter Sofia out on the town in the midst of the worst public health crisis this country has ever seen.

3. She Thinks It’s a Game

Farrah and sophia abraham selfie
“Still the coolest celeb mom even during #covid_19 #latex #facemask,” Abraham captioned the video.

4. Big Yikes

Farrah corona
Even more offensive is Farrah’s caption on Twitter, where she referred to the coronavirus as “#ChineseVirus19”.

5. Running Scared

Farrah corona 2
The criticism that followed led Farrah to make her account private. We guess she is capable of feeling shame!

6. The Thirst Is Real

Farrah abraham is plastic
Anyway, this all happened because Farrah not only took her daughter out and about during a global pandemic, she also felt the need to boast about her foolishness on social media.

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Nicole Richie Talks At-Home Schooling During Coronavirus: ‘I Spent 10 Years Preaching No Screens’

Momma woes! During a video chat on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Friday, Nicole Richie opened up about what parenting has been like while her kids are learning from home. Related: Hoda Kotb Breaks Down During ‘Today’ Segment About Coronavirus in NOLA As you may be aware, the 38-year-old […]

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Jenna Dewan & Fiancé Steve Kazee ‘Have Not Started’ Wedding Planning Yet, They’re ‘Soaking Up’ Their Baby Boy Instead!

Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee are soaking up all the newborn goodness their new arrival has to offer! As we previously shared, the Step Up star and her fiancé welcomed her son Callum Michael Rebel Kazee on March 6, but don’t expect a wedding to come anytime soon! Related: Jenna […]

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Tamra Judge: Fleeing Orange County After Getting Canned!

Tamra Judge is no longer a Real Housewife. For that matter, she’s no longer friends with Shannon Beador after the latter’s “betrayal.”

So what is Tamra going to do next? Apparently, she and Eddie are gearing up to flee the state.

Tamra Judge sat down with Vicki Gunvalson on the latter’s podcast, Whoop It Up With Vicki.

There, the pair of former reality stars discussed an array of topics, including Tamra’s plans for the future.

“Do you guys think you’ll stay in Orange County when you retire?” Vicki asks.

“No,” Tamra replies without hesitation. 

“I think we’re going to move out of state,” Tamra suggests.

Oh, so she’s not just talking about leaving the OC, but the entire state of California!

“Sophia still has three years left of school,” Tamra points out.

Our guess is that she means that she’ll wait another three years, at least, before moving. Stability is good for teens.

Tamra may have another huge reason for postponing her flight from Orange County.

Her ex, the father of three of her children, Simon Barney, is engaged in a cancer battle for his life. 

Stage 3 throat cancer is no joke, and Tamra wants to be there for him and for her children in this turbulent time.

(Real talk? A global pandemic is arguably the worst imaginable time to have cancer, to be pregnant, or to otherwise need any kind of medical care)

That said … is Tamra just threatening to move?

She herself revealed that Andy Cohen reportedly told her that she’ll be back on RHOC next year.

Significantly, that does not mean for this upcoming season, the first ever season to not feature Vicki.

But if Tamra is expecting to return for Season 16, she wouldn’t turn down a massive payday and a return to reality TV just to get a new house.

At least, that’s our guest.

Nothing is set in stone, especially with this season’s filming schedule thrown off by the coronavirus pandemic.

There has also been talk about the idea of Tamra joining another Real Housewives series.

Moving out of the OC does not mean giving up on reality TV.

Speaking of former Housewives and moving, Vicki Gunvalson dishes that she may move out of state, as well.

According to Vicki, her fiance Steve Lodge “wants to move” eventually.

Vicki is considering a move to North Carolina, where of course her daughter and grandchildren live.

Our guess is that Vicki might enjoy living in one of NC’s major cities, like Raleigh or Charlotte, unlike her daughter’s more remote home.

As we mentioned, this season is not exactly going as planned.

Last year, Shannon’s birthday dinner made a splash. This year, she picked up the food curbside and ate at home.

This pandemic is a game-changer for the entertainment industry, and almost all production has ground to a halt.

It’s not that reality stars can’t have drama while sheltering in place. It’s just that Bravo cannot send their camera crews to film it all.