Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Are FINALLY Engaged!

It finally happened, y’all: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are engaged! The musical power couple made the announcement on Instagram Tuesday, with the No Doubt front woman sharing a photo (above) of her rock alongside her soon-to-be husband! She captioned the pic: “@blakeshelton yes please! gx” Ha! The country crooner shared the same post with […]

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Vicki Gunvalson Quashes Split Rumors: Steve and I Are Still Engaged!

Long before the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra predicted that ratings would falter.

The OGs of the OC – longtime staples of Bravo who are not returning this year – said that RHOC needed them to stay afloat.

It’s looking more and more like these Dos Amigas were right.

The flagship show’s ratings have been tanking without them.

Meanwhile, Vicki has been off living her best life with her fiance, Steve Lodge. Recently, though, fans have noticed – with alarm – that Vicki and Steve aren’t exactly packing on the PDA online.

Concerns rose when rumors began to float around that the OG and her man had broken up. But of course, social media isn’t always real life and many people on the Internet traffic in rumors.

Now, Vicki is speaking out to celebrity gossip mainstay Us Weekly to explain why she and Steve appear to have begun to consciously uncouple on Instagram – and whether to believe the hype.

1. Is it over?

Vicki gunvalson and steve lodge in the sunlight
Some eagle-eyed Bravo fans noticed that the former Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson and Steve Lodge, her fiance of a year and a half, do not follow each other on Instagram.

2. In fact …

Vicki gunvalson is incredulous
Of course, that could all be a coincidence or mean nothing at all. Yet these same fans noticed that neither Vicki nor Steve have uploaded a new photo of themselves together in about a month. Some bloggers picked up on the fan murmurs, and it evolved into full-fledged split rumors.

3. Trouble in paradise?

Vicki gunvalson selfie with steve lodge
Fans have watched and been heartbroken over the years on Bravo. Vicki has been unlucky in love in the past. Obviously, they wanted assurances that she’s still happy – and perhaps for that reason, they assumed the worst and looked for an explanation as to why she and Steve seem to have become disentangled on social media.

4. Here’s what Vicki has to say about it

Vicki gunvalson has some news
Well, they got their frickin’ wish! “I have no fricking idea where this came from,” Gunvalson admits in a statement to Us Weekly.

5. So it’s not true, then?

Vicki gunvalson and steve lodge in napa
Sure doesn’t seem like it. Nor is it what you might call a misunderstanding, or someone making a lot out of a little. In her words, it’s simply “Someone bored trying to stir up crap.”

6. What’s her relationship status with Steve?

Vicki gunvalson is glowing
Just because you don’t see her out there flaunting her romance every second doesn’t mean she’s put the kibosh on it. “[We] live together and live a very private romantic life,” Vicki assures her concerned fans.

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Scott Disick Is ‘Especially Upset’ Over KUWTK Coming To An End Next Year

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Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee: Fans Want Them FIRED from 90 Day Fiance

There was neither hide nor hair of Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee on the midseason premiere.

Though the two returned in this week’s episode, fans of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way say that they should have stayed gone.

Deavan Clegg does not want to do that for her wedding

Individual 90 Day Fiance episodes are known to cycle couples in and out.

Sometimes, there’s just not enough footage from any given couple to stretch across a season without skipping an episode or two.

But a growing number of fans are arguing that TLC could have just cut out Deavan and Jihoon’s mess after things soured for them in real life.

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee traditional wedding flashback

A modest chunk of Season 2, Episode 17 was dedicated to Deavan and Jihoon.

First, Deavan accompanied her husband to work for the most awkward Take Your Wife To Work Day (which is not a thing) ever.

Then, Jihoon showed Deavan the venue for their second wedding … one that wants the ceremony over by noon and more closely resembles a Vegas express wedding than a traditional American ceremony.

Deavan Clegg watches Jihoon Lee work

But frankly, it’s really darn hard to invest in Deavan and Jihoon doing a speedrun of Elizabeth and Andrei’s Moldovan adventure.


Because in real life, they’re broken up, have been broken up for months, and this is much more serious than a rented wedding dress.

Jihoon Lee takes Deavan Clegg to work

We’ll start at the beginning so that everyone is on the same page.

Deavan left Korea some time early this year and returned home to the United States with her children, Drascilla and Taeyang.

She has been living in Utah for months, as seen on her mother Elicia’s social media. 

Deavan even found a wildly hot new boyfriend.

We bring up Topher Park because many 90 Day Fiance fans are confused by the timeline.

Deavan and Jihoon split early this year. In fact, most of what we have seen on Season 2 was filmed before 2020. Even here, towards the end of the season, the pandemic hasn’t hit yet.

So fans may have gotten whiplash from seeing Deavan and Jihoon making it work on screen only to see her post pics with her dreamy boyfriend.

But the reality is that they’ve been split for, what, at least half a year, maybe more.

Some people are single for extended periods of time. Others do not relish being single and want to date again. That’s life.

Deavan Clegg is settling into the new rhythm

But Deavan and Jihoon didn’t just have a falling out, as was assumed for most of the year.

In late September, Jihoon went on an extended rant, defending himself against accusations that Deavan had never made publicly.

Deavan responded to The Hollywood Gossip’s coverage of Jihoon’s tirade, and it was here that she first dropped hints about a scary, upsetting incident that ended her marriage.

Deavan Clegg IG - reading this article by THG made some valid points

Deavan said that there was an awful incident, worse than anything that Jihoon had admitted to, that went down at 3AM.

Only later, after her ex-friend, 90 Day Fiance villain Leida Margaretha, dumped their chat records, were the full accusations visible.

Allegedly, Jihoon attacked Drascilla, hitting her and ripping out hair from the side of her head.

Deavan Clegg + Leida Margaretha DMs 11 Jihoon did this twice

In these alleged messages with Leida, Deavan provides evidence but notes that she has countless photos to back up her allegations.

She accuses Jihoon of already having attempted to hack into her iCloud to delete the evidence of his abuse.

(Please note: if you are keeping vital photos like this, have two backups on thumb drives, and give one to someone you trust implicitly)

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee talk wedding plans

Seeing these two debate their dream wedding or ask about cheating (as will happen in the next episode) feels like shallow bulls–t compared to allegations of a serious crime.

While our thoughts remain with Drascilla as she recovers and heals from trauma, a lot of fans are uncomfortable watching the family’s story continue to play out.

The “cute” moments that were filmed all of those months ago are now stomach-turning for those of us who have read the accusations.

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee in their NEW new apartment

Deavan and Jihoon will also not be part of the Tell All, so many believe that there is no point in airing the rest of their story.

That said, we have to acknowledge that not everyone follows reports of the show. Some viewers of the show have no idea that any of this has gone down.

The responsible choice that TLC could make would be to air a disclaimer: “Deavan and Jihoon have split admidst abuse allegations against Jihoon.” If someone wants to know more, they can read our articles.

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Jared Kushner Slammed For Saying Trump Can Only Help Black People If They ‘Want To Be Successful’

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Chloë Sevigny Posed Completely Naked & 9 Months Pregnant For The NEW Playgirl Magazine!!

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