Larissa Lima Offers Full Apology to Vanessa Guerra: I’m Done Bullying Other Women!

Last week, Larissa Lima called out vicious body-shaming cyberbullies.

Upon some reflection, however, she’s reconsidering some of her past feuding.

It may be true that who is against the Queen will die … but one of her former enemies can live.

So Larissa is offering Vanessa Guerra a public apology, and she is not holding back.

Larissa Lima to Vanessa Guerra - Liar Liar

At the Happily Ever After? Tell All, Larissa and Vanessa were not on friendly terms. Not by a long shot.

Now, with months of reflection, Larissa is changing her tune dramatically.

“A message to Vanessa @guerra_702,” Larissa’s lengthy caption began on a recent Instagram post.

“It sometimes requires a lot of bravery to forgive and or to apologize,” Larissa acknowledged.

Especially if you are a proud person, which Larissa certainly is.

“But when we take a look inside of ourselves,” she reflected, “we realize it’s what we need to do.”

“I was previously under the impression that ‘women empowerment’ was about a group of woman bullying and hating another woman,” Larissa shared.

I am … horrified and wondering where she could have gotten that impression.

“Today,” Larissa wrote, “I know the true meaning of it.”

Vanessa at the HEA s5 Tell All

“It means to be kind, empathetic, and to be patient,” Larissa acknowledged.

She stressed the importance “to understand another woman’s reasoning before throwing her hate.”

That is certainly part of it — not tearing down women at random or feeling threatened by another due to her gender.

“No more to criticize another woman’s appearance,” Larissa acknowledged.

There is no non-harmful way to insult appearance, even if you are taking aim at the worst person alive.

Larissa said that there are many reasons to not criticize looks, explaining “because we all have a different image of beauty, is one example.”

“I am growing as a human being,” Larissa pointed out.

“And,” she shared, “I will no longer team up with anyone to go against another person.”

Her feud with Vanessa, despite having her own reasons for a grudge, arose from her ex-friend Jess Caroline’s beef.

“What right do I have to do this,” Larissa declared.

She noted that this is true “especially when I truly do not know this woman I may be judging?”

Certainly, Larissa doesn’t know Vanessa as intimately as her ex-husband Colt Johnson does.

Larissa Lima to Vanessa Guerra - you crocodile girl

“Learning, gaining wisdom, and growing as a better human being is a necessity for our own well-being,” Larissa affirmed correctly.

“And,” she added, it also works “to make everyone else’s life better too.”

That is absolutely true — all of this contributes to a better self and a better society.

“Right now, I want to publicly apologize to Vanessa,” Larissa proclaimed.

Clearly, this has been in Larissa’s thoughts for some time.

“Vanessa, you are pretty, you are kind,” she affirmed.

“And,” Larissa expressed, “I admire your steady state of calm.”

Larissa herself is not always a calm person, so one can see how she would be impressed. That’s very honest of her.

“I’ve always thought this of you,” Larissa concluded her apology, “even at my worst.”

Joy-Anna Duggar Throws MAJOR SHADE at Jill: She’s Burned a Lot of Bridges!

For almost a year now, Jill Duggar has been feuding with her family and keeping her distance from her overbearing parents.

Jill never seemed like a likely candidate for rebellion, as she spent her teens and early twenties doing exactly as her parents said.

These days, however, she’s proof that liberation from a cult that seeks to control your body and mind is possible.

But it’s certainly not easy …

One would think that Jill would be greeted as a liberator by her sisters who might see her as living proof that they too can live normal lives one day.

Instead, several of her siblings have thrown subtle shade at Jill recent weeks.

The first offense occurred back in January when Joy-Anna Duggar “liked” a comment in which an Instagram user alleged that it was Jill’s fault that she missed out on her family’s holiday festivities.

Jill Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar Split

Now, Joy is at it again.

Yes, despite the controversy she created the first time, Joy has liked another comment in which some random hater bashes Jill.

And this one is even more critical of her sister than the previous snarky remark!

“I realize Jill Duggar needs to distance herself from her family for mental health reasons, but I don’t understand why they need to make their issues with the family public,” the Instagram user wrote.

“Speaking out against them publicly will burn more bridges between them,” the comment continued.

“They say they want to repair their relationship one day, but their actions don’t reflect that.”

The commenter went on to accuse Jill of cashing in on the bad blood within her family, even though there’s no reason to believe she’s made a dime from it.

“If I have an issue with my family, I deal with it privately,” this person wrote.

“And I certainly don’t bank on it by going to media outlets and YouTube to air out the dirty laundry.”

They concluded by alleging that Jill has abandoned the ideals of her faith, which is the ultimate low blow for any Duggar.

“It’s not very Christian if you ask me. I get the sense that Jill and Derick need money, and this is an easy route to get that money,” the commenter wrote.

Yes, believe it or not, Joy liked that comment.

In doing so, she sent a clear message about where she stands in regard to Jill’s rebellion against Jim Bob.

And she’s certainly not alone in that stance.

In the months since she first cut ties with her parents, Jill has shocked her family by engaging in behaviors that are perfectly normal to most Americans, but are strictly forbidden in the Duggars’ world.

Jill has drank alcohol and admitted to using birth control.

She’s posted photos of herself wearing a swimsuit, and she’s spent time with her cousin Amy, who’s been persona non grata to the rest of the family for several years.

We know that Jim Bob, Michelle, and Joy-Anna disapprove, and it seems that Jana Duggar belongs to that club as well.

Jana has stated that the entire family prays for Jill’s salvation, which seems to indicate that they believe she’s living in a state of mortal sin.

And we’re sure they also believe that they only way she can be redeemed is to come crawling back and beg for Jim Bob’s forgiveness.

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like that will be happening anytime soon.

Did Mike Youngquist Really Cheat on Natalie Mordovtseva? 90 Day Fiance Fans Are Torn

On this week’s 90 Day Fiance, Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva reached their lowest point.

At the end, Mike was the clear villain — he should not have brought her over if he wasn’t sure.

But before that, Natalie was insisting that he had cheated.

What is she talking about? Is it true?

90 Day Fiance is the most-watched non-competition reality series on TV. They get new viewers constantly.

As such, some fans haven’t seen Mike and Natalie’s story until Season 8 — and that’s okay.

Because on Episode 11, Natalie was more than happy to dredge up the past.

Natalie accused Mike of having cheated on her, an accusation that Mike had all but forgotten.

Despite his denials, she was not budging … and has seemingly been nursing this resentment for many months.

Natalie is convinced of his guilt, and is demanding an admission … one that Mike isn’t willing to give.

As many of us remember from a previous Tell All special, Natalie accused Mike of cheating in front of their castmates.

According to her, Mike lied about where he was spending the night.

She shared that she called him and he was just waking up on his friend’s couch — a friend named Sara.

According to her, he must have cheated with Sara because he spent the night with her after telling Natalie that he’d stay with his Aunt.

She also described hearing Sara say that she was going to take a shower in the background, prompting her “certainty.”

But Mike has a very different story … and when he shares it, Natalie only grows angrier.

Mike has known Sara for years. He watched her kid grow up. He and Sara were roommates.

They have never dated and never slept together. They view each other almost like siblings.

He says that he ended up at her house because they were hanging out …. because Mike was to be part of Sara’s wedding (as best man, not the groom).

Mike explained to the camera that in Ukraine, men and women aren’t “just friends” the way that they are in America.

(This checks out — just a few seconds of research tells us that there are a lot of gender divisions in Ukraine, to the point where a man and woman shaking hands is “inappropriate”)

So he says that this gives Natalie a skewed view of how men and women interact. Obviously, for many of us, sleeping over at a friend’s house is normal no matter anyone’s gender.

And common sense of course can tell us that if he and Sara had slept together, he wouldn’t have slept on the couch.

Additionally, he certainly wouldn’t have just answered the phone all willy-nilly without being more careful.

Innocent people don’t try to hide their circumstances in the ways that cheaters do.

Ultimately, there may never be a way to prove to Natalie that Mike did not cheat on her.

Finding evidence for cheating is easy if you have, say, a photo or a statement from the other person — evidence, not proof.

But a thousand photos of Mike and Sara just hanging out, assurances from both of them and everyone they know, might not be enough for Natalie.

At that point, Natalie has a choice if she wants to be happy.

One, she can believe Mike, solving their problems (okay, just that problem) and go about their lives.

If Natalie does not believe him, she can either accept it and move on with him, or she can dump him and move on alone.

We depicted these routes to happiness for Natalie in a convenient little flow chart.

Either way, Natalie’s path to happiness involves moving on and moving forward.

She has one other option — to never believe Mike, to insist that he cheated without believing, accepting, or dumping him.

But if she goes that route, she’ll always be miserable that way.

And for that matter, so will Mike.

No matter what sitcoms or popular culture (or your own parents) tell you, marriage should not make you miserable.

Meanwhile, some fans are skewering Mike for an altogether different reason: not taking Natalie into Seattle where there is a thriving Ukrainian-American population.

Of course, maybe he did take his city girl to the city more often than we’ve seen on the show.

Reports say that they’re married, and rumors even suggest that they have a kid — or are expecting one. Maybe Natalie found her path to happiness after all.

Did mike youngquist really cheat on natalie mordovtseva 90 day f

Demi Lovato Reveals Darkest Struggles Amidst Addiction, Overdose

Recently, Demi Lovato announced that she’s finally ready to discuss her nearly fatal overdose.

In fact, she revealed that she came closer to death than anyone realized.

Now, Demi is speaking outside of the trailer about why it’s so important for her to share her story.

She wants others to learn from her mistakes, even as it means delving into her darkest moments.

Demi Lovato spoke to Ellen DeGeneres, as you can see in this clip, about her upcoming docuseries.

“I talk about a lot [in the docuseries],” Demi shared with the host.

The 28-year-old survivor is not holding back, and she has a reason for that.

“The world has been so loving and accepting of me telling my story,” Demi affirmed.

Everyone was collectively relieved at her survival and recovery.

“And just,” she expressed, “there’s been so much love and support.”

“What’s great is we live in a time when nobody’s perfect,” Demi acknowledged.

“And,” she observed, “we’re not gonna get role models by watching people not make mistakes.”

“We are going to meet and learn from our role models who have overcome their deepest, darkest struggles,” Demi declared.

“I wanted to show everyone,” Demi began, before pivoting “first I wanted to set the record straight.”

Demi recognized that “a lot of stories were going around that time.”

Having seen them for herself, Demi realized that there were accounts “that didn’t really know what exactly had happened.”

“I just wanted to tell the world, ‘Hey, this is what happened, this is how I got through it, and hopefully this can help you too,'” Demi reasoned.

“Because this journey has been such a wild ride,” she noted.

“But,” Demi added in contrast, “I’ve learned so much.”

She said that she took stock of what she learned “and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

We are all excited to see her docuseries, though of course our enthusiasm is tempered by knowledge of how grim the subject will be at times.

Ellen expressed her eagerness to see it, so Demi promised a private screening for her and Portia.

Demi suffered three strokes and a heart attack in the wake of the 2018 overdose.

At one point, she recently revealed, doctors informed her that she likely only had 5 to 10 minutes remaining to live.

That is jaw-droppingly frightening, and we are so glad that Demi is alive today to share her story.

Interestingly, some of Ellen’s phrasing, as you can hear in this clip, seemed to suggest that she was trying to connect Demi’s story with … her own.

Specifically, Ellen seemed to latch onto Demi’s description of how famous people mess up sometimes.

She didn’t go so far as to use a meaningless buzzword like “cancel culture,” but she seemed to be teetering upon the brink of saying it.

Ellen recently had a scandal and is frankly still recovering from it after returning to her show amidst many stories of an improved work environment.

Of course, firing some high level producers and doing a PR blitz can only do so much. Like … those producers didn’t force her to berate hotel employees or try to get waiters fired.

And being cruel to people who are powerless may be a “struggle” in some sense after you’re caught, but it cannot be compared to a struggle with addiction and an overdose and sobriety.

Demi lovato announces docuseries about overdose stroke darkest s

Meghan McCain Getting Dragged For Complaining She Doesn’t Know When SHE Will Get The COVID-19 Vaccine!

Meghan McCain is coming under fire after a bizarre rant on live national TV during The View. During Monday’s episode of the show, the 36-year-old host responded very negatively to an earlier CNN segment on which Dr. Anthony Fauci had been interviewed about the potential COVID-19 vaccine rollout here in the United Sates. From the sound of it, […]

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Are Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar Married?

When their season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days was airing, Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar seemed to have a chance.

Sure, Lisa had jealousy issues and there was a massive age gap.

But they also had a lot in common, both going by absurd nicknames, and even seemed to have some love between them.

Recently, they’ve both been very less present online. What happened?

“Baby Girl” Lisa Hamme is more than 20 years older than “Sojaboy” Usman Umar.

Despite that, the two were so serious about their relationship that they were engaged.

To make sure that this was the right path for them and to have an easier time with the visa process, Lisa traveled to Nigeria.

There were issues, among them Lisa’s intense jealousy issues.

She was flattered by her relationship with a “celebrity” (to the general amusement of fans), but it came with drawbacks.

Lisa did not like his fans, his groupies, or even the idea that a woman might be featured in a music video with him to “her” song.

But still, despite some intense struggles, a lot of anger, tears, and storming off from Lisa, and some memes, they stuck with it.

(Seriously, anyone remembe the deepfake video of her and Usman as Trump and Kanye? It haunts my dreams)

Despite so many obstacles, the two of them decided to get married, and went through with the wedding.

But getting married does not always mean a happily ever after and wedded bliss.

First of all, Lisa was already embroiled by a scandal before the series ended.

She, a white woman, was using the N-word (and homophobic slurs) on social media … which is absolutely unacceptable.

Fans wondered how long a marriage could last between a Black man and a woman caught publicly using such awful slurs.

Then, at the Tell All recording, Usman revealed that Lisa called him the N-word

None of that aired officially, but nine hours of raw Tell All footage accidentally leaked … and fans got an eyefull of what TLC didn’t want them to see.

In the wake of that scandal, Shaun Robinson very tastefully shared that it was being “handled.”

That turned out to mean that Lisa’s then-current and future 90 Day Fiance gigs were canceled, as first reported by blogger John Yates.

Lisa couldn’t have known that the Tell All would air amidst historic Black Lives Matter protests, but she should not have been using that slur ever, in any context, with anyone.

Had Usman been just a scammera s some had assumed him to be, he might have lived with the indignity of that treatment.

Instead, he moved to end his marriage towards Lisa, even publicly sharing some of her cruelest text messages to him.

Lisa, no longer with her husband and having sabotaged her own once-promising start at a reality career, seemed bitter … and quickly faded from the spotlight.

In December of 2020, Usman thanked God for his divorce from Lisa, signalling that he was officially in that legal process.

No one in the world deserves to be partnered with someone who will verbally abuse them.

Lisa and Usman are not together, and we should all be thankful for that.