Naya Rivera’s Dad Shares How Her Son Josey Is Coping Nearly A Year After Her Death

Almost a year after Naya Rivera’s tragic death, her father is opening up about how the family is still healing — particularly, the star’s young son, Josey. During an interview with ET, George Rivera (pictured above) got candid about how his 5-year-old grandson is coping with the loss of his mother, who drowned in California’s Lake […]

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Designer Michael Costello Claims Chrissy Teigen’s Attacks Had Him On Suicide Watch THIS YEAR

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content] If you didn’t read Chrissy Teigen‘s essay Monday morning, it was a moving, sincere apology paired with a sort of editorial about growing up and getting better and learning empathy. The Cravings author held herself accountable for being a Twitter troll, framing herself has having looked for attention by poking fun “at celebrities.” […]

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Jon Gosselin Hopes for a Father’s Day Miracle: I’d Love to See ALL My Kids!

When Jon Gosselin got COVID-19, he felt abandoned by many of his children — the ones who had sided with Kate.

That, and his various mistakes over the years, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love them.

Though six of his eight famous children sided with Kate, he hasn’t given up hope.

In fact, with Father’s Day swiftly approaching, Jon would love to reunite with them all.

Over the weekend, Jon Gosselin spoke to HollywoodLife.

“I always have hope,” the father of eight expressed.

He’s not even picky about how they might make contact.

“I hope one day maybe they just knock on my door,” Jon sugested.

He continued: “or maybe drop me a line or text me.”

“Something like that,” Jon added.

“I kind of just have to hold on to hope,” Jon explained.

“And,” he added, “not give up.”

Jon continued: “and let them know that I love them and I’m here no matter what.”

“I’m not going to give up,” Jon affirmed.

“But,” he continued, “I can’t dwell on the whys and hows.”

Jon added: “I just have to focus on getting myself right.”

“And the ones that are here and doing the best that I can,” Jon went on.

“And being centered and being in a good relationship,” he emphasized.

“And,” Jon noted, “focusing on myself as well.”

Right now, Hannah and Collin live with Jon.

Neither Jon nor Collin have any kind of relationship with Kate or with the Kate faction of the children.

Hannah does, however, and Jon fully supports her in that.

“Hannah stays in contact with them,” Jon reminded the world.

“I love my kids,” he expressed.

Jon emphasized that this applies to “all of them.”

“Even though I’m kind of estranged from Mady and Cara,” Jon acknowledged.

“I hope one day that they just call me up and just talk to me,” he expressed.

In the mean time, he’s keeping busy.

Jon has an IT working with Amazon.

But he is also continuing with his passion as a DJ this summer.

However, Jon has changed his M.O. a bit when it comes to spinning music.

“I’m going to stay out of bars and clubs, pretty much,” Jon pledged.

“If there’s a really big gig, that’s cool,” he added.

Jon explained: “I’m just not into staying up until 4 in the morning anymore.”

“I can’t do it with my job,” Jon explained all too relatably for fellow working adults.

“My kids, they don’t mind,” he added. “They miss me playing, actually.”

Jon added: “I’m a cool dad…That’s what Hannah would say!” 

“With COVID, it was booming and then nothing,” Jon recalled.

“I was killin’ it,” he characterized.

“I’m now doing more corporate events, charity events,” Jon shared.

“I’m booking parties in The Hamptons,” Jon revealed.

“I’ve got an event coming up in July in Atlantic City,” he added.

Jon gushed: “I love playing music.” But he still has his priorities in order.

“That’s my passion and release,” Jon explained.

“But,” he emphasized, “IT is my care and how I provide for my family.”

“I’m trying to figure out how to be a public figure,” Jon continued.

He is not sure of how to do that “but still have my private life.”

Jon continued: “when I work for the largest company in the world.”

“I have a really good support system with my friends.”

“We don’t have any set plans for Father’s Day,” Jon shared.

“When you’re a father who’s had kids taken away from you, you feel like every day is Father’s Day for you,” he explained.

“I see my kids every single day,” Jon added.

“I have off though. I’ll probably do nothing,” Jon admitted relatably.

Father’s Day will be on Sunday, June 20. If you have a dad in your life, don’t forget!

And if you’re no-contact with your dad, just have a nice weekend!

Jana Kramer Admits to "Entanglement" with Graham Bunn Amidst Mike Caussin Divorce

In April, Jana Kramer filed to divorce Mike Caussin and, to no one’s surprise, accused him of adultery.

Those familiar with the couple’s troubled marriage know that their brand was tied to Mike’s history of “sex addiction” and “relapses.”

However, Jana appears to be moving on … with a man who is a familiar face to The Bachelorette viewers.

She’s playing a little coy about this possible rebound, but admits that it’s an “entanglement.”

After filing to divorce Mike Caussin, Jana Kramer was in mourning for her marriage.

For some reason, she felt that she was the one who had failed.

(Jana, of course, was not the one who struggled to remain faithful)

However, while time doesn’t quite heal all wounds, it can make things easier.

She seems to have moved on.

Last week, Jana was spotted out and about on what looked very much like a date.

On Thursday night, Jana was seen out in Los Angeles with Graham Bunn.

She and the The Bachelorette alum reportedly dined at Catch.

The two appeared cozy, being seen smiling, with his arm around her, and even with his hand on her posterior.

We noted that the two of them were spotted and appeared to be on a date.

It’s not like Jana took to her Instagram to share that it was a “date night.”

However, the next day, Jana was much more forthcoming.

On Friday morning, Jana confirmed that there was something going on.

“Graham and I have been friends for seven years,” Jana acknowledged.

She added: “We have been friends, but there was never any … but we are still friends and we’re just friendly.”

When asked if they were in an “entanglement” these days, Jana seemed surprised.

Whether it was his phrasing that took her aback or something else, she didn’t deny it.

“Okay, sure we are in an entanglement,” Jana confirmed.

“We are dancing the line of friends,” Jana characterized.

“We are dancing the line,” she shared, “and I am happy.” 

This news of course comes after Jana expressed that she is excited to find love again.

Members of the Bachelor Nation will remember Graham Bunn … if they’ve been watching for a long, long time.

Graham appeared on the franchise way back in 2008.

That was DeAnna Pappas’ season, though he has since appeared on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise.

Jana’s saga of being disappointed and then seeming to set herself up for more heartache has defined her marriage to the outside world.

The couple claimed that Mike Caussin had “sex addiction,” an alleged condition that is not supported by the broader psychiatric community.

Whether it’s a “real” unrecognized condition or just an excuse used by unfaithfurl horndogs, it defined their lives for years.

Time after time, Jana would catch Mike “relapsing,” whether it was full-on cheating or just looking at a naked lady on his phone.

She would post about it, vaguely at first, then share more details in follow-up posts, on her podcast, and in interviews.

We’re not knocking Jana here — monetizing her marital struggles helped her to pull in a great deal of money.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Jana took that advice and opened her own lemonade stand.

But eventually, it was enough. The marriage is over, and it’s very healthy for her to take baby steps towards moving on.

Here’s Why Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriends NEVER Appeared On KUWTK!

The KarJenner fam has experienced some EPIC love stories on reality television — all but for one sister. Throughout 20 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner managed to keep her romantic life off-screen, and now we know why! While appearing on Bravo‘s The Daily Dish podcast, Farnaz Farjam, an executive producer of […]

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Rebel Wilson Reveals Her Weight Loss Journey Isn’t Over Despite Struggles: ‘Remember The Vision’

It’s no secret losing weight is HARD! But what happens when you’ve dropped the pounds — but suddenly you’re sick of all the hard work and healthy eating routines?! Rebel Wilson is feeling the fatigue of her “Year of Health,” and she has some tips for the rest of us. Related: Rebel’s BIGGEST Regret Looking […]

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