Kylie Jenner Relies On Stormi Webster’s Sweet Support After Wisdom Teeth Removal!

Kylie Jenner may or may not be back together with Travis Scott, but she’s still found someone to lean on when she needs it most: daughter Stormi Webster! Taking to her Instagram Story on Monday, the beauty mogul revealed she was recovering after undergoing wisdom teeth surgery. Captioning a view […]

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Surprise! Queen BANS Harry & Meghan From Using Valuable Sussex Royal Brand!

Whoa, we thought this whole Megxit thing was settled, but this cold war of the roses just got HOT again! As our readers know, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have run an incredibly successful Instagram account called Sussex Royal over the past couple years, climbing until they are now neck and neck in followers with the […]

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Teen Mom OG Trailer: A Wedding! A Divorce! And More!

We hope you’re ready to get drunk on St. Patrick’s Day, reality television fans.

Not on alcohol, necessarily.

But on all the drama that the women of Teen Mom OG are about to bring!

This polarizing series returns with new episodes on that date, and MTV has unveiled a brand new extended trailer that gives viewers an in-depth look ahead.

Which couple is set to exchange vows? Who will be heading into a courthouse? And who is resigned to a divorce?

Scroll down for a summary of all the spoilers and to get a glimpse at the extra revealing and intriguing promo…

1. Here They Come… Again!

Here they come again
The OGs are ready to take over the world. New episodes of the show will return on Tuesday, March 17 on MTV.

2. So… What is Each Cast Member Up to This Season?

Teen mom og cast
Great question! Let’s delve into each woman one by one, okay? Minus Bristol Palin, that is, who is no longer on the show.

3. She Does! Again!

She does again
On the new season of this MTV hit, Catelynn and husband Tyler won’t just go to Hawaii… they’ll get remarried there! Yup, the twosome will renew their vows.

4. That Is, Just, So Sweet

That is just so sweet
We know, right?!? This husband and wife have been through miscarriages, adoptions, divorce rumors and more. And yet… here they are, you guys!

5. Tyler, In All the Tears

Tyler in all the tears
“I love you,” Tyler, 28, tells his wife as they stand on a gorgeous Maui hillside in the first preview for this season.

6. Et Tu, Catelynn?

Et tu catelynn
“I love you too,” Catelynn says in perfect response on her second wedding day.

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Billie Eilish Had To Quit Reading Instagram Comments Because ‘It Was Ruining My Life’

Few enough understand what it’s like to be a young artist climbing to new levels of global fame in this day and age with social media users watching and openly judging your every move. NO ONE knows what it’s like to go through that as fast as Billie Eilish. With a […]

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Nicki Minaj Twerks SO Hard, Breaks Her Dress AND the Internet!

Recently, Nicki Minaj has been busy with her convicted rapist and murderer husband Kenneth Petty and pushing her “Yikes” single.

Fortunately, she found the time to do what she does best – record a jaw-dropping twerking video that’s breaking the internet.

Nicki minaj in black

To start with, a warning: this article and the accompanying video feature Nicki Minaj’s butt very prominently.

Of course, it’s hard to show Nicki on film or in photos without her booty stealing the show. It’s not a subtle thing.

But this is another level. It’s a video of her twerking, which is all about her butt, and an insane one at that.

If this content offends you, you may want to direct your browser to one of our other articles. Onward!

Nicki minaj twerking still 01

As you can see, Nicki may appear naked at first, but she’s actually wearing a skintight and very reavealing bodysuit.

Still, even in the dark of this video, it doesn’t hide much.

She is laying down on her chest and knees for much of the video, her butt sticking way up in the air and her feet braced against the wall.

From a physics standpoint, bracing her feet makes the jiggle mechanics of her butt more dramatic. But it’s not like she needed help.

Nicki minaj twerking still 02

True to twerking form, her ginormous posterior moves freely, bouncing and jiggling to its own rhythm as she moves the rest of her body.

Thanks to the television in the background, the illumination improves somewhat during the course of the video.

As you can see in the GIF that we whipped up for you below, Nicki adjusts her position more than once, moving her torso up and down.

That seemed to inject some variety into the bounce physics of her butt’s movements. The iconic results speak for themselves.

Nicki minaj twerks like nobodys business

It’s pretty safe to say that butt enthusiasts – well, maybe extreme butt enthusiasts – just about lost their minds over this video.

Incredibly, the video apparently met Instagram’s standards, barely, and has been allowed to stay on the platform. For now.

Open, thirsty comments flooded Nicki’s timeline, however, to the point where she deactivated comments under the video.

Nicki minaj epic mirror belfie

All of that jiggling was too much for fans and her skimpy outfit alike. Minaj’s dress eventually pops over her butt.

Nicki’s butt is, some would say, a national treasure. One that produces far too much friction for any dress to contain.


All in all, it serves as a nice distraction from the fact that Nicki’s romantic partner is a convicted rapist and murderer.

Or that Nicki Minaj allegedly knew that her brother was raping his step-daughter. She’s had a rough PR year.

Yeah. Back to the twerkage!

Nicki minaj twerks so hard breaks her dress and the internet

Nicki Minaj’s New Twerking Video Is So HOT — Even A Porn Site Shared It!

Um, wow. Nicki Minaj just dropped a bootylicious bombshell on the internet and people are losing their minds! The 37-year-old rapper took to Instagram on Monday and uploaded a video of herself scantily clad, twerking like a champ while her new song Yikes can be heard blaring in the background. […]

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Harry Styles Robbed At Knifepoint On Valentine’s Day!

OMG so scary! Harry Styles was involved in such a traumatic situation over the weekend — he was held at knifepoint! According to a report in the Daily Mirror, the former One Direction singer was out in Hampstead, England on Valentine’s Day when he was stopped by a mugger — who pulled a […]

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Dwyane Wade Reveals Transgender Daughter Zaya Knew She Was Female Since Age 3

So proud of Dwyane Wade and his amazing 12-year-old daughter Zaya! Zaya, who was born male before recently making worldwide news when it was revealed she identifies as female, was the subject of her proud father’s discussion on Good Morning America this morning. And when it came time to tell the Wade fam’s story to […]

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Ashley Graham Proudly Shares Her Post-Birth Stretch Marks With NSFW Nude Selfie

Ashley Graham is baring all. The new momma kept it real during her entire pregnancy journey, sharing vulnerable photos and captions online of her changing body, and now she’s doing the same since welcoming her son into the world. Related: Ashley Shows Off Her Newborn Son & Details ‘Chill’ Birth […]

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Mike Youngquist and Natalie Morrdovtseva: Did He Cheat on Her?

90 Day Fiance fans have spent all season wondering if Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva make it or break up. The answer is … complicated.

During the Tell All special, Natalie accused Mike of having cheated on her. Did he?

Mike youngquist and natalie mordovtseva at the tell all

The Tell All special is always a highlight of any 90 Day Fiance season, and provides fans with much-desired updates on how the couples are doing.

Given that Mike Youngquist appeared in person while Natalie Mordovtseva participated via video chat, you could tell that things 

During the tell all, Mike shared that he felt that he and Natalie had been connected in a past life.

Natalie accused him of betraying her — by cheating with a friend of his.

Mike youngquist and natalie mordovtseva

“So, I have a best friend,” Mike explains. “Used to live with her and everything. Watched her daughter grow up.”

“I’ve known her for years and years. She got engaged, she got married,” he shares. “She wanted me to be like, her best man.”

“We’re just really good friends,” Mike characterizes. “I told Natalie I’m going to go to her wedding. It’s really important to her.”

“I just want to go support my friend,” he emphasizes. “Do that.”

Mike with natalie 90 day fiance s7

So, right before the wedding, Mike ended up going to this friend’s house to help out. Initially, the groom-to-be was also going to be there.

“He was with his boys, staying at his house,” Mike reveals. “I went back to [the] house with them and slept on the couch.”

He admits: “but I was supposed to stay at my aunt’s. The next day, I woke up and called Natalie”

Natalie implies that he’s not telling all, saying: “If he tells you some details, you would understand” her suspicions.

Natalie mordovtseva tells all

“This happened a year ago,” Mike emphasizes.  “Nothing has ever happened, never ever. Before, ever. We’ve just been really good friends.”

“Yes, enough that she wrote me, ‘He’s not marrying you,’” Natalie fires back.

“No, I just asked, ‘Where is your husband?’” Natalie presses. “Michael, you were with this woman by [yourself,] only you and this woman.”

“Why you lie to me? Why you said her husband was going to be there?” she demands. “Her husband never was there.”

Natalie excited 90 day fiance s7

“I would never wake up in a house with a man and only me and this man in the house,” Natalie vows.

“I would never do this to you. Never,” she repeats emphatically. “No matter what you say to me, it’s friend or not friend.”

But she didn’t give her castmates or the audience an explanation of why she seems to be so convinced that Mike was unfaithful.

“I will not say anything more because … I’m sorry,” Natalie expresses.

Natalie mordovtseva do you love mike youngquist

“Yes, I would love Michael. I would love him to death,” Natalie announced at the Tell All. “If he won’t do stuff he did, I would forgive him.”

“But I’m not sure if he — that’s why I put him to religion so much. That’s why I push him,” she says.

Natalie pushes him “because I don’t understand what to expect from him.”

“And I cannot move to America to [be with] a man who can do stuff like he did and I didn’t even tell you all,” she adds.

Natalie mordotseva he could put the ring back on my finger

“Natalie’s not here so it’s hard for me to explain everything to her and as much as I can tell her, and tell her and tell her,” Mike says.

Vaguely, he continues: “You know, some of the things are like hard for her to hear. She doesn’t believe me,”

“If he change for me himself and be a trustworthy guy,” Natalie vows, “I would give him second chance because I’m already into relationship.”

It’s hard to pick sides and decide who’s right when neither party are willing to give specifics. They both sound weirdly evasive at times.

That said, reports say that Natalie showed up to a US airport where Mike was, so maybe they’re filming Happily Ever After?

Mike youngquist and natalie morrdovtseva did he cheat on her

Taylor Swift Drops Music Video For Feminist Anthem ‘The Man’ — WATCH!

Taylor Swift just dropped a brand new music video on us! The 30-year-old’s visuals for The Man, released on Monday, was created from footage of her August 2019 live performance at the City of Lover concert in Paris, France at the Olympia Music Hall. Related: Taylor Calls Out Donald Trump In […]

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Instagram Influencer Allegedly Behind $1.5 Million Scam In New Jersey!

Kayla Massa, an Instagram and YouTube influencer, was arrested on Thursday by federal authorities and charged with conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud. Massa, known as Kayg0ldi online, and her accomplices allegedly recruited victims over IG by asking for emptied-out bank cards with linked accounts to use to deposit […]

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