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SO MUCH VARIETY on our podcast this week! Out now! We talk Cardi B, The Kardashians,  Jennifer Lawrence,  The Weekend, Mike Tyson, Halsey, Jake Paul, Justin Bieber, Megan The Stallion, Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, Megan Fox, Rita Ora, Dave Chapelle, Ice T, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and MORE! CLICK HERE to listen to […]

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Alexis Sharkey’s Mother Believes Instagram Influencer’s Death Was ‘Absolutely Foul Play’

This case has not even been declared a murder investigation yet — but for one grieving mother there’s no question in her mind. If you haven’t heard, an Instagram influencer out of Houston, Texas named Alexis Sharkey went missing after Thanksgiving and sadly — and shockingly — was found dead and naked on the side of the […]

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Miley Cyrus, Alyssa Milano, & More Applaud Elliot Page For Coming Out As Transgender!

Stars on social media are showering Elliot Page with love following his big announcement! As we reported, the actor formerly known as Ellen Page shared on social media that he is transgender. Shortly after sharing his truth, the Juno star received tons of support from fans, fellow celebs, and even the service that streams his […]

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Miley Cyrus Says Her Family Gets Into ‘Fist Fights’ Over Conspiracy Theories

At this point we’d be surprised if any family in the country could get through a holiday meal without a fight breaking out. With all the disinformation out there, and the leader of the free world at the forefront of it, relatives all over America will probably come to blows over notions like the pandemic […]

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Ariela Weinberg: We Did 90 Day Fiance for Fame! Our Season is Fake!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers are divided over whether Ariela and Biniyam have a future together.

But the two are engaged … and Ariela just revealed that they filmed their entire season just to make Biniyam famous.

Biniyam Shibre has an unreliable paycheck

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre are one of this season’s most eye-catching couples.

Towards the end of Season 2, they were one of the show’s most talked-about couples, second only to Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira.

But their litany of conflicts and problems with no obvious long-term solutions has left a lot of viewers with a lot of questions.

Some of their baffling choices start to make much more sense if they did the show for fame.

That’s exactly what happened, according to DMs leaked by 90 Day Fiance blogger extraordinaire John Yates.

According to the fandom’s favorite oracle of behind-the-scenes tea, Ariela herself has admitted that they did the show for one reason only.

Biniyam Shibre sour proposal to Ariela Weinberg

“We did the show because Bini is an entertainer,” Ariela appears to confess in the screenshot shared by John Yates.

She lists his skills: “Artist, dancer, circus performer, martial artist, etc.”

“And,” Ariela explains, “I wanted the world to see his talent.”

Biniyam Shibre and dance partner - Janice Weinberg says she is cute

Ariela wanted to get Biniyam seen and noticed “and get him opportunities.”

“So he has some scene showcasing that,” she notes, referring to the scene of Biniyam’s sexy nightclub performance.

“His song was in his intro package,” Ariela adds.

Ariela spotted Biniyam

“So,” Ariela continues, “I’m hoping that will get his music video will get a lot of views.”

“And,” she says of their endgame goals, “we can sell his song.”

She goes on to note that Usman Umar has had “some success” after his 90 Day Fiance season.

Ariela Weinberg IG did show to make Biniyam famous (John Yates watermark)

At the risk of tooting our own horns, we have been saying more or less this for … months.

Specifically, we speculated that Ariela and Biniyam were remaining in Ethiopia temporarily, and not actually planning to live there for the rest of their lives.

We said that based upon what appeared to be clues. This unsurprising revelation is yet another clue that points to plans to live in the US at some point.

Becoming famous, even mildly so, can be an amazing recipe for success as a performer.

Larissa Lima is making bank these days through OnlyFans.

Plenty of 90 Day Fiance stars are raking in tens of thousands of dollars just by doing Cameos.

But the comparison to Usman is interesting, because Usman was viewed very favorably by 90 Day Fiance fans.

Part of the reason for that was that “Baby Girl” Lisa Hamme took on an antagonistic role when she was exposed as a slur-spewing racist.

On top of that, however, suspicions that Usman might be a scammer were never enough for viewers to perceive him to be a villain.

Biniyam Shibre - Ariela is an annoying person

At the beginning of the season, Biniyam struck viewers as a very soft-spoken, kind, sweet, and respectful person.

Much of that is true. It also didn’t hurt that he is cute, albeit not nearly as handsome as he was when he and Ariela first hooked up.

But as the season has progressed, it has become increasingly clear that Biniyam is not as sweet as he first appeared.

Biniyam Shibre - I think her evil spirit is afraid

Don’t get us wrong, a lot of people have major issues with Ariela, enough that it was easy to see Biniyam as the “good guy” despite red flags.

Ariela appeared to make impulsive, reckless decisions with herself. She also complains a lot.

Some (garbage) fans even sex-shamed her for having sex, implying that birth control never fails when that is obviously not the case.

Biniyam Shibre - you want to ruin the day

But while whining and crying can grate on some viewers, others sympathized with her, and others were reminded that editing can make occassional tearful moments look like a daily occurrence.

We only got to see these two for a few hours of total footage. They were filmed for months. Editors can cherrypick whatever they want.

But the way that viewers changed their view of Biniyam was all about Biniyam.

Biniyam Shibre - but Ari can't stop nagging me

Ultimately, his gentle and calm tone of voice doesn’t matter when you look at what he says and does.

Time and time again, he has disparaged the mother of his child, ignoring any problem that she has or concern that she expresses unless she whines at him nonstop.

Fans have concluded that Biniyam is a deeply selfish person … and they’re right.

Biniyam Shibre - no don't flip it just put (Avi) on here (bread)

Let’s look at the scoreboard for their relationship compromises.

The circumcision? Ariela caved and agreed to go through with it even after acknowledging that it violates her son’s human rights.

The baptism? Ariela is Jewish, but also agreed to the baptism after nonstop pressure from Biniyam and his family.

Biniyam Shibre - I thought Ariela was going to snatch the baby and run

Then there is the fact that, temporarily or not, Ariela uprooted her entire life to live in Ethiopia for months (at least) so that Biniyam could be there for his son’s birth.

That is a tremendous personal sacrifice, especially when she came to live with someone who now leaves the house at a moment’s notice without telling her where he’s going or for how long.

Ariela also took the added step of becoming a reality star, exposing herself to hate and ridicule, just to give Biniyam’s career a boost.

Ariela Weinberg, Biniyam Shibre, and baby Avi en route to Timkat

Every time that Ariela tries to explain to Biniyam why she feels one way or another about something, his response is … bad.

He acts as if it’s ridiculous for someone to do anything other than what he does and how he wants to do things.

That’s not compromise. That’s not an attitude of empathy. He doesn’t even appear to listen when Ariela explains why she feels the way that she does — he justs insists and insists until she caves.

Ariel Weinberg observes that Biniyam has control issues

So yeah, at the end of the day, Biniyam is now famous. Maybe not a household name, but famous.

Maybe Ariela’s plan will work and he’ll be able to launch a successful music career from this.

But after his antics on the show … I’m not going to rush to give his performances any listens or views. Are you?

Is Selena Gomez Dating NBA Hunk Jimmy Butler?

Sounds like things are heating up between Selena Gomez and her rumored new man! According to multiple reports, the 28-year-old pop star has been spotted out to dinner with Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler, with eyewitnesses claiming the outing “seemed like a date.” Ooh la la! Related: Francia Raisa Responds To Saved By The Bell […]

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Country Star Jake Owen Proposes To Longtime GF Erica Hartlein!

Who has two thumbs and one dirty knee? Jake Owen does, y’all! The country crooner officially put a ring on his longtime girlfriend, Erica Hartlein, on Monday night and commemorated the milestone on his Instagram Story. The pic (above) showed the 39-year-old posing with his now-fiancée and their 19-month-old daughter Paris Hartley, as Erica flaunted […]

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Kylie Jenner Gets Nearly-Nude on Instagram: It’s a Christmas Miracle!

We’re not gonna sugarcoat it, folks — 2020 has been one bummer after another.

But it’s not as if this hellish trip around the sun has been entirely without highlights.

In fact, one brave soul has taken the responsibility of mankind’s suffering and said unto us, “Why don’t y’all just chill and look at some boobs for a minute?”

We’re talking, of course, about the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner.

All summer we kept you up to date on Kylie’s quarantine content and presented you with the highlights as proof that there’s hope for the future of humanity.

Now that the blustery days of fall are upon us, we invite you to warm up with Kylie’s hottest pics of the year.

Hey, if nothing else, we can all take heart in the fact that 2020 is almost over — and Kylie only gets curvier by the year!

1. Kylie Jenner Welcomes the Apocalypse In a Bikini

Kylie jenner welcomes the apocalypse in a bikini
Sure, 2020 has been rough, but it’s not all bad. As proof that there’s still some good in the world, here’s Kylie Jenner in a bikini.

2. Kylie Jenner Is Wearing Yoga Pants

Kylie jenner is wearing yoga pants
Kylie Jenner showed off some new curves in this recent selfie. And many of her followers believe that the 23-year-old has achieved a new level of thickness.

3. Kylie Jenner’s Sailor Cleavage

Kylie jenners sailor cleavage
Kylie rocked this sailor-themed get-up to plug her cosmetics line. Feel free to enter your own joke about bringing her followers to full-mast.

4. Kylie 2020

Kylie 2020
Kylie posted this bikini pic to encourage voter registration. This is her way of encouraging high turnout.

5. Kylie Jenner in Quarantine

Kylie jenner in quarantine
Kylie Jenner in quarantine is not like you in quarantine. And not just because you don’t look like this (we’re guessing).

6. Kylie Gets Out the Vote

Kylie jenner voter registration
Kylie REALLY wants you to register to vote. If posting pics like this doesn’t serve as motivation, you must not care about our country at all.

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Jake Paul Pisses Off Calabasas Mayor With (Another) Wild Party Amid Pandemic

The sky is blue, water is wet, and Jake Paul is acting like an ass again. The YouTuber has pretty much made an entire career out of being a d-bag, but during the pandemic in particular, he’s basically become the spokesperson for influencers who selfishly don’t seem to give a f**k about precautions that are […]

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Bachelorette Spoilers: New Details About Tayshia and the Man Who Wins Her Heart!

Well, it finally happened.

After months of rumors and speculation, Tayshia Adams finally stepped out of a limo and claimed her place as Bachelorette.

In what might have been the show’s most eventful episode of all time, Clare Crawley got engaged to Dale Moss, and we learmed that the guys who were left behind will now compete for Tayshia’s affection.

And you know what that means — a whole new round of Bachelorette spoilers!

Perhaps it’s because of all the coronavirus-related delays. but Bach insiders were unable to keep their secrets to themselves this year, and as always, spoiler master Reality Steve was there to gather up all the intel.

So scroll on to find out who gets Tayshia’s final rose — and which contestant goes home under mysterious circumstances!

[UPDATE: We have new information about how and when Tayshia and her new man hit it off! Scroll on for details!]

1. Tayshia Time!

Tayshia adams bachelorette picture
Tayshia Adams has officially replaced Clare Crawley as the Bachelorette. Now, it’s time to find out which lucky guy wins Tayshia’s heart.

2. A Short Reign

Clare crawley promo image
In case you missed it, Clare’s final episode of The Bachelorette aired on November 5. Her tenure may have been brief — and VERY dramatic — but it had a happy ending.

3. Skipping to the Good Part

Dale moss and clare crawley engaged
Clare revealed to Chris Harrison that she was in love with Dale Moss, and by the end of the episode, she and Dale were engaged.

4. This Is What the Show Is All About!

Dale moss in bed
That’s wonderful, of course, and we wish Clare and Dale all the best.

5. Directionless Dudes

Clare crawley cast photo
But the situation left 16 guys in a lurch. After quarantining and enduring weeks of Covid tests, it now looked as though they had made the trip to SoCal for no reason.

6. The Decision

Chris harrison at home
Host Chris Harrison offered the men a choice — head home, or stick around and see what’s behind door number two. All of them chose to remain.

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Addison Rae And Bryce Hall Confirm They’re Dating — & Reveal They’ve Already Broken Up Once!

It’s official, y’all: the King and Queen of TikTok are a couple! On Monday, Addison Rae and Bryce Hall confirmed what fans already knew in a candid YouTube video, salaciously titled The Truth About Us, revealing that they already have a storied romantic history with each other. Rae, 20, promoted the vid by sharing photos […]

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Austen Kroll Gushes Over Madison LeCroy: I Won’t Let Anyone Break Us Up!

Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll have had major ups and downs on and off of Southern Charm.

All of this is taking its toll on Austen, who feels torn between his “soulmate” and his very critical friends.

Austen Kroll has kind of been through the wringer on this season of Southern Charm.

It has been bad enough that his offscreen friends took notice, he tells Entertainment Tonight.

“I had a buddy or two that reached out and they’re like, ‘Were they trying to make you look like a doofus? Or trying to make you look bad?'” Austen shares.

One major source of conflict has been his turbulent relationship with girlfriend Madison LeCroy and her conflicts with his friend Craig Conover.

“You kinda feel like you’re on a lonely island and you’re, like, what?” he characterizes the experience.

“I have [Madison] telling me Craig is not my friend,” Austen notes, “and I have [Craig] telling me that the girl I love doesn’t really care about me? Great.”

Madison has recently wiped her photos of him from Instagram and even appeared to be throwing shade at him on social media.

Austen doesn’t specify whether he and Madison are still dating.

But he does say that their relationship is “shaky.”

“Does that surprise you?” Austen asks. “We are always kind of up and down, but considering that we are so strong on these first couple of episodes…”

He then clarifies that he means “on this season.”

A little over a year ago, Austen called Madison his “soulmate.” He’s standing by that statement.

“I feel like when we’re together, like, I can take it on; I can take on whatever,” Austen announces

“That’s a good feeling to have,” he notes. “She makes me want to be better.”

Austen explains: “Like, be successful, the kind of person that deserves to be in a loving, committed relationship.”

In addition to their interpersonal issues and fallout from Austen’s choices, Craig and Shep are both opposed to what they call a toxic relationship.

“What sort of advice could Shep possibly give to anyone about relationships?” Austen asks shadily.

“They don’t have anything constructive to tell me. … Maybe they did at one point — I don’t even know when,” he continues.

Austen recalls: “But even back when I told Shep [we were dating], he was like, ‘Dude, you’ve got to tell her that she has a kid and you don’t want any part of that.'”

“So even back then,” he accuses, “he was just, like, ‘I want my wingman…’ and, ‘I want my buddy to be with me and go get drunk at the bars…'”

“And then there’s Craig,” Austen adds, “and every story of Craig’s begins with, ‘Back when Naomie [Olindo] and me were dating…'”

“And I’m like, Craig, dude!” Austen shares. “Two-and-a-half years ago, bro! Get over it. She is definitely freaking over it.”

(Okay, but if you had dated beautiful Naomie Olindo, wouldn’t you talk about it?)

“Craig is miserable and he is heartbroken, still,” he notes. “So his misery wants company.”

“I can’t tell Shep anything about Madison, I can’t,” Austen laments.

“He has a one-track mind and he has something on his mind and he’s like, ‘This is what it is, this is the way she feels about you…’” he characterizes.

Austen gripes: “And I’m like, it’s not always so black and white and so cut and dry, dude.”

Gigi Hadid Shares Gorg Throwback Pregnancy Photo Shoot With Zayn Malik!

Gigi Hadid is serving some serious third trimester realness in these stunning new pics! The 25-year-old supermodel shared a triad of never-before-seen pregnancy photos to Instagram on Monday, letting fans in on how she looked weeks before giving birth to her and Zayn Malik’s first child. Two of the pics (below) showed Gigi posing with […]

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