Farrah Abraham: Those Crazy Teen Moms ATTACKED Me on Set!

Teen Mom: Family Reunion will feature Farrah Abraham’s return to the franchise after four years.

Not everyone is happy about seing the reality TV villain make a comeback, and that includes other members of the cast.

Apparently, things got so bad that the drama turned physical.

Over the weekend, Farrah claimed that her castmates carried out a “physical attack” and admonished them: “Don’t touch people.”

We actually shared news of this incident back in September.

At the time, word had it that Farrah had been involved in a Teen Mom brawl involving the throwing of furniture.

Now, Farrah has addressed the incident … albeit in her own, very Farrah sort of way.

On Sunday, December 5, Farrah Abraham spoke to TMZ about the Teen Mom: Family Reunion drama.

“I think I could walk through the door and drama’s gonna happen, sadly,” she speculated.

At the time, Farrah was walking beside her tween daughter, Sophia Abraham (whose hair is looking amazing by the way).

Reality television thrives off of verbal feuds.

In this case, Farrah reveals that things took a turn for the physical.

“I just warn others to keep their hands to themselves,” Farrah announced.

“Do not sneak attack a woman,” Farrah demanded, “and do not gang up on a woman.”

She explained that people should not be hostile in that manner “because I don’t handle that too well.”

“So,” Farrah said, “that’s kind of what happened to me.”

When asked to confirm if there was “physical drama” in the incident that she described, Farrah said “Yeah.”

“And I think people should not physically attack you,” she emphasized.

Farrah added: “especially after COVID and every other thing going on in the real world of news.”

“Don’t touch people,” Farrah admonished.

“I don’t live in the past,” she stated in the interview.

Farrah added: “I live in the future.”

This comes after Maci Bookout had already revealed that Farrah had conflict with “everyone, to be honest.”

Maci did not mention any alleged violence.

But, as we said, previous reports had already hinted at this.

Late this summer, it was reported that Farrah got into a physical altercation with multiple cast members.

They had not received any warning that she would be there.

The result was that they had a nasty shock when Farrah walked into the room.

Being shocked and angry at the sight of Farrah Abraham is extremely reasonable for anyone.

She is an infamously bad person, and having to interact with her — for work or otherwise — is a fate that we would not wish on anyone.

Not even on Farrah herself.

However, reports say that the response from some of her castmates was too physically aggressive to be justifiable.

Allegedly, furniture was thrown. That is dangerous, to Farrah and to innocents nearby.

While it sounds like this will be covered on the actual season, we hope that the must-watch drama does not serve to reward such behavior.

Despising Farrah is natural and justifiable. Attacking her is not.

That said, we are left wondering if there is more to the story, and what the ultimate context may be.

In the mean time, we won’t hold our breath for Farrah to change her behavior to become better liked. She will seemingly never change.

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Larissa Lima Praised by 90 Day Fiance Fans Over Gorgeous Pregnancy Pics

In recent months, 90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima has undergone some major changes.

One change was moving back to Las Vegas after a year in Colorado Springs.

Another change was yet another dramatic breast enlargement that had her fans and followers in shock.

Now, fans are falling over themselves to compliment photos of Larissa’s pregnant baby bump.

The way that fans are discussing Larissa marks a major deviation from business as usual.

A lot of people like to react with exaggerated “horror” at Larissa’s pics.

The reason is her ever-larger breast implants, which defy the imagination.

Larissa Lima tweet - 1500 cc implants

Larissa is a big subscriber to the idea of “go biggie or go home.”

Actually, that’s not quite right.

With her recent return to Vegas, Larissa both went biggie and went home.

But these events, though interesting, are not the current focus of some fans online.

Even people who are deeply critical of Larissa can’t help but say a few kind words here.

You see someone’s baby bump, and you’re bound to say something nice.

Larissa Lima pregnancy throwback photos

Recently, Redditors shared a series of throwback photos of Larissa from years ago.

One of them showwed Larissa and her kids, with the photos of her children redacted for their privacy.

She also had her baby bump on display.

People were quick to compliment Larissa’s throwback photos, particularly the pic of her pregnant.

Some compared her looks to fellow Brazilian Karine Martins. Others simply praised her photos from a more “natural” time.

Larissa did not post the throwbacks herself, so she has not offered any recent commentary or context, as much as fans might enjoy it.

Larissa Lima I have kids in brazil

Larissa’s children have been a tricky topic over the past few years of her fame.

It was not something that she immediately shared with viewers or even with her erstwhile mother-in-law, Debbie Johnson.

This of course led to backlash from fans of the show, who accused her of “abandoning” her kids, and from Debbie, who wished that she’d known sooner.

The reality is that Larissa did not have custody of her children, even before she moved to America to — she thought at the time — spend the rest of her life with Colt.

Both of her children are being raised by their family, because she was unable to care for them.

Larissa keeps in regular contact with her family, but has never wanted to advertise her children on TV.

Is there more to the story of Larissa and her kids? Probably.

But it has always been clear that Larissa loves her children very much.

Part of her dream is to secure her residency and her finances in the United States and secure her children’s future.

Larissa has become the butt of many jokes, some more malicious than others.

Shaming her for her depression, what she does with her own human body, or for her accent is always grim to see.

In contrast, seeing people praise photos of Larissa — even in a context of bashing her more recent looks — is kind of refreshing.

Larissa may be one of the 90 Day Fiance franchise’s most misunderstood stars.

For seasons, Colt Johnson was portrayed as a weird but long-suffering partner to her who was simply at a loss at her behavior.

After seeing Colt’s cheating scandals and hurtful behavior through more honest editing in later seasons, one wonders how many viewers might reconsider how they viewed Larissa in hindsight.

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Josh Duggar Defense: Some Other Perv Used the Computer to FRAME Josh!

Josh Duggar’s trial has involved descriptions of the sick and twisted evidence in the case.

But the case doesn’t hinge upon what was accessed so much as it does upon proving that Josh accessed it.

The prosecution has presented a lot of detailed forensic evidence regarding their physical and electronic search.

Josh’s high-priced defense team is working around the clock to cast doubt on every shred of it. Will it work on the jury?

In court on Friday, Justin Gelfand left no stone unturned while attempting to dismantle the testimony of James Fottrell.

Fottrell is one of the leading computer forensic analysts for the Department of Justice.

Gelfand is a former federal prosecutor, and was relentless in reiterating and dissecting every piece of evidence in the case.

A major highlight of Gelfand’s defense strategy on Friday was to focus on what Fottrell might have done while investigating Josh, but did not.

Experts often draw extremely informed conclusions while technically not being able to rule out alternatives.

Time and time again, Gelfand admonished Fottrell “I don’t want you to guess” in court.

An obsessive fixation upon detail is pretty key to any side of a court case … but it’s also a way to overwhelm jurors with information and potential doubts.

Fottrell did not yield during four hours of testimony on Friday, standing by the evidence and the case.

It is expected that Gelfand will bring out the defense’s own forensic analyst to further muddy the waters.

Among things that Gelfand brought up was a USB drive that was plugged into Josh’s computer on the day when the Linux partition was created.

Why? Because the drive contained two word documents and a slideshow presentation. Fottrell didn’t see it as relevant.

Fottrell also had to clarify that Covenant Eyes, the spyware program used by Anna to monitor Josh’s activity, cannot simply be turned off by clicking the icon.

The router in the office was neither seized nor examined, and Fottrell had to clarify that it’s not a likely treasure trove of exculpatory evidence.

When Gelfand pushed the idea of a pattern of remote access to the office computer, Fottrell did not agree.

He acknowledged that it was possible, but not supported by any evidence.

There are hints that this may be an idea that the defense pushes after the prosecution rests.

This may be why Fottrell had a chance to elaborate on why the idea of a sinister remote access job to frame Josh.

For one thing, remote access to a computer (as anyone who has gotten help from tech support knows) means that everything is visible on the monitor.

Every mouse movement, every keystroke, everything displayed on the screen — from launching a peer-to-peer program to using a tor browser to switching to the Linux partition.

The Linux operating system has its own login screen and password, which an alleged remote operator would need to know and type in.

At any point, if Josh had been in the office but innocently working, he would not have been able to help noticing what his own computer was doing.

Fottrell acknowledged that some of the evidence was “forensically challenging,” because it appeared that efforts had been made to purge the child sexual abuse material.

This is why no full, intact video files were recovered, despite “lots of good evidence” that they had been accessed.

However, there was a cache of auto-created thumbnails from when the files were created, and Fottrell was able to identify this gruesome content and confirm tht it existed.

“Some offenders understand it’s dangerous to possess the material of this nature so they download it, view it and then delete it,” Fottrell explained.

He referred to this as a “Netflix effect,” with risk-averse sexual predators no longer amassing large media libraries of abused children.

Fottrell noted that they were able to find the full-sized originals of one set of disturbing images despite efforts to delete it.

There is a reason that juries are asked to convict unless they find that there is “reasonable doubt,” rather than any doubt whatsoever.

Josh, like any other defendant, could conjure up unlikely hypotheticals to explain this or almost anything else — disgruntled employees, vindictive frame jobs, political conspiracies.

It is up to the jury to see through deliberate obfuscation and the defense’s various strategies and determine what explanations are reasonable and likely.

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