Vanessa Bryant Shares Romantic Video To Honor Her & Kobe’s 20th Wedding Anniversary

We can’t even begin to imagine the pain Vanessa Bryant must have felt on Sunday. April 18, 2021 marked her and Kobe Bryant‘s 20th wedding anniversary, but as you surely well know, the basketball legend tragically died in a helicopter crash at the beginning of 2020. He, as well as daughter Gianna Bryant and several […]

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Amelia Hamlin: I’m Not Jealous of Kourtney Because I’m Not Insecure!

We are all so acutely aware that Scott Disick is dating Amelia Hamlin

She is not the only 19-year-old model from a famous family he’s dated.

His previous serious girlfriend was Sofia Richie, who fit that description exactly.

But there’s one major difference between the two: Amelia doesn’t give a flying flip about Kourtney.

Scott is always going to have Kourtney Kardashian in his life.

Why? Well, they have years of history together and their brands and careers are intertwined.

More importantly, they share three children. That will always link them.

That was a problem, according to numerous reports and Scott’s own statements, for Sofia Richie.

She gave it her all, going on “family vacations” with Scott, Kourtney, and the kids and more.

But in the end, Scott’s bond with Kourtney was too much … and when he refused to make her the priority, it was over.

But it sounds like Amelia, despite her many superficial similarities to Sofia, is cut from a different cloth.

She is reportedly not jealous of Scott’s friendly co-parenting relationship wtih Kourtney.

It sounds like she doesn’t take issue with his “rich manchild dilf” lifestyle in general.

Scott has a foot in two worlds.

On the one hand, he’s a 37-year-old millionaire in apparent denial about his age.

On the other hand, he’s a devoted father of three who wants to put his kids first.

Those can be two tricky sides of a coin to juggle.

What gets even trickier is the sort of women Scott is interested in dating.

It turns out that not many barely legal 19-year-old models are interested in competing for his attention with three kids and an ex.

But reports say that Scott is currently focusing on how Amelia feels about Kourtney.

It’s not just their personal feelings, but how she feels about their dynamic, their history, and their whole situation.

He and Amelia are more serious than ever, so how good of a fit she can be in his life is now a much bigger deal.

Scott and Amelia recently spent Easter weekend together.

Amelia was spotted at a family dinner with Scott and his kids: Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

Things looked totally amicable … because Amelia reportedly has no issues with the arrangement.

“Amelia’s not bothered by Kourtney,” an inside source told Us Weekly recently.

“Scott and Amelia have been enjoying spending a lot of time together,” the insider continued.

“And,” the source detailed, they have been “hanging out with their friends.”

“Their relationship has been heating up,” the insider characterized.

“And,” the source observed, “you can totally tell they’re serious.” 

Part of the key to that seems to be Scott making deliberate choices to put Amelia at ease.

“Scott’s relationship with Amelia is different from his last,” the insider revealed.

The source detailed “in that he’s spending more time with Amelia and not Kourtney.”

Hmmm … we wonder how long that could last.

“Sofia got jealous of his relationship with Kourtney,” the insider acknowledged.

“And this time around,” the source added, “it’s not an issue.”

When Scott is no longer avoiding Kourtney, will that non-issue change? Only time will tell.

Sofia Richie, for her part, has moved on.

She and her age-appropriate, 27-year-old boyfriend Elliot Grainge are now Instagram official.

Sofia and the music executive don’t have to contend with any baby mama drama, which is for the best.

Big Ed Brown and Liz: Still Together After The Single Life?

90 Day Fiance fans endured watching Big Ed Brown begin to date again on The Single Life.

The franchise villain had set his sights on a woman almost exactly half his age.

Things ended up going shockingly well for Ed on the show.

But … are they still together?

90 Day The Single Life Ed Brown tries to kiss

Big Ed Brown is 55. Liz is 28.

That may sound young, but it makes her much older than Ed’s ex.

Liz works at a manager at Ed’s “favorite” local restaurant in San Diego.

Liz is a single mom. She has a young daughter.

She considered Ed to simply be her friend for a long time.

But to Ed, she was exactly his type: the hottest 20-something in the room.

Ed Brown on 90 Day Bares All

Ed eventually asked Liz out for a date.

She was stunned, but did agree to go with him.

It hadn’t occurred to her that he would try hitting on her.

Three dates later, Ed asked Liz to be his plus one to a friend’s wedding.

Liz said yes, and the plan was that they would sleep on separate beds at the hotel.

However, like in a billion pieces of all-too-realistic fanfiction, the hotel could only offer them a room with one bed.

Liz was reluctant at first but then she went with it.

“Last night was off the charts,” he gushed to the camera. “We started snuggling. And we started to kiss.”

“And she is so beautiful and soft and caring,” Ed raved. “She’s a giver.”

90 Day The Single Life Ed Brown - what kind of person?

“OK so, we made love all night. We did it about twice,” Ed announced.

“Liz’s body is amazing. It’s like a surreal dream,” he described.

“It’s just like, it was incredible. Like, incredible,” Ed rambled.

“I’ve never had anyone take over and make love to me in my life,” Ed claimed.

“It will go down in Big Ed history as, yeah, as the event,” he proclaimed.

“I’m just hoping that every time it’s gonna be like that,” Ed expressed hopefully.

“It was really good. It was a good night,” Liz said for her part.

“I had to teach him how to kiss,” she said.

“So I feel like I have to train him to do a lot of things,” Liz added, “but we laughed about it.”

The next day, Ed asked Liz the modern equivalent of whether she wants to “go steady.”

“So, I might as well talk about this now,” he began.

Ed told her: “I think we’re going to look like a couple.”

“I would like to introduce you as my girlfriend at the wedding,” Ed shared.

He then asked the big question: “And so, will you be my girlfriend?” 

“I’ll be your girlfriend just at the wedding,” Liz joked. “I’m just kidding, I’ll be your girlfriend.”

Ed almost sacrificed his relationship with his daughter, Tiffany, while pursuing Rosemarie Vega.

This time, he wanted Liz and Tiffany to meet early on, traveling to Vegas to do so.

Liz worried that it was too soon … and honestly, that Tiffany being a year older would make things weird.

“I just wasn’t prepared for the daughter comment,” Liz told the camera.

“Like I don’t need bad vibes if that comes out, not saying there’s bad vibes,” she quickly corrected.

Liz added: “Just, I know we’re close in age and everything like that.:

“It’s just nerve-wracking and I’m just anxious,” Liz said.

She explained “because I don’t think that should have been brought up just yet.”

That’s a very fair way to feel.

“Liz lights up my world and I’m realizing that she’s who I want to be with forever,” Ed expressed to the camera.

“But if Liz and I are going to work out, she needs to get along with my daughter,” he emphasized.

Ed then affirmed: “So I hope Liz agrees to meet her or it’s possible it’s not going to work.”

So, are Ed and Liz together?

Ed, per his NDA, has not shared photos of Liz on his social media.

LIz’s Instagram is private, but reads “My [red heart emoji] is taken!” in her bio. That sounds promising!

Teresa Giudice Mocked by Vicious Trolls: You Look Like a Friggen Platypus!

Even when Teresa Giudice is under fire on the show, she still has no shortage of fans.

But reality television comes with critics, too, and it’s not all about her actions.

Right now, some so-called fans are taking aim at her looks.

There’s no nice way to do that, but … did they have to compare her to a platypus?

First, we’ll start at the beginning.

Teresa has been teasing her fans about her new, non-fraudulent project: jewelry.

“I’ve been hard at work on my new project,” she told her followers.

The recent post continued as Teresa began to build up hype.

“Cant’ wait to show you what I’ve been working on!” she teased.

Alongside that message, Teresa shared a photo of herself.

It wasn’t a bad photo.

Teresa was in full makeup, with false lashes and lipstick.

She posed for the photo with a pout, and received many complements.

Teresa was praised for her “beautiful” face and her “flawless skin.”

“Such a beauty inside and out,” wrote one commenter.

“Your skin looks great,” they continued. “Beauty inside and out.”

“You look incredible!” raved another commenter.

“Best of luck to you and your new venture!” that fan wrote.

But not all of the vibes in the comments section were so positive.

“Her lips look like a clown,” one commenter accused.

The troll continued: “She’s ruining her beauty.”

Another agreed: “She’s had so much work done.”

“Working on fillers and photoshop obviously,” snarked another commenter.

“Stop with the plastic surgery,” another demanded.

This fan remarked: “you’re looking too different.”

“Stop, please. Stop the fillers,” another barked in Teresa’s comments.

“You look so fake,” the commenter accused.

That same detractor added: “you lost your natural beauty.”

“So stop you’re destroying your look,” the commenter insisted.

Another scolded her: “You look so much better with less makeup on.”

“Your beautiful naturally please stop with all the filler and botox,” another asked.

“Your look is changing and you don’t look real,” that same follower wrote.

Others compared her lips to a “fish.”

And then others took it further, likening Teresa’s face to a “platypus” or “Michael Jackson.”

Those are some rough statements, some cruel comments.

Some of it is framed as coming from a place of “concern.”

Meanwhile, others were mroe deliberate attacks, intended to be hurtful.

Why do people leave comments like these?

It is ultimately hard to say at times.

Humans are complicated creatures, with many motivations for what they say and do.

Some are of course feeling powerless or otherwise unhappy in their lives.

Writing cruel, awful things on social media makes them feel powerful and gives them a rush.

The idea that they might ruin a famous person’s day makes them feel better about their own lives.

Of course, social media also comes without the interpersonal reactions that remind us to follow social rules.

Just looking at a picture, people will comment the cruel things that they might say to a friend beside them.

This lack of a filter causes many people to be deeply unkind to others without thinking about it.

Whatever is at the rute of the hostility, we hope that Teresa didn’t see as many of these comments as we did.

It’s important to listen to fans when they’re right. Sometimes, stars need to be called out.

But when it’s just face-shaming cruelty without purpose? That can and should be ignored.

Southern Charm Star Madison LeCroy Reveals She Has A Boyfriend Following Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez’s Split!

The Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez breakup just got a little more complicated! Well, at least it did for alleged A-Rod pursuer Madison LeCroy, that is… The Southern Charm star has been on the periphery of all that news regarding the high-profile celeb couple over the last couple months, of course. And while we may never fully […]

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90 Day Fiance Tell All Part 2 Recap: DID Mike Youngquist Cheat on Natalie Mordovtseva After All?

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance is officially, completely over.

After Part 1 of the Tell All last week, there were still loose ends to tie up.

Most notably, the show had to delve into Amira and Andrew’s drama.

This wasn’t just past drama.

When Andrew wasn’t allowed to direclty confront Amira, he stormed out … and did not return.

Then, Tarik and Hazel spoke about their marriage and plans for the future.

Tarik very rightfully schooled some misunderstandings (and let’s be honest, bigotry) about his polyamorous marriage.

However, he also revealed that he and Minty had spoken earlier that day.

(As Amira’s dad would say, “you do the mistake again!”)

Then, Natalie has long harbored suspicions that Mike cheated with his friend Sarah.

More than once, she has insisted that it’s true.

Finally, fans get to hear from Sarah.

1. We start where we left off

Amira lollysa then he leaves ehh good
Part 1 ended with Andrew’s dramatic exit, one that was slightly spoiled by him turning around and asking if he can get a ride back to his hotel. Amira had said that she didn’t want to speak directly to Andrew, and when production asked Andrew to step away while she spoke and return with his side after, he stormed off in a huff. That works just fine for Amira.

2. Amira does not want to speak to him

Amira lollysa i dont want to see him
Like so many people who have had bitter breakups, she doesn’t want to face her ex. But it’s more than that — she has described verbal and emotional manipulation (and possibly verbal and emotional abuse) and does not want to be subjected to it again.

3. It’s a complicated situation

Julia trubkina and im so sick about him now
Julia feels exactly as Andrew likely wanted people to feel — sympathy for him because he wanted to tell his side.

4. Rebecca has a different perspective

Rebecca parrott points out that andrew only attended to confront
She says that she heard Andrew say, before his departure, that his only reason for attending was to confront Amira. That, to her, seemed alarming — considering that he and Amira were formerly in love.

5. Meanwhile, outside …

Andrew kenton refuses to come back if he cant confront amira
Andrew is in the car but hasn’t departed yet, and he says that he adamantly refuses to come back in and share his side of the story unless he gets to directly confront Amira (through the screen) face-to-face.

6. This is relayed to Shaun

Shaun robinson lets everyone know that andrew isnt coming back
Probably a good reminder that Shaun, while excellent at what she does, is told which questions to ask, when to move on, and when to press people for more details. In this case, the producer in her ear tells her, and she tells the cast, about Andrew’s decision to stay put outside.

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Lance Bass Thinks Colton Underwood’s Coming Out Will Face Some Backlash For This Unexpected Reason…

Lance Bass offered some advice to Colton Underwood as he thinks the reality star will face some backlash after coming out. But it’s not for the reason you may think… The former NSYNC singer got real on the latest episode of the Ben & Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast, explaining how he relates to the […]

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Travis Barker Shares A NSFW Birthday Tribute For Kourtney Kardashian — LOOK!

Travis Barker went above and beyond for Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday! As we previously reported, the Blink-182 drummer first impressed the reality star with a stunning floral arrangement, which included strings of individual flowers hanging from the ceiling. The couple also enjoyed a romantic dinner date fit for a queen ahead of Kourt’s big day. Take […]

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Kody Brown: I Don’t Give a S–t About My Wives Anymore!

For a long time now, things with the Brown family have been … well, they haven’t been great.

They’ve actually been pretty horrific, judging by what we’ve seen on Sister Wives.

We’ve seen relationships change and deteriorate, we’ve seen family members be outright mean to each other.

It’s bad.

But this season has been especially interesting because a big theme of it all is Kody just entirely giving up on his family.

He truly seems to be over polygamy, and he’s said as much plenty of times in recent episodes.

He’s said that Janelle is “full of sh-t” and “lazy,” he’s said that he hasn’t felt a spark with Meri in the past several years.

In a sneak peek for this week’s episode, the season finale, he exclaimed that he was in “polygamy hell,” which seems quite dramatic.

And now, in another sneak peek for the finale, we’re seeing him with all of his sister wives, trying to work on their relationships.

But guess who doesn’t seem to care even the tiniest bit?

The clip, which you can watch in full below, begins with everyone gathered together while Janelle sets up a big ol’ easel so they can write things down.

Kody says that he doesn’t understand what they’re going to be talking about, and he asked in a sort of mocking way “Are we going to be talking about our feelings?”

“I’m coming into this whole conversation very cynical,” he admits during a confessional, “because I’m extremely discouraged that I can’t get my wives to all agree on one simple thing: preventing the spread of COVID in our family.”

“And so it’s pissing me off.”

This was all filmed early in the pandemic, and Christine was of the opinion that she’d already made plans for the coming months and she wasn’t going to cancel them while Janelle made it clear that she couldn’t stay quarantined all summer.

Still, Kody’s plan was that he’d be the only one to move between the four different households, which still wouldn’t be safe because he could still carry the virus from house to house.

Logic wasn’t really on anyone’s side here, obviously, so let’s just continue.

Back to the family meeting, we see Janelle writing something down on the easel — they seem to be taking turns writing down things that are important to them, and she writes that she “needs to make sure I’m heard.”

In her own confessional, she says “I think we’ve had communication problems for a long time,” and she goes on to explain that with the new stress the pandemic added to the family, that was made even more clear to her.

For Christine’s turn, she says “So I need to feel important at the end of a conversation, I feel like some of my ideas … I don’t feel like I’m important, I don’t even really have a say.”

“Everyone just assumes I’m just being a princess because I’m not expressing myself well,” she continues. “I’m not ever intending to be a princess, but I think I’m seen that way and it’s frustrating.”

Kody then tells her “I feel like everybody feels that same way, like it’s a fight constantly to like have an idea even heard, so …”

It really feels like he’s pouting here, so Robyn tries to hold his hand through this and ask him what he wants to write on the easel, what issue he wants to talk about when it comes to their communication.

“Nothing,” he answers, because of course that’s his answer.

“Yes you are,” Robyn chides him, “you have to play.”

He thinks for a minute then tells his wives “My problem is I don’t want to write anything down there because I don’t give a sh-t anymore.”

Absolutely charming, right?

We don’t get to see how the wives react to that beyond a few shocked expressions, but back in his confessional he tells the camera “You know, we’ve moved here, we’re going through the struggles, I’ve been arguing about COVID now for so long with these ladies …”

“That’s the reason I don’t care anymore,” he explains. “I don’t enjoy the relationship anymore because it feels like a constant fight.”‘

And that’s the end of the video.

At this point in the game, it’s pretty clear that no one is going to leave the family — they all believe so strongly in their marriages because of their religion, and it’s probably safe to say the perks of being on the show are an incentive to stay as well.

But it’s also clear that they’re all completely miserable with each other most of the time.

Is the show just going to be like this for the rest of its time on the air?

Are they just going to say worse and worse things to each other as they pretend like any of this is working?

Like, we’ll still watch, but man, are things looking bleak here.

What do you think about the current state of this family?

Kody brown i dont give a s t about my wives anymore

Prince William ‘Requested’ To Not Walk Beside Harry At Prince Philip’s Funeral

The seemingly friendly chat between Prince Harry and Prince William after their grandfather’s funeral might have just all been an act! It turns out the Duke of Cambridge personally asked not to walk next to his brother at Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday. According to the Mail on Sunday, William had “requested” for their cousin […]

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