Armie Hammer Allegedly Has Secret IG Account — With MORE Disturbing Stuff On It!

Nothing online is hidden, y’all. Not when this big a spotlight is on you! The Internet is currently putting Armie Hammer under a microscope after a cache of shocking DMs, allegedly sent by the Call Me By Your Name actor, hit social media like a cherry bomb last weekend. Of particularly shocking note were the messages involving […]

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Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina Broke Hot Tub Rules, Get Scolded by Betty in 90 Day Fiance Sneak Peek

A lot of people get embarrassed by their moms. Most people don’t have it quite so bad as Brandon Gibbs.

His mother, Betty, is the primary antagonist of his storyline with Julia Trubkina — and perhaps of all of Season 8.

In this sneak peek clip of Episode 7, she drags him over to the hot tub to scold him, in front of cameras and his fiancee.

Betty has rules for everything, from where Julia sleeps to the hot tub. And she accuses Brandon of breaking one of them.

As this sneak peek clip begins, Betty is leading Brandon and Julia behind her.

Having watched the entire cringeworthy clip, we have yet to see a single good reason for Julia to have been there, unless production asked for it.

It takes the “being at your friend’s house while he gets lectured by his parents” to a whole new level … and it’s all on camera.

Betty points to the state of the hot tub.

Now, I’m not an expert on hot tubs, but it appears that the cover is slightly uneven, like a not-quite-smooth bedsheet.

Apparently, to Betty, this is a big deal that has her “disappointed,” and when Brandon suggests that the wind is at fault, she rejects his explanation.

Then, Betty opens the lid to the hot tub and accuses the water of being “cloudy,” though Brandon does not seem to agree with her assessment.

What is really interesting here is that Betty isn’t accusing them of having sexytimes in the water.

Instead, she’s furious that she suspects that Brandon and Julia may have worn clothing into the hot tub.

Apparently, she has an all-nude rule for the hot tub, and accuses Brandon of having violated it.

That’s weird, coming from the woman who mandated that Brandon and Julia keep separate rooms … even though they are grown adults and engaged to be married.

Julia extremely politely asks if they can discuss the mixed signals that she’s getting from Betty.

“We use this for therapy, not for entertainment,” Betty adamantly says.

Julia isn’t sure what to make of that, and Brandon laughs.

“Stop!” Betty insists, apparently taking her extreme control issues to micromanaging her son’s emotional reactions.

Betty also refers to an “other thing” they “shouldn’t do in the water.”

Presumably, she is referring to sex — whether it is to having sex at all or to ejaculation, but she doesn’t say.

Speaking in the confessional, Betty complains about having had to drain the hot tub numerous times over the years after Brandon hooked up in it.

When Betty walks away, Julia confronts Brandon about the way that he just … nods like a f–king bobblehead (our words, not hers) when his mother speaks.

He doesn’t stand up to his mother. He doesn’t stand up for himself. He doesn’t stand up for Julia. He lets his mom chastize them both on camera for the world to see and then he apologizes to her for laughing.

Julia wants Brandon to be strong and assertive so that they can live their lives together. Honestly, we want that too, for Brandon’s own well-being. Betty needs to be weaned off of control.

Brandon gibbs and julia trubkina broke hot tub rules get scolded

Camel Toe Is The New Cleavage! | Perez Hilton

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Stephanie Davison Reveals She Was Assaulted During Filming: 90 Day Fiance Ruined My Life!

90 Day Fiance viewers have been very entertained by Stephanie Davison’s larger-than-life personality.

Unfortunately, her own experience with the show was much less enjoyable.

Stephanie accuses production of ruining her health, refusing to pay what she is owed, and pressuring her to film after as sexual assault.

Now, she says, she is suing the show … and wishes that she had never even heard of 90 Day Fiance.

Stephanie Davison tries to call Ryan Carr

“My new motto after this reality tv stuff…..ONLY believe half of what you see and hear!!” Stephanie Davison quipped on Instagram in a somewhat random comments section.

It was her hashtags that then caught people’s attention, as she began by writing: “#theycangof–kthemselves #paymewhatyouoweme.”

Stephanie’s tags continued: “#careaboutyourcast #manipulatedbeyondbelief#seeyouincourt.”

Stephanie Davison IG - only believe half of what you see hear

“These clusterf–ks that work for this company are going to wish they never deceived me,” Stephanie announced when encouraged to clarify.

“I not only was raped while filming,” she revealed to the horror of fans.

“But,” she accused, “manipulated to keep filming” by production.

Stephanie Davison IG - the clusterf--ks who work for 90 Day ...

“After I begged to get off set after being bitten hundreds of times by sandflies,” Stephanie wrote, referring to blood-sucking insects.

“But no,” she lamented, “they just needed a romantic dinner filmed with Ryan.”

“I have spent my time in a hospital now hooked to IV’s for the inflammation from the allergic reactions I had,” Stephanie shared. That sounds horrible.

Stephanie continued by alleging that production had proven “unwilling to pay” her medical expenses incurred while filming.

However, she announced that her “attorney started legal action today.”

Stephanie advised fans to “stay tuned” for more information and what she hopes will be a triumphant outcome to this legal case.

Stephanie Davison doesn't like what she's hearing

“This show has ruined my health,” Stephanie wrote in a follow-up comment.

That is a huge deal, as Stephanie not only prides herself in taking great care of her body, but owns a company that operates based upon health and rejuvenation.

In conclusion, Stephanie expressed: “I wish I had never heard of this show.”

Stephanie Davison IG - 90 Day Fiance ruined my health

That is a truly crushing read.

Notably, Stephanie does not share who sexually assaulted her or anything about the circumstances of this.

Our hearts go out to her as she recovers from a vicious, traumatic attack. 

We are so sorry to hear that she was allegedly pressured to film after this.

People who have survived sexual assault deserve counseling, justice, and time to process. Add to that allergic bites from blood-sucking insects, and it sounds like a miserable time.

We wish Stephanie the very best and are, again, so sorry about what she has described.

Stephanie has raised eyebrows among the audience for her questionable age gap with Ryan Carr, her semi-fiance.

Ryan seems standoffish at times on the show as he displays unbecoming rudeness to Stephanie.

This isn’t about the gifts that she gives him, the salary that she secretly pays him, or even their relationship — no human being should be spoken to the way that Ryan spoke to Stephanie on the show.

Stephanie Davison lounges beside her cat

Stephanie has entertained viewers with her daily routine, with her self-administered rejuvenation treatments, and with her antics with her cat, Cooper.

While we still look forward to watching Stephanie’s story play out on camera, fans are of course concerned about what Stephanie has revealed.

Reality TV must operate ethically — just like everyone else.

Noooo! Backstreet Boys’ Kevin Richardson Seemingly Throws Shade At Brian Littrell Over Getting Red-Pilled Into QAnon Nonsense

Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys have been on opposite ends of the political spectrum for years now, but it looks like the singers (and cousins) have finally met their breaking point. On Wednesday, Kevin lit the fandom on fire when posting two cryptic tweets likely about his bandmate (below). One linked […]

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90 Day Fiance Shocker: Molly Hopkins’ Daughter Olivia Arrested for Battery

Molly Hopkins’ relationship with Luis Mendez ended quickly and bitterly.

Even so, she has remained a fixture on 90 Day Fiance and a fan-favorite on Pillow Talk.

Her daughter from a previous relationship, Olivia, is a beautiful young woman at 21 years old.

But Olivia was arrested … after allegedly hitting Molly!

According to legal documents, 21-year-old Olivia Wrynn Hopkins was charged with misdemeanor simple battery last year.

Olivia is accused of having “struck” her 45-year-old mother.

The documents describe her hitting Molly “multiple times in the head leaving a clearly visible red mark and kicked the victim in the leg.”

Reportedly, the incident was witnessed by an unidentified third party.

This arrest took place in October of 2020.

The alleged incident went down in Molly’s home in Woodstock, Georgia.

Olivia was released on a $1,500 bond following her arrest.

Days later, she signed a bond agreement promising to “not approach or communicate” with her mother without exception.

She also promised that she “shall stay away” from her mother, along with “any bar or establishment serving intoxicating liquor, beer, or wine, and any place of Disrepute.”

Olivia was given 48 hours following her release from jail to move out of Molly’s home.

Additionally, Olivia agreed that she could not “possess any dangerous weapons, nor be present at any location where [they] may be found.”

Additionally, she could not “possess or consume any intoxicating liquor or drug, without prescription, or be present at any location where [they] may be found.”

Notably, just as Olivia is not accused of wielding a weapon during the incident, the bond agreement does not necessarily mean that she is accused of having been intoxicated at the time.

Often, bond agreements and probation orders alike attempt to mitigate the risk of releasing a person from custody.

Someone who is poorly behaved while sober should probably not be drunk, at least for a little while. Alcohol rarely improves behavior.

In November, Olivia’s attorney filed a motion asking the court to adjust the bond agreement.

The goal was to allow Olivia to move back into Molly’s home.

All of the other conditions — avoiding alcohol, drugs, weapons, and whatever the hell a place of Disrepute is — are to remain in place.

Molly Hopkins Mugshot

Olivia has an upcoming arraignment, scheduled for January 21.

It is unclear what the outcome is expected to be, as Molly has not spoken publicly about this.

If Molly is fine with Olivia living with her again, as the November motion suggests, she may be planning to drop charges … but that is unclear. Molly does have her own criminal history.

Molly of course appeared on Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance, after having met the much younger Luis Mendez while on vacation.

They hit things off quickly, and soon Molly brought Luis over with cameras to film it all.

Like most couples on the show, they did end up marrying. Like a number of them, however, it did not last.

Luis and Molly divorced only months into their marriage.

Five months later, Luis was marrying another young woman.

Molly wished them well, albeit shadily, noting that the remarriage was evidence that Luis had just been using her.

Kim Zolciak ‘Very Stressed’ After Daughter Brielle Reveals COVID Diagnosis

Brielle Biermann has had COVID for the last two weeks — and mom Kim Zolciak-Biermann is INCREDIBLY worried. On Wednesday, both mother and daughter took to their respective Instagram Story to discuss the news. In one of the videos, the 42-year-old recorded herself walking over a COVD testing kit to the in-home salon. This section […]

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Wilmer Valderrama & Fiancée Amanda Pacheco Reveal Sex Of Their Baby — See The Cute Announcement!

Wilmer Valderrama and fiancée Amanda Pachecho announced the sex of their child today on Instagram in a sex reveal IGTV post that is SO adorbs! We’re squeeeaaaling. It’s a girl! Related: Emma Stone Feels ‘Very Lucky’ And ‘Excited’ To Be Pregnant During The Pandemic.  Leading with some mystery, the That ’70s Show star posted a […]

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