Colt Johnson: Eric Ghosted Me When I Didn’t Want to Be Friends!

As we saw on this week’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, neither Colt Johnson nor Larissa Lima had smooth sailing after their breakups.

But long before Debbie was sabotaging Colt’s romance with Jess, a bromance was brewing between Colt and Eric.

Larissa began dating Eric Nichols weeks after her final breakup with Colt Johnson, the two first meeting in February 2019.

She moved on quickly, but she still moved slower than Colt, who was already lining up side pieces weeks before they split.

But on September 11 (yes), 2019, Larissa abruptly broke things off with Eric over text … and he is the first to admit that he did not take it very well.

In fact, Eric showed up at Colt’s house not long after, posing for a photo op with Colt and Debbie.

Look, a lot of people take breakups poorly.

Showing up at your ex’s ex’s house to bond over mutual bitterness is a tall order.

Colt Johnson sat down with Us Weekly to speak about their short-lived bromance.

“I think he blocked me,” the 90 Day Fiance villain remarks.

Colt claims: “He really wanted to be my friend a lot.”

“He kept texting me every day,” Colt revealed.

“I was busy,” he shared, “and then he eventually blocked me and ghosted me.”

By that, Colt means to say that Eric simply remained out of contact without any closure, farewell, or further contact.

“I felt like we could kind of have this like friendship blooming,” Colt reflects.

“But,” he explains, “I wasn’t really interested.”

Colt characterizes Eric’s response by saying: “and he took that very personal.”

“If Larissa’s happy and Eric makes her happy?” Colt suggests. “That’s great.”

He claims: “I root the best for them, especially right now.”

Colt correctly predicts: “I’m sure they get a lot of haters. A lot of people trying to tear them apart”

“I remember that,” Colt acknowledges. “I was part of that.”

He continues: “So I just want the best for her at the end of the day.”

Some would suggest that, if Colt had wanted this kind of happiness for Larissa when they were married, things could have gone very differently.

On the show, we are seeing Larissa and Eric’s conflict as part of the fallout from Eric badmouthing Larissa after their breakup.

Though things look grim right now, we know that Larissa and Eric have dated for many months since this contentious row.

Hopefully, they have had fewer arguments sense then. Yes, they are both messy and love drama, but it gives me a headache just to think about it.

Colt Johnson in a speed in Brazil

We are also seeing Colt and Jess fight after Debbie deliberately stirred the pot.

Jess has since moved on, accusing Colt of manipulaton and playing mind games. Viewers have all seen that he lied to her.

Colt then moved on with another woman … and then cheated on her with Vanessa, the same woman whom Jess suspected of desiring him.

We do not have to understand Larissa and Eric’s relationship in order to be happy for them.

For our part, we guess that Eric ghosting Colt had more to do with a sudden onset of remorse for his string of bad behavior after Larissa dumped him.

People mature and realize that they spoke out of anger and they come to regret their actions. Cutting ties with Colt was the right thing to do.

Britney Spears’ Dad: #FreeBritney Movement is a JOKE! You Conspiracy Theorists Can Eat It!

In the buildup to the next conservatorship yearing, #FreeBritney activists have been speaking out in favor of Britney Spears and against her awful dad.

Now, Jamie himself is speaking out — and insisting that his daughter’s fans are nothing but raving conspiracy theorists.

Jamie Spears gave an extremely rare interview to Page Six over the weekend.

The widely reviled 68-year-old is openly mocking the #FreeBritney movement, which calls for an end to the conservatorship over Britney.

He goes so far as to call the countless voices calling for the pop star’s liberation “a joke.”

“All these conspiracy theorists don’t know anything,” Jamie insists.

Generally, conspiracy theorists believe in things that are either untrue or secret. Britney’s conservatorship is public knowledge.

“The world don’t have a clue,” Jamie claimed.

Smugly, he commented: “It’s up to the court of California to decide what’s best for my daughter.”

Jamie doubled down, adding: “It’s no one else’s business.”

Incidentally, many people believe that not being related to someone does not mean that you cannot be concerned that they face gross injustice.

Many have suspected that Jamie has a financial motive for maintaining this egregious conservatorship.

“I have to report every nickel and dime spent to the court every year,” he points out.

Jamie then demands to know: “How the hell would I steal something?”

“I love my daughter,” Jamie claims. “I love all my kids.”

Then, like a cantankerous old man in a cartoon, he insists: “But this is our business. It’s private.”

How private could the continued conservatorship of one of the most beloved and famous people on the planet possibly be?

Earlier this summer, Britney Spears’ brother, Bryan, spoke about the conservatorship.

“She’s been in this thing for quite some time now,” he acknowledged. Twelve years is a long time for something like this.

“Obviously,” he claimed, “there was a need for it in the beginning.”

Like Jamie, he showed his awareness that many fans believe that Britney is being “held against her will in some capacity.”

However, Bryan went on to claim that the conservatorship that denies Britney many rights and freedoms has been “a great thing for our family.”

Is Britney herself not considered part of the family? How does 12 years of this benefit her?

Bryan did share that “not everybody agreed with it either; everyone had their own opinion like, maybe we should do it this way or that way.”

In the end, when it comes to the conservatorship, Bryan said that he believes that “we made the right choice.”

That is one hell of a statement — especially from her own brother.

The good news is that, in about three weks, there will be a hearing on Britney’s conservatorship.

On August 22, a court in California will determine whether Britney’s conservatorship should be renewed.

This is a very complicated matter, and it is unclear how much — if at all — Britney will be allowed to speak for herself.

We should acknowledge that some #FreeBritney supporters do take things too far, overanalyzing her social media posts and speculating beyond what is responsible.

To say that the movement as a whole is made up of “conspiracy theorists,” however, seems dishonest at best.

At worst, it sounds to many like an attempt by a guy who is legally barred from seeing two of his own grandsons (for their own protection) to smear his critics.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Debbie Sabotages Colt and Jess

Watching Season 5, Episode 9 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? was a little weird considering what went down with Paul and Karine over the weekend.

It’s nice to see his mom again, but seeing Paul is just not the same as fans learn more about him and what Karine has gone through.

Kalani and Asuelu prepared for their trip to see his mom, but they have very different ideas about what an appropriate gift would be.

Angela gives Michael some bad news that makes him reconsider their marriage.

Tania and Syngin head to South Africa, but Tania is afraid that he might not come back with her when he’s done.

Elizabeth’s family’s continued questions about Andrei’s shady fight lead to what may be a physical brawl between Andrei and her brother.

Most stunning of all was Debbie’s gleeful sabotage of Colt and Jess’ relationship.

For once, it was Debbie, not Colt, who sat back and watched chaos unfold by her own design.

1. Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline (and Debbie)

Colt johnson and jess caroline revisit her parents
Colt and Jess are preparing to leave, so they return to Jess’ parents’ house to say goodbye. Colt and Debbie are given gifts, and Debbie is shocked that they are so nice to her after her, well, bad behavior at their house before. Jess explains that this is simply customary.

2. Colt had a hidden agenda

Colt johnson speaks to jess dad
In the least subtle aside that we have ever seen, he took Jess’ dad for a quick sidebar in full view of everyone, using a translator app to ask Jess’ dad for permission to propose to Jess.

3. He said yes

Colt johnson receives jess dads blessing
Yes, asking any third party is a deeply weird custom with appalling patriarchal implications, but if it’s important to Jess’ family, it does make sense to play along. But naturally, this whole thing made Debbie deeply suspicious and worried that she was going to “lose” her son.

4. Jess will miss her folks

Jess caroline i wont see my family for 9 10 more months
She talks about how it could be 9-10 more months before she sees her family again. Colt, stirring the pot, adds that it could be closer to a year.

5. Debbie does the math

Debbie johnson but jess visa expires in 6 months
She notes that Jess’ visa expires in six months. Clearly, she has been counting down the days, and is alarmed that Jess is talking about staying in the US for that long.

6. Jess keeps it vague

Jess caroline but i have plans for more time in america
She hopes to stay in the US longer. Whatever she may mean by that, obviously, a K-1 visa and/or a marriage could change that 6-month stay into something that lasts longer — or indefinitely. Neither of them talk about this to Debbie, but she is shaken to her core by the implication that her grown adult son might marry his girlfriend.

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Karine Staehle: I’m Not Missing! Just Hiding From Paul!

In the aftermath of Paul and Karine Staehle’s huge fight where police were called, Paul announced that his wife was “missing” and asked fans for help.

Karine is now speaking out, sharing that she’s not missing at all — that she and Pierre are safe.

“I want you all to know that me and Pierre are doing well now,” Karine writes on her Instagram Stories.

“[Over the] past days,” she acknowledges, “I had a lot going on.”

Karine explains: “As the media showed, I had issues where the police [were] called.”

Karine explained that the police were called to the home that she previously shared with Paul “because I feared for my life and my son’s life.”

She explains that it was this fear “which led me to ask for help and ultimately be rescued.”

Karine expresses that she has been rescued “from an environment that no longer was healthy for [any] of us involved in the situation.”

“I’m getting the best help I could ever get,” Karine assures her fans and followers.

“And,” she expresses, “I’m really thankful for all the people involved in it.”

Karine adds: “I also think all the people that worry about me for the support I have had.”

“It [has] been a big part of my recovery,” Karine affirms.

“Relationships are hard and sometimes,” she acknowledges, adding that in this case “it just can’t be fixed anymore.”

Many 90 Day Fiance fans have wanted this toxic marriage to end for a long, long time, for the sake of everyone involved.

“I need this time to organize my thoughts, work on myself, and care for my son,” Karine tells her followers.

She explains that there is a lot to process “after everything we have been through in the last year and a half.”

Remember, the footage currently airing on Happily Ever After? Season 5 was recorded last year.

“Just to clarify, the EPO was me,” Karine confirms for her followers.

As you may have seen, Paul complained that the emergency protective order that Karine filed against him must have been filed by someone else.

“I had help from a translator,” Karine adds, “since I do not speak English.”

“I also would like to state that I am not missing,” Karine declares to her followers.

Paul had asked for people’s help in finding her — but as people know, “helping” to find a person who is not actually missing can put them in danger.

She adds: ‘The police know where to find me if they need me.”

“This is a legal matter not a ‘media matter.’ that being said it’s the first and last time I will speak about it,” Karine states.

That is absolutely her right. Though she is a public figure, she is not obligated to discuss this painful chapter of her life with anyone.

She concludes her post: “Thank you all again, Karine.”

Karine Staehle IG - I am not missing I am safe

In addition to that, Karine clarified to her followers that she has not created any GoFundMe accounts.

That means that if you see one in her name, until she says otherwise, it is a scam account created by a dreadful opportunist.

A lot of 90 Day Fiance fans want Karine and Pierre to be safe and would be happy to chip in if she should ask.

On Saturday, August 1, Karine filed for a restraining order against Paul.

Paul showed off the police report on social media — a police report in which Karine accused him of multiple instances of abuse.

He denied having abused her and urged his followers to help him to locate Karine.

“I know me and Karine have had [many] over the last four years, this is not a thing she would say,” Paul claimed.

In his Instagram Story, he insisted that “She would never say anything like this about me.”

Those claims are no longer holding up now that Karine has issued her statement.

In the aftermath of this, people have come forward on social media to describe their alleged experiences with Paul.

We all know about his criminal record, being accused of harassing an ex and of arson.

It is claimed that he has demonstrated controlling behavior on a number of girlfriends and damaged property to get revenge when they left him.

This is a complicated situation, in part because many fans fear that Karine is not up to the task of raising Pierre alone, but they don’t want to see her in poverty with her family in Brazil or back with Paul.

We hope that Karine and baby Pierre remain safe.

This is a frightening situation and we hope that all future updates are positive ones.

Why Did Denise Richards Say "Bravo Bravo Bravo" on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

One of the most dramatic parts of Denise Richards’ freakout this week was when she tried to force Bravo to stop filming.

It didn’t work.

But setting aside for one brief moment her alleged affair with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Brandi Glanville …

What did she mean by “Bravo Bravo Bravo?”

First, the briefest of recaps before Kyle Richards’ explains it all from the perspective of an original cast member.

At dinner, Teddi Mellencamp felt that she had to get everything she had heard from Brandi Glanville off of her chest.

Having been told that Denise thought very little of her and downright hated her, Teddi wanted to clear the air.

Denise, of course, denied everything.

Interestingly, her denial became suddenly more passionate and her facial features became even more aghast when she heard that Brandi had said this.

There are a number of things that Denise could have said to convince Teddi that it was all a lie, a rumor or some kind of misunderstanding.

She did not say any of those things.

Naturally, this was when Teddi brought up the rest of what Brandi had told them.

Explaining that she was unwilling to “torture” Denise by keeping her in the dark, she told Denise about the story of their alleged affair.

Denise at this point became visibly distressed, at first trying to laugh it off before beginning to spiral and cry.

“I’m going through so much stuff, it has nothing to do with any of us,” Denise insisted.

She added: “It has nothing to do with the show.”

“And Bravo, Bravo, Bravo … Please do not air this. Please,” Denise begged … to no avail.

Now that we have that recap out of the way … obviously, this fourth-wall-breaking moment came up later on the after-show.

“You know how that started?” Kyle asked, excited to share. 

She narrates: “Season 1, Lisa Vanderpump, Taylor, all of us, we’d use that term to quickly, like, [put on] a little powder.” 

The OG explained that, when the series began, the ladies “didn’t want to be seen touching up” their makeup.

To that end, Kyle says, they would tell producers, “Hold on! Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. Hi, Andy Cohen!”

You can see Kyle’s explanation in its entirety in the video that we have included in this post.

The other ladies chime in about this, with Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley both emphasizing that this is not the way that “Bravo” is used, ever.

“I’ve never seen anyone do it to cut something out or not have something used or to put an end to a conversation,” Dorit reflects. “No, never.”

Denise, it seems, felt entitled to special privileges despite the realities of being a Real Housewife.

As Garcelle Beauvais pointed out, Denise was not obligated to tell anyone anything about her sex life, on or off camera.

That said, inquiring minds want to know! (Garcelle is the best.)

Anyway, the discussion itself was fair game because they are public figures and because they are paid to, well, do this.

Having uncomfortable conversations and appearing at your most raw and vulnerable is kind of in the job description here, and everyone else has done it – which is why the show is so good.

The other Housewives were understandably upset that Denise seemingly was not only unwilling to engage, but abruptly tried to sabotage the scene with her “Bravo Bravo Bravo” chant.

Why did denise richards say bravo bravo bravo on the real housew

Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell: Probably Dating!

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis’ ex is bitter about his small amount of reality TV exposure after her castmates ridiculed his dong.

We hope that her new boyfriend enjoys the limelight a little better … especially given his unfortunate name.

Just weeks ago, disgraced former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel welcomed a child with a fairly random ex.

He is Kathryn Dennis’ baby daddy and her ex, as well.

Thomas is not the only one who has moved on. 

Chleb Ravenell is a Charleston native.

He has social ties to both Craig Conover and to the beautiful Naomie Olindo.

Back in January, Chleb’s brother, Chelsie, was seen rubbing elbows with both Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel.

Now, Chelsie is a stylist at Gwynn’s.

Gwynn’s, of course, is the store that cut ties with Kathryn after she taunted a Black radio host with racist monkey emojis.

Chelsie’s girlfriend, Jacquelyn, knows Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy, but is perceived to be much closer with Kathryn herself.

The reason that we have walked you through this sequence of people is because Jacquelyn is the one who let the cat out of the bag.

In the final week of July, she shared a photo from the celebration of Chleb’s birthday.

And look who happened to be taking part in the birthday boy’s party?

Kathryn isn’t merely in the picture, of course. That by itself wouldn’t prove anything.

She is seated between Chleb’s legs, and his is bestowing a kiss upon the top of her head.

Add that to the fact that this photo is visually framed as one of two couples — each brother with his respective girlfriend — and it’s all but confirmed.

Jacquelyn also shared a glimpse of the four of them goofing around in a car, with Kathryn and Chleb seated beside each other.

They looked cute and cuddly. Overall, it all has the vibe of a double-date.

That said, and particularly speaking as a person who has been photographed getting his face licked by a platonic friend, this is not the same as an announcement.

Some Southern Charm fans who have seen the news think that this relationship is some sort of ploy on Kathryn’s part.

She was, after all, accused of racism just a couple of months ago after mocking a Black woman and sending her racist emojis.

(It did not help at all that Kathryn was doing so in defense of a rally for Donald Trump; the racism had layers to it)

But others have countered by pointing out that dating a Black man would not in any way counter claims of racism.

Racism has many forms and expressions, and countless racists have slept with, dated, and married people of color.

Besides, we would point out that arguing that Chleb is merely a “prop” for his race, without any evidence of that, is pretty yikes-worthy all by itself.

But we absolutely have to talk about this guy’s name.

Not his first name – I’m assuming that Chleb is pronounced a little like Caleb, and I don’t like the idea of poking fun at someone’s name. Folks don’t choose their own names.

His last name is Ravenell. Kathryn’s baby daddy’s last name is Ravenel.

We know that Kathryn and Thomas have both done things to get back at each other, but … surely that’s not what’s happening here.

We are going to give everyone involved the benefit of the doubt and say that the last name is surely an unfortunate coincidence.

Congratulations to Chleb and Kathryn on whatever they have going on. We hope that they go Instagram official soon!

Leah McSweeney Wars with Ramona Singer: DON’T Tell People I’m Bipolar!

Last week, Ramona Singer flipped out and threatened to quit The Real Housewives after Leah McSweeney had the gall to … dance at a party.

Now, Leah is putting Ramona on blast, calling her “despicable” for telling everyone that she has bipolar disorder.

Before we get into the dispute over what Ramona was saying about Leah behind her back …

… Let’s cover what Leah said right to Ramona’s face.

Leah is not someone whom you want to ignore, clearly.

Ramona sat down with Sonja Morgan for like a mini-intervention, discussing her behavior.

Sonja had been upset before attending Ramona’s party, but was clearly feeling no pain as she danced during the festivities.

Unfortunately, she danced on top uf and broke a mirror as the night went on. Ramona was worried.

As all of this is happening, Ramona is not even looking at Leah, who pours herself a glass of Pellegrino.

But Leah points out that she has seen, firsthand, that Ramona has a “nasty side.”

As she notes, it’s often less about what Ramona says than about what she does not say — or the people to whom she does not speak.

Leah laments that she is “being ignored” by Ramona in this moment, as the latter does not even acknowledge that she is in the room.

“Acting like you’re invisible is the worst thing you can do to someone,” Leah opines in her confessional.

Is that a little hyperbolic? Sure. But we can understand the feeling.

At this point, Leah McSweeney reaches a level of confrontational that I, personally, have only ever reached in my literal dreams.

“Ramona is a terrible person,” Leah announces, standing just feet away from Ramona but addressing Sonja. “And everybody knows it.

Leah accuses: “She’s a bitch, she doesn’t support women, and she’s phony.”

“And she singles me out,” Leah notes.

“You’re one of her best friends,” Leah points out to Sonja, “and she treats you like s–t.”

“And that’s Ramona,” she concludes, adding, “and I’m leaving.” And so she does.

Leah sits down with Dorinda in a later scene, which we have also included in this post.

Dorinda notes that Leah is clearly upset about more than just Ramona’s dance-shaming at the party.

Though Ramona’s behavior at the party was still bizarre and hurtful.

Leah does acknowledge that Ramona has been claiming that she flashed her vagina at people at the party … which she calls a “demeaning” lie.

At this point, Leah says that her real issue is that Ramona crossed a line by gossiping about her mental health.

She tells Dorinda that Ramona spoke to Sonja, and that Sonja passed it on to her.

“Right before the trip to Mexico, Sonja called me

“And she kind of let it slip out that Ramona was gossiping about me having bipolar disorder”

“Which is repulsive as f–k”

“I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder on my 30th birthday”

“And really dedicated the last 7 years of my life to getting it under control”

“And to getting myself in a good place”

Additionally, Leah details that she is not on any kind of medication to treat her bipolar disorder.

Which means that Ramona’s concern-trolling is just that — there’s nothing to “interact” with alcohol (though Leah is currently sober).

Leah has not discussed this with any of the Housewives, leading her to believe that Ramona did some digging into her — which she finds to be “despicable.”

Leah mcsweeney wars with ramona singer dont tell people im bipol

Blac Chyna: Rob Kardashian is an Abusive Dad! Dream Busted Her Friggen Head!

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna continue to accuse each other of endagering Dream’s life. It is once again Chyna’s turn to accuse Rob.

In court documents, she accuses Rob of lying about Dream’s head injury and being dangerously neglectful in treating it while she was in his care.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch Weekly, Blac Chyna wants to reduce Rob’s visitation with Dream.

Chyna reports that Dream, who will turn 4 in November, suffered a head injury on June 10 of this year, while in her father’s care.

And unfortunately, this is not the first alleged incident at Rob’s house.

“Over the past four months, the minor child Dream Renee Kardashian suffered two severe burns on her leg while in the care of Respondent’s nanny,” attorney Lynne Ciani wrote on July 13.

She was referring to two prior incidents from February and March of 2020.

“In addition to the pain and suffering Dream endured,” she wrote, “an equally troubling aspect of her severe injuries is the fact that Respondent (Kardashian) made materially false statements after the two most recent injuries.”

The alleged false statements were made “regarding how Dream sustained those injuries.”

“And,” Ciani continues, “how he rendered aid, or, more accurately, failed to render aid — to his injured daughter.”

If that is true, that sounds alarming.

“Dream’s significant injuries coupled with the ease and willingness with which Respondent lied about those injuries,” Ciani writes.

She continues: “leaves Petitioner with no choice but to seek a modification of Respondent’s parental time with Dream.”

In the court filing, Ciani says that this is all “to protect this 3-year-old little girl from further harm.”

For evidence, Chyna includes a text message that was apparently sent from Rob to Chyna.

“Hey Dream slipped running and bumped her head on the wall,” he wrote. “She has a bump on her forehead area.”

“I put ice on it and arnica cream and it will go down but just letting you know,” the alleged text reads.

The text continued: “I will send home the cream also for you to use. She is fine and it will go down so don’t worry.”

“We are playing now and she isn’t in any pain or anything. Just wanted to keep you posted,” the text concluded.

According to Chyna, Dream did not want to talk about the incident but, when repeatedly asked, she reported “I fell down the stairs.”

Chyna went on to say that Dream had repeatedly told her nanny that she “fell down the stairs.”

Even more alarmingly, Dream allegedly told the nanny that this happened when no one was watching her.

Chyna claims that this is the third time that Rob has “lied” about Dream sustaining injuries during visitation.

In court documents, Chyna laments that Rob allowed Dream to go to sleep after this head injury.

The fear is that sleep could have masked a concussion.

However, Rob’s team insists that Dream was simply running and fell, striking her head on the molding.

Chyna seeks to reduce Rob’s visiting hours to 10AM to 6PM on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

This would mean an end to overnight visits. At present, Dream stays with Rob from Wednesday at 10AM through Saturday at 10AM.

Chyna also wants Dream to be supervised by a nanny of her choosing during all visits with Rob.

Karine and Paul Staehle FIGHT, Police and CPS Called to House

Paul and Karine Staehle have been on 90 Day Fiance for years because they are one of the messiest, most dramatic couples on TV.

But this week, Paul went on Instagram Live to document how the couple’s latest fight led to a lengthy interview with police.

On Thursday night, Paul Staehle’s Instagram Live showed the couple being interviewed by masked police in Kentucky.

According to Paul, their confrontation began when he glanced over at Karine and saw her communicating with a Brazilian lawyer.

The topic of the conversation was apparently “child support and divorce.”

When Paul asked her about the messages, Karine apparently became upset.

Now, as Paul spoke to police on Live, he alleged to them that Karine has an “open” Child Protective Services case.

He also mentioned that Karine had cheated on him. That may have been new information to the police, but not to 90 Day Fiance fans.

Paul insisted to police that at no point did he become physicla or violent with Karine, and it is unclear if they had heard any claims tot he contrary.

He stated that he hopes to mend his marriage through couples counseling and therapy.

Later, police spoke to an apparent friend of Karine’s, who noted that Paul is controlling and often makes decisions without even consulting Karine.

“Karine and her lawyer did call the cops. I’m not making this stuff up,” Paul told his followers who tuned in to the Live.

“I have no idea why you guys were called,” he claimed to the responding officers. “I don’t know what I’ve done.”

Opting to share his controversial political opinions, Paul added: “I’m pro-police I have nothing against you guys. I just want to know what’s going on.”

“We were doing a call, I look over, I see her talking to a Brazilian lawyer about child support and divorce,” Paul described to the police. “I asked her what’s going on with this.”

Paul does not really make the CPS situation clear, except to claim that Karine had reached an greement with CPS but had not been abiding by it.

He said that Karine had gone to another man’s house to drink and had their son Pierre with them, and that he did not feel safe with just her around thier son.

Paul told police that he has cameras all around his home, which is …. eyebrow-raising in and of itself.

He reported to officers that he has footage showing Karine pushing him down the day before.

He loves Karine, he told them, but he was rustrated by her calling the police — allegedly for no reason. He reiterated that he has not been violent with her.

Paul said that his attempts to take her to therapy to mend their marriage had failed because Karine had refused to go inside.

However, as Karine’s friend explained, Paul controlling all aspects of Karine’s life made her feel powerless, and she wanted help.

The friend explained that she wanted to go to a shelter.

“You’re not taking my son out of the country,” Paul yelled at Karine at one point, which is not an unreasonable fear given their history.

“If I have to,” Paul warned, “I’ll release him to a judge.”

Officers clarified that they could not get involved in custody issues.

 Paul has since released another Instagram video in which he tries to more calmly explain the situation, claiming that some of what Karine has said is untrue.

However, fans are leery of taking Paul’s word for anything because he is only one side of the dispute.

This is a mess and it is wildly unfair that Pierre is once again caught in the middle in this toxic marriage.

Karine and paul staehle fight police and cps called to house

Kyle Richards Poses Nude at Age 51: Usually Only My Husband Sees This!

Kyle Richards is one of the latest stars to take part in the Challenge Accepted campaign, designed to uplift women.

In this case, Kyle opted to go nude for the photo, and confessed to her followers her greatest fear when she signed up for RHOBH.

“I struggled to post a photo because I didn’t understand what’s so ‘challenging’ about posting a black and white photo of ourselves,” Kyle’s caption begins.

“But,” she notes, “so many of the wonderful women in my life messaged me ‘challenging’ me ( I tagged them)”

Kyle continues, writing “so I decided to post this picture,” and showing off a photo of a gorgeous and artful nude.

Kyle looks absolutely incredible!

“About this picture,” Kyle comments, “I took this picture for my husband for Valentine’s Day one year.”

She freely admits: “I was nervous to take it.”

“And then,” Kyle recalls, “when I was asked to do #RHOBH I was nervous to accept doing the show.”

She explains that she was anxious about rising to fame “because I was worried this photo would surface.”

Clearly the picture is from many years ago. You can hardly tell, because Kyle has hardly aged.

In retrospect, Kyle can now find amusement in how anxious she once felt about a harmless photo.

“I thought it was THAT risque!!” she remarks about a photo pose that has also appeared on magazine covers and album covers in recent years.

Kyle pokes fun at herself, joking: “How scandalous!”

“Now here I am posting it,” Kyle acknowledges.

This shows how far society has come in terms of the policing of female bodies, but it also illustrates Kyle’s personal growth.

Kyle explains thats he is now sharing it with her fans and followers and the world “because it DOES make me feel empowered!”

“I am proud to come from a family of all women,” Kyle expresses.

And she absolutely should be!

She adds that she recognizes that she is “fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing women in my life.”

Kyle expresses that she is proud of this “and to be the mother of 4 incredible women.”

“And,” she adds, a “soon to be woman ( Portia).”

Portia, who may have been born after this photo was taken, is 12 years old.

“Thank you to all the women that support me & love me,” Kyle gushes to her fans and followers.

Her caption concludes: “I love, support & appreciate you #challengeaccepted.”

That is certainly an iteration of the challenge that we did not personally expect to see.

The “challenge accepted” campaign’s goal is simple: female empowerment.

The idea is simply that women tag each other, talk about how their own experiences and these other women, and post a black and white photo.

Though some have questioned the efficacy of the campaign, as Kyle did, it seems like a harmless way to discuss female friends, mentors, and those who inspire others.

It really speaks to how our society treats women that such a harmless photo’s existence might have cost Kyle this fabulous reality career.

Literally, this franchise would not be the same without her.

Imagine if patriarchal cultural standards that regulate female bodies had cost us this legendary series?

June Shannon Flaunts New Haircut: I Look Like Marilyn Monroe Again!

Amidst reports that June Shannon is returning to From Not To Hot for a new season, June is continuing to gradually get her life back together.

Part of that means remaining sober. Part of that means fixing up her image with a brand new haircut.

“So on an impulse I decided to cut my hair,” Mama June Shannon begins her Instagram caption.

“And,” she raves, “I actually really like it.”

June then expresses: “thanks Greta @amaliebeautybar n enjoying my day of pampering.”

“Y’all need To try them out,” June recommends to her fans and followers.

She notes that this is true “especially if you were in the Area.”

Obviously, June is not recommending that people drive for hours to get a haircut — ever, but especially during a pandemic.

June Shannon haircut caption only

“Thanks Alana with @stuartbeautybar for telling me about this place,” June credits.

Her caption concludes: “they [are] a one stop shop and very nice ppl.”

That was her caption … but let’s see the results!

Okay, cute! June is once again blonde, if not as platinum as she once was.

Her hair is now in a casual and somewhat wavy bob — a hairstyle popular in video game character creation screens and also in real life.

She is also wearing a gorgeous sequined face mask, absolutely vital to responsibly avoid unwittingly spreading COVID-19.

Early on during this pandemic, when June’s state of mind was not believed to be quite where it is now, she drew fire for not wearing a mask.

She and Geno were seen wandering around a casino floor, seemingly unconcerned by the pandemic.

Since then, however, June has taken real steps to show fans and followers how seriously she takes the pandemic.

More than that, June has been cleaning up her image — something that had suffered during her downward spiral with addiction and misbehavior.

The first big move was for June to get her smile repaired.

One of her veneers had snapped off, leaving her with a missing tooth. She had that fixed earlier this year.

Haircuts are a simple way for people to realign themselves with their goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made haircuts difficult and complicated, as it is an easy luxury to forego to avoid unnecessary risk.

But some people find longer hair to be unmanageable. Others just want to help those hairdressers that have been forced back to work by irresponsible governments.

June is also working on losing some of the weight that she regained during her downward spiral (and since).

Remember, sometimes sobriety is associated with weight gain.

It is a cruel joke that June’s body is not doing exactly what she wants it to do even as she begins to repair her life.

June is reassuring many of her fans with her conscious and public efforts to groom herself better and manage her appearance and remain sober.

We hope that she approaches everything, including her new weight loss efforts, safely, and does not overdo it.

She has a long way to go before her family will fully trust her again, but we are happy that she no longer seems to be on a self-destructive path.