Britney Spears: Surprising Fans with an Epic Comeback Single??

It has been warned that, between her father’s conservatorship and her overall well-being, Britney Spears might never perform again.

That would be tragic if true, but we of course want whatever is best for Britney.

That said … rumor has it that she’s planning to return to the music world with an impossible-to-miss single that’s dropping very soon.

We have to stress that this does not come from Britney Spears herself.

(Believe me, if she were speaking to me, you would know it)

We don’t even know whether this rumor was started by her team as a marketing strategy … or if there’s just some bad apple trying to get people’s hopes up.

But the rumor is that Britney is planning a comeback and that she’s going to drop an epic single.

“Britney is back and she wants to be heard,” an unconfirmed tip that we received claims. “My Own Way drops on 05.31.19.”

So, if this iteration of the rumor is true, we’ll know in a week — because May 31 is only one week away.

This could be extremely exciting for millions of Britney fans.

Britney is an incredible singer, but her comeback singles are always, always the strongest.

Think about the power and impact of songs like “Womanizer” and “Work Bitch.”

If history is any indication, “My Own Way” will be a smash hit.

This would also be welcome news as an indicator that Britney is feeling like herself and eager to keep performing.

We know that Britney is not — and will never be — hurting for cash, so this isn’t about needing a new source of income.

This is about Britney feeling well enough to do what she loves — bringing joy to millions through music.

It’s about her freedom of expression through her career.

Setting aside selfish reasons like our desire to hear another bop from the Queen of Pop, we would love this sign that she’s really, truly okay.

This is so soon after Britney’s release from a mental health facility last week.

So why do we think that there’s even a snowball’s chance in hell that this rumor could be true?

One, she’s a professional. If Ariana can drop “Thank U, Next” weeks after Pete Davidson, Britney can do this without breaking a sweat.

She could have been working on this for weeks. She may even have worked on it while she was in the facility.

(If Paris Hilton prepared for her role in Repo: The Genetic Opera while serving time in prison, Britney can write a song while getting therapy)

Two, this might be just what she’s looking for to reassure fans that all is truly well.

“My Own Way” could very well be a nod to the Free Britney movement started by rumors that her father locked her up against her will.

Certainly, many people are uncomfortable with the level of control that Jamie Spears exercises over his grown adult daughter.

He’s had final say over basically all of her decisions for the past 11 years.

Recently, he’s even filed to extend his conservatorship to other states — Louisiana, Florida, and Hawaii.

There’s much we don’t know about Britney’s life and her true feelings about her situation at the moment.

But there’s one way that she could express all of that: through song.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Sneak Peek: Larissa Lima Reveals She Has Two Kids

We knew that this was coming ever since Larissa Lima addressed abandoning her kids on social media earlier this week.

Larissa has kids in Brazil, and for the first time ever, she’s talking about it on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

To say that Debbie is shocked is an understatemen. In this sneak peek, her reaction is strongly negative.

Larissa lima delivers big news

This sneak peek clip of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? opens with Larissa, Colt, and Debbie seated an outside table.

That sounds like a nightmare in Nevada, but hey, it’s probably easier for the crew to film that way.

Things are sort of tense even before Larissa spills the truth, but Debbie’s current dye job is looking great in this lighting.

“Debbie,” Larissa says nervously. “I have something to say to you.”

She immediately grimaces with anxiety. You can tell how much Debbie’s opinion used to mean to her.

Debbie johnson hears some big news

“Okay,” Debbie says.

This isn’t a surprise to her — because the 90 Day Fiance crew is all set up and the tension is palpable.

Debbie has clearly been thinking of what Colt and Larissa could be planning to spring on her.

“You’re pregnant?” Debbie guesses.

If that had been the case, Debbie would have been shattering the tension effortlessly.

But that’s not the news that Larissa had to reveal.

Larissa lima on 90 day fiance i have kids

“I have kids,” Larissa says seriously, slowly nodding.

Debbie, though clearly surprised, nods.

“You have children,” she says, confirming that she understood Larissa despite her accent.

Keep in mind that, for this point, Debbie and Larissa have been sharing a house for months and months.

This isn’t news to Colt, but neither of them have shared this information wtih Debbie in all of this time.

Larissa nods. Debbie begins to visibly tear up.

Debbie johnson cries in shock

Larissa glances, both apologetically and awkwardly, back and forth between Debbie and her son, Colt.

Clearly, she expects Colt to say something to his mother.

Instead, he apparently just sits there awkwardly as a spectator.

He … could really work on his social skills. That would be ideal if he wants to continue with his reality career or just being a person.

After a few moments of silence (or what has been edited to look like silence), Debbie stands up and goes inside.

Debbie johnson is shocked

Inside, the camera follows Debbie as she says “I need a drink.”

“They haven’t told me anything about it,” Debbie confirms to the camera in a voiceover.

And Debbie is, frankly, more than a little pissed.

“I am so angry with her,” Debbie expresses in a confessional moment.

She says that it’s absolutely her business “because it’s our family, and I need to know what’s going on.”

That is extremely fair.

Larissa lima on 90 day fiance how can i explain abandoning my ki

“I’m a little disappointed that you guys didn’t tell me,” Debbie admits, having rejoined her son and her daughter-in-law at the table.

“It hurt me that no one had discussed it with me,” she confesses.

“I always wanted to tell you,” Larissa bursts in. “But it’s a complicated situation.”

“From the beginning,” Larissa observes. “We don’t get along.”

“So, every time that I see the way that you take care of Coltee,” Larissa explains. “‘How will I explain to you that I have kids in Brazil?'”

Debbie johnson roasts larissa lima

“It was chickens–t of her to do that,” Debbie admits.

“I’m sorry,” she adds. “But it was.”

“I love Colt,” Larissa explains at the table. “So what will his mother, that did everything for him, think about it?”

“When Larissa told me how she felt about me,” Debbie later confesses to the camera. “I understood why she didn’t tell me about having children.

“She was scared,” Debbie assesses. “And I don’t think she trusted anybody.”

This Sunday’s episode is certainly going to contain some bombshells.

90 day fiance happily ever after sneak peek larissa lima reveals

Jonathan Rivera: 90 Day Fiance Alum Reveals New Girlfriend!

90 Day Fiance fans were crushed when the New Year brought news that Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores had split.

But ever since Jonathan’s alleged sex tape was exposed early this spring, he’d been relatively silent on social media.

Until very, very recently, that is.

Jonathan has been on a romantic cruise, and it’s not with his ex wife.

He has a brand new girlfriend!

And from what we’ve seen of her on social media, she’s hot.

Take a look and see for yourself:

1. Jonathan Rivera is single no more!

Jonathan rivera at the beach
The hunky realtor from Lumberton, North Carolina has a new girlfriend. And judging from what he’s shared on social media, it looks serious!

2. In case you missed it

Jonathan and fernanda in happier times
Jonathan and Fernanda broke up in late 2018. He celebrated the holidays with his family but not with Fernanda.

3. Now he has a new lady love

Jonathan rivera new girlfriend glimpse in a dress
Jonathan offered his fans and followers a glimpse of her wearing a lovely sundress on their romantic cruise.

4. We’ve also seen her without a dress

Jonathan rivera new girlfriend glimpse bikini bottom
Jonathan knows how to brag without saying a single word, folks.

5. He’s shown her off at dinner

Jonathan rivera new girlfriend glimpse pasta dinner
You can see her there, in the background. Meanwhile, the waiter uses what looks like one of those detonator devices from Star Wars to add a little more flavor to their pasta.

6. We’ve seen her popping his cork

Jonathan rivera new girlfriend glimpse popping his cork
Uh, literally popping his cork. And while we know that alleged nudes of Jonathan leaked, we don’t think that he’s planning to drop a sex tape with this new girl.

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Ashley Martson Confesses: I Still Love Jay Smith …

90 Day Fiance fans have learned the truly gross details of Jay Smith’s first cheating scandal.

Some aspects of Jay’s more recent cheating scandal remain under wraps … for now.

But Ashley Martson has spoken out, not about what Jay did with his penis, but about what what he did to her heart.

After he broke her heart into a million pieces, you would think that she would hate him.

Instead, Ashley says that it’s quite the opposite: despite everything, she still loves him.

As you can see below, she explains why she divorced him anyway.

1. Ashley has made a stunning announcement

Ashley martson and jay smith stage a fake wedding
She … still loves Jay? To explain why that’s such a shocker, we need to think of all that she’s been through — all that Jay has put her through.

2. Their marriage started off with a disaster

Ashley martson is done with jay smith
Just days after their wedding, Jay downloaded Tinder and started chatting with other women. Ashley caught him video chatting with a girl and inviting her to “his” (Ashley’s) house!

3. But eventually, she stuck with him

Ashley martson thanks her fans
It took ages for them to work past that cheating incident, as we have seen on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? But they stuck together and remained married for months and months.

4. In April, it all fell apart

Ashley martson reveals that jay smith cheated again
Ashley took to her Instagram Stories to strongly suggest that Jay had cheated on her again. She also mockingly suggested that he would have to go home to Jamaica.

5. Their breakup was confirmed by a third party

Ashley martson april q and a larissa revealed the breakup
Larissa referring to Ashley as single then prompted Ashley to confirm the split — in good humor

6. She’s referring to this famous quote

Larissa lima any who is against the queen will die
We wish that Larissa’s line had been a Game of Thrones spoiler. Sadly, the words that she yelled at her erstwhile husband and his family suggested a better ending than the show actually got. But that’s beside the point!

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Caryn Chandler: Daughter and Troubled Son Make Little People, Big World Debut!

This week on Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff wasn’t sure how to react when her ex Matt started bonding with Chris Marek.

But Matt also spent time bonding with Caryn Chandler’s young adult children in their first-ever appearance on reality television.

It was heartwarming to see them appear on screen, especially considering Caryn’s son’s troubled history with the law.

“I wanted to bring my kids to the farm to have lunch with Matt,” Caryn shared on Little People, Big World.

Connor Chandler is 19. Brittany Chandler is 22.

“As we continue to get closer and plan a future together,” Caryn expressed. “It’s really important to me for you to have relationship with them.”

“And,” she continued. “I know they would like that as well.”

She’s right — though they have already known Matt for a long time.

Matt Roloff is happy to spend the time with them, too.

“Back when Brittany and Connor were young,” Matt recalls.

He continues: “they used to come and help out during pumpkin season.”

“So her kids know my kids well,” Matt observes.

“And,” he expresses. “I look forward for her family and my family getting closer.”

Caryn Chandler Instagram Story - brags on kids on lpbw

Caryn herself took to Instagram to rave about her children making their Little People, Big World debut.

“So what have you been up to?” Connor asked during the episode.

“Getting ready for pumpkin season?” Brittany chimed in.

“Mhmm,” Matt replied on camera. He was eating.

“Has it been weird getting ready for it without her?” Brittany asked.

Caryn stopped working on the family farm last spring. That’s sensible — she’s a girlfriend, not an employee.

“Mhm,” Matt replied to Brittany’s question.

“It’s interesting because I feel we took like a flip flop,” Brittany observed.

She explained: “because she’s been working for what 10-12 years out on the farm, Monday through Friday.”

“So now,” Brittany notes. “Connor and I get up every morning at 6 a.m.”

“Yeah,” Connor agress. “I’m like ‘hey bye mom!'”

“But it’s nice having you around more,â€� Brittany expressed. “I mean I notice the subtle changes.”

“Like I come home and I’m like ‘oh how nice, she did our laundry today,'” Brittany says. “So I think she does get bored.”

Connor has experienced some troubles as a teenager.

In 2016 and in 2017, Connor was jailed for “theft in the first degree.”

While he thankfully received probation, it went on longer than originally planned.

He reportedly failed to appear for one of his court hearings, which caused the court to impose an extension upon his probation.

The good news is that, last summer, Connor shared that he was now sober, having been addicted to drugs for years.

Though the Chandler chidlren have known the Roloffs for over a decade, this was their first appearance on the show.

The reason for this was Caryn’s contentious divorce from their father, Joseph Chandler, years ago.

The divorce agreement included a stipulation that the kids never appear on Little People, BIg World.

Weird, but whatever.

Now that they’re adults, they can decide if they go on camera.

Apparently, it was time.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Klip: Did Kourtney Kill Kendall’s Fish?

Last week, Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed fans a moment of dramatic irony as Khloe praised Jordyn Woods.

But there have been much more serious moments on the show, including the raging fire that sent Kourtney and her kids fleeing to Kendall’s house.

Now, Kourtney worries that she has overstayed her welcome. Her worries increase when Larsa accuses her of killing Kendall’s fish.

Kuwtk klip kourtney kardashians hair is not right

In a Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip shared earlier this week, Kendall was complaining to Kris that Kourtney had overstayed her welcome.

In this new sneak peek, Kourtney is telling bestie Larsa Pippen that she’s ready to go home.

So much was devastated by the Woolsey fire, but Kourtney’s home survived.

And, thanks to her virtually unlimited resources, she was able to have professionals purge all traces of smoke.

She says that even the ceilings were scrubbed of smoke residue (the neighborhood was cloaked in smoke) and she had all of her vents replaced.

Larsa pippen shares wisdom

Kourtney also reveals to Larsa that she has picked up on the fact that Kendall is ready for her to skidaddle.

“Wait,” she tells Larsa. “The other day Kendall…she’s like, ‘There’s no more vegetable oil,'”

“And,” Kourtney continues. “I’m like, ‘Vegetable oil? We don’t even use vegetable oil.'”

“I asked everyone: ‘have you seen the vegetable oil?'” Kourtney shares.

Kourtney says that she then realized that it must have been used up during a family dinner.

She notes that Kris, Kim, Kanye, and others came over, and that a professional chef cooked for them all.

Kuwtk klip kourtney kardashian drinks tea

“I go: ‘This is not me!'” Kourtney says, lifting her gigantic mug of what looks like green tea.

“But,” Larsa asks. “You haven’t bought the mattress, yet? That Reign peed on?”

(Side note: we know that Reign is only four, but they don’t need to be telling his embarrassing business to the world like that)

“No,” Kourtney answers quickly.

Considering Kourtney’s financial resources, that doesn’t sound super courteous of her.

Kourtney kardashian in her sisters kitchen

“Do you think she’s going to [want to replace the mattress]?” Kourntey asks.

Smiling, Larsa replies: “One thousand percent.”

“When she finds out Reign peed on that bed,” Larsa predicts. “She needs a new mattress.”

Kendall is the only one of Kris’ children relatable enough to not have children.

Parents (and older siblings roped into childcare because they have no choices in life) can become desensitized to urine.

Kendall would very understandably prefer to just get herself a brand new mattress, Larsa imagines.

Kuwtk klip larsa pippen drinks tea

There is an undercurrent of tension as Kourtney realizes that Kendall is going to be further irritated with her continued presence in her house.

“No,” she says. “But in the beginning, she was really excited for me to stay.”

Kourtney notes that Kendall had told her that she “hated being alone,” which sounds like what you’d say to push your sister to not die in a fire.

“You know what they say?” Larsa says, sharing some wisdom. “Guests are like fish: Good for about 3-4 days. Then, they start to smell.”

The topic of fish leads Kourtney to point out Kendall’s pet fish, who doesn’t appear to be doing so well.

Kourtney kardashian listens with amusement

“Why is it upside down?” Larsa asks of the fish in the fish bowl. “It’s almost dead.”

She then encourages Kourtney to “give it mouth to mouth.”

Pro tip: that is not how you save the life of a fish.

Larsa then teases Kourtney: “You killed the f–king fish too?”

We can only imagine how Kendall will react.

Keeping up with the kardashians klip did kourtney kill kendalls

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Sneak Peek: Meet Evelin and Corey!

Ever since viewers saw the first trailer for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, they’ve wondered what they should think about all 12 people involved.

Now, TLC is dropping individual sneak peeks to give viewers a better impression of individual couples.

This week, we got a look at Corey and Evelin and their love story. Take a look:

“I’m giving up everything I have to follow my heart and move down to Ecuador for love”

“My name is Corey, I’m 32 years old,” he says, adding that he is from Washington state.

“I met Evelin in a very beachy, tourist town,” Corey reveals.

“I see this girl,” Corey narrates. “And she’s super pretty.”

“She comes walking up to me,” he recalls. “And I’m thinking: ‘This only happens in the movies, right?'”

“My name is Evelin,” her voiceover begins.

“I am 26 years old,” she reveals. “And I am from Engabao, Ecuador.”

Corey then chimes in to tell viewers what they can expect from the little hamlet where she lives.

“Engabao is covered with pigs,” Corey states. 

Sure enough, we see pigs and other quadrupeds wandering what appear to be muddy streets.

“it’s very scary,” Corey admits.

As with any reality show voiceover, it’s not made explicitly clear what the context of “scary” is.

We imagine that the antecedent may be the prospect of moving from the United States to a muddy hamlet in Ecuador.

He’s not necessarily saying that the place itself is dangerous.

Otherwise, presumably, he would not be moving there.

“But I’m willing to do whatever it takes,” Corey expresses as the trailer continues.

He then states: “It’s all for Evelin.”

We then see a heartbreaking scene in which he speaks to his parents to deliver the news.

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m headed down to Ecuador, permanently,” he tells his folks.

His mother wipes away a tear.

“Once I arrive in Ecuador,” Corey explains to the camera. “I’ll have 90 days to propose to Evelin and get married before my visa runs out.”

For some of the non-American 90 Day Fiance shows, visitors have all of the time in the world.

But it looks like either Ecuador’s immigration laws or TLC (well, Sharp Entertainment) are forcing Corey to stick to the titular timeframe.

A lot of fans have real doubts about whether Corey and Evelin will make it to the alter.

Even more are unsure of whether they should.

He’s spent thousands of dollars on her and her family, and the first trailer made it look like maybe she wasn’t really into him.

Fortunately, these two are so good together that the Ecuador tourism bureau has a photo of them working side-by-side that they use in ads.

Earlier this month, we revealed the spoiler that Corey and Evelin make it and are very much in love.

The show makes it seem like Evelin has just been bilking Corey for money because she’s hot and he’s American.

In reality, he’s invested in her family’s business, he loves exploring the world, and he and Evelin both love surfing together.

And by the way, she’s visited the US by his side. The photo at the top of this post is of the two of them in San Francisco.

90 day fiance the other way see a sneak peek of evelin and corey

Luann de Lesseps: Ordered Back to Prison After Drinking Again

Earlier this year, there were eports that Luann de Lesseps was ditching probation requirements to pursue her own interests.

That was alarming all by itself.

On Thursday morning, a Florida judge ordered that Luann be taken into custody for violating the terms of her probation.

This time, there was more to it than falling behind on some of the paperwork included in the terms of her freedom.

This time, she fell off the wagon — again — without setting foot in a rehab facility.

We’d love to crack a “Money Can’t Buy You Class” joke here, folks, but this sounds serious.

Luann is in a lot of trouble. See for yourself:

UPDATE: Against all odds, Luann’s case took a turn for the better. See the details below:

1. Luann de Lesseps Season 10 Pic

Luann de lesseps season 10 pic
Luann de Lesseps talks to the camera here during Season 10 of The Real Housewives of New York City.

2. Luann is still on probation

Luann de lesseps mug shot
On Christmas Eve of 2017, she was determined to be drunk and disorderly while trespassing, and allegedly kicked a police officer. She was extremely lucky to get probation.

3. But it looks like her freedom has been curtailed

Luann de lesseps in cowboy hat
On the morning of Thursday, May 23, a judge ordered that Luann de Lesseps return to custody.

4. Apparently, she screwed up

Luann de lesseps a selfie
The court found that she had allegedly violated the terms of her probation.

5. Had she just stopped caring?

Luann de lesseps is looking good
The judge was of the opinion that Luann was not taking the conditions of her freedom seriously. You see this with probation cases sometimes, where someone slowly slips back into living their old life because the fear of prison becomes a memory.

6. The court was alarmed by two things

Luann de lesseps premiere pic
One, she tested positive for alcohol.

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Paola Mayfield to Russ: If You Want Another Baby, Do It Yourself!

Last week, Russ Mayfield gushed about Paola in a glowing birthday tribute. The 90 Day Fiance couple is very much in love.

But now it’s their turn to gush together about another family member — their precious baby, Axel.

All of that praise and new information comes along with the news that Russ wants more kids — but Paola does not.

Like a number of other familar 90 Day Fiance stars, Paola and Russ Mayfield have been doing promotions in New York in recent days.

For one of their many interviews, they sat down with Us Weekly to talk about their baby … and whether they’ll try for Baby #2.

“Do it yourself,” Paola jokes to Russ about the idea of a second child.

“I need a break,” she says, expressing no desire for a second child. “I’m done.”

“I would like Axel to have … at least one more sibling,” Russ suggests.

Paola also reflected upon givinb birth to baby Axel in the wee hours of January 1.

“What an amazing way to start a new year,” Pao gushes.

“While I was hearing the fireworks and people telling me, ‘Happy New Year,’” she describes. “I was just focused on meeting my baby,”

Paola is the first to admit that “it wasn’t easy” to give birth.

“But,” she raves. “It was totally worth it.”

“My little miracle is so beautiful and calm,” Paola expresses, speaking of baby Axel.

Notably, four-month-old (almost five!) Axel is also a rainbow baby, conceived after the couple suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage.

“I feel so blessed,” she raves. “And I can’t believe I am a mom now!”

“I’m ready to start this new adventure,” Paola affirms.

“And,” she says, she intends “to be the best mom for baby Axel.”

Russ also spoke about his experiences with Axel, going back to his childbirth.

“I was at Pao’s side the entire time,” Russ shares of the birthing process.

“And,” Russ notes, “[I] am so proud of how amazing she did pushing our son out into the world.”

Childbirth is an absolute horror on every level. Only endorphins and hormones get people through it.

“Momma and baby are doing great,” Russ assures fans.

“And,” Russ continues, gushing: “I have so much pride when I see us all together.”

Awwww! That is so sweet!

“Axel is such a calm and sweet little boy,” Russ affirms of his infant son.

“And,” he praises. “I’m happy to say I’m one proud father.”

Of course he is!

Russ also gives fans an update on baby Axel’s progress and developmental milestones.

For one thing, it sounds like the Mayfield baby is growing more expressive.

“He’s smiling more than ever,” Russ reports.

“He’s jibber-jabbering,” he adds. “He … held the bottle by himself.”

“He’s recognizing the pacifier to put it in his own mouth,” Russ notes.

Wow. Some babies hate pacifiers and spit them an astonishing distance away. It sounds like Axel is a fan of his.

Paola notes that Axel apparently “doesn’t want to crawl.”

But she makes it clear that this isn’t a bad thing.

It’s not just that a lot of babies try to postpone crawling by simply rolling from place ot place.

Pao says that Axel seems more interested in standing than in crawling.

That is so sweet!

If Paola’s hangup about Baby #2 is that pregnancy and childbirth are hell on her body, there may be a solution.

A gestational carrier is expensive, but worth it.

Nicole Nafziger: Plans for Return to Morocco, Summer Wedding Revealed!

Earlier this month, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Nicole Nafziger teased her own show, after a fashion.

She shot down hateful rumors that Azan doesn’t love her.

Nicole has also celebrated that her family accepts Azan and her love for him now, despite what fans saw on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

But with Nicole’s plans to return to Morocco looming on the horizon, does that mean that her folks will attend the celebration?

According to In Touch Weekly‘s report, they emphatically will not.

Some members of Nicole’s family are still opposed to their union. Others aren’t willing to make the trip.

And if Nicole hopes to change their hearts and minds, she’ll need to do so quickly.

Summer is almost here. …

1. Nicole is SO excited to marry Azan

Nicole nafziger looks great
They’ve been doing this dance, and starring on reality television, for YEARS, now. Fans saw them meet face-to-face for the first time. Now, 90 Day Fiance viewers are eager to see them finally, finally end their engagement … by getting married!

2. Here’s how it’s all going down

Nicole nafziger shows off november weight loss
“One of her sisters is getting married at the end of June,” an insider reveals to In Touch Weekly.

3. Nicole’s waiting until that to make her move

Azan tefou nicole nafziger and may
“And,” the source continues. “She says she’s going back to Morocco once that wedding is over with.”

4. She’ll be going with May … and only May

Nicole nafziger and mother bobbalee
“Nicole’s parents and siblings have no plans to join them,” the insider shares.

5. They feel burned out

Nicole nafziger with daughter and dad
“They already lost a lot of money on plane tickets,” the source explains, noting that her family was very disappointed by the two previous canceled weddings. That’s pretty fair, actually.

6. Nicole has explained some of her plans in this regard

Nicole nafziger may 16 q and a 14 moving plans real talk
“So our plan right now is actually for me and May to move to Morocco, marry, and stay there for a little while before attempting to come to America,” Nicole shared in a recent Q&A with fans.

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Larissa Lima Shuts Down Trolls Who Call Her a Gold Digging Skank

Earlier this week, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Larissa Lima explained shy she had “abandoned” her two kids in Brazil.

But fans have a lot of questions about a lot more than just her family.

Some of the questions that Larissa receives on social media, day in and day out, are downright cruel.

Despite the mean-spiirited origins of many of these questions, Larissa decided to respond.

In some cases, her answers are illuminating.

In others, it’s just fun to watch her casually deflect the hate that trolls spew at her.

Take a look:

1. Larissa Lima answered fan questions

Larissa lima is unhappy
Unfortunately, in this case, the term “fan” is fairly relative. Larissa was bombarded with some of the nastiest, cruelest messages. The real surprise is how many she answered. …

2. What gives her strength?

Larissa lima hostile instagram stories q and a 01
“God, family, and friends,” Larissa answers. But she’s the first to admit that she invites adversity. “I do like to be controversial,” she confesses. “I believe it is better than boring.”

3. But why is she so darn dramatic?

Larissa lima hostile instagram stories q and a 02
Larissa cites having watched La Usurpadora, a 1990s telenovela. Paola Bracho is an infamous television villain from that series.

4. Did she really get nothing from Coltee?

Larissa lima hostile instagram stories q and a 03
“My green card was canceled,” Larissa grimly confirms. “I’m still the one responsible for my success.”

5. Why doesn’t she talk about Colt?

Larissa lima hostile instagram stories q and a 04
Larissa cites her divorce agreement, which forbids either party from disparaging the other. For Larissa and Colt, that basically means that they can’t even discuss the other. Larissa asks that people stop asking her about Colt.

6. Is she a gold digger?

Larissa lima hostile instagram stories q and a 05
No, Larissa says that she is a founding member of the “cheap digger strong women club.” Left with nothing, she notes, she is “with my own strength building my life.”

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Brian Couture: Oregon Man Stole Daughter’s Girl Scout Money to Buy Erotic Massage

Would even Florida Man stoop to robbing his own daughter and driving his entire neighborhood into a panic just to get himself a happy ending?

One Oregon man did just that, stealing a massive amount of his daughter’s Girl Scout cookie money.

His entire scheme, he has now explained, was to pay for an erotic massage. Absolutely bonkers.

Oregon man brian couture mugshot

The Miami Herald reports that Brian Couture, according to police, staged an elaborate robbery to explain why his daughter’s earnings were gone.

On March 6, the Washington County native called 911 from his home in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Responding officers discovered a home that had been ransacked.

According to police reports, they even saw blood splattered within the home.

Brian told investigators that he had been attacked by someone breaking into the home.

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The incident sent neighbors into an understandable panic.

Anyone might fear burglary, but the news that someone had broken in, fought a homeowner, and ransacked the house filled them with dread.

Some were suddenly afraid to be in their own homes, for fear that the unidentified perpetrator might strike again.

Others purchased alarm systems or even considered moving to a safer residence.

But investigators found that Brian Couture’s story didn’t quite add up.

Thin mints girl scout cookies generic image instagram

Brian had clearly been injured, and his home had clearly been trashed.

Oh, and $700 was missing from a jar that had held his daughter’s money earned as she sold Girl Scout cookies.

But police noticed “inconsistencies” in Brian’s story.

And even with the presence of blood in the house, police dogs didnt’ detect any other scent from the scene — except for Brian’s.

But why in the world would someone steal from their own child, ransack their own home, and injure themselves?

Girl scout cookies generic image instagram

In March, Brian pleaded Not Guilty to charges that he had filed a false police report and staged the fake burglary.

On Monday, the Washington County prosecutor’s office announced that he had changed his tune and entered a guilty plea.

According to Brian, he had stolen his daughter’s Girl Scout earnings and was at a loss to explain why they were missing.

So, he explained, he had staged everything.

To explain why he had “needed” the money in the first place, he explained that he had stolen the funds to pay for an “erotic massage.’

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Brian Couture’s guilty plea earned him a lighter sentence than some consider to be appropriate.

After copping to the charge of filing a false police report, he was placed on probation.

He has been ordered to complete a mere 80 hours of community service.

He has been fined $100 and will ultimately have to pay restitution to the Girl Scouts, though the amount of that is not yet clear.

However, the Girl Scouts of America have confirmed that the amount missing is $740.

We hope that Brian Couture has learned his lesson from all of this.

His daughter deserves better than the absolute lunacy that he displayed during this series of terrible decisions.

Brian couture oregon man stole daughters girl scout money to buy

Little People, Big World Recap: Amy Roloff Panics When Matt and Chris Bond

Amy Roloff has already opened up about how she would love to marry Chris Marek.

On Tuesday night’s Little People, Big World, Amy started to worry when Chris started bonding with someone else.

No, not with another woman — but he and Matt seemed to be hitting it off. Amy didn’t love seeing her ex making friends with ehr man.

On Little People, Big World, Amy realized that her ex husband and her current boyfriend were becoming fast friends.

Matt Roloff and Chris Marek decided to spend a day bonding over farming equipment.

It all started when they chatted up a storm at Tori’s housewarming party and planned to ride tractors together.

“At first, I was a little like, ‘OK what’s going on here,'” Amy admits.

“I was worried about do each of them know what the expectations are of the other here?” she explains.

“I’m not really nervous exactly,” Amy clarifies.

As in, she’s not concerned that the two of them are going to start plotting to ruin her life behind her back.

“I, of course, trust Chris,” Amy affirms.

Her concern was more about her ex.

“But Matt always has something on his mind,” Amy warns. “That will come out as a surprise.”

That sounds like a nice way of saying that she was concerned that Matt was scheming like a soap opera villain to befriend Chris as part of a master plan.

Amy definitely had a case of, if not FOMO, just general curiosity.

“I would definitely love to be invisible,” Amy admits.

“And,” she says, she’d like to have the chance to listen in on “the conversation between the two of them on that tractor.”

But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want them to get along well.

“The whole farm and the whole family dynamic around here just works so much better if everyone gets along,” Amy expresses.

“And,” she says, she prefers it if “there aren’t any awkward feelings or bad blood.”

Matt knows his ex well enough. After decades of marriage, that’s no surprise.

He figured that she would be on the edge of her seat about him making friends with Chris.

“I’m sure she might have questions in her head what stories we might be sharing,” Matt acknowledged.

“But,” he promised. “Amy doesn’t have anything to worry about.”

And he also shared his opinion on Amy’s new man.

“I’d say Chris is easy to like,” Matt assesses.

A small but unfortunately vocal minority of Little People, Big World fans don’t see things that way.

But then, they haven’t met Chris, and their thoughts about Amy dating him have very little to do with the man himself.

“And I’m very, very happy that Amy found Chris,” Matt raves.

He’s happy for anything that cuts down on what he describes as “weird tension” that has existed within their “evolving family.”

“I think this farm is big enough where everyone can get along,” Amy expresses.

“I don’t want it to turn into a place where, ‘Oops, sorry I’m going to leave the farm because Matt and [girlfriend Caryn Chandler] are here,'” Amy affirms.

She adds: “or something of that craziness.”

“But,” she admits. “That doesn’t mean they suddenly have to be best friends.”

That sounds fair enough. It’s okay to be a little jealous of your loved ones.