Jasmine Pineda: Is She 90 Day Fiance’s Next Angela Deem?

On Season 5, Episode 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Jasmine Pineda screamed and cried.

It wasn’t over a family death. It wasn’t over a breakup. Gino hadn’t said something cruel to her.

Jasmine yelled and screamed at her boyfriend over the colors of the walls of his house.

All of that raging and wailing — and the toxic motives behind it — remind some viewers of another franchise star: Angela Deem.

Jasmine Pineda wears I Am The Crazy Panamanian Girlfriend

Jasmine Pineda may think that her behavior is a joke.

But viewers are recoiling in horror as they witness verbal and emotional abuse.

Jasmine’s outrageous outbursts would be understandable from a preschooler. From an adult, it’s toxic.

Gino Palazzolo says there's no reason to talk bad about his ex

Jasmine and Gino could not be less alike in general disposition, viewers notice in scene after scene.

On Episode 6, Gino very softly defended his house’s decor when Jasmine lashed out at it.

She felt that his ex had chosen everything, but his defense — that they’d picked things out together — only set her off.

Jasmine Pineda screams over being made to "look crazy"

Jasmine’s response was to scream and wail, accusing Gino of “always” making her “look crazy.”

As countless viewers commented across social media, Jasmine does not appear to need any help.

She fled a baffled Gino to sob in another room … over paint colors in a house that she has never set foot inside.

Gino Palazzolo hears - your house is full of it

What makes her outburst interesting is that, well, we all know that some people have bad days and unhealthy moments.

Even back at the hotel room, however, Jasmine continued — not yelling, this time, but angrily packing her bags and resolvinng to leave.

Gino being a human being who existed before they met and has paint on his walls was seemingly something that she could not handle.

Jasmine Pineda - they don't exist to you

Jasmine then laid out her demands to Gino.

If he wants her to remain in his life, then his exes have to stop existing in his mind.

Wanting your man to stop talking about his exes is normally okay, but … Jasmine is the one who brought it up.

Jasmine Pineda - I thought I was gonna kill her

There have been other major red flags, including Jasmine’s controlling behavior and past fits.

Gino also met Jasmine’s friend, who had witnessed her rage firsthand.

Jasmine, by her own admission, had attacked a hair stylist who had burned her hair. That is not an appropriate reaction.

Jasmine yells at Gino

We also know that this is not the end of Jasmine’s fury, because previews have shown her yelling at Gino in the future.

It’s possible, even very likely, that her anger is fully justified — but that is not the issue.

How Jasmine handles that anger, whether it’s like a human being or an unhinged and feral creature, is the question.

HEA s06 Tell All preview - Angela yells at the camera

Jasmine’s pattern of behavior is actually very familiar to viewers of the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

Angela Deem is one of the most notorious villains to appear on any of the shows, and has proven — unfortunately — to be ratings gold.

Watching an older-than-she-looks grandmother yell and scream at the slightest (often imagined) provocation makes headlines and gets people to tune in.

Angela Deem screams obscenities at her husband over the phone

Like Jasmine, Angela’s explosive rage appears uncontrollable — but actually has a purpose.

She keeps her long-suffering husband, Michael Ilesanmi, on his toes.

The constant verbal and emotional abuse has him walking on eggshells, afraid to displease her. That’s the whole point.

Angela Deem stands up, yells into wrong camera

Obviously, part of Angela’s motive at this point is to continue to be rewarded by Sharp Entertainment, TLC, and Discovery Plus.

Her disgusting behavior does well for the show, so they want to see more of it.

But we have all seen and heard about enough of Angela’s toxic antics off-camera to know that some, or even most, of what we see is genuine.

Angela Deem screams that she's an American "land of the free"

Angela wants to terrify Michael until he is afraid to speak up for himself as a human being and will remain obedient.

This classic abuse tactic is painful to watch play out on screen.

It appears that Jasmine is trying to do the same thing with Gino, even if she leans more towards tears than vicious insults.

Jasmine Pineda says she has given him more BJs in a few days than his ex gave in 7 years

Though their tantrums and the abusive motives behind them are similar, there are differences.

Jasmine seems to balance out her screaming fits with moments of kindness.

She praised Gino’s sexual stamina, and has apparently gone above and beyond in bed.

Gino Palazzolo awkwardly watches Jasmine Pineda work out

But those good moments of peace and happiness serve as the counterpoint to the tantrums, and they’re part of the manipulation process.

Being on your best behavior doesn’t count for much when you act like a loaded gun, ready to terrify your partner into giving in to your every demand.

Don’t like your partner’s behavior and just asking won’t fix it? Break up with them. Don’t act like a howling, maddened beast just to get your way.

Betty Gibbs is indignant when confronted

From toxic narcissistic moms (pictured) to catfishers and more, 90 Day Fiance is home to many types of bad people.

Of course we’re going to see awful people on our screens, but there are lines that should not be crossed. Abusive partners should not be rewarded.

Maybe Jasmine hasn’t gone as far as Angela has yet. But we hope that she can improve her behavior, and soon, or she’ll cement her status as a villain.

Big Ed Brown Mourns Late Dog Teddy on 90 Day: The Single Life

On last week’s 90 Day: The Single LifeBig Ed Brown was ghosted by his girlfriend Kaory.

He had been pushing her and pushing her outside of her comfort zone. It was enough, and viewers were happy for her.

This week struck a much sadder and more heartbreaking tone for the 56-year-old reality star.

Ed’s beloved dog passed away.

Big Ed Brown and Teddy

“I’ve been back from Mexico for about two weeks,” Big Ed Brown says somberly at the beginning of Season 2, Episode 11.

It is clear that there is more weighing upon his mind than the breakup with Kaory.

“I haven’t heard from her,” he shares, before revealing a tragedy.

Big Ed Brown waits on The Single Life

“Teddy passed away,” a tearful Big Ed shares on screen.

He shows the cameras his dog’s shark outfit.

“He had been sick for a while,” Ed admits. “He had been having problems with one of his arms.”

Ed shares that he had taken Teddy to the vet shortly after their return home.

The vet had checked Teddy over, but it seemed clear that he was in his final months, weeks, or even days of life.

Ed tearfully recalls Teddy’s final night, when his precious dog was restless and having labored breaths.

Ed sat by Teddy, petting him since Teddy was unwilling to go to bed like he would on a normal night.

“I probably dozed off for maybe 30 minutes,” he describes.

“I woke up,” Ed tearfully shares, “and he was gone. He was still warm.”

Ed says that he woke up and wrapped Teddy’s body in a blanket.

However, he says that as difficult as this has been, it is bittersweet.

“I feel like I have a new beginning,” he says to the cameras, resolving to move forward.

The episode then shows Ed teasing his upcoming social call, including a bouqet of flowers left by “somebody that was very special to me in my life.”

He describes how they both “reached out” and that he thinks “she’s the one.”

Despite admitting that he’s “moving sort of fast,” he doesn’t want to miss out on this chance at love.

Now, you don’t even have to watch the full episode to know what Ed means.

He is talking about Liz Woods, the woman whose life he turned upside down during Season 1.

Ed dumped Liz via text message eight times, by his own admission, in addition to being a generally lousy partner to her.

We already know from various interviews that Ed and Liz got engaged.

This episode shows that stunning twist on screen, and how it came to be.

Long story short: Teddy’s passing brought them together.

It started with Liz learning that Teddy had passed away and reaching out to express her sympathy.

In interviews, this was described as an email exchange.

In the episode, we hear Ed describe it as a gift of mystery flowers, a mystery solved only by his front door camera.

As they spoke again, they apparently realized that they wanted to be together, despite everything.

Ed had previously stated that it was a “back together on Saturday, engaged on Sunday” situation.

This episode shows us that he wasn’t really exaggerating.

Jennie Nguyen Racism Scandal: Will Bravo Fire Her from RHOSLC?

Jennie Nguyen was not originally supposed to be a Full Housewife, but just a “Friend” role.

Only because of Jen Shah’s extensive legal problems did Jennie end up getting promoted.

It may be short lived.

Jennie has apologized for her vile racist posts, but viewers are calling for Bravo to fire her.

It is sadly not uncommon for people to have said or done shameful things that they wish that they could take back.

Tasteless jokes were once in vogue. Some people grow up in toxic families and have to unlearn the hate taught at home.

But Jennie Nguyen’s shameful posts weren’t “edgy humor” and they were only from a year and a half ago.

What Jennie shared to a now-deleted social media account included some posts that were simply controversial.

She is not the only Real Housewife to have expressed a fondness for disgraced former president Donald Trump, for example.

What sets her apart is overt and vicious anti-Black racism shared during 2020’s historic civil rights protests.

Jennie Nguyen blames george floyd

Watching a man be murdered on camera was not enough for some people, including Jennie, to condemn his killer.

She and others like her circulated outright, provable lies attempting to blame George Floyd for his own murder.

For the record, his actual killer, Derek Chauvin, was sentenced to decades in prison.

bad Jennie Nguyen message

Jennie did not necessarily write the bigoted posts that her account shared, she just shared them.

The meaning of the posts, some of which attacked civil rights protesters or encouraged motorists to kill them, is the same.

Some of her posts also suggested that people extrajudicially executed by police deserve this merely for being accused of petty crimes.

Jennie Nguyen is an idiot

Millions of Americans and countless more around the globe publicly marched to oppose out-of-control police violence in the summer of 2020.

Protesters were fired upon, gassed, beaten, and killed. Journalists lost their eyes to police bullets while covering the watershed moment.

At that time, Jennie was on social media raging against fellow Americans — and, very specifically, against the Black community most targeted by the violence.

As these horrific old posts have been dredged up by alarmed RHOSLC fans, Jennie has had to respond.

She issued a public apology, admitting that the account was hers but saying that, at the time, she thought that it was the right thing to say.

It’s genuinely difficult to imagine how anyone could conceivably confuse overtly racist posts against victims of violence with posting against violence.

Jennie Nguyen message

“Can’t wait to get the announcement jennie nguyen is fired from rhoslc,” one viewer tweeted.

“So Jennie Nguyen is ignorant, racist, trifling, a MAGAt…and apparently too stupid to scrub her social media before landing on a TV show?” another noted.

“Wow…just wow. Guess she’s lucky the reunion already filmed,” a Twitter user commented.

RHOSLC ladies discuss rumors (Nov 2021)

There is also a widely circulated petition calling for Jennie to be fired from the show.

While the petition is for a good cause, it be be totally unnecessary.

The odds are pretty good that Jennie will never return to the show.

RHOSLC pho lunch chatter

Some Housewives post controversial things but manage to cling to the show.

Things were pretty up in the air for a while about Kelly Dodd because she was actually pretty entertaining on camera.

But while Kelly’s posts and comments in 2020 were vile, about the pandemic and about the historic civil rights protests, Jennie’s are even worse.

Jennie is also just … not that big of a fixture on the show, if we’re being honest.

Her promotion to Full Housewife was, as we mentioned, reportedly something of an accident.

Jen is busy with her legal troubles, but nobody’s busy enough for Bravo to justify keeping her on.

Again, these posts are from the summer of 2020. That is a year and a half ago. Sometimes, it feels like just a few months.

This isn’t from someone hating her and digging up old, forgotten tweets from 2013.

It’s also not a collection of casually ignorant posts or tone deaf jokes. These are recent posts full of conscious malice.

Honestly, it’s a shame that Jennie will never be grilled on camera about these hateful posts.

Without exaggeration, this is some of the worst stuff that we’ve seen from a reality star since Garrett Yrigoyen was on The Bachelorette.

Most of all, though, it’s just a huge shame that there are people who really think this way, let alone think that it’s okay to express.

Teen Mom DILF Gallery: Check Out the Show’s Hottest Dads!

Daddy? Dad? Daddy?

Those are the words that many of their children use to describe them.

But when it comes to these beefy Teen Mom baby daddies, it’s also what thirsty fans and viewers all but bark at their screens.

A lot of the drama that we see on MTV can be a real turnoff.

Every now and then, on the show or on social media, one star or another whips out his DILF card to set fans back on track.

We’re not just talking about Cole DeBoer, either.

There is a lot of beef in the Teen Mom stew.

Take a look below at some of the stars who are embodying (and even redefining) dad bod:

1. Cole DeBoer

Cole deboer cradles chelsea houska baby bump on christmas mornin
Cole DeBoer has had fans feeling some-kind-of-way ever since Chelsea Houska introduced him to the world, and it’s not just that he’s a good partner. The dude is hot.

2. He’s also transformed his look

Cole deboer before and after
We wouldn’t go so far as to say that Cole “wasn’t always hot,” because the guy’s been handsome the entire time, but he definitely worked his body into shape, working fans — and Chelsea — into a frenzy.

3. Tyler Baltierra

Tyler baltierra bulge
Congratulations are in order for Tyler and for Catelynn. A lot of parents don’t have time to work out, but Tyler makes time — for his self-image, for his mental and emotional health, and frankly, to make himself extra hot. It’s paying off.

4. Tyler has been very open about his journey

Tyler baltierra body transformation
He is always quick to point out that he has further to go on his ongoing fitness journey and to be almost apologetic when fans praise his body, but the praise is hard-earned.

5. Zach Davis

Zach davis shirtless on instagram
Not everyone who gets full body tattoos intends to display them for the world to see, but when Zach hosts an art show of his ink, people can’t help but comment on the canvas. He has a stellar body.

6. Way to go, Cheyenne

Zach davis shirtless on teen mom
Zach and Cheyenne only became engaged in April of 2021, but she’s known that Zach was a hottie with a body that didn’t quit since they first dated in high school.

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Holly Madison: The Playboy Mansion was a Toxic Gaslighting Cult!

According to grim accusations made by multiple exes of Hugh Hefner, the Playboy Mansion could be a house of horrors at times.

Holly Madison has been outspoken about her own lived experiences under that roof.

In a new docuseries, Secrets of Playboy, viewers are getting a grim look at what that time was actually like.

According to Holly, the mansion had a cult-like atmosphere where the girls were gaslit, isolated, and controlled.

Secrets of Playboy premieres on A&E on January 24.

In this sneak peek clip of the new docuseries, Holly Madison is interviewed.

All the while, viewers are shown footage of the mansion, including its walls and gates.

“The reason I think the mansion was very cult-like looking back on it,” Holly’s voice begins to explain.

The reason “is because we were all kind of gaslit.”

“And,” Holly continues, “expected to think of Hef as like this really good guy.” 

Holly, of course, was one of the women in a relationship with Hugh Hefner from 2001 through 2008.

Gaslighting refers to deliberately making people doubt their own senses and memories in order to make them believe that they are insane.

This abusive manipulation technique is often misused on social media to simply mean “lying,” but takes its name from a play.

It’s clear that Holly means the term in its actual meaning, as the environment encouraged her to discount her own perceptions.

“And you started to feel like, ‘Oh, he’s not what they say in the media, he’s just a nice man,'” she characterizes.

For the record, what was said in the media about Hefner in the early 2000s pales beside what has come out about him in recent years.

“Another thing that reminds me of a cult,” Holly continues, “is how it was so easy to get isolated from the outside world there.”

Isolation is a key mechanism behind cults, where members are encouraged to cut ties with anyone not part of their group.

“You had a 9 o’clock curfew,” Holly recalls. 

“You were encouraged to not have friends over,” Holly describes of her time at the mansion.

“You weren’t really allowed to leave,” she characterizes.

Holly adds: “unless it was, like, a family holiday.”

We then see old footage of the girls being interviewed, asked about the “rules” of the house.

They were not, they admitted, permitted to have boyfriends.

Quickly covering for themselves, the ladies characterized Hefner as being their “boyfriend.”

“The sex always happened the same time, the same night,” Holly recalls.

“We would go out to a club every Wednesday and Friday,” she describes.

“And,” she details, “that would be expected when we got home.”

Holly did have a waitressing job, she says, which she kept to only one day a week.

She wanted to make sure that she would not have to go job hunting whenever her time at the mansion came to an end.

However, even that limited time out of the mansion made Hefner “jealous,” she reports.

“He said it made him ‘jealous,’ and he would appreciate it if I quit my job,” Holly tells the camera.

“So instead,” she shares, “we were given $1,000 a week as an allowance.”

On the surface, that almost sounds like a fair solution.

$1,000 a week would be a decent middle class salary now (for someone with no kids or expenses) and even more valuable at the time.

Even so, it’s hard to say if it’s worth the restrictions that she describes.

If you’re surrendering almost all of the hours of your day and literally living at your job, your pay should reflect that.

But then, Holly is being careful to describe this as an “allowance,” and it’s clear that Hefner did the same.

it’s clear that it wasn’t the same as a direct payment, and seemed less about rewarding the girls for their labor to please Hefner and more like another tool of control.

It will be interesting to hear what more Holly has to say, and what others choose to reveal, as the documentary unfolds.

Holly madison the playboy mansion was a toxic gaslighting cult

Juliana Custodio Denies Paternity Scandal: I Didn’t Get Pregnant Having an Affair!

What was once one of 90 Day Fiance’s most promising and genuine couples is now broken and bitter.

Last year, Juliana Custodio split with Michael Jessen, traveled to Europe, and got pregnant by her new boyfriend.

Michael’s ex-wife reportedly believed that Juliana had cheated with her husband, Sean.

It was even speculated that he could be Juliana’s baby daddy. Juliana is shutting that down.

As we reported, sources close to Michael Jessen’s family — including his ex — claimed that Juliana was seen “making out” with Sean Naso.

Sean is the 39-year-old husband of Sarah Naso, ex-wife of Michael Jessen.

This allegedly went down “in the kitchen” of Juliana, Michael, Sarah, and Sean’s Connecticut home where the kids, Max and Cece, also live.

In September of 2021, there was reportedly a farewell party for Juliana before she traveled to Europe.

She is a model, and at that time, she and Michael had not yet split.

(Juliana has made references to having to act as the breadwinner during the pandemic, so her work may have been pretty essential)

Juliana and Michael revealed their split in October of last year, after weeks of rumors to that effect.

In November, Juliana took to Instagram to share that she and her boyfriend, Ben, were expecting a child together.

The report that came out this week claimed that Juliana’s pregnancy announcement was a direct response to Michael’s pleas to get her back.

Allegedly, Michael had contacted her and begged her to give him another chance.

He was hoping for six months of marriage counseling in order to mend their bond.

So, 24 hours later (so the report claims), Juliana announced that she was pregnant.

Another detail is that Michael found out the same way that the rest of us did.

That means that he logged onto Instagram and saw his extranged wife announce that she is pregnant by another man.

Reports say that he was so distressed that he cried and felt physically ill. One can only imagine.

While Michael was accepting the difficult reality that his marriage was over, his ex-wife had other thoughts on her mind.

It was reported that Sarah questioned the baby’s maternity in light of the alleged kiss in the kitchen.

Allegedly, Sarah “thought the baby belonged to Sean.”

Sarah, by the way, is the very same ex who officiated Michael and Juliana’s wedding.

Even if the (secondhand) allegations that Juliana and Sean kissed in the kitchen were true, you don’t get pregnant from kissing alone.

It’s unclear why Sarah may have come to believe or suggest that Juliana was pregnant by Sean.

Meanwhile, Juliana has adamantly denied any claims of cheating.

(Even before these claims were reported, she had already told fans that she worried about backlash over how things ended, but assured them that she didn’t cheat)

Additionally, she stated that she already has “confirmation” that Ben, not Sean or Michael, is the father.

“It’s really sad that this family has nothing to use against me,” Juliana expressed to In Touch Weekly.

“And they are using my baby and making these stories about me,” she accused.

Juliana stated firmly: “I hope I never have to hear or see these people again.”

For the record, there’s no reason to believe that Sean — or Michael, for that matter — is responsible for Juliana’s pregnancy.

Earlier this week, Juliana shared a look at her sonogram, which was complete with the estimated age of the fetus.

If the fetus was 12 weeks and 4 days old on January 17, we’re looking at a conception day around October 23 … when she was in Europe.

That’s not the only reason that the paternity accusations against Juliana seem to be bogus.

It’s hard to think of a reason, aside from anger and bitterness, that someone would stir the pot by suggesting any of this.

We hope that everyone can heal and move on from this — especially Juliana. We wish her and Ben happiness and a safe pregnancy.

Ronald Smith: Tiffany is LYING! We’re Not Back Together!

This week, Tiffany Franco announced that she is reconciling with Ronald Smith.

The estranged spouses split late last summer, but have a long history of reconciling despite messy breakups.

90 Day Fiance fans were in for a surprise, however, in the aftermath of Tiffany’s big news.

Ronald says that this “reconciliation” is news to him, denying that they are back together.

Ronald Smith calms down, says that his feelings are hurt

As we reported, Tiffany Franco broke the apparent news this week.

She shared that she and Ronald Smith, her husband, had gotten back together.

“Yes, we have,” Tiffany claimed in a short statement.

Tiffany then alleged: “We are working on our family at this time.”

That was not hearsay, a report based upon inside sources, or speculation.

The 90 Day Fiance alum herself reported on the state of her marriage.

Ronald Smith - yes (admits to using Daniel to make them stay longer)

Obviously, the story made the rounds on social media.

Though they have split and reconciled many times (we have lost count, if we’re being honest), it is still news.

Ronald clearly saw one of the headlines on Instagram … and responded in a comment.

Ronald Smith to Tiffany Franco - don't come BLEEP talk BLEEP

“Wait, what did I miss?” Ronald wrote from his Instagram account in a comment below a screenshot of the article.

“Um,” he warned, “In Touch Weekly is in for a rude awakening.”

“Because, um, ja, I’m not aware of this, no no,” Ronald alleged.

Ronald Smith IG denies reconciliation 20 January 2022

First, we want to clarify that accounts do get hacked or otherwise misused all of the time.

While his comment was still up late on Thursday, January 20, it’s technically possible that his phone was stolen and misused.

It seems most likely, however, that both Tiffany and Ronald are speaking for themselves … but clearly, not for each other.

People were already wondering about the alleged reconciliation news because of Ronald’s Instagram.

While he has yet to make a post formally debunking the claim, there are obvious signs that suggest that he’s not with Tiffany.

Namely, there are still photos of his new girlfriend plastered all over his page.

Ronald Smith and Lauren Fraser 04

Tiffany has claimed that they are back together and working on their family.

Ronald has countered this by alleging that it is untrue.

Unless there is a massive miscommunication, these are mutually exclusive statements.

The most likely explanation is that someone is lying for some unknown reason.

Generally speaking, if one person says that they are still together and another says that they are not, the latter is being truthful.

However, there are obvious exceptions, so let’s quickly speculate about some possibilities while we wait for Tiffany and Ronald to clarify.

The first and most obvious possibility is that Tiffany is, for whatever reason, deliberately lying.

This would mean that she contacted In Touch Weekly and fibbed to them, blowing her credibility to even describe her own marriage.

Is that what happened? It seems unlikely, but let’s look at possible motives.

The first possible motive for Tiffany to potentially lie would be to somehow sabotage Ronald’s life, to make problems for him and his girlfriend.

(That is, assuming that he and Lauren Fraser are still together … there are a lot of unknowns lingering in the air right now)

If Ronald were dating and a girlfriend heard this, she might think that Ronald is secretly betraying her and break things off.

There is a much more mundane potential motive: if Tiffany wanted to draw attention to her social media.

She, like countless 90 Day Fiance stars, is doing Instagram endorsements.

If she can draw in more views, she could potentially make more money. A banal motive, but worth mentioning.

But what if Tiffany is telling the truth and Ronald is not?

How would that even work?

Well, one potential and purely hypothetical scenario could be that Ronald was doing damage control.

Ronald Smith and Lauren Fraser 07

Remember when Ronald first went public with his new romance last year?

Tiffany shared that she and Ronald had recently had a naked video chat together.

The implication was that he might be cheating on his girlfriend … with his wife.

Ronald Smith IG Live debunking/clapping back at ex

One could conceivably imagine where Ronald might have been wanting for company and had another amorous chat with Tiffany.

He could potentially, in this speculated situation, have said anything that he thought Tiffany might want to hear to get her clothes off.

Ronald gets his nut and goes to sleep happy, and Tiffany shares the news.

Ronald Smith - last night I was mad as hell with Tiffany

It could even have happened more than once before Tiffany decided that it was time to speak up.

Well, if Ronald hadn’t actually broken up with his girlfriend and didn’t genuinely intend to patch things up with Tiffany, he might go into panic mode.

There’s no non-messy outcome, but this piece of conjecture is particularly messy.

It’s weird that he hasn’t made a post one way or the other since that comment.

You would think that he would loudly debunk Tiffany’s claim in a more public arena.

Or, you would think that he would delete his comment calling his wife a liar. Certainly not just do nothing.

Ronald Smith kisses Tiffany Franco in South Africa

There has been buzz on social media that perhaps Ronald, no matter the situation, had been drinking when he left the comment.

While that’s always possible, we should remember that people can write weirdly without the assistance of alcohol.

We hope that we soon understand Tiffany and Ronald’s whole situation, because Daniel and Carley deserve better than this mess.

The Hills: New Beginnings CANCELED After 2 Seasons

In the reality TV world, most drama is good for the show. There are, however, exceptions.

We all know that The Hills: New Beginnings‘ cast have feuded off camera as fiercely as on, causing numerous problems.

There were other major issues with the cast, and not even the best production team can put out every fire.

As a result of those and other factors, this revival is dead — and will not return for Season 3.

TMZ reports that the The Hills revival has been canceled by MTV.

Multiple sources close to the network shared that The Hills: New Beginnings will not return for a third season.

Late last week, production broke the news to the members of the cast.

Television can be a complicated industry, and reality TV is no exception.

But why is this series ending?

According to the report, there are multiple reasons

One source reported that producers were looking for ways to inject new, more diverse life into the series.

Predominantly and entirely white and straight casts were once commonplace on television, but that has thankfully changed.

Production explored the idea of doing this … but some of the existing, legacy stars of the series were against it.

Additionally, some of these same cast members were unhappy with the revival in general.

It sounds like they feel that MTV made certain promises to them about what this revival would be like.

Instead, their return to reality television ha sfelt forced at times, with fake storylines and production-nudged confessionals.

Often, reality stars find themselves “nudged” to excalate drama or rephrase their real statements in ways that they would rather not.

It sounds like several OGs were refusing to continue to play along with what production wanted out of them.

That, the network was concerned, would doom the series to be unentertaining and more of a PR engine to flatter its cast.

More or less everyone reportedly felt that this revival didn’t feel like the first show did.

The vibes were off, and you know that this cast cared about that.

The result was tensions between the stars and the network, resulting in an eventual impasse.

There’s not all, however.

COVID-19 has taken 800,000 American lives and counting, but it has also deeply impacted television and businesses.

The hurdles for filming, the limitations on locations and guest stars, and the logistics of managing a large ensemble cast … that’s not easy in a pandemic.

Production felt like they were already firing all cylinders and had gotten as much as they could out of the current cast.

Under the circumstances, with this crew of people, they had gotten done what they were going to get done.

From the start, one key thing was missing from the cast.

Lauren Conrad was the biggest star of the original series.

She did not partake in the revival, claiming that she was too busy with business ventures.

Without her returning, the cast couldn’t really reclaim the magic of the original show.

That said, production feels proud of what they accomplished under the circumstances.

Remember, this revival started up in 2019 — just months ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe.

Additionally, production promises that the IP will return in a new iteration that reimagines the show.

Debra Danielsen BLASTS Farrah Abraham: My Awful Daughter is Out of Control!

Just days after a belligerant Farrah Abraham was arrested for assault, her mom is weighing in.

Debra Danielsen isn’t going to win Mother of The Year any time soon, but she actually makes some points.

She is condemning Farrah’s outrageous antics, calling her daughter “just mean.”

Debra also has choice words for MTV, saying that casting Farrah on Teen Mom: Family Reunion rewards her for bad behavior.

Debra spoke to good folks at The Ashley about her estranged daughter.

“Shame on MTV for promoting her on the ‘Family Reunion,’” she expressed.

“I believe MTV rewarded [Farrah’s bad] behavior,” Debra complained.

“Now it appears she wants to make a living off of bad behavior and ruining others,” Debra observed.

“Sad,” she commented.

“Maci’s right,” Debra then stated, referring to observations made by Maci Bookout. “[Farrah’s] just mean.”

Though at least partially (and perhaps largely) responsible for who Farrah is and turned out to be, Debra was once a supporter of her daughter.

In May of last year, however, she and Farrah had a huge fight.

Since then, they have not spoken, and Debra has also not had contact with Sophia, who is just weeks away from turning 13.

Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielsen on Face The Truth

Debra’s latest commentary comes on the heels of Farrah’s latest arrest.

It is a familiar story, with Farrah accused of slapping a security guard while out clubbing in Hollywood.

There were multiple videos of the incident, where the guard restraining her could be heard calmly telling her that she’d tried to hit, kick, and bite him and others.

Farrah Abraham arrest video still

Farrah of course accused people of “battering” her and targeting her for being a woman.

In contrast, reports say that she was asked to leave by security and acted out, striking a guard and struggling.

While paramedics were called out of concern for her, she was so out of control that the incident ended in an arrest. Allegedly.

Debra’s biggest concern, she says, is her granddaughter.

“[I have] no idea [where Sophia was during this],” Deb admitted.

“Farrah doesn’t let us talk,” she noted. “I am afraid for Sophia.”

“She and I have to always pay the price for [Farrah’s] bad behavior,” Debra lamented.

Like the rest of us, Debra did see her terrible daughter’s unhinged rant that followed the arrest.

She, too, sees Farrah’s lashing out as part of a toxic and dangerous pattern.

“Farrah’s always the ‘victim,’” Debra characterized, “always threatening violence and it isn’t safe.”

“Never is [her fault] actually,” she said in reflection of her daughter’s perpetual denials.

“And,” Debra lamented, “it happens over and over and over again.”

Farrah has recently begun to offer her bodily waste to paying customers.

Her mother is, as you can imagine, pretty grossed out.

“It sets women’s rights back 200 years,” Debra declared.

Farrah's poop jar

While Farrah’s sex work is between her and her paying customers (and their kinks), her arrests and the violence behind them is alarming.

Debra is not wrong when she points out Farrah’s alarming inability to take responsibility for her behavior.

As long as Farrah is screaming that every criticism is a “hate crime” against her, she will never change or improve as a person.

Juliana Custodio Denies Cheating on Michael Jessen with His Ex-Wife’s Husband

Last November, more than a month after confirming her split from Michael Jessen, Juliana Custodio had big news.

She is pregnant, especting her first child with her boyfriend, Ben.

A startling new allegation accuses Juliana of having cheated with Michael’s ex-wife’s new husband.

There is even an accusation that Juliana’s baby might be his, and not her new man’s.

In Touch Weekly spoke to multiple sources who have some shocking claims about Juliana Custodio.

According to them, 25-year-old Juliana was seen “making out” with 39-year-old Sean Naso.

This was “in the kitchen” of the Connecticut home that they shared with Michael Jessen, his ex, Sarah, and the kids, Max and Cece.

Allegedly, this went down during a farewell party thrown for Juliana.

That was in September of 2021, before Juliana left on her trip to Europe.

It was also before she and Michael announced their split to the world.

In November, Juliana announced that she and her boyfriend, who goes by Ben Obscura on Instagram, were expecting.

This announcement came “in response” to a phone call that Juliana had with Michael, an inside source alleged to In Touch Weekly.

Reportedly, Michael had “asked her to give their marraige another chance.”

“And,” the insider continued, Michael had “asked for six months of therapy” to try to mend their bond in marriage counseling.

This was already more than a month after their breakup had gone public.

Per the source, “24 hours later, they announced their relationship and pregnancy.”

According to the report, Michael’s ex Sarah raised questions about the baby’s paternity shortly after the news broke.

An additional insider confirmed that Sarah “thought the baby belonged to Sean.”

While it’s certainly unclear if there’s any evidence that an actual affair took place, it sounds like Sarah believed that there was one.

“Michael was in shock and devastated,” the previous source characterized.

“He didn’t want to believe that Juliana would stoop that low,” the insider claimed, “and betray his trust.”

According to the second source, Michael first heard about Juliana’s pregnancy “the same way everyone else in the world did.”

That means that Michael checked Instagram, saw Juliana post excitedly about being pregnant, and that’s how he found out.

“Michael was physically ill,” the insider described, “and wept.”

The source added that Michael was “stunned” and “felt dizzy with confusion and disbelief.”

However, it is important to emphasize that these claims come from unidentified sources who claim to have knowledge, albeit anonymously.

Meanwhile, Juliana has denied any claims of cheating.

She also affirmed that she has “confirmation” that Ben, not Sean or Michael, is the father.

“It’s really sad that this family has nothing to use against me,” she began in a statement.

“And they are using my baby and making these stories about me,” Juliana expressed to In Touch Weekly.

On a sad note, she stated: “I hope I never have to hear or see these people again.”

It’s important to note that the baby daddy scandal appears to be nonsense, based upon what little evidence we have.

The sonogram that Juliana shared was dated on January 17, and lists the gestational age of the fetus as 12 weeks and 4 days.

We’re talking about late October — around the 23rd — when Juliana was already in Europe.

It’s a real shame that was once a fan-favorite couple praised for genuine love have had such bitterness after breaking up.

We should all remember that, for all of the dirty tricks that 90 Day Fiance pulls with creative editing, these are real people with real lives.

Real life can be messy, emotions can be complicated and undesirable, and breakups can be painful.

Kim Kardashian Humiliated Again as Kanye West Says She Lets Nannies Raise Their Kids

The problem with marrying a man who will never filter his words or stop talking is that he’ll never filter his words or stop talking.

Kim Kardashian appears to have learned that lesson a little too late, and divorce has not made her ex any wiser.

Kanye West’s new songs continue to refer to their split and their ongoing lives.

One of his latest songs takes shots at Kim’s parenting, accusing her of relying upon nannies and taking credit.

Kanye West put Kim on blast in the lyrics to his recent track, “Eazy.”

“I got love for the nannies, but real family is better,” he says during the song.

“The cameras watch the kids,” Kanye accuses, “y’all stop takin’ the credit.”

That was almost universally perceived as an attack on Kim as the mother of their four children.

North is 8, Saint is 6, Chicago is 4, and Psalm is 2 and a half years old.

It’s clear that Ye is suggesting that Kim takes credit for parenting that is “actually” done by employees.

An inside source close to Kim Kardashian spoke to People about how she is feeling after this public callout.

“It was a low blow for him to start knocking her for having nannies,” the insider began.

The source added: “A lot of her friends don’t think it was right either.”

“Of course she has nannies,” the insider emphasized.

“She has four kids,” the source noted. “Kim is living her life.”

The insider continued: “She’s juggling her career, her dating life.” 

This is not Kanye’s first instance of excessive clownery in the face of their split.

There was, of course, the time when he publicly alleged that he wasn’t invited to celebrate Chicago’s birthday with family.

Additionally, he publicly invited Kim to come back to him while performing on stage — in front of Kim and North, who were in the audience.

“[Kim] is very hurt by the fact that he keeps airing their relationship and their custody in front of the world,” the source reasoned.

“She believes that’s the one thing that’s sacred,” the insider described.

“But this is not his place to turn everything into a circus,” the source explained, “and that’s what she feels like he is doing.”

It is certainly true that Kim has been playing things very close to the vest amidst this divorce.

She has not been livestreaming the process or doing rounds of interviews about the day-to-day details of their conscious uncoupling.

Kim has also been playing coy about her romance with Pete Davidson, even after it became very public news.

Kanye, it seems, cannot be bothered to do the same.

This is the same guy who blurted out that Kim considered an abortion instead of having North, so … that’s not exactly shocking.

Kim and the rest of the world are aware of Kanye’s mental illness, but many wish that he cared about his family enough to manage it with medication.

As for the nannies accusation, Kanye seems to be indirectly accusing Kim of using nannies more than she should.

First of all, in a two-parent family with four young children, children are likely to receive more individualized attention with nannies than without.

By which we mean that even if Kim stopped doing anything but parenting, she is still only one person. A team of nannies can simply do more.

Additionally, while nannies are certainly a rich people solution, childcare is a nearly universal problem among parents.

Often, grandparents play a major role in childcare, sharing time, experience, and resources that that their adult children do not yet have.

In too many families, childcare is also supplemented by the eldest child, especially by an eldest daughter.

Truth be told, Kanye should be grateful that North has not become an involuntary caregiver to three children who are not hers.

If you think that 8 is too young to watch after little kids, you may be right … but that doesn’t stop it from happening.

Thankfully, not in this case.

There is more to that than being an unfair responsibility to put on someone who is a child themselves.

An overly put upon eldest child becoming a mini-parent doesn’t resolve all of the childcare needs of the other children, let alone their own.

Kim is doing the right thing for her children by ensuring that they have constant care and attention.

Also, let’s be honest, Kim is also providing a tremendous amount of care and attention to her kids.

Yes, she is a working mom. Yes, there are four of them.

But Kim is one of those people who is always doing things. One of those things is being a mom.

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith Back Together After Ugliest Breakup Yet

Here at THG, we have tracked the many breakups and reconciliations of many 90 Day Fiance couples.

When it comes to these two, we have genuinely lost count.

Late last summer, Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith broke up, blasting accusations at each other. Ronald even got a new girlfriend.

Now, the husband and wife have announced that they are back together once more. Heaven help us all.

Tiffany Franco spoke to In Touch Weekly to confirm that, despite all odds, she and Ronald have gotten back together.

“Yes we have,” she revealed.

Tiffany added: “We are working on our family at this time.”

Tiffany is from the United States. Ronald is from South Africa, where he still resides.

The two have been married for years, despite numerous breakups following the wedding.

They have two children: Daniel, Tiffany’s son, and their daughter, Carley.

Tiffany initially made the journey to South Africa with Daniel to see if they could raise her family in South Africa.

Pregnant by Ronald Smith, Tiffany was leery of leaving her own family behind for an unfamiliar country.

She did end up marrying Ronald. Ronald also formed a famously close bond with Daniel.

However, Tiffany also came to realize that she absolutely could not raise her family in South Africa.

It was not only that Ronald’s area of the country had issues with crime, litter, and less-than-ideal vibes for raising a family.

The economy of South Africa has struggled for decades — not yet recovering from international sanctions brought against the country’s infamous apartheid policies.

The couple resolved to raise their family together in the United States.

Ronald would be seeking a marital visa, rather than a K-1 visa, because they were already married.

However, the detail about South Africa’s economy impacted more about their marriage than where they planned to live.

Ronald, somewhat infamously, does not have much in the way of employment.

On the one hand, it is absolutely and genuinely difficult to find steady, let alone well-paying, employment for many South Africans.

But many do get real jobs. And some of Ronald’s financial choices have been mind-boggling to see a father make.

Ronald Smith on his freshly fixed up motorcycle

Ronald’s impulse-buying caused problems in two ways.

First, it made Tiffany feel that he was not supporting their family or responsible with what little money he had.

Second, the more that he bought in South Africa, the less it seemed like he was planning on reuniting with their family in America.

Financial worries, the logistics of an international move, and long-distance relationships can wear on any couple.

There were also major dispositional issues that have haunted these two.

Namely, that Ronald has an inexcusably poor temper and lashes out angrily, like a child.

Ronald Smith - know your place

We cannot say that we always agree with Tiffany — far from it — but nothing excuses speaking to a fellow human being like Ronald speaks to his wife.

It’s not all of the time, but that does not matter.

Yes, they both go all in when they break up and speak out on social media, but Ronald speaks to Tiffany with dripping hostility while they’re together.

Ronald Smith - hello, here's your luggage

One hopes that Daniel does not get the impression that it’s okay to treat people, or be treated, like Ronald treats Tiffany.

However, behind the scenes, Tiffany seems to have her own villainous moments.

Rather than verbal abuse and rampant immaturity, she has been accused of lying about Ronald’s visa process.

Tiffany Franco has great news about Ronald's visa

Meanwhile, after their breakup last summer, Ronald moved on.

He found himself a new girlfriend, and the two had some steamy adventures.

They plastered their PDA all over the internet … which was not super mature or chill of Ronald.

Tiffany has made her own poor choices, including being seen multiple times spending time with 90 Day Fiance villain Angela Deem.

Angela is not just an antagonist on camera — she is, in many ways, a bad person.

Numerous 90 Day Fiance fans expressed feelings of confusion and betrayal to see her voluntarily spend time with someone so rotten and vile.

However, defenders spoke up for Tiffany, noting that she shouldn’t be subjected to guilt-by-association.

Besides, the friendship might be out of a sense of obligation to the franchise.

Awful though she may be, Angela is ratings gold, and Tiffany may have felt that she had little choice but to “kiss the ring,” so to speak.

It’s sad to see Tiffany and Ronald once again make such an unwise decision as to reconcile.

As individuals, they both have likable qualities, but their history proves that they are a toxic couple making themselves miserable for no reason.

We’d love for them to have a happily ever after, but that’s not realistic. Their personalities won’t allow it.

Is Ben Rathbun Being Catfished on 90 Day Fiance? Mahogany Roca Might Be Real

On this season’s newest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, viewers finally got to “meet” Ben Rathbun.

He’s a divorced dad. He’s a fitness model. He insists that he’s not in a midlife crisis. He’s a cult survivor.

Ben’s girlfriend is a 24-year-old girl named Mahogany who lives in Panama, never video chats, and edits her photos beyond recognition.

Cyber-sleuth superfans think that they tracked down the “real” Mahogany, but things just get weirder from there.

Ben Rathbun shows off his figure

When Ben Rathbun introduced himself, it was only on the sixth episode of the season.

Viewers got their first glimpse of him as he showed off his incredibly fit body.

It was his fitness modeling that led him to “meet” Mahogany, but he had a long journey before that.

Ben Rathbun used to be a pastor in a cult

Ben grew up in a toxic, repressive cult.

Despite marrying (very young) and becoming a pastor in that cult, he and his wife eventually escaped.

They divorced, but at least they and their children got out. His ex-wife, Ben says, holds bitterness about that divorce.

Ben Rathbun fixes up motor cycle, insists he's not having a midlife crisis

Ben is 52 years old, rides a motorcycle, and believes that he is in an online relationship with a 24-year-old.

Despite that, he insists that he is not having a midlife crisis.

But as he explains Mahogany, it’s clear that there is much more going on than a man trying to make up for lost time.

Ben Rathbun shares messages with Mahogany

Ben apparently met Mahogany on social media after he began posting modeling photos.

According to him, dating has been difficult because most women do not want to pursue a relationship with him after learning that he won’t have sex until marriage.

Mahogany, he assures everyone, is different, and shares his devout Christian faith and desire to remain chaste.

Ben Rathbun sits down for lunch with friends

Ben met with some friends on camera to tell them about his relationship.

His friends are clearly pretty leery of his mysterious online girlfriend whom he’s never met.

His friend Jessica has a particularly enjoyable reaction when hearing that Mahogany only recently turned 24.

Jessica reacts correctly to Ben Rathbun dating a 24-year-old

Ben has never video chatted with Mahogany due to alleged “shyness.”

(That’s fine for many online people … but not if you’re making concrete plans to meet up)

As evidence that she is “real,” Ben shows a short and heavily filtered video of Mahogany.

Ben Rathbun shows his friends a totally legit Mahogany video

Absolutely none of this is adding up to sound like a real person.

Heavily filtered photos, no video chatting, one short and filtered video, and a huge age gap?

Ben has been catfished before — by a Nigerian man — and his friends know that he is desperate for companionship.

Jessica to Ben Rathbun - this does not add up

They ask the most obvious question: has this alleged girl asked for money?

Ben blushes and laughs, which is never a good sign, admitting that she has.

He tries to say that since the $1,000 is a “loan,” it’s different, but his friends shut down that attempt.

why yes Ben Rathbun did "loan" Mahogany $1000

Here’s the thing: 90 Day Fiance has shown real catfishes before, but also fake catfishes.

After all, whatever Lana was really up to with David Murphey, she was a real human being … they just waited to show her.

Editing is a powerful tool, and can make smart people appear foolish — making fools out of viewers in the process.

Reddit comments about Mahogany Roca

A Reddit post reported to have found someone who appears to be Mahogany.

At the very least, this tells us that there are photos of this girl outside of Ben’s DMs.

It doesn’t tell us whether or not she’s real. And it also makes it appear that she is lying to Ben pretty blatantly.

Mahogany Roca Facebook photos

On Facebook, there is an account under the name Mahogany Roca.

It’s social media, so the entire thing could be a dummy account created to find dupes like Ben in the first place.

The filtered-beyond-recognition photos are certainly consistent with the borderline-inhuman photos that we’ve seen of Mahogany so far.

FB comments to Mahogany Roca (her replies deleted)

Mahogany appears to have since deleted several comments, including one in which she told a commenter that she is 22 years old.

Ben’s story would have been filmed last year, so that would make her 21 or 22 at the time, not freshly 24 like Ben believes.

Mahogany also lists herself as “single” on social media. So … what should we believe about all of this?

super filtered photo of Mahogany Roca

Anyone could take a series of photos of themselves, of a friend, of a model, doctor them heavily, and create fake social media profiles.

These profiles could then be used to generate the illusion of a real person, to lure gullible people into giving them attention, money, and more.

We have no idea if Ben ever meets Mahogany or if she really exists, but now we can at least see the dubious accounts that she used to speak with him.

Abby Lee Miller Sues Hotel for Disability Discrimination, Seeks $8 Million in Damages

Several years ago, Abby Lee Miller exited prison only to be diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma.

The Dance Moms alum has suffered setbacks, recently revealing that she was once again paralyzed.

Only now, through a lawsuit, is the world learning of just how bad Miller’s experiences have been.

She is suing a hotel for discrimination and false imprisonment, asking for more than $8 million.

RadarOnline got their hands on court documents showing that Abby Lee Miller is suing the Hampton Inn and Suites in Santa Monica.

The lawsuit cites negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, unlawful discrimination, discrimination against individuals with disabilities, and false imprisonment.

Notably, a couple of those accusations also sound like descriptions of crimes.

In the lawsuit, Miller explains how she came to have limited mobility as a paraplegic with a neurogenic bladder.

Burkitt Lymphoma is a rare form of cancer, normally found in African children.

It was a shock to her surgeons in early 2018 when they discovered the cancer in her spine, impairing her ability to move.

Miller makes use of an electric power wheelchair in order to move from place to place.

From March 2020 until October of 2020, Miller resided at the Hampton Inn and Suites.

According to her, she was injured, faced discrimination, and was denied full and equal access during that time.

According to the lawsuit, Miller checked into the hotel in March of 2020.

She at one point voiced concerns about accessibility, an important topic for any disabled person.

She was moved from an assigned room to another room, which was located down a long hallway — and difficult to access.

Miller writes in the lawsuit that she suspects that this was retaliation for her intial complaints about accessibility in the original room.

In the new room’s bathroom, Miller says that her wheelchair was caught under the sliding bathroomd oor.

Unable to free herself, the door — weighing over 300 pounds — fell directly onto her left shoulder and struck her in the head.

Miller found herself screaming for help for 12 minutes with the crushing weight of the fallen door on top of her.

In the lawsuits, she says that she sustained lasting and painful injuries from this.

She was eventually rushed to the hospital, and even now continues to undergo therapy to recover.

So far, most of that sounds like unfortunate choices and disastrous accidents.

However, Miller accuses the staff of refusing to help her in general.

The laundry room was too small for Miller’s wheelchair, but she says that housekeeping refused to find a way to accommodate her disability.

Miller also accuses housekeeping of blocking her door with their carts, which would be odd at any hotel.

She accuses staff of placing her handicapped toilet seat on top of the toilet lid because she could not reach it there.

Miller alleged that the bathroom pipes had issues that made things dangerous for her.

Miller also described not being able to access the pool or pool area because she was physically unable to open the door.

She is seeking more than $8 million in her lawsuit for the harm that she describes having suffered.

It is unclear what her chances may be, but if these allegations are true, she may have a strong case.

Amber Portwood Admits She’s Not a Good Mom on Teen Mom: Family Reunion

Just because Amber Portwood is part of Teen Mom: Family Reunion doesn’t mean that her past storylines and problems are over.

During a group activity, Amber confesses something to her castmates: she is not a good mother.

This insightful moment is followed by a lot of questions and concerns from the other moms.

To some, they feel that simply acknowledging that she needs to do better as a parent means that she’s not that bad.

During a group activity, each member of the cast took a turn standing up and making a statement.

Those who felt similarly were then to stand alongside them. The idea is to show them that they’re not alone.

Some of them were affirming, some were lighthearted. One struck a particular chord.

Maci Bookout stood and shared that she has been a “good mom.”

One by one, the other mothers stood to join her in rapid succession.

Amber Portwood, however, remained seated — indicating that she cannot honestly say the same.

Her castmates protested Amber’s accurate self-assessment, encouraging her to stand with them. 

“Sometimes I don’t feel like I am a mom,” Amber confessed in defense of her stance.

“I let my anger kind of take over my life,” she admitted.

“I just wasn’t a good mom,” Amber detailed.

“I wasn’t there for my daughter when she needed me,” she said.

“And I was an addict,” Amber continued, “and in jail for fighting.”

The episode included a flashback from Amber’s early years of being a bad mother.

She was extremely hostile, expressing frustration towards Gary Shirley but toxic and dangerous anger towards little Leah.

In addition to yelling at her daughter, she tried to encourage Gary to use violence to make Leah “learn.” Truly evil stuff.

Amber shared changes that she has attempted to make in order to, perhaps, one day, become a good mom.

She shared that she has tried to “keep being there” for Leah, and present for 3-year-old James when possible.

Amber shared that she has also signed up for anger management classes in order to better process her rage.

“When I went to prison, I turned myself around,” Amber recalled.

“But then,” she said, “I messed up again a couple of years ago.”

That was a clear reference to the night when she was arrested in early July of 2019 for once again attacking her baby daddy.

While not everyone has the ability or inclination to feel sorry for bad parents or domestic abusers, Maci was clearly filled with pity.

”I know things with Amber and her daughter Leah are kinda rocky right now,” she admitted.

“But I want her to believe that she’s a good mom,” Maci expressed.

Maci was not the only castmate to feel sorry for Amber, whether or not she deserves it.

The argument was made that Amber taking classes and acknowledging her failings means that she’s not all that bad.

Of course, some of the cast may have bitten their tongues in light of cameras rolling and Amber’s temper.

Amber portwood admits shes not a good mom on teen mom family reu

Amy Duggar: My Family Just Plain Sucks!

Amy Duggar is under an NDA, which prevents her from exposing Jim Bob’s evil empire in full.

However, she can still speak her mind up to a point, and not just about Jim Bob.

Recently, she and her husband were answering questions — live, without knowing the questions in advance.

At one point, Amy had to admit that her extended family is straight-up terrible.

What started things off was a TikTok challenge, and one of the simpler ones.

It is intended to work for couples, so Amy and her husband, Dillon, participated together.

The first question was innocent enough, though they hilariously had different answers.

“Who usually gets to pick the TV shows you watch?” the voice asked.

Amy and Dillon each pointed to each other.

Spotting how they had disagreed, they laughed good-naturedly and continued the challenge.

“Whose family sucks more?” the second question asked.

Amy, her eyes wide in recognition of the weight of the question and her answer, pointed to herself.

Her husband also pointed to her without hesitation.

Amy knew that this would get a rise out of people, and followed up the video with a quick explanaton.

“We just wanted to come on here really quick and say we had no idea that was going to be a question on that TikTok video we just did,” Amy shared.

Dillon confirmed: “The Amy Gram is random audio she’s never heard of.”

“No for real, I didn’t hear all of it,” Amy stated.

“Because it was like a long one,” she explained, “like, oh this one will be fun because it’s just for couples.”

“I had no idea what they were gonna say,” Amy concluded, commenting: “That was kind of perfect.”

Amy wasn’t walking back or apologizing for her comment about her extended family.

She was merely clarifying that it was a surprise, not a hand-picked question.

Still, she decided to post it, she kept the video up, and she called it “kind of perfect.”

The Duggar family — Amy’s cousins and her uncle and aunt — are part of the IBLP cult.

The cult, their church, and their family are toxic, not only in terms of their beliefs but in terms of their practices.

From physical and sexual abuse to covering up said abuse to brainwashing their children with a cult-approved homeschooling curriculum, there’s nothing good about them.

That can be hard to hear, especially because, seeing the Duggars on TV, you feel like you know them.

It’s easy to get sucked in to what you see on TLC and wonder if it’s really so bad.

Sure, the Duggar girls grew up being taught that they were essentially chattel belonging to their fathers and husbands, but they turned out okay, right?

They did not, in fact, turn out okay — the Duggar lifestyle prepares you to be an obedient cult member, not a part of society.

This means that they are all either still immersed in that world, or struggling to process the trauma of their upbringing.

That doesn’t play out on reality TV, but that’s TV. Amy lived with them. She knows what the Duggars truly are.

Hopefully, one day, Amy will be in a position to share all that she knows about Jim Bob, the family, the church, and the cult.

We are glad that she got away from all of that, and wish that her cousins could know the same freedom and dignity that Amy does.

For now, we’ll continue to enjoy watching her call them out as much as she is able.

Amy duggar my family just plain sucks