Audriana Giudice: 12-Year-Old Daughter of Teresa is Hawking Dietary Supplements to Tweens

Despite the ample online drama of Teresa Giudice, she doesn’t have a monopoly on controversy.

For years, Teresa has used her fame and platform to offer paid advertisements across social media.

Like mother, like daughter.

But it’s her youngest daughter, 12-year-old Audriana, who is pushing dietary supplements to her presumably middle school aged audience.

Late last week, 12-year-old Audriana Giudice took to her TikTok.

This post stood out because it was a sponsored post — a paid endorsement.

For many Millennials and Gen Z folks, unskippable ads and sponsored posts are the only way that anyone sees commercials.

Audriana’s sponsor was Bloom Nutrition Greens & Superfoods.

This is a dietary supplement product, marketed at those who worry that they don’t eat enough vegetables, or don’t eat the right ones.

The product is a powder intended to be mixed into beverages.

Audriana’s video, as we have included, shows her in a crop top and shorts.

She encourages her followers to add the powder to “water, any juice, or even your favorite smoothie!”

It is then claimed that Bloom Nutrition’s supplement “strengthens immunity.”

It is also claimed that the product “helps with digestion and bloating.”

“Try this on,” Audriana’s message adds, “if you struggle to eat your greens daily!”

She also eats a bowl of something or another and poses. It’s a short video.

Obviously, no one is blaming Audriana.

First, she’s 12 years old.

No one expects her to have the judgment to go “hmm, maybe dietary supplements aren’t a good fit for my audience.”

Second, Audriana is, again, 12.

Most of us would gleefully accept what are likely thousands of dollars (possibly many times over) to do a 15-second TikTok ad.

As in, many of us non-famous adults would. Now imagine what that kind of money looks like to a tween.

The failing is not Audriana’s.

But many fans, who were stunned by the ad, feel that the adults in her life failed her.

Why did Teresa allow this to happen?

“Since when do 12 year olds get bloating?? I’m sorry they’re making you do this,” commented one user.


An additional commenter kept things short and sweet, writing: “Sick.”

Of course, not everyone was unhappy with the ad.

Audriana’s 20-year-old sister, Gia, offered only words of encouragement.

“Obsessed with you,” she wrote to her youngest sister. “So perfect.”

Gia is a full-blown influencer with a massive 790,000 Instagram follower count.

She is no stranger to sponsorships and is likely encouraged by her sister following in her lucrative footsteps.

Of course, she may have also just been showing her support out of sisterly love, no matter her true feelings.

Teresa is similarly accustomed to hawking products left and right to anyone who will listen (and many who will not).

Some say that the real money of reality television isn’t in the paychecks from TV, but the endorsements, the Cameos, and more that follow.

Teresa has certainly taken advantage … and considering those around her, one can easily see Audriana wanting to get an early start.

Honestly … despite our concerns, we know that this isn’t the worst thing in the world.

If Audriana starts pushing weight loss teas or other nightmarish products that cater towards disordered eating, we’d be singing a different tune.

But some sort of nutrient powder? That seems silly, but innocuous. It’s just weird that a tween is advertising anything.

Audriana giudice 12 year old daughter of teresa is hawking dieta

Farrah Abraham Threatens Revenge on Harvard: I Might Go to Yale, Bishes!

Farrah Abraham is accusing Harvard University of “abusing” her in her latest bizarre, one-sided feud.

In typical Farrah fashion, she has even threatened legal action against the university.

At the same time, Farrah has set her sights on the future.

Specifically? She’s contemplating “revenge” against her former school and threatening to attend Yale.

According to Farrah Abraham, there are recruiters from other law schools actively trying to recruit her.

While she isn’t ready to settle on an answer just yet, Yale has her eye.

Because Farrah has a Bachelor’s degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, she is eligible to apply.

Speaking to TMZ, Farrah confirmed that she has been able to secure her transcripts from her time taking online classes at Harvard.

Calling it an “exciting time,” the reality TV villain claimed that Yale “has reached out.”

“I’m just so pumped,” Farrah said, “because I have all of these choices for Law School.”

“I don’t know if I’m gonna stay here on the West Coast or go to the East Coast,” Farrah acknowledged.

She insists that the “Harvard debacle” has given her the impression that “the West Coast is more divorce.”

We’re not sure what we means by that or how that alleged diversity would impact her, a white woman, but Harvard is notoriously white.

Farrah also makes the outlandish claim that the West Coast has “better weather.”

According to a study conducted by me and all of my various visits to Southern California during my life, I’m unclear on where she’s getting that.

If you like excessive and relentless sunlight in a desert, just say so.

At first, Farrah appeared almost bewildered when TMZ asked what kind of law she intends to pursue.

Often, people have specific dreams — corporate law, environmental law, defense, prosecution, a political career, etc.

Keep in mind that Farrah has threatened to run for office in the past.

“Man, do I love criminals, or criminals love me,” Farrah quipped awkwardly in response.

“I think I’m more interested in entertainment law,” she replied. “IP law. I’m really good with that stuff.”

Farrah also mentioned “abortion laws” and “civil lawsuits” among other possibilities.

When speaking of her future law career, Farrah shared: “I like to join. I might even do stuff with the city on their law team.”

She claims that others, including her former Teen Mom castmates, keep asking if she would “represent them.”


Farrah Abraham IG burning Harvard sweatshirt

Farrah had previously spoken with fans about the idea of auctioning off the Harvard sweater that she burned.

Some had suggested that she do a charity auction for those who wanted a piece of memorabilia.

For now, she is holding onto the physical embodiment of her maturity level and ability to accept criticism.

Honestly, in part because of Farrah’s struggles to speak or write in coherent sentences, the exact details of her beef with Harvard remain unclear.

It looks like a professor attempted to very gently suggest that she drop a course after receiving her work.

Farrah has since accused this professor of lying about her work and had some sort of conflict with the university over money spent on the course.

Harvard itself cannot explain, due to very sensible student privacy laws.

However, it sounds like Farrah’s claim that she was “kicked out” of class without explanation or reason is … typical Farrahspeak.

Having read her writing on Instagram and listened to her videos for years, one can only imagine what her classwork might look like.

But Farrah’s obvious difficulties with communication pale beside her actual negative qualities.

It seems likely that she blew up at a professor who suggested that she was not a good fit for the coursework.

We might suggest that Farrah enroll in remedial writing classes before she takes another stab at law school — on either coast.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Evelin Villegas’ Sisters Haze Corey Rathgeber After Adultery Exposed!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way continues with Season 3, Episode 4.

This time, we saw some tender reunions … but trouble brewing beneath the surface.

First up, we saw the aftermath of Evelin’s revelation. Her sisters are angry, and they hate Corey more now.

Ellie is in San Andres and is bracing herself to go to the ruins of Providencia to look for Victor.

With other options worn out (except for the obvious one), Jenny pushes Sumit to finally get his passport.

Kenneth has made progress with Armando’s family, but Armando is afraid to announce the wedding plans.

Steven and Alina are reunited in Turkey, but suspicions and being on different pages about things make things tricky.

Leandro is leaving. We know how Biniyam feels, but Ariela has a lot to think about.

1. Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

Evelin villegas looks like youre going to kill me with those eye
In the immediate aftermath of telling her sisters that she’s married, Evelin can feel the anger and disappointment radiating off of Lesly and Lipsy.

2. Why have a secret wedding?

Evelin villegas i agreed to marry him
Corey’s visa was about to expire, she shared, and they were in a good place in their relationship at the time, so … she decided to marry him.

3. There’s even footage

Evelin villegas and corey rathgeber married june 11 2019
They married on June 11, 2019. That is about when her and Corey’s story was first airing on our screens. It was before so many things, very likely including the filming of the Tell All.

4. They were sworn to secrecy

Evelin villegas i told no one about this wedding no one
Evelin explained that they had to keep it quiet because her family is extremely anti-divorce. (Ecuador is about 75% Catholic with another 17% of the population being some form of Christian as well, and according to polls, the remaining 8% is simply not religious … so you can see how that level of opposition to divorce might exist in her family)

5. So by keeping it quiet, she kept her options open

Evelin villegas then we would divorce quietly
She wasn’t quite ready to marry Corey, despite loving him. If worst came to worst, she could then divorce him as quietly as she married him and no one would have been the wiser.

6. W. T. F.

Evelin villegas sisters lesly and lipsy horrified processing inf
Lesly and Lipsy are left processing this information, as they feel betrayed. She’s their sister and she didn’t tell them this. This would have been a year and a half — at least — of marriage without telling them.

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Brittany Banks Roasts Big Ed Brown: You Sexist Smelly PERV!

Love him or hate him, we all know that Big Ed Brown is difficult to ignore.

Now that Ed is engaged to Liz, he’s an especially hot topic as 90 Day Fiance fans wonder how that happened.

Brittany Banks doesn’t understand, either, judging from what she had to say about Ed.

In a new 90 Day Bares All segment, she calls out Ed in a very unflattering manner. Is she wrong?

90 Day Bares All airs on Discovery Plus, but a sneak peek clip teases Brittany Banks’ latest appearance.

There, Shaun Robinson shows her a spinning wheel of choices, referring to other memorable stars.

Brittany is a rapper by trade, so the challenge is for her to rap about these stars — even if she’s never met them.

The odds are very much in favor of Brittany rapping about Colt Johnson and his cats.

But let’s start with Big Ed, because her lyrics about him were easily the most scathing.

Scathing … but not necessarily wrong.

“Big Ed, you think you know women but be beating your dick,” Brittany raps.

“I couldn’t show up at the Tell All ’cause you’re really f–king scary,” she continues.

Brittany describes Ed “look like Krueger. I’m like, Freddy, how you sexist and you smelly?”

Big Ed’s treatment of women has earned him widespread condemnation.

Both on screen and off screen, he seems to feel entitled to young, attractive women … no matter how he acts towards them.

Emotional cruelty, lying, mind games, and more have defined much of his time with the franchise.

As for the question of Ed’s smell … well, Brittany was looking at a clip of the guy slathering mayonnaise on his hair.

That odd habit is likely no longer part of his routine, following his catastrophic haircut.

But it will always be part of how fans remember him.

As we mentioned, Ed was not Brittany’s first target.

In fact, even before she rapped about Colt Johnson, she had some commentary.

“He needs to go back and un-learn his whole child,” Brittany comments, whatever she may mean by that.

“I don’t think a man over 20 needs to be living with his mom,” Brittany says. “Especially not at his big grown age.”

(That’s a little extreme — 30, maybe, though our economy makes that iffy, but 20? That’s still college age)

“You seem kind of lazy but I knew your ass was crazy,” Brittany raps, “when you opened up your mouth and then you gave your cat a taste.”

Brittany’s next target, whether she wants to aim at them or not, is Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan.

After roasting Tarik for getting caught texting Minty, Brittany has a suggestion.

Let Hazel get a side piece, let her have some fun,” she raps.

Brittany actually sides with many viewers when she tells Shaun that she thinks that Hazel was only open to getting a girlfriend to make Tarik happy.

Though this accusation seems unsupported by any evidence, many fans have said the same as Brittany did.

Brittany did of course affirm that a throuple can work out, but only if everyone involved is mature.

Brittany banks roasts big ed brown you sexist smelly perv

My 600-lb Life Season 10 Premiere Date Announced!

My 600-lb Life is going through a bit of a rough patch lately.

A jarring number of the show’s stars seem to be either deceased, actively suing the show, or both.

Last season was fairly truncated  Is Season 10 even happening at all?

It is — and the premiere date is actually much sooner than expected.

jeanne covey my 600 lb life stands

My 600-lb Life is coming back for Seash 10.

The premiere date will be November 10 — that should be easy to remember.

This is actually the earliest that this series has ever returned from hiatus.

Julius JT Clark on My 600-lb Life

The news doesn’t come by way of rumor.

Instead, TLC announced the return date themselves.

They’re not sharing that many additional details, though.

“MY 600-LB LIFE follows the journeys of morbidly obese people as they fight to save their own lives,” TLC wrote in the release.

The release continued: “by making the courageous decision to undergo high-risk gastric bypass surgery.”

TLC went on: “Chronicling lifelong hardships with addiction and the inevitable impact their condition has on their closest relationships.”

TLC’s release added: “each episode gives an inside look at the extreme emotional and physical journeys each person must undergo.”

All of this is in order “to qualify for life-saving surgery with Dr. Nowzaradan.”

The release concluded: “Join the conversation using #My600lbLife. MY 600-LB LIFE is produced by Megalomedia for TLC.”

Well … that’s just an explanation of what the show is about.

Like, there it is, the concept, with no further details.

But since we know what the show is after nine whole season, Season 10 isn’t exactly a mystery.

Season 9 was actually the shortest season of My 600-lb Life in years — since 2016, specifically.

Remember, this was one of the shows that had to abruptly stop filming as the COVID-19 pandemic came to America.

Lockdowns meant that camera crews could not stay in people’s homes filming them.

With all of that in mind, Season 9 only had thirteen episodes.

Season 8 was longer than that, but still had only sixteen episodes.

What was surprising about that was that early press releases for 8 had suggested that there would be twenty.

As we mentioned, the show has had a rough go of it.

Some of the stars of the show have died.

Any successful series can see deaths without being responsible, but some of their loved ones don’t see it that way.

Specifically, the show has been sued by living stars, now-dead stars, and by the families of dead stars.

Their accusations, which we can neither confirm nor deny to be true, accuse the show of not providing adequate or promised support to stars.

Part of the deal of makeover shows usually involves a degree of healthcare, and this show is accused of cutting corners and breaking promises.

Additionally, the general vibe of the series has come under fire as the public becomes increasingly aware of, well, how the human body works.

Dramatic weight loss can make for a compelling story on TV, but the emotional and physical toll makes some question if it’s worth it.

There are cases, though we don’t know that anyone on the show falls under this category, where a fat person is healthier at their weight than under the strain of losing it.

There are also serious concerns about the tone of the show, as seen through editing choices.

Zooming in on the food eaten by the show’s stars feels voyeuristic, judgmental, and at times even cruel.

Perhaps when Season 10 premieres (not even two months from now), we’ll see improvements in these areas.

Josh Duggar Demands Court Suppress Evidence: You CAN’T Use Pics of My Creepy Hands!

Disgraced former reality star Josh Duggar suffered a setback in his pre-trial court strategy.

His attorneys have been filing a flurry of motions to suppress evidence that investigators gathered against him.

Undeterred by various defeats, Josh is dead-set on not going to prison, no matter how heinous

Josh is asking the court to bar the prosecution from using photographs of his hands.

As we previously reported, investigators obtained a warrant and raided Josh Duggar’s car lot in 2019.

In addition to searching multiple electronic devices found on the property, they also used other investigative tools.

They spoke to witnesses who were present at the time. They also took photos, documenting evidence and the search itself.

It was only later, after his arrest, that law enforcement took photographs of Josh’s hands and feet, requiring him to pose for them.

The purpose for the photographs was apparently to correlate photos featuring Josh’s hands and feet, found on his phone, with him.

In other words, identifying that his extremities appeared in photos helps to disprove any claims that someone else is responsible for activities on the phone.

Josh’s legal time filed a motion to suppress this evidence. 

The motion targeted “photographs law enforcement took of Duggar’s hands and feet while requiring him to pose for the photographs in custody.”

His attorneys claim that investigators “did not have a warrant which authorized the taking of the photographs” without a lawyer present.

According to Josh’s defense team, investigators should have obtained “a warrant which permits photographing a defendant’s body parts.”

Arresting him, they argue, only permitted police to take “a simple booking photograph” and not to photograph his hands or feet.

His attorneys say that this was an “intrusion on [his] personal rights.”

Prosecutors responded to this by asking the court to deny the defense’s motion to suppress.

According to them, Josh “expressly consented to having the photographs taken.”

They also clap back at the notion that these were invasive, on the grounds that they’re, well, just his hands and feet.

“The photographs document a scar on the defendant’s hand, which is plainly visible,” prosecutors argued.

“Law enforcement observed the same scar in images recovered from the defendant’s electronic devices seized pursuant to a search warrant in this case,” they added.

As such, prosecutors stated thatt his “did not constitute an unreasonable or warrantless search of the defendant.”

Josh did not have to remove any clothing for the photos, simply hold still while investigators took them.

After prosecutors issued their counterargument, Josh’s attorneys apparently asked for more time.

The Sun reports that the defense asked for a seven-day extension, saying that they need “more time.”

The tricky thing about a case like this is that motions like these can influence the verdict but ultimately have no relation to the defendant’s guilt.

So, on the one hand, the court must weigh the topics of debate purely on matters of law, precedent, and human rights.

On the other, the court has to consider how much information the jury will need at trial in order to reach an accurate verdict.

Larissa Lima: Let Me Outta My 90 Day Fiance Contract! I Need a New Show!

More than a year ago, Larissa Lima was abruptly fired from 90 Day Fiance for alleged breach of contract.

To this day, Larissa still remains bound by her contract with Sharp Entertainment, the production company behind the franchise.

She wants out, and not just for the sake of cutting ties with the company that so casually dismissed her.

Larissa has ambitions to return to reality television and tell the true story of her life — one that we’ve never seen before.

On Thursday, September 16, Larissa Lima took to her Instagram Stories.

“Waiting [for] Sharp Entertainment [to] answer my email,” she announced.

Larissa explained that she contacted her former employer “to get out of contract.”

Larissa wants to sever ties with Sharpa nd TLC “and make another network big!”

“With my true story never seen on television,” she teased.

You can see that Instagram Story announcement for yourself here:

Larissa Lima IG wants out of Sharp contract to go to another network

Larissa also provided a translation for her Brazilian followers.

As you can see, she clearly wants people to know about her struggle.

There could be two reasons for this.

The first may be simply that she emailed Sharp, hasn’t heard back, and is impatient.

You know how you can diligently fill out a form for customer service online and hear nothing, but tweet about it and suddenly it’s fixed?

Larissa may be hoping that by taking her efforts public, she can get a response from Sharp in a timely manner.

Additionally, she may be already working to build up hype ahead of her next career move.

Remember, she spent months of slowly sowing the seeds of enthusiasm for her OnlyFans debut.

When Larissa signed up for the adult media subscription site as a creator, she made tremendous amounts of money.

So what has worked in the past could work again.

People have demonstrated that they are interested in following her, and putting their money where their mouths are.

Now, she wants to return to reality television and continue to tell her story.

Many jobs in the entertainment industry include no-compete clauses that lock people out of moving on right away.

From the perspective of networks and producers, they don’t want another network to come by and scoop up a star and make bank from them.

But most of these clauses and contractual ties have expiration dates … and, well, it’s been a little over a year since they fired Larissa.

Larissa’s options, like her breast size ambitions, are endless.

She could end up going to another network that is in direct competition with TLC.

Of course … that could be exactly what Sharp and TLC are seemingly hesitant to let her go.

We should note that Larissa could be calling them out, not to leave, but for them to instead offer her a new contract.

90 Day Fiance has a hoard of spinoffs, and Larissa’s ex Colt Johnson has appeared on The Single Life.

Larissa would be an amazing fit, now that she’s struck out with Eric, her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

This, many fans suspect, is why TLC has not hired emotionally abusive nightmares like Angela Deem and Big Ed Brown.

Are they entertaining? Yes, but that doesn’t excuse how awful they are as people or how they treat their partners.

But if TLC fired them, we all know that as soon as their contracts allowed it, they’d both be showing up on WeTV or elsewhere.

Kailyn Lowry: I’m Not Engaged to Chris! He Knocked Up Somebody Else!

Kailyn Lowry’s choices don’t always make a lot of sense to the rest of us.

Mostly, they’re her choices to make … with a few notable exceptions.

But recently, a rumor has circulated that Kailyn Lowry is engaged to Chris Lopez after everything they’ve been through.

Kail is finally ready to discuss this with her fans.

Earlier this week, Chris Lopez took to Twitter to share an eyebrow-raising message.

“How [are] you [supposed] to know what size ring to get the girl if it’s a surprise?” he asked.

Though Chris has since deleted the tweet … well, it was obviously too late. People saw.

Rings can serve many purposes and can make amazing gifts.

But the most obvious reason for a ring gift to be a “surprise” is if it is an engagement ring for a proposal.

And Chris’ most famous entanglement is Kailyn Lowry. I mean, they have two kids together.

Obviously, Kailyn’s fans were horrified at the idea, especially as rumors turned his tweet into full-blown engagement panic.

“Why are people saying you’re engaged to baby daddy No. 3?” one of Kail’s fans asked her on Instagram.

This was during an Instagram Q&A session that she held this week.

“Well, that’s a new rumor to me,” Kailyn admitted.

“I would never, ever accept a ring from him,” she affirmed.

Fans were reassured at this news.

Kailyn Lowry IG would say no if chris proposed

Together, Kailyn and Chris have two children.

Lux is now four years old.

Creed is just 14 months old.

It wasn’t that they got together, had two kids, and then split.

There was a lot of ugliness and bitter conflict between Lux’s conception and Creed’s.

For that matter, Lux didn’t have a name for weeks because Kail waited (in vain) for Chris to be involved enough to discuss it with her.

Most people wouldn’t have a second child with someone after he publicly burned their book.

(And that is to say nothing of the alarming accusations of physical abuse)

With all of that ugliness in their history, fans were obviously less than confident that Kailyn is done with Chris for good.

It’s a relief to hear that they’re not engaged right now, at least.

And if Chris were planning a surprise engagement-slash-reconciliation (two for one!), Kail would say no.

At least, she says that she would. That’s the best that we’re going to get.

But … that doesn’t explain what Chris Lopez was talking about in the first place.

Was he just baiting Kailyn’s fans? That’s not entirely unlike him.

According to Kail’s social media on Thursday, Chris might have been ring-shopping after all.

Kailyn Lowry IG congratulates chris lopez on new family, new sibling for sons

“Congratulations to Chris & his new family,” Kailyn wrote on her Instagram Stories on September 16.

“So exciting for the boys to have a new sibling to love,” she gushed.

Excuse me????

Kailyn appears to be implying that someone — someone who is not her — is pregnant with Chris Lopez’s baby.

That would mean that Lux and Creed will have a paternal half-sibling.

Additionally, it looks like Chris aims to put a ring on it with this baby mama. Unless Kailyn is just trolling to get back at him. …

Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods: Yes, We’re Really Engaged!

Earlier this month, 90 Day Fiance fans learned to their horror that Ed Brown is engaged to Liz Woods.

It’s never easy to watch creeps live their best lives or watch others make terrible choices.

But that doesn’t mean that fans and critics alike haven’t wanted to know more.

When did this happen? What in the world was she thinking?

Big Ed Brown proposed to Liz Woods on August 28, Us Weekly confirms.

The last that fans had heard before that, they had broken up — and she had exposed his cruelty and emotional abuse.

For reasons that are apparently known only to her, Liz said yes.

Earlier this month, the pair were spotted together at a nightclub in Santa Barbara.

Following that sighting, TMZ reported that the two of them were telling people that they were engaged.

In fact, Big Ed was introducing Liz to people as his “beautiful fiancee.”

While Liz’s beauty is not really in question, that’s the only part of this that isn’t raising eyebrows.

After all, we all saw their absolute mess on Season 1 of 90 Day: The Single Life.

Worse, we saw the fallout from their disastrous relationship play out on social media.

big ed brown and rosemarie "she's my queen"

Viewers were first introduced to Big Ed in early 2020 on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

At the time, he was in a long-distance relationship with Rosemarie Vega.

She was half his age and a single mother living in extreme poverty.

He was feeling nervous about being in a relationship again, and was self-conscious about his disability.

Ed was also lying to Rose about multiple things.

First, he lied to her about his height.

A surprising number of men do this (stop, it always makes you look silly).

We can only imagine that lift is like when your disability impacts your height, so viewers could almost let that one go.

And Ed’s tearful confession that he doesn’t really “believe in love” also was something that he and Rose could have worked through.

90 day fiance before: ed hugs rosemarie

But viewers watched in horror as he was cruel to rose.

He shamed her for her body hair and (falsely) accused her of having poor dental hygiene.

He also grilled her about her sexual history and demanded that she take an STI test … but did not agree to take one himself.

Despite all of that, Ed and Rosemarie stayed together and were trying to make it work.

All of that changed when he revealed the lie that he had been telling Rose for months.

He had no interest in having more children — and was planning on getting a vasectomy.

Not wanting more kids is fine and having a vasectomy is a wise choice.

It’s particularly understandable when Ed’s daughter, Tiffany, was several years older than Rose.

But lying to Rose about it when he knew all along that she wanted more kids … he strung her along and wasted her time.

Ed Brown on 90 Day Bares All

Big Ed moved on to his next victim on 90 Day: The Single Life.

This time, his target was Liz, the beautiful single mom in her late twenties who worked at a restaurant that Ed frequented.

Viewers have wondered if Ed deliberately targets single moms or if it’s just a coincidence.

Liz IG spoils Ed Brown endgame - went our separate ways

Liz never imagined that Ed would ask her out, but he did … and she said yes.

Cameras followed them as they began to date.

We even saw their disastrous first kiss, when Ed went in for one and Liz was not there yet.

90 Day The Single Life Ed Brown tries to kiss

Eventually, Liz did get “there” yet.

Apparently, she was the one who ended up making the first move when they first had sex.

It was a classic fanfic trope — the hotel booked them for a room with only one bed.

Liz Marie IG - big ed brown is a narcissist

Intimacy was not their problem.

Instead, their problem was how — in so many ways — Ed treated Liz.

From plowing through her boundaries on camera to being cruel off-camera, he showed her who he really is. 

Liz Marie speaks her mind at the beach to Big Ed Brown (The Single Life)

Big Ed invited Liz to move in with him … but would then demand that she leave when they had a fight.

That’s not just messy — it’s playing games with someone’s housing situation. It’s toxic.

Liz also shared a vicious voicemail that Ed left for her.

Big Ed Brown and Liz fight transcription (tiny blurb)

Big Ed might enjoy being perceived as cuddly or loveable on camera.

Whenever he is called out on his mistreatment of women, he simply makes self-deprecating remarks in the hopes that people will laugh it off.

He’s a grown man in his fifties. When you keep doing the wrong thing at that point, it’s not a mistake — it’s who you have chosen to be.

Big Ed Brown interview early May 2021

We wish that we could explain why Liz would get back with Ed.

If she wanted to make Cameo money or loved being on camera, at least we could understand.

We’re sure that he’s promised to be a better person. But will he? That’s hard to believe.

Floribama Shore Trailer Teases Fights, Tears, Rampant Toe Sucking

Last season, we saw that even amidst the pandemic, the Floribama Shore cast is a crazy, messy family.

This season … that’s clearly still very much the case.

Season 5’s superteaser trailer includes everything from fights to medical emergencies to gratuitous toe sucking.

Yes, toe sucking. And apparently there’s way more of it than the trailer showed us.

With COVID-19 hitting hard during Season 4’s filming, the family took a trip to Montana to party away from civilization.

It was the smart move and the right move.

For Season 5 (beginning Thursday, September 16), they’re back down south … and every bit as messy as ever.

As you can see in the trailer, the cast is back in action.

That means Nilsa PRowant, Codi Butts, Aimee Hall, and Kirk Medas.

It also means Jeremiah Buoni, Candace Rice, and Gus Smyrnios.

The trailer is filled to the brim with, of course, partying and drinking.

Please remember that none of these people are role models.

There are some serious moments, however.

There appears to be a very serious ATV accident.

How serious it is remains unclear, but we see the vehicle slide into an uncontrolled roll.

That is very much not good for the vehicle or for the driver.

As a result, an emergency medical ATV — wisely waiting on standby — speeds into action.

We don’t know how bad it was.

We do, in the superteaser trailer, see plenty of tears, but cannot be certain of the context.

Nilsa is pregnant, and has spoken in interviews about how eye-opening it was to have that experience.

She was, after all, the only sober person in an entire house full of nonstop binge-drinking.

Pregnancy is enough of a wild journey on its own without such an unusual circle of friends.

Not every moment is happy, silly, sad, or drunk.

(Well … maybe still drunk)

There are moments of real aggression and fighting.

There is also what can only be described as toe-sucking.

The trailer only shows Codi sucking on a toe.

However, apparently this foot action was wide-ranging among the men on the cast.

Alongside a couple of her castmates, Nilsa spoke to TooFab about the trailer.

“There was some fights that surprised me between some people,” she reflected.

Nilsa admitted that she hasn’t seen what made it into the edit: “I mean, I don’t know what all is going to make it.”

“But there might be a toe-sucking incident that led to a fistfight,” Nilsa teased.

She shared that this is something “that I remember because I was the only sober one the whole time.”

Nilsa was sober “because I was pregnant, so I remember everything that happened.”

“That was after a lot of beers and everything like that,” Codi announced.

“It’s probably the first time, actually the first time, that I’ve ever had another man suck my toes,” he claimed.

Nilsa replied: “I don’t believe that!”

“I can’t believe Codi did that,” Aimee commented.

Apparently, Codi didn’t even remember — or is pretending to not remember — returning the favor.

 “Was I sucking toes?” he asked with a laugh. “I don’t know. I don’t remember.”

“All the boys sucked each other’s toes in the house, I was there, I saw it” Nilsa declared, setting the record straight.

“Oh s–t. I do remember sucking Candice’s toes in the hot tub,” Codi admitted.

“It wasn’t only Candice’s toes you were sucking,” Nilsa replied. “We get confused when things get really crazy in our house. This is like a normal day for us.” 

Floribama shore trailer teases fights tears rampant toe sucking

Julia Trubkina Accused of Being "Coldhearted Hypocrite" Amidst Health Concerns

At the end of Happily Ever After?, some viewers accused Julia Trubkina of being a franchise villain.

One sticking point among 90 Day Fiance fans was how she’d seemed to not address her father-in-law’s health issues.

After labeling her a holdhearted beast, these same fans noted how many were concerned about her health recently.

Is Julia okay? Is she some sort of hypocrite because she didn’t cry on stage over Ron’s condition?

Julia Trubkina mystery ailment header

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs have been appearing on recent Pillow Talk episodes.

This is the latest that fans have seen the couple on screen.

But … is Julia okay?

Noting that she appeared to be a little swollen, many followers reached out to her on social media.

Julia is an avid Instagram user and saw their messages of concern.

Many commenters noted that there might be something up with her thyroid and advised her to get it checked.

Julia Trubkina characterizes how people react to her baby plans

In response to the outpouring of concern and support, Julia took to Instagram.

“Guys after Pillow Talk I have received so many messages of kind people,” she began.

Julia expressed: “thanks for your support.”

“I don’t like to talk about my health with no one,” Julia explained.

We all saw that when her nightmarish mother-in-law tried to intrude in her personal healthcare.

“But,” Julia wrote, “thank you for worrying!”

Julia Trubkina IG health commentary 01 of 03

Naturally, she received many comments.

In addition to a string of heart emojis from her husband, Brandon Gibbs, Julia heard from fans.

While many were supportive, others had questions about her behavior at the Tell All.

Julia Trubkina IG health commentary 02 of 03

“If I don’t say and show everybody what I care about and how I care,” Julia began her answer.

She continued by noting that “it doesn’t mean that I don’t.”

“Not all people put their emotions and actions on display to be heroes,” Julia explained.

Julia Trubkina IG health commentary 03 of 03

Julia wrote: “I have to take pictures and say ‘Look, today I brought Ron oranges, look how great I am.’”

“Do you think this is how it should be?” she asked.

Actually … that’s a really great point about performative care.

Betty brought up Ron’s health at the Tell All, when trying to guilt her son into moving back home.

“We don’t know how much longer we’re going to be able to do this just by ourselves and Ron’s in the process of retiring,” she said.

Betty revealed at the time: “He’s had a few health issues; this might take its toll on him for a while until he’s finished with his treatments.”

Betty Gibbs and Ron Gibbs tune in to Tell All, threaten to buy house next door

Though they did not specify the illness in question, context made it sound serious — possibly even cancer.

Obviously, it is a terrible thing to suffer any ailment at any age, and must be extra difficult at 70.

Of course, as many fans noted at the time, it seems downright sinister for Betty to try to use that to manipulate Brandon.

That’s nothing new for Betty, however, who has worked tirelessly to rob Brandon of emotional independence or confidence.

Julia didn’t reveal what Ron’s illness was or put on a display of agonizing over his health battle.

That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care. It just means that she’s not going to put on a one-woman show about it.

JoJo Siwa SLAMS Nickelodeon Over Upcoming Tour: It’s Unfair!

We’re so excited for JoJo Siwa to make Dancing With The Stars history.

The season premiere is just a few days away.

The 18-year-old entertainer also has an upcoming tour.

Unfortunately, Nickelodeon is restricting which songs she can perform … and JoJo is calling them out.

The devil works hard but JoJo Siwa works harder.

In January, JoJo’s 37-city DREAM tour begins.

That is a lot of work and it’s very exciting … but JoJo’s promotion is a bit bittersweet.

“I go out on tour in January,” JoJo tweeted this week, as you can see in the screenshot below.

“My movie musical was just released,” she teased.

JoJo noted that this musical film is one “(with 6 new original songs)…”

“Nickelodeon told me today that I’m not allowed to perform/add any of the songs from the film into my show,” JoJo revealed.

“These are MY songs, MY voice, MY writing,” she emphasized.

JoJo then asked her fans and followers: “Does this seem fair???”

JoJo Siwa tweets - Nickelodeon won't let me perform my songs

“There is no reason that this music should not be included,” JoJo pointed out in a subsequent tweet.

“Working for a company as a real human,” she wrote, “being treated as only a brand is fun until it’s not.”

That is very well said.

Many of us are fans of Nickelodeon — from our own childhoods, from our children’s enjoyment, or both.

We can acknowledge that even the most positive massive companies are still complex mechanisms that exist to make money.

Nickelodeon is more than just green slime and an endless milking of Spongebob Squarepants for more content.

Since Nickelodeon did not immediately offer a public comment or an explanation, we can only speculate.

It is possible that there is an ownership or marketing aspect to this that might make sense.

It’s not nice, but there could be a reasonable explanation.

For example, if JoJo’s tour is linked to Nickelodeon, but her new songs are not, that might clash with the tour.

It’s all the same to JoJo, but to Nickelodeon, it might feel like promoting someone else’s product.

As for the marketing angle, it may be that Nickelodeon has already locked in promotional plans that do not include new music.

Whatever the reasons, it still obviously sucks from JoJo’s perspective.

It’s also a blow to her fans.

JoJo is an 18-year-old superstar who sells out stadiums wherever she performs. They want all that she has to offer.

Meanwhile, fans from a larger age range can look forward to seeing JoJo on Dancing With The Stars.

She will actually be the first dancer paired with another dancer of the same gender.

JoJo shared that she was presented with a choice, and immediately knew that she wanted to dance with another woman.

While the dance competition is not romantic, JoJo did come out as gay earlier this year.

After a number of strong hints dropped on social media, she decided to come out — to widespread celebration.

She has spoken openly and affectionately of her relationship with girlfriend Kylie Prew.

Meredith Marks Mocks Jen Shah: Why Are You Filming While Under Indictment?

With the premiere of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2, we all know what’s coming.

Jen Shah will be arrested, and a lot of that mess was caught on camera, along with the aftermath.

The aftermath part has really thrown Meredith Marks for a loop.

She is bewildered that her castmate would have the gall to keep filming. What defense attorney would okay that?

Meredith and Jen have had … issues in the past, long before Jen’s arrest.

Jen’s (personality) issues lead her to have (interpersonal) issues with nearly everyone.

But between her social media hostility and her friend-stealing antics, she got on Meredith’s bad side last season.

In March, Jen and her assistant were arrested by federal investigators.

They are accused of defrauding hundreds of people by means of a nationwide telemarketing scheme.

As we have seen in the previews, Meredith is quick to note that this isn’t a victimless crime. Real people were hurt.

This month, Meredith Marks spoke to Us Weekly about Jen Shah’s arrest.

“I can’t fathom any attorney advising that she should have [kept filming],” Meredith remarked.

She explained: “which is why I was so surprised.”

“I can understand why she might want to,” Meredith acknowledged.

She speculated that Jen might want to film “because she might want to get her story out there.”

Meredith continued: “or profess her innocence or whatever it may be.”

jen shah 13

“She may want to have a voice,” Meredith added.

“I just can’t get my head around any lawyer under the sun ever advising a client in the same circumstances,” she added.

Many have said the same of Jen and other Housewives who are under indictment.

“Every single one of the ladies, including me … was DM’d information about Jen,” Meredith noted.

“So, knowing that and seeing how I could never understand what she did,” she continued.

Meredith went on :”after all the questions that were asked, not just by me, but by the general public.”

Jen Shah yelling collage from twitter/instagram

“And,” Meredith continued, “not understanding what any of these marketing companies were marketing or whatever.”

Getting to the point, she confirmed: “Yes, my eyebrows were raised.”

Meredith admitted: “I didn’t understand what was going on.”

“Did I think it was something illegal? No,” Meredith said of Jen’s activities.

“Did I think it was possible? Sure,” she said. “I mean, anything’s possible.”

“But,” Jen continued, “things didn’t add up for me and that was problematic.”

Jen Shah11

“Innocent until proven guilty at the end of the day,” Meredith also emphasized.

“My friendship with Jen is a different standard, it’s not held to legal standards,” she added.

“But in terms of a crime, it is innocent till proven guilty,” Meredith emphasized. “And you know, the court of friendships a little bit different.”

Meredith Marks matches her dog

Meredith is being very generous towards Jen here. Charitable, even.

Remember, we’re talking about Jen Shah, a woman who was busted liking violent, homophobic social media posts about Meredith’s son.

(Yes, that will be addressed this season, too)

Meredith Marks Season 2 title card

Meredith is correct, though.

Innocent until proven guilty is a legal doctrine and core component of our nation’s judiciary.

It doesn’t mean that people can’t be fired, unfollowed, disliked, or judged outside of court.

What is really interesting about Meredith’s nuanced take on Jen here is how heated things became.

We have all seen Jen get in Meredith’s face in an alarming and (even for Jen) aggressive way.

Plenty of people would show less tact when reflecting upon the person who screamed in their face just months earlier.

Anna Duggar Got Notification Every Time Josh Peeped Porn Online: Report

This week, court documents revealed that Josh Duggar allegedly told a coworker about his “porn addiction.”

For a guy facing charges of downloading horrific photos and video of the sexual abuse of young girls, that won’t help his case.

Apparently, Josh went to great lengths to convince his family that he wasn’t a menace.

That included an infamous program designed to alert his wife, Anna, whenever he looked at porn.

In most cases, speaking to your coworkers about porn — basically at all — is a no-no.

There are jobs when it’s relevant, from news reporting to, well, actual sex workers at their jobs.

Telling your coworker that you have an “addiction” to pornography is usually crossing the line. 

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Josh Duggar told his coworker even more than that.

He’s not blabbing to tabloids, either.

This is what he told federal investigators when they questioned him about Josh.

On November 8, 2019, Homeland Security executed a search warrant on Josh Duggar’s car lot.

Josh and a male employee were present at the Arkansas dealership.

So, too, was a regular customer — which is apparently a thing, even with cars.

During that search, investigators seized both an HP computer and an iMac laptop.

The computer, which was located and removed from Josh’s office, contained illegal photos and videos.

Though the sexual abuse of children should not be characterized as “pornography,” this material is colloquially known as “child porn.”

The images and video of young girls’ lives being ruined was located through a secret program hidden on the device.

The program required a password.

As we have previously reported, the password to access this vile content was the same that Josh uses for his Instagram account.

Josh is accused of many things.

Being some sort of criminal mastermind has never been one of them.

Investigators did not limit themselves to digital evidence, however.

The employee who spoke to investigators confirmed that he did not have access to Josh’s computer.

In fact, the employee — who had worked there for months — shared that Josh was the only person to use the device.

Sometimes, colleagues share certain electronics if their jobs are not entirely computer-based. Clearly, that was not the case here.

“This individual also told law enforcement that he was very inexperienced with computers,” documents shared.

“And,” court records revealed, “did not have social media accounts.”

“After obtaining his consent, law enforcement manually reviewed the contents of the individual’s phone on scene without the use of a forensic tool,” documents added.

According tocourt records, investigators “found no evidence of criminal activity on it, and returned the device to this individual.”

They could not say the same about Josh’s device, however.

Following that, investigators spoke to a former employee of Josh’s to see what they could confirm of this employee’s account.

The former employee worked there from 2017 until September of 2018.

According to what he told investigators, internet at the car lot was password-locked and inaccessible to customers.

Though he revealed that he had used Josh’s computer during the time that he worked there, he had never used it to access porn of any kind.

That might sound like someone trying to save his own skin … but he didn’t work there when the crime took place.

“Someone” who used Josh’s computer in Josh’s office and a program with Josh’s password accessed the material in the spring of 2019.

That would not be an employee who had stopped working there more than half a year earlier. Obviously.

It was the former employee who told investigators about a different program on Josh’s computer.

The program is called “Covenant Eyes,” and it’s just as creepy as the name makes it sound.

The program would monitor activity on the computer and notify Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, if he accessed porn.

This former employee, in whom Josh had confided about having a “problem” with pornography, seemingly did not elaborate.

However, Covenant Eyes is more or less what it sounds like — designed for evangelical Christians who believe that pornography is immoral.

The program is likely designed to look for traditional pornography — to alert a spouse if someone visits Pornhub or OnlyFans.

It seems unlikely that the program is specifically designed to look for heinous material involving children.

According to previous testimony, Josh is accused of using a file-sharing program to download the illegal material that investigators found.

This is a normal way to download software updates or to pirate Game of Thrones, but — like anything — can be misused.