Jon Gosselin Hopes for a Father’s Day Miracle: I’d Love to See ALL My Kids!

When Jon Gosselin got COVID-19, he felt abandoned by many of his children — the ones who had sided with Kate.

That, and his various mistakes over the years, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love them.

Though six of his eight famous children sided with Kate, he hasn’t given up hope.

In fact, with Father’s Day swiftly approaching, Jon would love to reunite with them all.

Over the weekend, Jon Gosselin spoke to HollywoodLife.

“I always have hope,” the father of eight expressed.

He’s not even picky about how they might make contact.

“I hope one day maybe they just knock on my door,” Jon sugested.

He continued: “or maybe drop me a line or text me.”

“Something like that,” Jon added.

“I kind of just have to hold on to hope,” Jon explained.

“And,” he added, “not give up.”

Jon continued: “and let them know that I love them and I’m here no matter what.”

“I’m not going to give up,” Jon affirmed.

“But,” he continued, “I can’t dwell on the whys and hows.”

Jon added: “I just have to focus on getting myself right.”

“And the ones that are here and doing the best that I can,” Jon went on.

“And being centered and being in a good relationship,” he emphasized.

“And,” Jon noted, “focusing on myself as well.”

Right now, Hannah and Collin live with Jon.

Neither Jon nor Collin have any kind of relationship with Kate or with the Kate faction of the children.

Hannah does, however, and Jon fully supports her in that.

“Hannah stays in contact with them,” Jon reminded the world.

“I love my kids,” he expressed.

Jon emphasized that this applies to “all of them.”

“Even though I’m kind of estranged from Mady and Cara,” Jon acknowledged.

“I hope one day that they just call me up and just talk to me,” he expressed.

In the mean time, he’s keeping busy.

Jon has an IT working with Amazon.

But he is also continuing with his passion as a DJ this summer.

However, Jon has changed his M.O. a bit when it comes to spinning music.

“I’m going to stay out of bars and clubs, pretty much,” Jon pledged.

“If there’s a really big gig, that’s cool,” he added.

Jon explained: “I’m just not into staying up until 4 in the morning anymore.”

“I can’t do it with my job,” Jon explained all too relatably for fellow working adults.

“My kids, they don’t mind,” he added. “They miss me playing, actually.”

Jon added: “I’m a cool dad…That’s what Hannah would say!” 

“With COVID, it was booming and then nothing,” Jon recalled.

“I was killin’ it,” he characterized.

“I’m now doing more corporate events, charity events,” Jon shared.

“I’m booking parties in The Hamptons,” Jon revealed.

“I’ve got an event coming up in July in Atlantic City,” he added.

Jon gushed: “I love playing music.” But he still has his priorities in order.

“That’s my passion and release,” Jon explained.

“But,” he emphasized, “IT is my care and how I provide for my family.”

“I’m trying to figure out how to be a public figure,” Jon continued.

He is not sure of how to do that “but still have my private life.”

Jon continued: “when I work for the largest company in the world.”

“I have a really good support system with my friends.”

“We don’t have any set plans for Father’s Day,” Jon shared.

“When you’re a father who’s had kids taken away from you, you feel like every day is Father’s Day for you,” he explained.

“I see my kids every single day,” Jon added.

“I have off though. I’ll probably do nothing,” Jon admitted relatably.

Father’s Day will be on Sunday, June 20. If you have a dad in your life, don’t forget!

And if you’re no-contact with your dad, just have a nice weekend!

Jana Kramer Admits to "Entanglement" with Graham Bunn Amidst Mike Caussin Divorce

In April, Jana Kramer filed to divorce Mike Caussin and, to no one’s surprise, accused him of adultery.

Those familiar with the couple’s troubled marriage know that their brand was tied to Mike’s history of “sex addiction” and “relapses.”

However, Jana appears to be moving on … with a man who is a familiar face to The Bachelorette viewers.

She’s playing a little coy about this possible rebound, but admits that it’s an “entanglement.”

After filing to divorce Mike Caussin, Jana Kramer was in mourning for her marriage.

For some reason, she felt that she was the one who had failed.

(Jana, of course, was not the one who struggled to remain faithful)

However, while time doesn’t quite heal all wounds, it can make things easier.

She seems to have moved on.

Last week, Jana was spotted out and about on what looked very much like a date.

On Thursday night, Jana was seen out in Los Angeles with Graham Bunn.

She and the The Bachelorette alum reportedly dined at Catch.

The two appeared cozy, being seen smiling, with his arm around her, and even with his hand on her posterior.

We noted that the two of them were spotted and appeared to be on a date.

It’s not like Jana took to her Instagram to share that it was a “date night.”

However, the next day, Jana was much more forthcoming.

On Friday morning, Jana confirmed that there was something going on.

“Graham and I have been friends for seven years,” Jana acknowledged.

She added: “We have been friends, but there was never any … but we are still friends and we’re just friendly.”

When asked if they were in an “entanglement” these days, Jana seemed surprised.

Whether it was his phrasing that took her aback or something else, she didn’t deny it.

“Okay, sure we are in an entanglement,” Jana confirmed.

“We are dancing the line of friends,” Jana characterized.

“We are dancing the line,” she shared, “and I am happy.” 

This news of course comes after Jana expressed that she is excited to find love again.

Members of the Bachelor Nation will remember Graham Bunn … if they’ve been watching for a long, long time.

Graham appeared on the franchise way back in 2008.

That was DeAnna Pappas’ season, though he has since appeared on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise.

Jana’s saga of being disappointed and then seeming to set herself up for more heartache has defined her marriage to the outside world.

The couple claimed that Mike Caussin had “sex addiction,” an alleged condition that is not supported by the broader psychiatric community.

Whether it’s a “real” unrecognized condition or just an excuse used by unfaithfurl horndogs, it defined their lives for years.

Time after time, Jana would catch Mike “relapsing,” whether it was full-on cheating or just looking at a naked lady on his phone.

She would post about it, vaguely at first, then share more details in follow-up posts, on her podcast, and in interviews.

We’re not knocking Jana here — monetizing her marital struggles helped her to pull in a great deal of money.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Jana took that advice and opened her own lemonade stand.

But eventually, it was enough. The marriage is over, and it’s very healthy for her to take baby steps towards moving on.

June Shannon: Moving In with Lauryn After Geno Doak Goes to Jail?

Mama June: Road to Redemption had an intense season finale.

Geno Doak’s future hangs in limbo, and June’s right along with it as they both had to go to court.

Is Geno in prison? At the finale, he was facing 10 years.

Is June having to live with her daughter?

So much of this season has been focused upon June’s sobriety and trying to win over her family.

She eroded a lot of trust with a lot of people who love her.

It may be that June never completely redeems herself in the eyes of the people whom she betrayed during her downward spiral.

But we have to remember that all of this started — the public scandal, anyway — with arrests.

June and Geno were both arrested in early 2019.

When the police found drugs on Geno’s person, he spitefully told them to search June too — landing her in trouble, too.

June was facing as much as 2 years in prison.

Geno, meanwhile, was facing up to 10 years behind bars.

Obviously, they were both nervous at the possibility of incarceration.

But June didn’t take it seriously right away.

In one of this season’s weirder stunts, June spent a few hours living the life of a prisoner.

This was allegedly at Geno’s insistence, to get her to take the situation seriously.

Geno’s idea (by which we of course mean production’s plan) worked.

June was miserable, wearing an orange jumpsuit and was even harassed by an inmate.

So when it came time for her to appear in court, June knew what was at stake.

On the finale, we saw June head to court.

It took seven hours before she was able to report back to her family.

The judge was surprisingly lenient, especially given June’s “celebrity” status.

The court sentenced June to 100 hours of community service.

The celebrations were cut short, however, as June shared the rest of her news.

Geno had not yet been sentenced … leaving his future in limbo.

However, June was still expressing optimism in the finale moments of the finale.

The grandmother vowed to live her life more fully and to appreciate all that she has.

After losing a small fortune, her house, her dignity, and her reputation and nearly getting imprisoned … we hope that she takes nothing for granted.

Geno could get a similar sentence to June’s.

It is also possible that he could be on the receiving end of a harsher sentence.

If so, June’s family is well aware that she would not be able to live without him — like, she can’t live alone.

June has extremely poor vision.

It has been a lifelong problem, one made worse by a number of factors, especially growing up in extreme poverty.

She absolutely cannot drive. She needs someone to look after her, and apparently, it cannot just be a neighbor.

On the finale, June told Lauryn that she might want to move in with her if Geno ends up behind bars.

To Lauryn, this would be a disaster for many reasons.

She has a kid, she has a baby on the way, she has a husband, and she’s functioning as Alana’s mother because June can’t.

June is not in prison — which has been clear for a while, on her Instagram.

She hasn’t exactly confirmed that Geno isn’t in prison, but it does appear that she and Geno are still living together.

This may mean that Geno was sentenced to community service, but that has not been confirmed.

June shannon moving in with lauryn after geno doak goes to jail

Natalie Mordovtseva Accused of Trashing Mike’s House, Being a Total Slob

The back-and-forth conflict between Natalie Mordovtseva and mother-in-law Trish has flared this season.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers have been picking sides, and some are still unsure.

But it seems that all of the people in Mike Youngquist’s life are united on one subject:

They simply do not care for Natalie and are glad that it’s over. And that’s not all. …

Natalie Mordovtseva flashback to returning the ring in Ukraine

In the most recent episodes of Happily Ever After?, Mike and Natalie have been visiting Trish for Thanksgiving.

It is Natalie’s first Thanksgiving, ever, but the event has been marred by tensions with her Mother-in-Law.

Though the two had previously gotten along, Trish was the one who convinced Mike to call of the wedding.

Trish brings out birthday cake for Mike Youngquist

During this visit, however, Trish has been vocally concerned about Natalie’s role in the marriage.

Natalie is still waiting for her work visa to be approved and issued after six months of marriage.

Trish has strong ideas about what Natalie might want to do after that visa is granted.

Trish Youngquist shares her concerns about Natalie not working

But, in the mean time, Trish has concerns about Natalie being insufficiently “helpful” around the house.

Now, viewers of 90 Day Fiance Season 8 saw plenty of footage of Natalie cleaning, doing dishes, and more while Mike was at work.

But Trish seems to be under the impression (thanks to Mike) that Natalie isn’t really pulling her weight.

Mike Youngquist doesn't think that it's a big deal; just traditons and caution

Mike is the one who told Trish that Natalie doesn’t help out.

He told her that he has to cook and clean after returning from a long day at work (and an even longer commute).

This explains Trish’s apparent fixation in putting Natalie to work … and teaching her to stack firewood, in case she finds herself in 1840.

Mike Youngquist, Natalie Mordovtseva, and Trish stack firewood

Mike’s Uncle Beau and his neighbor, Tamara, spoke on the Kiki and Kibbitz podcast.

There, Tamara shared that she had worked as Mike’s housekeeper after Natalie arrived.

The podcast host asked of Natalie: “Is she, like, a slob?”

Tamara explains how everyone cried over wedding cancelation

The answer is allegedly … yes.

According to both Beau and Tamara, Natalie’s room looked like a disaster area.

“Clothes everywhere,” Tamara described. “Oh my god, I can’t believe it.”

Natalie Mordovtseva meets Uncle Beau

Tamara added that she pitied Mike after seeing the state of the house’s kitchen.

Uncle Beau shared that he had been in the habit of cleaning the kitchen before Mike came home from work.

Tamara alleged that Natalie only cooked for Mike once — and laughed at how Natalie now has a cooking show.

Natalie Mordovtseva in white summer dress with neighbor Tamara

Fans are divided over this, in particular because Mike and Natalie are equally disliked, if often by different fans.

Some argue that this sounds like fake.

In particular, many fans noted that Mike’s house didn’t look especially tidy even before he moved in.

Natalie Mordovtseva - oh I found softener (NOOOO)

Other fans have vocally countered that Mike could have had Tamara come over and clean when cameras weren’t there.

The production team might film at odd hours, but they don’t live at the property.

Natalie could have cleaned for the benefit of the cameras and then relied upon Tamara to do most of the work.

Natalie Mordovtseva - I don't know what is 'bleach'

Obviously, we don’t know how tidy or otherwise Natalie might be. It also doesn’t matter.

Tidiness does not reflect moral character, and this is a complicated topic when it comes to two partners.

What this does signify is just how happy everyone who knows Mike seems to be that the two split.

June Shannon: A Mad Dentist Tricked, Tortured, and Extorted Me!

In recent months, many aspects of Mama June Shannon’s life have gotten back on track.

She has a home, she’s back on television, she reunited with family despite a lot of tension.

June has also been working on undoing the physical damage that she did to her body during her downward spiral.

Unfortunately, one of her attempts backfired — and now June is in agony and crying foul.

Apparently, a dentist promised to fix the Mama June: Road to Redemption star’s teeth.

In exchange, June would offer him some Instagram publicity.

This is a common gig for reality stars, and one that June has done before.

Unfortunately, this time, it was a catastrophe.

Mama June Shannon says that the Beverly Hills dentist tricked her.

Her legal team has sent a letter to the dentist with June’s complaints and her demands.

TMZ got a hold of the letter and spoke to June’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, about the horrifying details of what June has endured.

June flew in according to plans, securing a 12-day stay so that she could undergo the procedure as recommended.

The deal was that she would tag the dentist on Instagram while promoting his work.

In fact, at first, everything seemed to be set up perfectly … until June was actually in the dental chair.

According to the letter filed by her lawyers, the dentist removed June’s temporary dental implants.

Unfortunately, this is when he allegedly tried to change the deal.

The dentist demanded changes “after placing her in a vulnerable (and painful) position.”

Allegedly, he told her that he would not finish the process …

… Well, not unless June agreed to do media appearances to endorse his practice.

That was not what was agreed upon.

In fact, according to June’s team, it was never even discussed prior to the removal of the dental implants.

Suddenly, June was mid-procedure with exposed parts of her teeth, and being asked to agree to something.

So now June does not have her temporary implants, as they have been removed.

She is now scrambling to find a new dentist who will complete the work.

Right now, sensitive parts of June’s mouth are exposed (you can see the grisly visuals on TMZ) and she is in tremendous pain.

Now, June’s attorney is demanding that the original dentist complete the work as agreed upon.

It’s not an ideal solution, but it would at least be the most expedient.

If not, the dentist will need to pay up $35k to cover June’s travel costs and getting the now urgent procedure from another dentist.

At present, both of those options sound like easy outs if the description of what happened is accurate.

If the dentist declines either option, June’s team is threatening that the next step may be a lawsuit.

With a compelling and horrifying story plucked from anyone’s dental nightmares, June could seek that $35k and more.

It is horrifying to think of what June is experiencing with multiple partial teeth exposed to the air.

She must be in a considerable amount of pain. She may also be vulnerable to infection.

We hope that this situation is resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Matt James & Rachael Kirkconnell: Wild Fight Caught on Video!

The Bachelor Nation is well aware that Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell are back together.

The on-again, off-again pair has been spending a lot of time together … and documenting it on Instagram.

This week, Matt had some fun at Rachael’s expense over a video of her being “hangry” in the car.

Most couples don’t want their fights put on display for the whole world to see.

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell spent time in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Hanging out with Matt’s mom, the pair decided to get something to eat.

Their first stop was Char Grill, where Matt got food for himself.

Rachael was clearly feeling hungry and protested that Matt had stopped there first instead of Whole Foods.

Him not only picking up Char Grill but eating before she had her food had her in a bad mood.

All of this was recorded … and then posted to Instagram.

“You didn’t ask if I wanted anything, either,” Rachael accused in the video.

“Yeah, I did,” Matt countered.

Rachael then fired back: “No, you didn’t.”

Matt then clarified: “I asked if you wanted something from Whole Foods.”

Rachael retorted, “Where are we? Not Whole Foods.”

Matt assured her that this was just the “first stop.”

Rachael replied: “You’ve eaten today — I haven’t.”

She admonished him: “This should have been our second stop.”

They didn’t quite see this eye to eye.

“This is my first meal,” Matt replied, possibly splitting hairs.

“Are you hungry? We have food,” he offered … or perhaps, teased.

Unhappily, Rachael muttered: “You’re mean. You didn’t even ask.”

Honestly, Rachael has a fair point. It’s polite to wait to eat until everyone has their food.

Besides, they’re in Raleigh — they could have just as easily gone to a real local fast food chain, like Cook Out.

That wasn’t Rachael’s issue, but if she’d at least had a legendary Cook Out shake, she might have been feeling less “hangry.”

Matt shared the video, adding a caption on his Instagram Stories.

“You mad?!!” he wrote. “LMAOOO! Hangryyy.”

You can see that video included in this post.

“LMAO! Pitching a FIT,” Matt laughed on Instagram.

Rachael also had a laugh about her in-the-car antics.

She shared a Gavin meme, indicating that she was perhaps a little childish.

It is unclear who actually recorded them from the backseat.

They have been spending time with friends — members of the erstwhile Quarantine Cre.

The pair have also been spending time with Matt’s mother. So honestly, who knows?


Matt and Rachael’s back-and-forth attempts to rekindle their relationship have been under a lot of scrutiny.

Those of us opposed to racism were appalled by Rachael’s scandal early this year.

We all certainly hope that Rachael’s visible efforts to be actively anti-racist are genuine, and not for show or branding reasons.

There is also a vocal segment of the Bachelor Nation who took aim at Matt for having broken up with her in the first place.

In their eyes, racism isn’t the problem — accountability is.

These are of course the same people who whine incessantly about Chris Harrison not returning.

Matt james and rachael kirkconnell hangry argument caught on vid

Tom Girardi BLASTS Conservatorship in Court: Dissolve It! FREE TOM!

In late 2020, the world was stunned by Erika Jayne’s divorce filing.

She and Tom Girardi had seemed like they would be married forever.

Since then, her embattled ex has lost his law license and been placed under a conservatorship.

In court this week, Tom spoke out for the first time about his new situation.

On Wednesday, June 9, the 82-year-old former attorney attended a virtual court hearing.

Via remote video chat, Tom addressed the situation in court.

“Obviously,” Tom announced, “I disagree with the conservatorship altogether.”

Tom’s brother, Robert Girardi, has been placed in control of managing his person, his estate, and his finances.

Tom shared that he plans to bring the conservatorship to an end.

This is a notoriously difficult task to accomplish.

“I think that we should put together the reasons why the conservatorship should be dissolved,” Tom suggested.

“And then we’ll address it, address the court,” he laid out.

Tom continued: “Right now, I have nothing to say to the court.”

Despite Tom’s objections, the judge ruled in favor of the conservatorship.

Robert has been placed in charge of Tom’s health, healthcare, day-to-day dealings.

The larger responsibilities of managing Tom’s estate and finances can be equally complicated and involved.

Tom was placed under this temporary conservatorship in February.

That was when his brother first took charge of his daily activities and personal care.

If Tom is looking for someone to blame for this situation, he may look no further than one of his own attorneys.

In December of 2020, one of Tom’s attorneys reported to the court that Tom was hospitalized with a “serious illness.”

At the time, questions were raised about Tom’s mental capacity and legal competency.

In March, court documents revealed that Tom was diagnosed with late-onset Alzheimer’s and with dementia.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi

In November of 2020, the world learned that Erika had filed to divorce Tom.

After 20 years of marriage, this was a stunning development.

Time and time again, Erika had been seen defending and praising her marriage to fellow Housewives.

“After much consideration, I have decided to end my marriage to Tom Girardi,” Erika announced in a statement at the time.

“This is not a step taken lightly or easily,” she acknowledged.

“I have great love and respect for Tom,” Erika affirmed, “and for our years and the lives we built together.”

“It is my absolute wish to proceed through this process with respect,” Erika stated.

“And with the privacy that both Tom and I deserve,” she added.

Erika then asked: “I request others give us that privacy as well.”

However, that was not the end of things.

The following month, Tom and Erika were sued with allegations of fraud and embezzlement.

The two were accused of swindling $2 million in settlement money intended for widows and orphans.

Additionally, the firm suing the couple alleged that the divorce was “simply a sham.”

Erika was accused of leaving Tom in an “attempt to fraudulently protect Tom’s and Erika’s money.”

Allegedly, the move was to shield money “from those that seek to collec ton debts owed by Tom and his law firm.”

Tom was sued again later in that same month.

The allegation was that his company had breached a written agreement and conversation with Wells Fargo Vendor Financial Services.

The banking behemoth demanded $882,715 be paid immediately to settle an outstanding bill.

Khloe Kardashian FUMES When Asked about Tristan Thompson’s Cheating

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is ending with a Reunion-style sit-down interview.

There, Andy Cohen asks the Kardashians some hard questions, as teased in a new promo.

Khloe is of course grilled about her cheating baby daddy, Tristan Thompson.

As you can see in the teaser, Khloe’s face is a stony mask of displeasure.

In the teaser, Andy Cohen doesn’t hold back when he asks questions of the Kardashians.

“When Tristan first cheated on you, how did you know it would be done again?”he asks.

Khloe’s discomfort with the question is palpable. 

We do not get to learn Khloe’s verbal reaction — not yet, anyway.

The Reunion-style sit-down talk will begin airing on Thursday, June 17.

The Reunion Part 2 will then air on Sunday, June 20.

KUWTK Finale Reunion teaser card

In early April of 2018, Khloe Kardashian was very, very pregnant with True.

Tristan Thompson was the baby daddy.

She was overjoyed to welcome her first child with the man she loves.

Then, multiple reports came out, one after the other.

Tristan had been spotted with multiple women who were not Khloe.

There were photos and videos. His cheating story was blown wide open.

Previously, there had been muttering about when exactly Tristan began dating Khloe.

True is not his first child.

It appeared that his previous baby mama was unpleasantly surprised when he began dating Khloe.

However, there was no ambiguity here. Tristan cheated.

The day after this news broke, Khloe went into labor with True.

Despite everything, she insisted upon letting Tristan be in the delivery room — grim foreshadowing of what was to come.

Sure enough, Khloe — for reasons that the world has never truly understood — slowly but surely let Tristan back into her life.

Some of it may have been her own complicated feelings about her parents’ divorce.

There are children of divorce who become fixated on the idea of not “doing that” to their children, no matter what.

But also, Khloe clearly just loved the guy.

She convinced her family to accept Tristan back among them, despite their obvious feelings towards him.

Soon enough, Khloe was pretending that nothing had ever happened.

Obviously, that couldn’t last, because cheater’s don’t face zero consequences or life changes and just stop cheating.

Late that year, it was already reported that Tristan was seen spending time with young, attractive women.

There were no “smoking gun” photos or videos this time, which may be why Khloe was able to ignore it.

What she was not able to ignore was the report that Tristan was allegedly seen “hooking up” with Jordyn Woods at a party.

Of course, Jordyn very adamantly denied that this happened.

She described in detail how that night went — and ended with Tristan giving her an uninvited kiss.

Regardless, Khloe was not interested in Jordyn’s version of events.

Having already decided for herself what to believe, she unleshed her fury on Kylie’s bestie.

Speaking of Kylie, that friendship was shattered. Jordyn had to move out of Kylie’s house.

Meanwhile, Tristan was once away able to worm his way back into Khloe’s good graces.

Always interesting when someone seems so much angrier at a (much younger) “other woman” than at the actual cheater.

Naturally, the illusion that Tristan was now being totally faithful to Khloe could not last forever.

Sydney Chase is a gorgeous young model.

In early 2021, she came forward with a story that she had had an affair with Tristan.

She described his penis, gave dates, and swore that he had assured her that he was single.

It is unclear exactly how much of this Khloe will address at the Reunion.

After all, though these things generally take all day to film, she is just one of the stars.

An itemized list of Tristan’s wrongdoings and an explanation of why she wanted to move past them could fill that time all by herself.

But it will be interesting to hear Khloe get — hopefully — grilled by Andy, instead of just saying exactly what she wants to her sisters.

Will there be any staggering revelations? Probably not.

But fans are so confused as to why anyone, let alone Khloe, would torment herself like this.

Chris Harrison Demanded $25 Million Walking Money, Threatened to Leak Bachelor "Dirt"

This week, it was finally confirmed that Chris Harrison is leaving the The Bachelor franchise.

What began as a temporary hiatus following his baffling defense of a star’s racist actions is now permanent.

But Chris didn’t immediately agree to go “quietly.”

Apparently, the veteran host was initially demanding an 8-figure payout, or he’d spill all of the dirt about the show.

According to a report by Page Six this week, Chris Harrison was initially trying to extract a $25 million payout.

He wanted a golden parachute in exchange for leaving the franchise.

And allegedly, Chris was counting on ABC being concerned about how much he knows about the show.

“He has nearly 20 years of dirt,” an insider in ABC revealed this week.

“Instead of handing them a rose,” the source quipped.

The insider continued: “He was absolutely ready to hand them a lawsuit detailing all the behind-the-scenes details.”

“Chris Harrison’s whole life was ‘The Bachelor,’” the source characterized.

“And,” the insider explained, “he didn’t want to let go.”

The 49-year-old has spent a solid chunk of his life as the face of the franchise — which was ultimately part of the problem.

“He still is really sad to leave,” the source revealed.

“And there have been very tough and very heated negotiations,” the insider added.

According to the source, these negotiations had been “going on for weeks.”

Apparently, ABC big wigs hoped that Chris would be “gone quickly and quietly.”

It was hoped that this gesture would help their public relations nightmare come to an end.

The franchise’s long history of racism goes much deeper than any one person, but Chris was front and center in the minds of fans.

According to a second network source, Chris’ outgoing clashes with ABC were more explosive than any on-screen finale.

“He knows a lot about inappropriate behavior on set,” the insider noted.

The source began a lengthy list.

“Fights between contestants,” the insider listed.

The source continued: “misbehavior including use of illegal substances while overseas.”

“And,” the insider added, “complaints from producers that were allegedly brushed under the carpet by ABC execs.”

“He was ready to tell the truth about how things really work over there,” the source reported.

“And,” the insider continued, “he has plenty of evidence to back him up.”

“Chris was making $5 million a season,” the source shared, “and wanted $25 million to go.”

Apparently, a settlement did eventually get ironed out between Chris and the network.

However, it’s believed that it wasn’t quite as high as the pie-in-the-sky $25 million that Chris wanted.

That didn’t stop Chris from using strongarm tactics.

Chris hired attorney Brian Freedman, a familiar name to many who follow entertainment news.

In fact, Freedman previously represented Laura Kaeppeler Fleiss.

She of course is the ex-wife of franchise creator and executive produce Mike Fleiss.

The Fleiss divorce was intensely bitter.

Following an alleged assault at one of the couple’s homes in Hawaii, the former Miss America accused the franchise creator fo domestic assault.

The complaint was withdrawn days later … and she reportedly received a $10 million settlement.

Additionally, Freedman represented Gabrielle Union during her dispute with NBC.

As we all remember well, Gabrielle complained of racism and a horribly toxic environment.

She was “let go” from her role as a judge. In September, that dispute was settled.

So by hiring Brian Freedman, Chris was sending the network a message.

He intended to win … and had plenty of ammunition in and out of court.

Per the second insider: “It was a bunch of emotionally charged men in a room who were not happy with each other at all.”

Alarmingly, the report also says that Chris Harrison somehow blames Good Morning America host Michael Strahan for his downfall, at least in part.

Strahan had a nuanced response to Chris’ initial apology earlier this year, questioning whether it was more than a “surface response.”

It seems that Chris took that personally.

“Chris was not happy with that Strahan interview and the way it went down,” the insider reported.

“He was not happy with Strahan’s comment at the end of the interview, that it was a ‘surface’ apology,” the source added.

“He felt angry and that Strahan made a bad situation even worse,” the insider conveyed.

“But in the end, it was Chris Harrison who made the decision to go on ‘GMA,’” the source noted.

“And,” the network insider added, “he should not have expected an easy ride just because ‘GMA’ is also an ABC show.”

Well, all of that is now in Chris’ past.

Britney Spears Treats Fans to Epic Snake Callback Ahead of Conservatorship Testimony

Right now, we are only weeks away from Britney Spears giving testimony in her conservatorship case.

She knows that all eyes are on her (in the center of the ring, just like a circus) as she fights to fire her awful dad.

But while the minds of fans are fixed on Britney’s fight for autonomy, she’s still living her life.

Within her gilded cage, Britney is serving up a gorgeous look that is also a bit of a blast from the past.

Britney Spears as a Snake, 20 Years Later

One of Britney Spears’ most iconic looks was and will always be from the 2001 VMAs.

Singing “I’m a Slave 4 U,” she wore very little, but all eyes were on her accessory (and dance partner).

Britney performed on stage with an albino burmese python.

Taking to Instagram, the majestically talented singer is making a nod to that iconic moment.

Wearing a scaly green dress, Britney is flashing back to two decades ago.

This isn’t just a visual reference. She’s spelling it out in the captions.

Britney Spears IG VMAs snake reference outfit

“I held a snake at the @VMAs one time,” Britney understated.

“But decided to go ahead 20 years later and become the motherf–king snake myself !!!!” she announced.

She punctuated her words with plenty of snake emojis.

“And since TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS you tricky little s–ts …” Britney quipped.

“Who knows what color snake I will be tomorrow!!!!???” she teased.

“STAY SAFE folks and watch out for the [snakes],” Britney concluded playfully.

Obviously, Britney has worn snake-referencing outfits before.

But she doesn’t limit herself to any one corner of the animal kingdom.

The point, for Britney, is to have fun and be herself.

Britney did not get to have a normal life.

Remember, even before she was catapulted to world-class megafame, she was a child actress.

Her not-so-normal childhood led to massive stardom as a teen, and her adulthood has been … busy.

Last year, Britney’s attorney informed the court that Britney is afraid of her awful dad.

She refuses to perform again while he continues to run her conservatorship with an iron fist.

But stepping away from her time on the stage has its perks.

Britney has fun at home and is learning to live her life like a person, not like the world’s greatest performer.

She plays dress-up, has photoshoots, and spends time with her almost comically handsome boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Her Instagram posts reflect her fun, goofy attitude as she shares glimpses of her calm domestic life with fans.

This is lost on some of Britney’s more paranoid fans.

For the past two years, her conservatorship has been — very appropriately — in the spotlight.

Britney lacks many basic freedoms, and her father’s role in the conservatorship is flat-out unacceptable.

The paranoia comes into play when fans look for hidden signs, messages, and clues in Britney’s posts.

The fact of the matter is that Britney will talk about her situation when she’s fully ready to do so.

In the mean time, clowns need to stop writing “wear yellow if you need help,” like it’s not her favorite color.

Treating Britney’s Instagram like a puzzle to be solved is dehumanizing.

And it turns #FreeBritney into a meme instead of a cry for justice.

Thankfully, Britney’s priorities are elsewhere, so she has not fallen into the weird trap set by toxic stans.

Britney is the mother of two amazing, teenage sons.

She has a devoted boyfriend. She has a legendary career history and a jaw-dropping discography.

Though she does not directly control it, she has a sizable fortune.

If Britney never tours again, never puts out another album, that is her right.

She has more than earned some time off to dress like a snake or whatever else she wants to do with her life.

The calls for Britney’s sh–ty dad to be booted from her conservatorship are to get Britney some justice, not push her to make music.

Leah McSweeney Blasts Heather Thomson: Stop Being a Lying Prude, Bish!

Even before this season of RHONY began, we all heard tales of the feud between Leah McSweeney and Heather Thomson.

The two have exchanged harsh words and a lot of contempt.

People don’t necessarily like Leah as much as they once did, but she says that Heather is pushing a false narrative about her.

She says that Heather is trying to smear her to save her own skin, but it won’t work.

Leah shared her commentary about the lack of worthiness of men who won’t go the distance for their women.

Heather clearly took that personally.

As such, she fired back by accusing Leah of being “vulgar,” as if anyone cares about that.

As you can imagine, Leah saw it and came up with some clapback of her own.

On Monday, Leah took to her Instagram Stories to respond to that very silly label.

Leah accused Heather of being “disingenuous” and, worse, “cringe.”

Leah McSweeney IG vs Heather Thompson 01 of 03

“Guess her man isn’t an a– eater!!” Leah accused.

“Why the F is she bringing up her kids,” she demanded to know.

Leah then accused that “this is more cringe [than] her behavior on tomorrow’s episode.”

Leah did not stop there, however.

She posted not one but two additional Instagram Stories on the subject.

First, she called out what she describes as a false narrative.

Leah McSweeney IG vs Heather Thompson 02 of 03

“I am seeing a narrative emerge that I’m not comfortable with,” Leah expressed.

“And thus,” she explained, “feel the need to speak out.”

Specifically, it was the narrative that Leah somehow drove Heather off of the show.

“Heather was unable to forge natural connections with any of the women,” Leah stated.

“And that,” she asserted, “is why she discontinued filming.”

So the story of Heather fleeing for the hills because she couldn’t stand working with Leah is … in dispute by Leah.

“I took issue with her from the beginning,” Leah recalled.

She explained that they clashed “because I’m not a fan of disingenuous people.”

“She says one thing in the press and another to people’s faces,” Leah accused.

Leah McSweeney IG vs Heather Thompson 03 of 03

“Say what you mean, mean what you say,” Leah demanded.

She added: “I never once lied to her or about her.”

Leah offered an explanation for her volatile behavior.

“It’s no secret that I was having a hard time on this trip,” Leah acknowledged.

This was “due to a tremendous personal loss that I was dealing with in real time.”

Leah added: “Heather was well aware of this and acknowledged it.”

“I apologized to everyone for being aggressive and squashed it,” Leah related.

She said that she squashed her beefs “including with Heather.”

And then she had more to say in her next post.

Leah accused Heather of “spinning lies.”

She also accused her of “openly attacking [her] mental health” and “sobriety.”

Leah said that Heather falsely accused her of assault in a desperate attempt to “save face.”

“There are some historic issues that we address this season,” Leah noted.

She added that these are issues “that are far more important than trying to keep Heather relevant.”

She fears that these are issues “which are being clouded over” amidst tales of this feud.

“I’m proud of this season,” Leah asserted.

“It was an incredibly tough time to film/there was a lot of heaviness in the air,” she acknowledged.

“And yet,” Leah shared, “we did it and in our own way.”

“The entire reason I took issue with her in the first place has now happened to me/come full circle,” Leah remarked.

“She defames women to lift herself up,” she accused.

So, what do we think?

On the one hand, Leah has been right and often no-nonsense on multiple issues.

On the other, Leah didn’t vote in 2016, which is the most nonsensical and feckless choice that a person can make.

So, you know, she’s probably right about Heather. But also, many fans are in a f–k Leah kind of mood.

Travis Barker and Kids Will Join Kourtney Kardashian on New Hulu Reality Series

Last year on social media and this year on their final season, the Kardashians have made a big to-do about KUWTK ending.

Of course, then the news broke that Kris had momagered up a lucrative reality TV deal with Hulu.

The Kardashians aren’t leaving television. But that doesn’t mean that things aren’t changing.

It turns out that their new gig is going to include some fresh faces — including Travis Barker’s kids.

According to multiple reports, Travis and his children will join Kourtney and her famous family on their upcoming series.

There are still a lot of details that we don’t know, of course.

But the new Kardashian series will air on Hulu … and this casting makes a world of sense.

Obviously, Travis and Kourtney have a steamy relationship that is making headlines left and right.

From a Kris perspective, it would be unthinkable to not monetize her eldest daughter’s exciting new love life.

And that might make sense from Kourtney’s perspective, too.

After all, Kourtney stepped back from KUWTK not so long ago.

Her reason was that it just wasn’t fun anymore and she wanted to set some boundaries with her sisters and the cameras.

Honestly, she made some points. Things got grim.

Fighting with Kim isn’t fun.

But showing the world what a horny MILF you are for your famous musician boyfriend?

That could breathe new life into Kourtney’s passion for filming.

Relatedly, Travis Barker isn’t just “Kourtney’s boyfriend.”

(If you have a friend who likes bands and/or the sound of men singing, you should call him that to see their reaction)

He is the drummer for the band, Blink-182.

Even those of us who couldn’t identify by sound or name a single Blink-182 song have heard of the band.

Travis is fully famous in his own right as a musician.

For that matter, his kids are already famous.

Travis has a daughter, Alabama, and a son, Landon.

Alabama is 15 years old. Landon is 17.

He shares both children with his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler.

There is so much potential here, from reinvigorating Kardashian fans to drawing in some of Travis’ fans.

Also, the advantages to having his kids appear on the program are obvious.

With Kylie becoming pregnant as a teenager and entering motherhood, there hasn’t been an authentic “youth” draw to the show in years.

It is also just a natural fit for Travis to be featured on the show.

He has been spending a lot of time with Kourtney and her children.

He has also been a family friend of the Kardashians for many, many years.

However, Travis also brings some dramatic potential to the table.

Travis has a beyond-strained relationship with his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler.

The mother of his children has repeatedly lashed out at the Kardashians since his romance with Kourtney went public.

According to Shanna, Travis had an alleged sexual affair with Kim many years ago.

Kim has denied ever hooking up with Travis, by the way.

Now he’s dating Kourtney, and Shanna has accused the Kardashian family of destroying her marriage.

Meanwhile, Shanna’s own children have been publicly distancing themselves from her.

“My mom has never completely been in my life,” Alabama recently shared.

“Can you guys stop painting her out to be an amazing mom?” she asked her followers.

“Did your moms ask to see you on Mother’s Day [because] mine didn’t?” Alabama revealed.

She announced: “I’m done keeping it a secret.”

Landon also acknowledged that their mom isn’t “in our lives like” Travis is. Can’t blame that on the Kardashians.

June Shannon Reunites with Anna Cardwell, Entire Family After Years of Estrangement

During Mama June Shannon’s downward spiral, she did more than just lose all of her money.

The reality TV star became estranged from many of her family members.

But even years before that, she had grown distant from some — including her estranged daughter, Anna.

Now, June has reunited with her daughters, and even with her granddaughter, Kaitlyn.

June Shannon knows now better than ever that being around her family is never guaranteed.

Still, she was recently able to hang out with her daughters — all at once.

Anna is 26, Jessica is 24, Lauryn is 21, and Alana is 15. It was a blessing.

However, as June admitted to The Sun, some aspects of the reunion were awkward.

Per her characterization, seeing Anna “Chickadee” again was “a little weird.”

Other than that, though, it did seem to be a happy occassion overall.

“I haven’t seen all the girls together at once,” June reflected.

She explained that this was “because the relationship with Anna has always been difficult.”

June described this tension as being “because of my mother.”

“I wanted to be in the right frame of mind to be able to deal with Anna,” June reasoned.

She observed: “as it’s always been a touchy subject.”

Even so, there were a lot of positives.

“But seeing her and her daughter Kaitlyn was great,” June praised.

“She is still with the same boyfriend,” she noted.

“And,” June admitted, “it was a little weird to see them.”

“But I did what I call ‘roll call’ with all the girls being there,” June shared.

It certainly is a rare thing for them to all be in one place like that.

We are sure that they all treasured the moment for what it was.

June was only 15 when she became a mother, giving birth to Anna.

Things have been uneasy for the mother and her eldest daughter for many years.

They repeatedly clashed over money, with Anna accusing June of withholding money owed to her from filming and royalties.

Worst of all, of course, June at one point was spotted hanging out with a convicted child-molester.

The man had been specifically convicted for preying upon Anna, yet June seemed to welcome him back into her life.

That scandal led to the cancelation of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

June soured her relationship with almost everyone in her life in 2019.

Her alarming downward spiral included drug addiction, stealing, lying, and a slew of self-destructive choices.

She and Geno lost her home, her fortune, her reputation, and nearly her life.

June spent nearly a million dollars in just one year to fuel her drug habit.

More than once, she promised to attend rehab … only to ghost the rehab and her family.

Part of it was fear that Geno would leave her. Part of it was just that she wasn’t ready to come in from the cold.

Now, however, she is 16 months sober.

She and Geno have a roof over their heads, thanks in part to her salvaged reality TV career.

June knows that if she screws up her current deal with a relapse, she could lose everything again.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Share Pre-Wedding Road Trip to Idaho

The countdown has begun until Amy Roloff marries Chris Marek.

They have the wedding date.

After much debate, they even agreed upon a venue.

But first, Amy and Chris are off on a roadtrip for a very sweet reason.

On Friday, June 4, Amy Roloff took to her Instagram Stories.

As she has done many times in the past, she shared a glimpse of her road trip.

Amy and Chris have enjoyed numerous road trips over the years, and Amy loves to document them for her fans.

Amy Roloff IG pre-wedding trip to Idaho

When Amy and Chris took a pit stop, Amy shed some light on the context of the excursion.

“We’re on our way to Idaho,” she revealed.

Amy shared that they were traveling “to see some of Chris’ family.”

“His niece is graduating,” Amy added.

June is a big month for high school graduations.

“So how fun is that?” Amy asked, “because road trips are fun.”

“I hope y’all have a great weekend,” Amy expressed.

She explained her well-wishes “cause I might not have cell service.”

Amy then invited her countless fans and followers to “Have a good time!”

Amy recently dropped some fresh new wedding details in a post shared just a few days before the trip.

“Wow! It’s June already. About 89 days til our BIG – the wedding,” she remarked.

“Time is flying by,” Amy added. “We’re getting excited about it. Woohoo!”

On this season of Little People, Big World, we saw Matt push an idea for his ex-wife’s wedding.

He suggested that Amy and Chris, in light of many factors including COVID-19, hold the wedding on Roloff Farms.

The 110 acre property could make a picturesque and very convenient wedding venue.

However, for some very understandable reasons, Amy was deeply reluctant at first.

The Farm is where she and Matt lived as husband and wife for many years.

It’s where they raised their kids.

It’s also where Amy and Matt lived separately as former spouses for quite a few years.

Before that, it’s the place where Matt met, fell in love with, and presumably cheated with Caryn Chandler.

So yes, that is an emotionally complicated location.

Amy’s reluctance was extremely understandable.

However, it did not last forever.

That season was filmed many months before Amy made her final decision.

Ultimately, she and Chris chose to accept Matt’s offer.

Amy and Caryn do not like each other, but even they called a truce.

Everyone is onboard to make this wedding happen.

“Amy and Chris are now planning to have the wedding at the farm,” an insider previously revealed.

“And,” the source added, “it will be in three months.”

The insider characterized that “things are coming together.”

“It was Matt’s idea initially,” the source shared at the time.

“And,” the insider added, “Caryn went along with it.”

The source explained that Caryn agreed “because they are trying to keep things cordial between them all.”

“The reason Amy didn’t want to have it at the farm at first is because of the emotional history there,” the insider explained.


“And,” the source detailed, “she didn’t know if everyone was on the same page yet.”

“Caryn isn’t a huge fan of Amy,” the insider admitted.

“She feels they are more acquaintances than friends,” the source characterized.

“But,” the insider reasoned, “she just wants Matt and the family to be happy and for everyone to move on.”

Big Ed Brown Caught Verbally Abusing Liz! Fans Want Him FIRED from 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown has been racing to wear out his welcome with fans.

He acts like a total creep, chasing after much younger woman with cartoonish thirst.

Off camera, Ed has been accused of assault by at least two women.

After a recent and damning leak, the petition to for TLC to fire him is picking up steam.

Big Ed Brown has not exactly hidden his creepiness.

Maybe he tried — at least, tried to deflect his behavior.

But dating single moms much younger and less financially secure than he is was always a red flag.

Almost any two adults can date, of course.

Two people can be coworkers, meet through mutual friends, on a dating app, whatever. It happens.

But when there’s a pattern of one person dating younger women … it creeps people out.

Ed has openly spoken about how he is not interested in dating women his own age.

(Sorry — we should clarify that he did make an exception … for Jennifer Lopez)

He spoke of trying to date women who are at least as old as his daughter as if it were a huge sacrifice on his part.

Big Ed’s notorious behavior has earned him a nickname among fans: Big Pred.

But it’s not just the age and economic realities of the women whom the 56-year-old targets.

It is also the abhorrent way that he treats them.

Ed went into his relationship with Rosemarie already telling her lies.

He lied about his height.

Some passed this off as a little white lie that they found excusable from a disabled man.

Ed also lied about his intentions.

Rose wanted more kids, and Ed didn’t share his vasectomy plans.

Ultimately, when he finally told her the truth, she broke up with him.

rosemarie vega wants two children with ed brown

Ed knowingly wasted Rose’s time in a relationship that was going nowhere.

Why? Presumably, either to sleep with her or to get famous.

It’s unclear which of those motives for deception is more sinister.

big ed brown and rosemarie "she's my queen"

Additionally, Ed interrogated Rose about her sexual history.

He falsely shamed her dental hygiene. He shamed her body hair.

He also demanded that she take an STI test … but declined to take one himself.

By the time that Big Ed was dating Liz, he had clearly thought more about his image.

Seemingly hooked on interviews and addicted to reality TV fame, he knew how many eyes were on him.

So when he, as a regular customer, asked out a waitress at his favorite restaurant, he tried to tone it down.

90 Day The Single Life Ed Brown tries to kiss

At least, that’s what he did on camera.

Because when they weren’t filming for 90 Day: The Single Life, Big Ed was just as toxic as ever.

Liz had already described how he would demand that she leave his house when they had arguments.

But it gets even worse.

In a damning video shared to Instagram by blogger John Yates, we hear a recording of Ed and Liz.

In that recording, Ed bombards Liz with insults for minutes.

Big Ed Brown and Liz fight transcription (tiny blurb)

He repeatedly insults her intelligence.

He also seems to shame her for even asking if he’d mind if she gave a coworker a ride home.

Many fans knew what sort of person Big Ed was … but to some viewers, it was a shock.

Big Ed Brown petition for TLC to fire him from 90 Day Fiance

As a result, a pre-existing petition has been getting new attention and is nearing its goal.

The petition aims to pressure TLC to fire Big Ed Brown because of all of the listed reasons and more.

Will it work?

Grimly, fans have few hopes that TLC or Sharp will give Ed the boot.

TLC has fired some awful people (Lisa Hamme, Geoffrey Paschel), but Big Ed is a moneymaker for them.

Reportedly, Big Ed is filming for another season of The Single Life. We expect it to be gross.