Jill Duggar: I Don’t Care What Jim Bob Thinks! I Am NOT Having Any More Kids!!

Jill Duggar may have married an infamous bigot, but she has made it clear that in other respects, she’s unwilling to walk in her awful parents’ footsteps.

She only has two children, Samuel and Israel. And her sister-in-law just let it slip that Jill and Derick are not planning on adding a third child.

Israel David Dillard was born in 2015. He is four years old, and will turn five in about a month and a half.

Samuel Scott Dillard was born in 2017. He is two years old. 

Jill has revealed on multiple occassions that she feels overwhelmed by her role as a stay-at-home mom. Every day is chaos.

Now, it seems that Jill has decided two is enough. 

We know this because her sister-in-law Lauren Swanson just accidentally spilled those serious beans on Instagram.

Lauren Swanson held an Instagram Q&A and one person very bluntly that she post a “link to crib” in case anyone else wanted one like it.

“I’m afraid I don’t have a link to the crib,” Lauren confessed in her Instagram Stories.

Lauren Duggar IG crib handmedown reveal

She explains that “it was a hand-me-down.”

From whom, you ask? Well, Lauren solved that puzzle by tagging Jill Duggar Dillard.

Hand-me-downs are a common practice in families, but the Duggars exist on the fringes of society and so do their habits.

Why would someone who is planning on having four or six or eight or twelve or, say, nineteen children pass on a perfectly good crib to her brother?

The answer is simple: she very likely would not.

If Jill were currently pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or even planning on the possibility of becoming pregnant within the next two years, she’d almost certainly keep the crib.

It’s not just that having two young children makes every day a fast-paced chaotic nightmare that takes a week’s worth of energy out of you.

For Jill, even the pregnancies have been difficult and even dire.

With Israel and with Samuel, Jill struggled with labor and ended up having C-sections.

And Samuel spent weeks in NICU after his birth, Jill and Derick ended up with a five-digit hospital bill. 

It’s a reminder that certain aspects of our healthcare system would benefit from being overhauled, but that’s a conversation for another time.

Naturally, Jill’s decision is unlikely to sit well with her parents, who taught their daughters from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

But at this point, Jill is likely well accustomed to feeling like a disappointment to Jim Bob.

She’s not the only member of her family who has been labeled a “rebel” after marriage, but at this point, she might be the one who’s defied her parents the most.

And the contentious relationship that she and Derick have with the overbearing Jim Bob seems to become more tense by the day.

Jill apparently cannot go to visit her parents’ home without Jim Bob’s express permission, even to assist in a birth.

That guy really loves control.

Meanwhile, notorious child-molester Josh Duggar seems able to come and go from the house as he pleases — so long as he does not play hide-and-seek.

Now, no one is claiming that Derick Dillard is a good person — that would be absurd. He’s a notorious bigot.

But fans do applaud him for going to war, verbally speaking, with Jim Bob.

Derick has been calling him out for being controlling, dishonest, and for keeping money to himself.

Jill’s life may be chaos now, but having just two kids is the right move for her household and will give her time to actually know and love her kids.

Michelle cannot honeslty say she’s done her children the same favor.

Meri Brown Blasts Kody on Twitter: You Don’t Speak for Me!!!

Sister Wives fans have a lot of opinions, but you’d be hard pressed to find one who doesn’t agree that Kody Brown sucks.

It’s not just fans who think that. Meri has had it up to here with Kody speaking for her, and she has taken to Twitter to put him on blast.

“I do have to say, I can’t speak for all of us,” Meri Brown’s tweet delicately begins.

“But when Kody says ‘all’ of us can’t handle seeing him with another woman,” she writes, “he is so wrong.”

Meri notes that he is incorrect “and shouldn’t be speaking for me.”

She follows those words with the shrug emoji.

meri brown tweet kody doesn't speak for me

Apparently, Meri’s tweet caused enough of a stir for Kody to reply with a quote-tweet.

“Okay, sorry that I ‘generalized’ again,” he begins, though we’re unsure why he included passive aggressive quotation marks around “generalized.”

“It is true that I sometimes accuse them of ‘all’ doing something,” Kody admits.

His tweet concludes by saying that his accusations tend to involve something “that usually is one wife only.”

kody brown tweet qt meri "generalizing"

Jealousy is something that can rear its ugly head even in the most loving and committed plural marriages.

Just as some people could never be happy in a monogamous relationship, others feel stabs of emotional pain even though they wish that they didn’t.

Some would say that this is the result of a conflict between who they are as people and their religious belief in polygamy.

Others would say that Kody is a toxic husband who simply doesn’t treat his wives equally, fairly, or give them enough emotional support.

Christine has been fairly vocal about her opposition to Kody’s dream of a huge house.

She has lived that way before — all of the sister wives cohabitated with Kody before Robyn entered the picture.

Christine is of the opinion that she is a better mother and also a better wife when she and her sister wives live in separate houses.

It’s not that she doesn’t love them, it’s just that she doesn’t want others walking into the bedroom when she and Kody are together. That’s fair.

In contrast, Janelle is all for Kody’s dream of building a polygamy palace for the entire Brown family.

Some Sister Wives fans have speculated that Janelle simply suffers from low self-esteem and will blindly follow anything that Kody suggests.

But Janelle’s stated reason is that she feels that the Brown family is not as close as they once were. She misses that.

Janelle thinks that everyone living under one roof will help the family become more closely knit.

Meri has her own reasons to be reluctant to share close quarters with Kody day in and day out.

At the moment, despite being his first wife, she has a strained relationship with Kody.

“It’s different than I want it to be at this point,” Meri has explained. “It’s easier for me to avoid.”

“I just think it would make it difficult to be in one home for me right now — just because of that,” she reasoned. Poor Meri.

Nicki Minaj Twerks SO Hard, Breaks Her Dress AND the Internet!

Recently, Nicki Minaj has been busy with her convicted rapist and murderer husband Kenneth Petty and pushing her “Yikes” single.

Fortunately, she found the time to do what she does best – record a jaw-dropping twerking video that’s breaking the internet.

Nicki minaj in black

To start with, a warning: this article and the accompanying video feature Nicki Minaj’s butt very prominently.

Of course, it’s hard to show Nicki on film or in photos without her booty stealing the show. It’s not a subtle thing.

But this is another level. It’s a video of her twerking, which is all about her butt, and an insane one at that.

If this content offends you, you may want to direct your browser to one of our other articles. Onward!

Nicki minaj twerking still 01

As you can see, Nicki may appear naked at first, but she’s actually wearing a skintight and very reavealing bodysuit.

Still, even in the dark of this video, it doesn’t hide much.

She is laying down on her chest and knees for much of the video, her butt sticking way up in the air and her feet braced against the wall.

From a physics standpoint, bracing her feet makes the jiggle mechanics of her butt more dramatic. But it’s not like she needed help.

Nicki minaj twerking still 02

True to twerking form, her ginormous posterior moves freely, bouncing and jiggling to its own rhythm as she moves the rest of her body.

Thanks to the television in the background, the illumination improves somewhat during the course of the video.

As you can see in the GIF that we whipped up for you below, Nicki adjusts her position more than once, moving her torso up and down.

That seemed to inject some variety into the bounce physics of her butt’s movements. The iconic results speak for themselves.

Nicki minaj twerks like nobodys business

It’s pretty safe to say that butt enthusiasts – well, maybe extreme butt enthusiasts – just about lost their minds over this video.

Incredibly, the video apparently met Instagram’s standards, barely, and has been allowed to stay on the platform. For now.

Open, thirsty comments flooded Nicki’s timeline, however, to the point where she deactivated comments under the video.

Nicki minaj epic mirror belfie

All of that jiggling was too much for fans and her skimpy outfit alike. Minaj’s dress eventually pops over her butt.

Nicki’s butt is, some would say, a national treasure. One that produces far too much friction for any dress to contain.


All in all, it serves as a nice distraction from the fact that Nicki’s romantic partner is a convicted rapist and murderer.

Or that Nicki Minaj allegedly knew that her brother was raping his step-daughter. She’s had a rough PR year.

Yeah. Back to the twerkage!

Nicki minaj twerks so hard breaks her dress and the internet

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Morrdovtseva: Did He Cheat on Her?

90 Day Fiance fans have spent all season wondering if Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva make it or break up. The answer is … complicated.

During the Tell All special, Natalie accused Mike of having cheated on her. Did he?

Mike youngquist and natalie mordovtseva at the tell all

The Tell All special is always a highlight of any 90 Day Fiance season, and provides fans with much-desired updates on how the couples are doing.

Given that Mike Youngquist appeared in person while Natalie Mordovtseva participated via video chat, you could tell that things 

During the tell all, Mike shared that he felt that he and Natalie had been connected in a past life.

Natalie accused him of betraying her — by cheating with a friend of his.

Mike youngquist and natalie mordovtseva

“So, I have a best friend,” Mike explains. “Used to live with her and everything. Watched her daughter grow up.”

“I’ve known her for years and years. She got engaged, she got married,” he shares. “She wanted me to be like, her best man.”

“We’re just really good friends,” Mike characterizes. “I told Natalie I’m going to go to her wedding. It’s really important to her.”

“I just want to go support my friend,” he emphasizes. “Do that.”

Mike with natalie 90 day fiance s7

So, right before the wedding, Mike ended up going to this friend’s house to help out. Initially, the groom-to-be was also going to be there.

“He was with his boys, staying at his house,” Mike reveals. “I went back to [the] house with them and slept on the couch.”

He admits: “but I was supposed to stay at my aunt’s. The next day, I woke up and called Natalie”

Natalie implies that he’s not telling all, saying: “If he tells you some details, you would understand” her suspicions.

Natalie mordovtseva tells all

“This happened a year ago,” Mike emphasizes.  “Nothing has ever happened, never ever. Before, ever. We’ve just been really good friends.”

“Yes, enough that she wrote me, ‘He’s not marrying you,’” Natalie fires back.

“No, I just asked, ‘Where is your husband?’” Natalie presses. “Michael, you were with this woman by [yourself,] only you and this woman.”

“Why you lie to me? Why you said her husband was going to be there?” she demands. “Her husband never was there.”

Natalie excited 90 day fiance s7

“I would never wake up in a house with a man and only me and this man in the house,” Natalie vows.

“I would never do this to you. Never,” she repeats emphatically. “No matter what you say to me, it’s friend or not friend.”

But she didn’t give her castmates or the audience an explanation of why she seems to be so convinced that Mike was unfaithful.

“I will not say anything more because … I’m sorry,” Natalie expresses.

Natalie mordovtseva do you love mike youngquist

“Yes, I would love Michael. I would love him to death,” Natalie announced at the Tell All. “If he won’t do stuff he did, I would forgive him.”

“But I’m not sure if he — that’s why I put him to religion so much. That’s why I push him,” she says.

Natalie pushes him “because I don’t understand what to expect from him.”

“And I cannot move to America to [be with] a man who can do stuff like he did and I didn’t even tell you all,” she adds.

Natalie mordotseva he could put the ring back on my finger

“Natalie’s not here so it’s hard for me to explain everything to her and as much as I can tell her, and tell her and tell her,” Mike says.

Vaguely, he continues: “You know, some of the things are like hard for her to hear. She doesn’t believe me,”

“If he change for me himself and be a trustworthy guy,” Natalie vows, “I would give him second chance because I’m already into relationship.”

It’s hard to pick sides and decide who’s right when neither party are willing to give specifics. They both sound weirdly evasive at times.

That said, reports say that Natalie showed up to a US airport where Mike was, so maybe they’re filming Happily Ever After?

Mike youngquist and natalie morrdovtseva did he cheat on her

Duane Chapman: I Should Never Have Proposed to Moon Angell!!

Dog’s Most Wanted star Duane Chapman is not dating Moon Angell and acknowledges that the thought of him dating again is hurting his family.

In a new interview, he talks about grieving Beth eight months later and how he regrets proposing to Moon.

Duane chapman and beth chapman in new promo

Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman sat down for a lengthy interview with Entertainment Tonight‘s Kevin Frazier.

“Oh, I miss her,” he laments, speaking of the late Beth Chapman, who passed away in June after a battle with cancer.

“Eight months,” Duane ramearks. “That’s the worst part, it seems like yesterday.”

“And they say ‘time heals all wounds,'” he observes. “No, it doesn’t.”

Duane chapman and beth c

Duane notes that he misses “her comments, her touch, her smell.”

“Her encouragement,” he continues, “her, ‘I am going to hire a real bounty hunter if you don’t catch this guy.'”

Some would consider that negging or even toxic, but different couples have different love languages.

Duane adds: “Her teasing me, her [saying], ‘We say the blessing before we eat.'”

Beth chapman and duane chapman birthday throwback

Duane admits that he is reluctant to admit it “because I am such a macho, macho man.”

“But she was the glue that held my family together,” he characterizes.

“So now I got to redo it and restaple everybody,” Duane says, “and we are all kind of brawling right now.”

Indeed, last month his adult daughter Lyssa was arrested during a family spat.

Duane chapman kisses beth chapman in the hospital

The idea of Duane’s next romantic venture has his family split at the seams.

“Well, the girls are very upset because of other girls I’d be looking at,” Duane shares.

He says: “Or they may say, ‘Dad, they just like you because you are Dog the Bounty Hunter. They don’t like you because you are Dwayne or Dad.'”

“The boys are like, ‘Dad, you know, if you love them, if you like them, we are for you or whatever you decide,'” Duane reveals.

Duane chapman sits with moon angell

“I am very lonesome,” Duane confesses.

He says that he had turned to his assistant, Moon Angell, for emotional support because “she knew Beth.”

“And she talked about Beth constantly,” he explains, “‘Remember what Beth used to tell us,’ and of course I would light right up when she’d say that.”

“I was infatuated with a dream,” Duane poetically states.

Duane chapman and moon angell

“She still works for me, and takes care of the finances,” Duane announces regarding Moon.

But she no longer lives with him. Her belongings are no longer in Beth’s closet.

“I kind of embarrassed her a little bit,” he laments, “and I shouldn’t have.”

Duane is referring to when he asked for her hand in marriage on television.

Duane chapman proposes to moon angell on tv

“I swear on my mama and on Beth that [the Dr. Oz proposal] was not rehearsed,” Duane promises.

It did sound rehearsed, and so did Moon’s response, but you know what? Sometimes being on TV is just plain awkward.

He adds: “And you saw Dr. Oz was even like, ‘Oh my god.'”

“I knew I was gonna do it way before I done it,” Duane shares, “and I said, ‘This will stop these rumors.'”

Duane chapman is considering something

“When I said it, I think I was about ready to cry,” Duane admits.

That was readily apparent.

He explains is reasoning: “but I knew that she would say no, and once she said no, that did it.”

“And 98 percent of the rumors went away,” Duane opines, “the lies went away.”

Duane chapman interview pic

“Yes, I am going to be honest with you … I think I would have because it was more accessible,” Duane says of  the idea of romancing Moon.

“‘No one will ever love you like Beth did,'” he says that she told him. “‘You better stop looking for that because there is no woman alive that will ever love you like that.'”

“When you lose a spouse, man or woman, you are looking for that again,” Duane expresses.

“So you look for that and for someone to tell you that,” he adds. “It kind of stopped me dead in my tracks.”

Duane chapman with beths box of ashes

“I’m like, wow, so she’s kind of cold-blooded,” Duane says. “She knows how to stop me and that’s kind of a direct point.”

“It’s almost time” to start looking for a partner, he shares, but he doesn’t feel emotionally prepared.

“I can maybe go out with a girl and eat and date a little, if that’s a date?” Duane adds.

“Where, how, do you date today? I’ve forgotten!” he admits. Honestly? A lot of people feel that way.

On Valentine’s Day, Duane posted a tribute to Beth.

“How I wish upon a star where are YOU BETH WHERE ARE YOU !!” he wrote on Instagram.

Clearly, he needs to take his time and heal before he is ready to pour his heart and soul into a new relationship.

And quite frankly, it sounds like the whole family needs to heal.

Duane chapman i should never have proposed to moon angell

June Shannon Resurfaces in Florida, Quashes Recovery Rumors

About a month ago, Mama June Shannon was spotted pawning a diamond ring for petty cash. Before that, she was getting kicked out of hotels.

As he downward spiral continues, this fallen millionaire and her awful boyfriend has resurfaced … in Florida.

TMZ reports that Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak were spotted at a Golden Corral in Florida.

The buffet restaurant was located in Fort St. Lucie, a mid-sized city in Florida located about 110 miles north of Miami.

Fort St. Lucie is noted for being a place where Megan Fox lived for part of her childhood (her family moved there when she was 10).

June and Geno had been hotel-hopping and pawning off things in Georgia. Maybe they ran out of Georgia hotels?

According to TMZ‘s report, June and Geno showed up with a massive group — about 25 people.

While they’ve been said to be traveling in a group and staying in hotels (on June’s dime), it’s unclear where their apparent companions originated.

The eyewitness reports that June and Geno were recognized by some patrons, but allowed to dine in peace.

Still, even a relatively normal dining experience is cause for concern when it comes to June’s pattern of behavior.

Now, people can be judgmental about Golden Corral. Even here in the South, most of us wouldn’t be caught dead in one.

Eating at a buffet too often can be unhealthy, particularly for someone who previously lost more than half of their body weight.

I mean, you don’t go to a buffet to eat, but to overeat. June had a whole show about her impressive body transformation.

But while people may be concerned about June’s health, it’s not anyone’s business. And overeating is small change beside crack cocaine.

No, the real issue here is … why? Why are they in Florida? Port St. Lucie isn’t exactly a huge tourist trap for Florida vacationers.

Last month, June pawned a ring in Stockbridge, Georgia.

That is a whopping 533 miles from Port St. Lucie. By car, that’s nearly an 8 hour drive.

Even if they didn’t make this journey all at once … why go at all?

June vanishing from the public eye and then resurfacing in Florida still shows that she is, contrary to what recent teasers hint, away from her family.

Geno drove a wedge between June and her daughters, and June widened the gap with her reckless behavior.

When her loved ones tried to stage an intervention, June refused to go to any overnight facility.

Why? Because she was terrified that Geno would leave without her company and without her money to keep him close.

Recently, June posted a very encouraging selfie that appeared to show her in better health than she had been in months.

Her caption at the time indicated that she was back to focusing on herself and her well-being and was no longer in a freefall.

But her family recognized the photo — it was two years old. She had not cleaned up her act at all.

According to family sources, all that June was doing was posting a pic in the hopes that she could make money from Instagram ads.

From Not to Hot: Family Crisis teased June’s return, but it’s nothing more than a teaser.

June is not an active participant in that season, on the grounds that she cannot be trusted with a reality TV salary.

Her family knows, and WeTV know, that June would immediately spend it all on Geno, his friends, and very likely on drugs.

Our hearts go out to June’s loved ones as they continue to watch her life spiral out of control. We hope that she wakes up before it’s too late.

Hannah Ann Sluss: Here’s Why Fans Are SURE She’s The Bachelorette!

Those of us who are following The Bachelor Spoilers finally know Peter Weber’s final choice. But one question hangs in the air.

Who will be the next Bachelorette? A lot of fans are pointing to Hannah Ann Sluss, and it makes a lot of sense.

Hannah Ann Sluss isn’t just another frontrunner on Season 24 of The Bachelor.

Even in a crowd of truly stunning, beautiful women on Peter’s season, Hannah Ann stands out from the rest.

She is also especially young. This April, she will turn 24 years old.

Assuming that she does not somehow end up with Peter — which we’ll explain is still technically possible — she could end up with her own season.

People on social media seem convinced that Hannah Ann is a shoe-in for leading lady, but it’s still a polarizing topic.

“Idk this might just be me,” one writes, “but I feel like Peter will chose Madison and Hannah Ann will be the next Bachelorette.”

Another vows: “If Hannah Ann is the next bachelorette I am boycotting.”

“Bear with me: Hannah Ann for bachelorette,” says another. “Think about it… I’m here for it.”

“Hannah Ann is doing whatever she can to be the Bachelorette,” another accuses.

Another comment opines: “I would bet money that Hannah Ann is the next bachelorette.”

“It feels like Hannah Ann studied textbooks about how to be successful on The Bachelor,” one tweet begins.

The tweet concludes by saying that she wants to be good enough “just to last long enough to become the Bachelorette.”

Now we’re getting into serious spoiler territory, so buckle up.

It is believed that Peter sleeps with at least one of his final three contestants and possibly two of them — so probably Hannah Ann.

That’s very normal for people who are dating and also for the show, but Madison Prewett becomes distressed.

It is reported that she removes herself from the situation, excusing herself from Peter’s consideration, to Peter’s chagrin.

So where does that leave Hannah Ann?

Well, if you believe the conspiracy theory that she’s been angling for her own season this whole time, right where she wants to be.

A frontrunner, abandoned by an indecisive and deeply horny Bachelor at the last minute while he chases after the one that got away?

Even if Hannah Ann weren’t one of the prettiest women on the planet, that would put her high up in the consideration pool for the next season.

Hannah Ann has a lot of potential as a Bachelorette beside her (possibly intentional) storyline appeal as Peter’s runner-up.

Unlike, say, Victoria Fuller, she doesn’t have a racism scandal that, however unintentional, is hurting her career.

She also mostly stayed out of the drama … except for champagne-gate, of course.

That seems like just the right proportion of drama to make someone interesting enough to be a non-boring leading lady, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, there may be reasons to believe that Hannah Ann is not the Bachelorette, despite the hopes (and fears) of the Bachelor Nation.

First of all, she is so young. Let’s be honest — people probably shouldn’t get married before they’re 25. 

Some (older) fans have been complaining about how young the contestants are. A super young Bachelorette is not what they’re demanding.

And then there’s the question fo whether or not Hannah Ann ended up with Peter after all.

See, someone who shared a Tik Tok of themselves with Hannah Ann at a Knoxville restaurant claims to be in the know.

According to them, the gorgeous young model was talking about looking at apartments with someone who sounded a lot like Peter.

That’s all a little dubious, right? But it’s possible that Peter struck out with Madison and went crawling to Hannah Ann.

You know, like Arie Luyendyk Jr. did, but without being a soulless monster about it.

That said, Reality Steve reports that Madison Prewett may be engaged to Peter after all.

Peter and Madison were reportedly dating after the season concluded, but then, just recently, Madison was spotted filming in Alabama.

With no sign of Peter, it’s possible that it’s some sort of promo or follow-up with her, possibly even teasing Madison as the Bachelorette.

But it’s also possible that the cameras were there to film Peter proposing to Madison, weeks after the season (proper) ended. We just don’t know.