Mackenzie McKee Shares Her Thirstiest Photo EVER!

Last week, Mackenzie McKee revealed that she had caught her husband cheating, but then hastily walked back her accusations.

But she’s making sure that anybody hoping to be Josh’s side piece knows exactly how hot — and thirsty — their competition is.

“Staying thirsty,” Mackenzie McKee captioned the photo that you are about to see.

She’s showing off her hot body in a pink bikini.

Mackenzie puts a lot of serious work into her incredible body, as anyone can tell.

But as you can see in this photo, she also has a fun sense of humor.

Most of us may think of thirsty photos as social media hotties who want attention or perhaps more fame, or thirst traps for followers.

But staying hydrates is also important.

We can’t say that most drink containers are traditionally that large … not when they’re intended for one person.

But if you’re as thirsty as Mackenzie clearly is, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, right?

To be clear, she was drinking water. We just want to get that part out of the way.

The context for the photo was that she was enjoying her Memorial Day weekend.

Mackenzie also made sure that her followers knew that her kids were enjoying themselves, too.

They enjoyed floating on the lake under their mother’s watchful eye.

Mackenzie’s weekend had its ups and downs, however. The past couple of weeks have been complicated?

Why? Because she exposed Josh’s “affair.”

According to her, starting right around her mother’s tragic passing last year, Josh’s behavior changed.

He was staying out until the wee hours of the morning on alleged “fishing” trips.

Mackenzie laid out the claims as clear as day on social media.

What’s more, she says that when she snooped to find out what he was doing, she discovered that he was constantly talking to another woman.

That other woman was none other than Mackenzie’s own cousin — her close cousin.

That, she explained, felt like a jarring betrayal — one that she had never expected.

However, Mackenzie didn’t take long before she changed her tune.

She later said that Josh had only had an “emotional affair.”

And although the word “cheating” had appeared on her social media accounts, she insisted that she had never described Josh’s actions with that word.

For the record, it is 100% possible to cheat on your spouse without meeting up in person. People do it every day.

But Mackenzie’s most recent explanations for her husband’s behavior sound less like she was cheated on and more like he hired her as his rep.

She’s saying that he was just texting her cousin for advice on how to handle her.

Mackenzie has spoken openly about how her mental and emotional health have suffered in the wake of her mother’s tragic passing.

We’re not sure what part of this alleged advice told Josh to stay out late for so many nights, though.

Regardless of what Josh did or did not do, it is up to Mackenzie whether or not to believe him.

It is also up to her to decide what comes next.

Countless couples endure affairs — emotional or otherwise — and are able to move on.

For others, it’s just one of many signs that a relationship is over.

Britney Spears Delights Fans with First Music Release in Four Years!!

Britney Spears has been making lockdown easier on us all, and was finally able to reunite with her hunky boyfriend.

Now, she has shocked and thrilled millions of fans by releasing her first new music in four years.

Earlier this month, Britney told her fans and followers that she had heard them loud and clear.

“You asked for a new Glory cover,” she acknowledged.

“Bnd since it went to number one,” Britney reasoned, “we had to make it happen!”

“Couldn’t have done it without you all!” she gushed about her 2016 album, Glory.

But Britney had more up her sleeve than a new album cover for an existing album.

On Thursday, Britney stunned us all with the announcement that she would be dropping a track for streaming.

The track is out now and available for streaming across multiple platforms, including YouTube.

The song is “Mood Ring,” and is available due to widely expressed demand by fans.

Britney Spears "Mood Ring" on youtube

“Mood Ring” isn’t technically a new song — it was on the Japanese exclusive release of Glory in 2016.

(Specifically, “Mood Ring” was recorded on June 10, 2015 at DJ Mustard’s studio … let’s pretend that I like Britney music a normal amount)

But even those of us hardcore Britney fanatics who collect every version of each of her albums and get all of the exclusives were frustrated.

Owning a song is great, but these days, so much of the music industry (unfortunately) depends on streaming.

Until Thursday night, there was no where in the US for people to (legally) stream “Mood Ring.”

Streaming isn’t just a convenience — though it is nice to be able to just sit in your living room and bark orders to a cylinder to play you a song.

The stats for streaming also play a huge role in online stan culture, which is fueled by social media.

Everybody wants their favorite star and their favorite songs by that star to do big numbers.

Of course, “Mood Ring” isn’t the only victim of album version exclusivity that fans would love to see the light of day.

Singer, songwriter, actor, and author Simon Curtis very correctly opined that Britney’s “Amnesia” should receive the same treatment.

Britney has produced no shortage of bops, so it is extremely difficult to rank all of her best songs.

But suffice it to say that “Amnesia,” which was a digital bonus track in the UK and Japan for Circus, always makes it onto my playlists.

Truth be told, “Glory” was not Britney’s strongest album. 

We won’t try to dive into which was her absolute best (it’s so hard to say), but that’s beside the point.

If Britney can generate this level of excitement with one song dredged up from memory and made available for streaming, she can do it again.

And we can only imagine how much we will all be flipping out with joy when she releases truly new music.

That said, we would never want to rush Britney into anything, and we think that most Britney stans understand that.

She has already given us all more fantastic music than anyone has the right to request.

Britney is also still under her father’s conservatorship. She is also focused upon her mental health and on being a mom.

She has a lot on her plate. The new music can wait.

Khloe Kardashian Assures Concerned Fans: We Probably Didn’t Endanger Our Kids!

Despite Scott Disick’s ongoing struggles, the self-styled Lord celebrated his birthday this week.

But fans were alarmed when they saw the family gathering together and letting the children mingle. Are they safe?

Khloe Kardashian shared photos of her family’s reunion this week.

Scott’s birthday was on Tuesday, May 26.

The kids could be seen on Khloe’s Instagram Stories playing in a bouncy castle and generally being adorable.

But was this a harmless get-together … or, as many fans immediately feared, a dangerous and unnecessary risk.

“They are all cousins,” Khloe explains in her response.

Obviously, being family does not magically make one less likely to catch the coronavirus from each other — if anything, it’s the opposite.

But Khloe quickly details her meaning so that there is no confusion.

“So,” she reasons, “we know how they’ve been quarantined.”

“And,” Khloe notes, “there are [fewer] than 10 people with us.”

That number, of course, is key.

She explains: “It is literally what the governor states is perfectly OK to do in the state of CA.”

Different states have different rules, some more lenient than others, thanks to a disturbing lack of leadership at the federal level.

The COVID-19 pandemic has us all understandably on edge.

Many of us are aware of our area’s rules but choose to take extra precautions.

Some of us went on lockdown days or even weeks before our states or cities officially adopted hte policies.

Similarly, many of us won’t set foot in bars or restaurants even after they are allowed to reopen (some states are already doing that).

So yes, something being technically permitted by state guidelines doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.

Why then, would the Kardashians take the risk?

For one thing, they know that they have minimized the risk in ways that only the ultra-wealthy can.

While some people are making less than $10 for jobs deemed essential, millionaires can hole up, stock up, and avoid all risks of exposure.

That’s not a reason to have a gathering, though — minimal risk is still risk, right?

One possible very good reason to get together is for Scott’s benefit.

We all know that he has been struggling with his mental and emotional wellness, particularly during lockdown.

It’s not necessarily that the lockdown itself was bad for him so much that it freed him from distractions from his own issues.

People with various types of depression have relied upon walks, video chatting, and other coping mechanisms, as lockdown is especially hard on them.

Scott, we imagine, was greatly soothed by the presence of family.

Seeing not only his kids but also his various niblings must have been a real source of comfort and peace.

Family will come together in order to lift up one of their own. It’s the Kardashian way.

But as Khloe says, they knew exactly where everyone involved had been, which does provide a degree of risk mitigation.

After months of lockdown, they could have this meet-up without the same level of danger as, say eating in a crowded restaurant.

We hope that the family remains safe, and we’re not just talking about Kris.

Children and young, healthy adults can also be impacted by COVID-19. No family deserves that kind of horror.

Brielle Biermann DESTROYS Critics: Yes, I Am Naturally This Hot!

Brielle Biermann is many things.

She’s a reality star. She’s an entrepreneur. She’s a walking, talking thirst trap.

She is also the last person about whom you want to make claims that you can’t back up.

After the Don’t Be Tardy star and Real Housewives of Atlanta progeny shared some gorgeous, natural selfies, she was accused of faking them.

Her skin couldn’t look so smooth and glowy naturally, right?

Wrong – as Brielle explained when she clapped back hard at the accusations that were fired her way.

Take a look below and see her words, and the tantalizing photos in question, for yourself.

1. Here is how it started

Brielle biermann flaunts natural look
Brielle Biermann is 23 and outrageously hot. She redid her look for 2020 and it is WORKING for her. But the Don’t Be Tardy star’s general, unquestionable hotness is not the source of contention.

2. What got people talking was her caption

Brielle biermann fresh out of the pool
When Brielle posted this pair of photos on Tuesday, May 26, she included a caption: “No hair extensions, no makeup, just chillin.'”

3. What was the issue?

Brielle biermann is cozy at home
People — including infamous media outlets like The Daily Mail — questioned her “claim” to be going makeup free. How could selfies that hot be barefaced?

4. They declared that she was lying

Brielle biermann chills by the poolside
Without even trying to guess at what alleged motive Brielle might have for such a fib, she was accused of making a pointless lie.

5. It was weird

Brielle biermann shares hot tan car selfie
Keep in mind that we’re talking about Brielle, here. She’s been open about her lip fillers, both getting and then, more recently, removing them. When she wears makeup, it’s crystal clear.

6. Now, she is clapping back

Brielle biermann ig defends makeup free look
“Hahahha what the f–k. Why would I lie about not having makeup on..?” Brielle remarks.

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Kailyn Lowry Trashes Critics of Fourth Pregnancy: Mind Your Friggen Business!

Even Kailyn Lowry’s harshest critics should keep one thing in mind: at least she’s better that Jenelle Evans.

But she is still getting bombarded with questions about her fourth pregnancy, And folks, Kail has had enough.

Taking to TikTok as she has before, Kailyn Lowry is using social media to express her deep frustrations with fan questions.

“Why 4 kids?” one quoted fan question asks.

Another question pops up, reading: “Do you know what birth control is?”

The first could be read as innocuous but blunt. The second is a confrontational question.

“Are you gonna try for a girl?” another question reads.

Notably, Kail has sort of addressed this, saying that she would do gender selection for baby #5.

Another asks: “Do you want [any more]?”

That seems to be up in the air, given Kail’s current life situation and relationship status.

“Aren’t you tired?” another fan asks.

We can only assume that the answer to this question is yes.

“Will you have another baby dad?” reads another commonly asked fan question.

So many questions, and so little tact.

“I don’t know,” Kail repeatedly mouths as the music plays in the TikTok video.

The music is incorrectly listed on TikTok as “original sound.”

The song is actually “Steppin'” by Supa Dupa Humble Feat. Mills Supreme.

If you don’t recognize music yourself, you can always check to make sure that you’re giving credit where credit is due.

Then comes Kailyn’s reply to the constant life-choices-shaming and mom-shaming that she receives.

“I don’t ask y’all to babysit,” Kail points out.

“So,” she demands, “mind your business.”

It’s true that Kailyn is a public figure, but there are lines that should not be crossed, right?

First of all, whether Kailyn does or does not opt to build a tiny human being in her uterus and then yeet it out is entirely up to her.

Her body, her choice extends to having kids just as much as it extends to not having kids.

While some fan questions are to be expected, people need to keep in mind that it’s not up to them.

It’s not up to fans, it’s not up to her existing baby daddies. It’s Kail’s call.

That doesn’t mean that fans can’t ask questions, of course.

Some of the more well-meaing queries have seemed to revolve around Kail’s choice in baby daddy.

Chris Lopez is, to put it bluntly, not a good dude.

Fans hate to see Kail further cement her ties to this man, and they feel that her future child deserves a better father.

But even the most well-meaning questions and suggestions in the world aren’t likely to do much.

Kail has made it extremely clear that she is not going to change her entire life to please fans.

That means that harassing her will not accomplish anything other than add to her stress.

Do we need to be piling onto a pregnant woman’s mentions with harsh words? Probably not.

If you have a bone to pick with Kailyn, you could talk with other fans about her alarming anti-vaxx stance.

While her first two children were lucky enough to get proper medical care, Lux has not been so lucky.

We can only hope that she will come around and follow the advice of doctors.

Lux and Baby #4 shouldn’t have to wait until they’re teens and can sneak off to a clinic for vaccinations, as some teens have done.

Kailyn lowry trashes critics of fourth pregnancy mind your frigg

Denise Richards: Why is Lisa Rinna Trying to DESTROY Me?!

In the aftermath of Kyle Richards’ meltdown last week, the ladies of Beverly Hills opted to take a break with a trip to Santa Barbara.

But tempers continued to flare, and Denise Richards fears that her friend of twenty years is suddenly out to get her. But why?

First of all, the only Housewife not taking part in the trip was Garcelle Beauvais.

It’s because she has to travel for work so she can’t make it but, yeah, the optics are unfortunate to say the least.

Instead, we see Garcelle gather up her boys and say goodbye, which was a very sweet if awkwardly staged moment.

She also takes the time to say that PTA moms who try to give her a hard time about traveling can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, so to speak.

Meanwhile, the Housewives discussed Denise’s hangups about how her kids may have heard some of a fairly adult discussion.

“Don’t we normally talk like that?” Lisa Rinna points out. “She took her husband to get a happy ending, she can’t get offended.”

Erika, using unfortunate terminology, points out: “They had a hooker at Thanksgiving!”

Dorit seems to be the only one who understands the nuance between Mom Denise’s boundaries and Denise when her kids aren’t there.

The chatter died down when Denise joined the ladies, but then it picked right up again.

Sutton Stracke had a suggestion for Denise to help her to avoid this complicated situation in the future.

“Maybe when it’s an adult party like that,” she recommended, “just don’t invite the kids.”

That sweetly phrased shade did not go over well with Denise.

Denise correctly asserted that it was her house, and her party.

“Of course it’s nothing they haven’t heard,” Denise acknowledged, in reference to normal teen conversations.

She explained: “I just didn’t want them to hear it from their mom and mom’s friends.”

Still, she said that she would be “mindful” of her kids being in earshot for future Housewife gatherings.

Erika, with whom Denise had previously discussed all of this, asked about Sami’s reaction after the fact.

Denise, however, decided to shut it down.

“We’re done,” she she announced.

Denise added: “I don’t want to talk about my kids right now.”

“But I don’t talk to my kids about a happy ending or my husband’s penis,” Denise later explained.

Now, Erika recalled when Denise had posted a deeply horny and frankly revealing photo of her husband, Aaron the sound wizard, on social media.

After all, anybody over 13 can be on social media. They could see that.

Denise acknowledged that she then removed the photo because it made her kids “uncomfortable.” We can imagine.

But as Erika explained, they were feeling that Denise wasn’t just setting a boundary — they felt judged by Denise.

“You can’t talk about the size of your husband’s penis and getting a happy ending and then we’re the bad moms,” Erika lamented.

“I think it’s a little convoluted for us,” Lisa told her friend.

“You have to f–king own it,” she added. “You can’t be a hypocrite about it.”

“Do you talk about the hookers with your kids, about the hookers Charlie brings around?” Lisa ended up asking Denise.

This came as a shock to Denise and to, frankly, everyone else. (Also, it’s not too much to ask to say sex workers; “hookers” is rude)

Lise added: “You’ve been quite free with us.”

“Privately, I’ve had private conversations with them,” Denise said.

“Wow, that’s my friend of 20 years,” Denise fumed in the confessional.

“She knows I’ve protected these kids all these years,” she added.

“I don’t know if she’s trying to embarrass me  or humiliate me,” Denise lamented. “I don’t know.”

“I don’t know what her agenda is,” Denise continued about Lisa.

“But whatever it is,” she expressed, “it’s f–king hurtful, really hurtful.”

Was Lisa really trying to hurt Denise? Was she trying to do her job?

Or … was she trying to give Denise a chance to delve into a sensitive topic to help everyone understand her perspective?

Denise richards why is lisa rinna trying to destroy me

Larissa Lima: I Want Half a Million to Do Porn! No Money, No Honey!

Last week, it was reported that Larissa Lima is getting into porn. Larissa’s announcement demonstrated a reversal from her previous stance.

Now, she has announced the hefty price to be paid before “The Queen” bares it all for fans.

Larissa Lima is a 90 Day Fiance legend, and we are positively beside ourselves with excitement.

After all, next month, she will be returning to 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? as a divorcee.

She and Colt have gone their separate ways, as he moves on to his next Brazilian model (poor Jess Caroline deserves better).

But Larissa has also made another, stunning announcement.

Larissa Lima IG Story OnlyFans "soon"

After showing a series of DMs from someone who appears to have been harassing her to join OnlyFans …

(Seriously, dudes, do not harass people like this)

… Larissa wrote the word “soon” in massive, unmissable letters, seeming to indicate that she will be signing up.

OnlyFans is an adult media site where subscribers pay a set price each month for access to titillating content, from artistic nudes to raunchy videos.

Larissa Lima: Would I Do Porn 01

In the past — just a little over a year ago — Larissa had indicated that no, she was not interested in porn.

Her somewhat cryptic answer suggested that she likes to choose whom she bones.

In traditional porn — where you sign up with a studio that arranges your production schedule — you’re not really choosing your partners.

However, OnlyFans is very much a la carte. In fact, many OnlyFans stars never feature another person in their videos.

Interestingly, however, Larissa’s more recent Instagram activity seems to indicate that fans (and we here at THG) misunderstood her message.

Discussing her upcoming OnlyFans account on Instagram Live, Larissa says that she plans for the content to be “sweet” and “sexy.”

She does, however, plan to figure out what she likes and wants for the account before the begins.

That is smart. And that’s not all that Larissa had to say.

“So I came here because I got a lot of questions,” Larissa announced on the livestream.

“This and that, people posting that I was going to be a porn star,” she noted.

“Driving me nuts,” Larissa expressed. “It’s not true.”

We’re admittedly a little confused about what her OnlyFans is going to be, but maybe we’re using different definitions of porn.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima - where are this money

Larissa observes that “people are posting in the press that I’m going to be a porn star.”

“No, I’m not going to be a porn star,” she clarifies.

“Half a million dollars,” Larissa names as her price for doing porn.

“$500,000,” she continues, “I would do.” Elsewhere, she writes: “No money, no honey.”

Okay, so from what we have seen, a lot of OnlyFans accounts charge a monthly subscription of $14.99.

Some more, some less, but let’s say that Larissa creates one and charges that.

In order to make $500,000 per month, the easy math says that she would need 33,356 subscribers paying that rate.

But since OnlyFans takes a 20% cut, she’d need to make $625,000 per month, which means that she’d need 41,695 monthly subscribers.

At this point, we’re being a little silly, but if Larissa doesn’t need to make a cool half a mil each month but each year, the math is different.

That way, she would need only 3,475 monthly subscribers paying $14.99 each month.

That’s still a tremendous number of subscribers and would mean raking in a sizable, upper class income each year.

But if enough of Larissa’s fans are interested in seeing a side of her that they’ve never seen before, well, she could pull it off.

Larissa Lima got bleached

As we suggested earlier, it may be that something is being lost in translation here.

Perhaps, to Larissa, “porn” only refers to hardcore pornography featuring multiple people engaged in various sex acts.

Others might consider whatever tastefully sexy content that Larissa has in mind to be “porn.” Language is complicated.

If fans and Larissa are using different definitions of “porn,” that would explain confusion over her OnlyFans plans.

If Larissa did opt to do full-on hardcore content, as many OnlyFans stars do, she wouldn’t have to recruit a porn star.

We’re sure that some fans would love to see her ottery thirst trap of a boyfriend, Eric Nichols, get involved.

But no matter what fans want to see, it’s important to respect Larissa’s bodily autonomy.

She’ll make an OnlyFans if, when, and how she likes. If you want to have a say in it, you better fork up half a million.

NeNe Leakes EXPOSED Cheating on Cancer-Stricken Husband!

NeNe Leakes has just suffered a setback, as it’s reported that Yovanna Momplaisir will be a Full Housewife in Season 13.

When it rains, it pours: NeNe is now accused of being a huge cheater.

The Daily Mail reports that NeNe Leakes has engaged in an “inappropriate relationship” with a family friend.

The man in question is named Rodney White.

He is a director, and he works for the United States Department of Agriculture.

Reportedly, he and NeNe have known each other since before she became famous.

Now, we all know that NeNe’s marriage to Gregg Leakes has had its ups and downs, to say the least.

Famously, as Gregg fought for dear life against colon cancer, he said nasty, hateful, and “evil” things to NeNe.

Sadly, many family members who have had loved ones go through cancer treatments know that they may see them at their worst.

Still, everyone thought that the Leakes marriage was doing better, if not back on track.

According to the report, however, NeNe and Rodney have been spotted out and about.

This goes back as far as 2017, allegedly.

If the report’s allegations are true, that would mean that they were hooking up during Gregg’s fight for his life.

It would also mean that even in recent months, NeNe has continued stepping out.

It’s also reported that NeNe may be concerned that Rodney isn’t doing this for the right reasons.

It’s said that he likes the affluence and lifestyle that come with being a Real Housewife, and wants a piece of that for himself.

He’s been friends with her since before that began, but that seems to be a possible reason for which the affair only started a few years ago.

Is that worth risking her whole marriage?

That said … NeNe has previously claimed that she and Gregg have an “understanding.”

She did not elect to go into detail at the time.

The implication, however, seemed to be that NeNe had given him implicit (or explicit?) permission to bone left and right.

What if she has that same “understanding” on her end?

NeNe basically announced that she’s fine if Gregg lays extramarital pipe.

So why can’t she get her backwalls hit extrmaritally, so to speak?

As NeNe explained it at the time, it just sounded like Gregg’s cheating did not feel worth ruining her marriage.

But what if she’s not a long-suffering yet permissive wife, but in a truly open relationship and enjoying her best life?

We would of course be thrilled to have some real open marriage discussions on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Real Housewives are no strangers to discussing their sex habits with each other and on camera.

In recent years, we’ve heard about threesomes, “train” rumors, and post-massage “happy endings,” none of which involved cheating.

But given NeNe’s behavior, any discussions in Season 13 that involve her may not paint her in such a friendly light.

NeNe spent the end of Season 12 making nice with most of her castmates.

However, she decided to “slither away” during the Reunion, even though she had plenty of incentives to stay part of the discussion.

This — and her other behaviors — may alienate even her allies among her castmates.

Maybe she should make nice with them all before filming resumes and stories of her cheating inevitably take center stage?

Farrah Abraham Praises Self on Website for Sophia: I’m a Respected Icon!

Reality TV villain Farrah Abraham has been using her 11-year-old daughter for publicity and profit for years.

Farrah has now launched a website for Sophia … and she’s making it all about her and her barely intelligible word salads.

Anyone can mess up a sentence. The more that you write, the more errors you produce. It’s normal.

But in Farrah Abraham’s case, she generates word salad so regularly that it’s rarer to see her produce intelligible statements.

This phenomenon also arises in her speech. She serves word salads for every meal.

So it is no great surprise that when she launched a website for 11-year-old Sophia, Farrah peppered it with barely readable nonsense.

Sophia Abraham website panel photo 01

While the website was presumably designed by a professional, its written content bears the unmistakable mark of Farrah.

The good folks over at The Ashley picked up a number of the most bonkers lines that Farrah wrote.

“Sophia’s passion of singing, dancing, acting, and modeling matched with her silly, brilliance makes her one to watch in 2020,” she writes.

Sophia’s silly, brilliance notwithstanding, that mostly made sense.

“Sophia has been featured on covers of Life&Style, Us weekly, INTouch, and hundreds of top media and press news outlets,” Farrah writes.

She says that Sophia has been featured “for her eyebrows, loosing teeth, birthdays, top girls name, beauty brands, social platforms and much more.”

That is … a deeply weird list, mostly for the inclusion of top girls name.

That’s just a bizarre thing to list. Also she put two Os in “losing” but we can let that one slide, right?

“Sophia has been featured in music videos such as “Blowin” for anti-bullying that grossed over 3 million views,” Farrah boasts.

She adds: “covers of a New York Times Best selling book “My Teenage Dream Ended“ with over 500,000 copies sold.”

“Sophia also has created a natural beauty kit for mothers and children that is seasonal “Mommy & Me” Kit,” Farrah writes.

It’s always interesting to look at the points in the sentence where Farrah’s ability to string words together coherently breaks down.

“Sophia is currently raised by her loving mother and highly regarded celebrity icon and business woman, Farrah Abraham,” she claims.

Whether or not Farrah is a “loving mother” is not exactly settled among fans, but sure, let’s let that one go.

“Highly regarded,” she says? By whom? Farrah is infamous for her bad behavior, including racist rants.

Yes, Farrah is a businesswoman. You don’t have to be successful or even good at it to have that title, you just have to try.

Sophia Abraham website panel photo 02

“Sophia has continued her career in acting, singing, modeling,” Farrah writes.

Confusingly, she continues: “from reality television and entertainment on MTV’s hit Franchised shows Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG.”

Farrah even plugs: “new season this 2020.”

Why, we wonder, is she plugging the franchise that she claims to despise? Perhaps because as long as it exists, she can more easily make headlines.

Here is where Farrah’s attempt at writing sentences turns into a true word jumble.

“This mom & daughter duo concurs the scripted scene in LA among the public antics her single mom goes through,” Farrah writes.

She continues: “elevating in this next decade for them both in this becoming of age podcast.”

Well that is nothing but gibberish. 

Farrah’s sentences don’t make sense because her thoughts are erratic.

What we see as nonsensical word salad may make perfect sense to her, which may partially explain her abhorrent political leanings.

We have to wonder … when Farrah reads structured, coherent sentences, do they seem zany and disorganized to her?

One day, maybe Sophia will write a book about what it’s really been like with Farrah as her mom.