The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City: Andy Cohen Announces New Series!

There’s one reason that Austen Kroll is giving relationship updates and Kelly Dodd is chilling with Ramona Singer in New York.

The very first Bravocon is here, and at the convention, Andy Cohen made a startling, exciting announcement.

“We’ve always tried to choose a city that has completely unique personalities,” Andy Cohen announced at the big reveal on Saturday.

He continued: “And we also try to throw a little curveball now and then.”

“Pick somewhere you weren’t expecting,” he clarified..

Andy then expressed: “We are very excited to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah!”

“You didn’t see it coming,” Andy freely acknowledged.

“But I have to tell you, in Utah, you have the majesty of the mountains, the Mormon religion,” he listed.

Andy continueds: “An exclusive community of people who have very successful businesses who live in their own universe.”

“It is gorgeous,” he gushed. “And I think you’re going to be really surprised and intrigued by the group of women we’ve found.”

Bravo also released a more formal reveal of the exciting new addition to the wildly successful franchise.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City takes viewers into an undiscovered world,” the official Bravo announcement reads.

The statement adds that it’s a world “that is about so much more than religion.”

“Although,” the announcement acknowledges, “the Mormon church is undeniably ingrained in the culture.”

“In the majestic mountains of Utah is a hidden social circle made up of successful women,” the announcement contnues.

Bravo describes them as woman “who have created their own paradise filled with luxury homes, shopping sprees, and multi-million-dollar businesses and brands.”

“With Hollywood’s exclusive Sundance Film Festival in their backyards,” the statement notes.

Bravo teases: “These Type-A power-brokers are accustomed to rubbing elbows with A-listers and what party list you are on means everything.”

“They have mastered running wildly successful enterprises by day and enjoy après ski at the finest resorts by night,” Bravo dishes.

The announcement adds that they do this “all the while raising extraordinary and unconventional families.”

“Here perfection is not an aspiration, it’s a mandate,” the network dramatically expresses.

That may be the single best line of the entire reveal. it’s not even done and I’m already sold.

“They hold themselves and each other to an extremely high standard,” Bravo’s announcement points out.

The women have lofty expectations “and never hold back when things go sideways.”

“But lord knows they are always there for each other when they need it most,” the statement concludes.

That is so exciting … but who will star on it?

Nicole Cliffe Real Housewives of Salt Lake City spec tweet

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a cast list. If we did, we would be showing you their names instead of snaps from Reunion specials.

If you’re like me, the first name who came to mind at the idea of wealthy housewives in Utah was Slate writer Nicole Cliffe.

But despite her cult-like following on Twitter, she has already confirmed that she will not be part of the cast.

She herself is speculating on Twitter about who might be a good fit for the show. Let’s hope that she joins in Season 2.

Update: Nicole now reports that her network of Utah socialite friends have identified two cast members: Lisa Barlow and Angie Harrington.

Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy: We’re Back Together! For Now!

So much of recent Southern Charm news has been about Kathryn Dennis and her disgraced criminal baby daddy. It’s time for something different.

Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy have had an on-again, off-again relationship with some serious and dramatic ups and downs.

Now, Austen has confirmed that the tumultuous duo are back together … for now.

Have you noticed that a lot of your favorite Real Hosuewives and Southern Charm stars are in New York this week? It’s not a coincidence.

They’re in the Big Apple for Bravocon, a convention for Bravo stars.

On Friday, November 15, Austun Kroll took part in a panel that spoke with fans.

Also on the panel were Patricia Altschul, Kathryn Dennis, Cameran Eubanks, Shep Rose, and Craig Conover.

It was on this panel that Austen divulged that he and Madison Lecroy have reconciled and are back together.

“This week, I’m doing well with Madison,” he joked.

Austen’s joke continued: “Next week, I’ll let you all know.”

It’s a nod to the instability and on-again, off-again nature of their romance.

“I tried to go our separate ways,” Austen explained to fans.

But he readily admitted: “Madison has been a person for me for a long, long time.”

“It’s hard to walk away from someone like that,” Austen confessed.

Some times, two people just click … even if not all of the sparks that are flying are emotionally healthy or conducive to their happiness.

“She really is a hell of a woman,” Austen openly gushed.

Continuing to sing her praiser, he expressed: “She’s got it going on.”

So, we have heard, did the fabled mother of Stacy.

“I find it hard to walk away from her,” Austen offered to fans and fellow panelists.

Fans may be happy to see this cute couple back together or they may be annoyed by the news.

But Southern Charm viewers are very well aware that Madison and her relationship with Austen just did not click well with some members of the cast.

Madison clashed with Danni Baird. She clashed with Shep Rose.

However, Austen informed the audience that Madison was totally chill with everyone and that all beefs had been quashed.

Patricia Altschul disgreed. She said that peace has not been forged.

“Madison told me about that night,” she revealed at the panel. “She said she bit her tongue.”

Shep was hurt, saying: “That is not nice for her to say that.”

Craig straight up blurted out: “I think they are horrible together.”

Back in August, Madison admitted to Us Weekly that her relationship with Austen has been “complicated.”

“Austen’s a grown man. He can make that decision on his own,” Madison said.

She continued: “I do tell him that you end up being influenced by the top five people that you hang out with.”

Madison added: “Or even betrayed is the same kind of vibe that they’re giving off.”

“I tell him now,” Madison continued. “I’m like, ‘Now that you’re a business man, let’s act like it.'”

“Craig is Craig,” she stated. “I’ve known Craig for a long time. It’s so crazy.”

Madison said that it was nuts “because he acts so chill when it’s just me around him on my own, and then he has a lot of things to say.”

“I’m never mad at Craig,” she concluded. “I mean, come on.”

Kelly Dodd: Is She Joining The Real Housewives of New York City?

Kelly Dodd has made her share of enemies on The Real Housewives of Orange County. There’s no questioning that.

But now that the reality star is engaged to Rick Leventhal, there’s real talk of her moving to New York to be with him.

Ramona singer and kelly dodd on ig

In a new video, she and Romana Singer tease something extraordinary, posing a question that would make Bravo fans flip:

What if Kelly joins The Real Housewives of New York City?

Kelly Dodd shared a few short glimpses of herself in New York, including a look at her dining with fellow Housewife Ramona/

“So I’m having lunch with the beautiful Ramona.” Kelly says, before Ramona insists on showing off Kelly’s engagement ring.

“She wants me to be on the Real Housewives of New York,” Kelly explains.

She asks her legions of fans and followers:

“What do you think about that?”

Kelly dodd and rick leventhal are engaged

“Yeah!” Ramona exclaims enthusastically.

She adds: “You’re moving to New York.”

Ramona then reasons that, since she’s apparently moving across the country anyway, Kelly should “join the show!”

That’s an intriguing idea, for obvious reasons. However, despite the appeal, it’s not without its potential pitfalls.

Kelly dodd rick leventhal engagement ig story 01

The logistics of Kelly moving to New York could be tricky. Right now, she and her ex both reside in Orange County.

While they’re engaged, they’ve also been living apart and living separate lives, so to speak, up until now anyway.

Though that works just fine at the moment, Kelly’s daughter Jolie would be a complication, to phrase it indelicately.

Kelly dodd and rick leventhal

Uprooting a kid’s life is seldom a good idea, even if it’s permitted or encouraged by the other parent in the picture.

And Rick has kids too, so there’s no easy answer here.

But let’s say for argument’s sake that, one way or the other, Kelly 100 percent commits to her move to New York.

Kelly dodd rick leventhal engagement ig story 02

It’s not like transferring schools.

Nobody is guaranteed Housewife status, even if they would be welcomed back on their original show at the end of the day.

Will Andy and Bravo and all of those producers sign off on Kelly joining up with The Real Housewives of New York City?

She would have to fit in with the new dynamic in an interesting and marketable way. Plausible, yes, but not guaranteed.

Kelly dodd rick leventhal engagement ig story 03

“I’m beyond excited for our future together,” the 44-year-old Dodd gushed after her engagement announcement was revealed.

“Rick is my best friend,” she affirmed.

She also referred to the Fox News correspondent as “My partner in crime.” It was in New York where he proposed to her.

Kelly dodd rick leventhal engagement ig story 04

“I’m so in love,” Kelly raved.

She expressed how it didn’t quite feel real yet, saying: “I can’t believe this happened to me.”

“I feel like I just won the lottery,” Kelly gushed.

With a ring the size of the one that Rick gave her, that’s not too far from the truth.

Kelly dodd is beautiful on watch what happens live

Kelly even shared details of Rick’s proposal, which took place near an outdoor fireplace.

“He said this amazing speech about our love,’ Kelly described. She continued: 

“And then got down on one knee and pulled out this giant ring.”

“I couldn’t believe it!” Kelly concluded.

Back to the whole Bravo thing, there does happen to be an opening in NYC after a high-profile departure this fall.

Kelly and Bethenny Frankel have very different vibes, so we can’t really see Bravo swapping out one for the other.

(Besides, you know that they’ll hold open the door for Bethenny Frankel to return as well; let’s be real here.)

But if Kelly is already getting along well with Ramona, they could always have her film a few scenes just to test the waters.

They could add her as a “Friend” of the Housewives in New York at first and then see if she’ll get Housewife status from there.

Only time will tell. What do you think?

Kelly dodd is she joining the real housewives of new york city

Kourtney Kardashian Blasts Kim on KUWTK: Candy is Poison TRASH!

In recent weeks, it’s looked more and more like Kourtney Kardashian will leave Keeping Up With The Kardashians to focus on her kids.

But in this sneak peek for Sunday’s episode, Kourtney seems less worried about her kids and more about her “brand.”

Just days before Penelope and North’s huge party, Kourt starts insisting that the candy-centric party be stripped of everything good and fun.

Kuwtk kandy debate 01

North West and Penelope Disick famously throw a joint party each year, and their moms go all out and collaborate on the young cousins’ festivities.

This year, however, Kourtney has decided to create unnecessary problems on purpose just eight days before the big bash.

“I’m trying to do it somewhat healthy,” Kourtney begins, before Kim cuts her off and states the obvious.

“It’s Candyland, Kourtney,” Kim reasonably points out. “it’s not going to be healthy.”

Kuwtk kandy debate 02

Kim then begins to explain: “Nobody wants …”

“It can be!” Kourtney exists. “It can be.”

“It’s not gonna be healthy no matter what,” Kourt then admits. “Sugar’s not healthy.”

“But I’m saying let’s do … not the nasty stuff with food coloring and all, like gross s–t.”

Kuwtk kandy debate 03

“Give me an example of candy you want,” Kim asks testily.

While it sounds like Kourtney wants to reduce a fun party to a bunch of colorless, flavorless sugar, she simply replies “I don’t know.”

“I’ll have to look into it,” Kourt adds, and then says something muffled about “cotton candy.”

“The party is in eight days,” an exhasperated Kim points out.

Kuwtk kandy debate 04

“Kourtney has this vision of no sugar, or no ‘disgusting chemicals’ in candy,” Kim laments to the confessional camera.

She characterizes: “It’s like a completely sugar-free, gluten-free, party-free, fun-free zone.”

Kim continues, noting that it’s “because Kourtney has decided that.”

“And it really wasn’t the theme of what North and Penelope wanted for their birthday,” she points out.

Kuwtk kandy debate 05

“There’s just better solutions to things,” Kourtney continues to argue in the car.

She adds: “Instead of your dated candy that’s like literally food coloring that gives people diseases.”

We would be fascinated to hear what sort of “diseases” Kourt images are given by food coloring.

“This is, like, not the right theme,” Kim calmly says. Kourtney’s plan would work if the party’s motif were orthorexia, but not Candyland.

Kuwtk kandy debate 06

“So switch the theme!” Kourtney suggests, imploring Kim to ignore the wishes of both of their daughters for their one big, shared party of the year.

“My brand is not …” Kourt continues, before being interrupted by her deeply annoyed sister.

“Your brand?!” Kim exclaims. “This is about a kids’ party. This is not about your brand!”

“Yeah, but I’m saying what I stand for,” Kourtney argues. “Not a… kids’ party.”

Kuwtk kandy debate 07

“Why does your car have leather seats?” Kim then asks very pointedly. “Why are you wearing plastic glasses?”

While leather is all-natural and might still fit Kourt’s vibe, plastic is a petroleum product and, as Kim points out, does not.

Clearly, her point is that Kourt’s absurd War On Childhood Fun is not consistent in her own lifestyle.

That is to say nothing of the fact that one candy-centric party is not the same thing as making candy a dietary staple.

Kuwtk kandy debate 08

“I can’t believe that Kim isn’t willing to compromise at all,” Kourtney complains to the confessional camera.

“And,” Kourt absurdly adds, “that she doesn’t feel guilty about giving not only her kids and my kids but all these kids that are coming to our party …”

“… So much junk and candy,” her deeply silly complaint continues.

“It’s like … such a dated vibe to be like that,” Kourt’s confessional concludes.

Kuwtk kandy debate 09

We then see Kim make her case: “I want a fun kids’ party with real candy.”

Kourtney dismissive replies: “Well, that’s your problem.”

Orthorexia is a condition in which people obsess over food and its ingredients and will be fixated on foods that make her feel “pure and healthy.”

We’re not saying that this is what Kourtney has, but … anyone who thinks that eating normal candy on one day is a health disaster has issues.

Disordered eating habits aside, Kourtney is actling like the villain of a children’s movie.

Kourtney kardashian blasts kim on kuwtk candy is poison trash

Chelsea Houska Dishes on Adam Lind, Teen Mom 2, and Her Family’s Future

Chelsea Houska is easily one of the most beloved stars (maybe THE most beloved) of the Teen Mom franchise, and with good reason.

A big part of her appeal is that she keeps her head down and focuses on her own life, unemcumbered by the trappings of fame.

With that said, the pride of South Dakota sat down with the Don’t Tell Mom podcast to open up about a number of topics.

(Big shoutout to The Ashley for her very good transcription of the highlights.)

The Housk dishes on her troubled ex, what it’s really like to be a Teen Mom 2 star and how that has changed over the years.

On a family note, she and husband Cole have a lot of plans for the future – in terms of reality TV and growing their family.

Take a look at what Chelsea (and even Cole) shared below:

1. The Housk!!

Houska c
“I probably should have gotten permission technically to do this podcast,” Chelsea, who fans are always dying for updates from, admits. “To even do articles, we’re supposed to go through MTV Press, but I don’t think people do that anymore. I don’t like to break rules!” She’s so relatable!

2. She’s been coming out of her shell

Chelsea houska sells sunglasses
“This last year I feel like I’m kind of growing as a person,” Chelsea acknowledges. “Before I used to hide in my house, literally, hide in my house, all the time. Now I’m trying to put myself out there a little bit.”

3. That’s why her social media presence has been ramping up

Cole deboer and chelsea houska lookin good
“We are so lucky for the opportunities we have due to this platform,” Chelsea emphasizes. “So I’m finally being able to be like, ‘Listen, if you want to make the most of this, and anyone should, you’ve got to put yourself out there,’ and that’s what we’re trying to do now.”

4. Is Adam Lind returning?

Adam lind steroids photo
“No, I think that might have been a little click bait because he made an appearance on one episode because he showed up to one of Aubree’s softball games when we were filming,” Chelsea explains. “So they caught him on camera. I don’t think he’s coming back. Not that I know of.”

5. Even Chelsea gets online hate

Cole deboer and chelsea houska one year anniversary
“I’m very sensitive, and I just want people to like me. I care a lot,” she admits. Oh MOOD. “Luckily, our following is so supportive, and for the most part everyone is really sweet to us.”

6. Others have it worse

Houska chelsea
“We’re really lucky because I know some of the [‘Teen Mom’] girls get hit pretty hard by [haters],” Chelsea acknowledges. “It makes me feel really bad for them. But we all get it.” A lot of trolls are just being mean because it’s in their nature. Some, like Jenelle, get angry responses because they say and do bad things.

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Deavan Clegg Reveals Horrifically Botched Lips: HELP!

In October, Deavan Clegg got political in a way that surprised followers and left many fans feeling divided.

But fans will not be divided when they gasp in horror at Deavan’s recent nightmare.

She tried to get lip fillers. She even went to a professional.

The results will curdle your blood.

Fair warning: the images of Deavan’s lips are not for the faint of heart.

The good news is that this story has a surprisingly happy ending.

1. Oh no, Deavan!

Deavan clegg looks lovely
Deavan decided that, like a number of reality stars, she would like to have slightly plumper lips. Unfortunately, she did not do quite as much research as she wishes that she had before getting fillers. As the saying goes, the Deavan’s in the details.

2. Here’s her story

Deavan clegg is stunning
“In Korea I decided to get lip fillers before doing research,” Deavan writes. “The product they injected had not been tested. I went to a professional.”

3. This is not for the faint of heart

Deavan clegg lip nightmare comparison
This is just one of the images that Deavan opted to share. This doesn’t just not look like she had wanted — it looks absolutely agonizing. But we already know that this story has a happy ending.

4. And it gets worse

Deavan clegg busted nightmare lips
Deavan may have put on a brave face for these photos, but she reveals that it was worse than it looks. “My lip was so swollen and injected incorrectly. I had damage so severe that my lip was dying.”

5. Please learn from her mistakes

Deavan clegg bad lips despair
“Please ladies do research it’s okay to get lip fillers and feel beautiful,” Deavan expresses. “But please do research and find a doctor who specializes in it.”

6. She was at a total loss

Jihoon proposes to deavan
“I searched hours on what to do and couldn’t find anything,” Deavan laments. “So I want to help girls who are going or went through this.”

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Alaskan Bush People Season 11: Big Change and Near Death Experiences

Between the ongoing saga of Bear Brown and Raiven Adams and some leaked paperwork, we already knew that Alaskan Bush People was renewed.

Now, Discovery has released a teaser trailer — and a premiere date — for Season 11.

Big changes are on the way, but that’s not the scariest part. See the trailer for yourself:

Billy brown and ami brown survey the land

It takes a village to raise a child, so the saying goes.

In the Brown family, it takes children to build a village — which is exactly what they’re doing.

Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Bird, and Rain are working on establishing themselves on Billy’s the sprawling 435-acre property in rural Washington State.

It’s a lot of hard work, but if they want to establish a future, they’re going to need to build their new homes from the ground up.

Noah brown doesnt know what normal is

“We have a unique way of doing this,” Noah Brown says at the beginning of this teaser trailer for Season 11.

Given that this is the Brown family, he could be talking about just about anything.

Noah freely admits: “I don’t know what normal is.”

As if to illustrate that fact, we see Bear climbing and howling, as is his want.

Bear brown howls from the heights

“A new kingdom will rise,” teases the trailer’s captions, as Billy says: “This is our next big thing.”

Bear, in his very distinct accent, says: “It’s a job done.”

We see various (mostly) adult children working on moving heavy equipment.

Bear then says: “Teamwork, persistence, and a lot of awesome.” He also rolls on the ground for unclear reasons.

Alaskan bush people returns for season 11

Off screen, one of the sisters — almost certainly Rain — issues a clear warning of just how high the stakes are when building homes in the wilderness.

“If one of us makes one mistake,” she notes. “We could actually get hurt.”

We then see an alarming, jarring moment when Rain and Gabe are on a platform that abruptly destabilizes and tilts to the side.

“I thought I was going to die,” Rain freely admits.

Billy brown and amy brown in season 11

Season 11 of Alaskan Bush People will premiere on December 4 on Discovery at 8pm.

In addition to construction drama, we imagine that the relationships and new roles will have a part to play in this season.

Noah is the first of the Brown children to produce a granchild, but Gabe and Bear are also expectant fathers.

Speaking of Bear and Raiven, they recently announced that they are expecting a boy. And that’s not all. …

Bear brown and raiven adams are engaged

“Once again Raiven and I have decided that we are better as friends!” Bear wrote on November 5.

He and Raiven dated for months before going public, but since then, have been on-again, off-again both before and after the pregnancy news.

“So we’ve gone our separate ways!” Bear added. “We however are still both looking forward to raising our little miracle as co-parents.”

Bear added: “We actually broke up a few weeks ago, Raiven had been getting a lot of people sending her stuff.”

Bear brown with raiven adams

“So I thought it was better to wait the week or so before I posted about it!” Bear explained. “Please don’t tag Raiven in my posts,”

“it’s been hard enough on her without the added stress!” he emphasized. “If Raiven or I decide to date anyone in the future! We will both be okay with it!”

“We just want everybody to be happy!” Bear expressed. “I won’t be dating anyone else for sometime! I still have feelings for Raiven!”

“I respectfully ask everybody to please give her some space and peace of mind!” he concluded. “Thank you for all your support! Stay AWESOME and God bless!!”

So the engagement is off again, for now. It’s so sad that Bear’s so-called fans played such a large role in harassing Raiven for weeks and weeks.

Alaskan bush people season 11 big change and near death experien

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal: Engaged! See Her HUGE Ring!

Kelly Dodd has had a dramatic year, even for a Real Housewife.

She’s faced wild accusations, ended a pretty serious relationship, and feuded intensely with multiple castmates.

But when she looks back on it all, it looks like 2019 is going to be considered a good year.

Why? Because it’s the year when she began dating Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal.

And it’s also the year that Rick proposed to her with a massive diamond ring.

That’s right: Kelly Dodd is engaged!

1. Congratulations!

Kelly dodd and rick leventhal are engaged
Wednesday night, Kelly Dodd took to Instagram to share this happy photo featuring Rick Leventhal, a huge ring, and this caption: “I can’t believe I just got engaged !! @rickleventhal you are my Prince and my dream come true!!!”

2. Kelly giddily shared the news

Kelly dodd rick leventhal engagement ig story 01
In addition to making sure that fans on social media got a good look at her ring, she and Rick also spoke to People. Kelly began by saying: “I’m beyond excited for our future together!”

3. She keeps singing Rick’s praises

Kelly dodd rick leventhal engagement ig story 02
“Rick is my best friend. My partner in crime. I’m so in love,” Kelly continues to gush.

4. It sounds like it’s just now sinking in

Kelly dodd rick leventhal engagement ig story 03
“I can’t believe this happened to me,” Kelly marvels. “I feel like I just won the lottery.” To be fair, with a ring like that, she might as well have.

5. So how did he propose?

Kelly dodd rick leventhal engagement ig story 04
“He said this amazing speech about our love,” Kelly describes. “And then got down on one knee and pulled out this giant ring.”

6. She’s at a loss for words

Kelly dodd is hot
“I couldn’t believe it!” Kelly expresses. And yet it is oh-so real. Rick says so himself.

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Leida Margaretha and Tasha Rosenbrook QUASH 90 Day Fiance Feud!

Early this year, fans watched in abject horror as Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook wrote Tasha Rosenbrook, Eric’s teen daughter, out of their lives.

The fallout from their 90 Day Fiance drama resulted in Leida securing a restraining order against Tasha. Wow.

Now, a lot has changed, including that daughter’s name — she now goes by Alari.

In a stunning new interview with In Touch Weekly, both Leida and Alari are speaking up.

Their feud has been quashed after the two women bonded over the most unlikely subject imaginable.

Is this Leida’s redemption arc?

1. A villain no more?

Leida margaretha
Leida Margaretha was one of the most reviled stars of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. While she has clearly taken a lot of steps to change her tune, some fans may have a hard time letting go of what they’ve seen.

2. Why was Leida so hated?

Leida margaretha is self aware
On top of displaying a bad attitude upon arrival, she and Eric’s adult teenage daughter, Tasha, did not get along at all when Leida arrived in the US. She eventually strongarmed Eric into making Tasha move out of her own apartment. Hearing Tasha’s voice break as she began to cry was absolutely heartbreaking. At the Tell All special, Leida did not appear to express remorse. Then she secured a restraining order against Tasha, making it difficult for father and daughter to even see each other.

3. Leida has now dropped the restraining order

Eric rosenbrook and leida margaretha first county fair
“The restraining order [was] never meant to be forever,” she explains in a new interview with In Touch Weekly.

4. The beef is no more

Leida margaretha on 90 day fiance
“I did that because I had to,” Leida claims. “I have nothing against Alari.” Notably, Tasha is now going by Alari; we used her old name in the headline so that longtime fans will recognize her name.

5. She’s glad that it’s over

90 day fiance eric and leida
Leida adds: “It breaks my heart to see this family had to [be] this way, and I know that my husband, Eric, is really [caring] and he loves his kids.”

6. Here’s why she dropped the order

Leida and eric
“Then when I heard they’re both sincere and talk each other again,” Leida recalls. “I’m thinking like, ‘[Why] should I continue this family feud?” Note that the order was also a potential obstacle for Tasha’s employment. Many jobs do background checks, and a restraining order is going to make you look like more of a risky hire than someone without one.

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