Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina Broke Hot Tub Rules, Get Scolded by Betty in 90 Day Fiance Sneak Peek

A lot of people get embarrassed by their moms. Most people don’t have it quite so bad as Brandon Gibbs.

His mother, Betty, is the primary antagonist of his storyline with Julia Trubkina — and perhaps of all of Season 8.

In this sneak peek clip of Episode 7, she drags him over to the hot tub to scold him, in front of cameras and his fiancee.

Betty has rules for everything, from where Julia sleeps to the hot tub. And she accuses Brandon of breaking one of them.

As this sneak peek clip begins, Betty is leading Brandon and Julia behind her.

Having watched the entire cringeworthy clip, we have yet to see a single good reason for Julia to have been there, unless production asked for it.

It takes the “being at your friend’s house while he gets lectured by his parents” to a whole new level … and it’s all on camera.

Betty points to the state of the hot tub.

Now, I’m not an expert on hot tubs, but it appears that the cover is slightly uneven, like a not-quite-smooth bedsheet.

Apparently, to Betty, this is a big deal that has her “disappointed,” and when Brandon suggests that the wind is at fault, she rejects his explanation.

Then, Betty opens the lid to the hot tub and accuses the water of being “cloudy,” though Brandon does not seem to agree with her assessment.

What is really interesting here is that Betty isn’t accusing them of having sexytimes in the water.

Instead, she’s furious that she suspects that Brandon and Julia may have worn clothing into the hot tub.

Apparently, she has an all-nude rule for the hot tub, and accuses Brandon of having violated it.

That’s weird, coming from the woman who mandated that Brandon and Julia keep separate rooms … even though they are grown adults and engaged to be married.

Julia extremely politely asks if they can discuss the mixed signals that she’s getting from Betty.

“We use this for therapy, not for entertainment,” Betty adamantly says.

Julia isn’t sure what to make of that, and Brandon laughs.

“Stop!” Betty insists, apparently taking her extreme control issues to micromanaging her son’s emotional reactions.

Betty also refers to an “other thing” they “shouldn’t do in the water.”

Presumably, she is referring to sex — whether it is to having sex at all or to ejaculation, but she doesn’t say.

Speaking in the confessional, Betty complains about having had to drain the hot tub numerous times over the years after Brandon hooked up in it.

When Betty walks away, Julia confronts Brandon about the way that he just … nods like a f–king bobblehead (our words, not hers) when his mother speaks.

He doesn’t stand up to his mother. He doesn’t stand up for himself. He doesn’t stand up for Julia. He lets his mom chastize them both on camera for the world to see and then he apologizes to her for laughing.

Julia wants Brandon to be strong and assertive so that they can live their lives together. Honestly, we want that too, for Brandon’s own well-being. Betty needs to be weaned off of control.

Brandon gibbs and julia trubkina broke hot tub rules get scolded

Stephanie Davison Reveals She Was Assaulted During Filming: 90 Day Fiance Ruined My Life!

90 Day Fiance viewers have been very entertained by Stephanie Davison’s larger-than-life personality.

Unfortunately, her own experience with the show was much less enjoyable.

Stephanie accuses production of ruining her health, refusing to pay what she is owed, and pressuring her to film after as sexual assault.

Now, she says, she is suing the show … and wishes that she had never even heard of 90 Day Fiance.

Stephanie Davison tries to call Ryan Carr

“My new motto after this reality tv stuff…..ONLY believe half of what you see and hear!!” Stephanie Davison quipped on Instagram in a somewhat random comments section.

It was her hashtags that then caught people’s attention, as she began by writing: “#theycangof–kthemselves #paymewhatyouoweme.”

Stephanie’s tags continued: “#careaboutyourcast #manipulatedbeyondbelief#seeyouincourt.”

Stephanie Davison IG - only believe half of what you see hear

“These clusterf–ks that work for this company are going to wish they never deceived me,” Stephanie announced when encouraged to clarify.

“I not only was raped while filming,” she revealed to the horror of fans.

“But,” she accused, “manipulated to keep filming” by production.

Stephanie Davison IG - the clusterf--ks who work for 90 Day ...

“After I begged to get off set after being bitten hundreds of times by sandflies,” Stephanie wrote, referring to blood-sucking insects.

“But no,” she lamented, “they just needed a romantic dinner filmed with Ryan.”

“I have spent my time in a hospital now hooked to IV’s for the inflammation from the allergic reactions I had,” Stephanie shared. That sounds horrible.

Stephanie continued by alleging that production had proven “unwilling to pay” her medical expenses incurred while filming.

However, she announced that her “attorney started legal action today.”

Stephanie advised fans to “stay tuned” for more information and what she hopes will be a triumphant outcome to this legal case.

Stephanie Davison doesn't like what she's hearing

“This show has ruined my health,” Stephanie wrote in a follow-up comment.

That is a huge deal, as Stephanie not only prides herself in taking great care of her body, but owns a company that operates based upon health and rejuvenation.

In conclusion, Stephanie expressed: “I wish I had never heard of this show.”

Stephanie Davison IG - 90 Day Fiance ruined my health

That is a truly crushing read.

Notably, Stephanie does not share who sexually assaulted her or anything about the circumstances of this.

Our hearts go out to her as she recovers from a vicious, traumatic attack. 

We are so sorry to hear that she was allegedly pressured to film after this.

People who have survived sexual assault deserve counseling, justice, and time to process. Add to that allergic bites from blood-sucking insects, and it sounds like a miserable time.

We wish Stephanie the very best and are, again, so sorry about what she has described.

Stephanie has raised eyebrows among the audience for her questionable age gap with Ryan Carr, her semi-fiance.

Ryan seems standoffish at times on the show as he displays unbecoming rudeness to Stephanie.

This isn’t about the gifts that she gives him, the salary that she secretly pays him, or even their relationship — no human being should be spoken to the way that Ryan spoke to Stephanie on the show.

Stephanie Davison lounges beside her cat

Stephanie has entertained viewers with her daily routine, with her self-administered rejuvenation treatments, and with her antics with her cat, Cooper.

While we still look forward to watching Stephanie’s story play out on camera, fans are of course concerned about what Stephanie has revealed.

Reality TV must operate ethically — just like everyone else.

90 Day Fiance Shocker: Molly Hopkins’ Daughter Olivia Arrested for Battery

Molly Hopkins’ relationship with Luis Mendez ended quickly and bitterly.

Even so, she has remained a fixture on 90 Day Fiance and a fan-favorite on Pillow Talk.

Her daughter from a previous relationship, Olivia, is a beautiful young woman at 21 years old.

But Olivia was arrested … after allegedly hitting Molly!

According to legal documents, 21-year-old Olivia Wrynn Hopkins was charged with misdemeanor simple battery last year.

Olivia is accused of having “struck” her 45-year-old mother.

The documents describe her hitting Molly “multiple times in the head leaving a clearly visible red mark and kicked the victim in the leg.”

Reportedly, the incident was witnessed by an unidentified third party.

This arrest took place in October of 2020.

The alleged incident went down in Molly’s home in Woodstock, Georgia.

Olivia was released on a $1,500 bond following her arrest.

Days later, she signed a bond agreement promising to “not approach or communicate” with her mother without exception.

She also promised that she “shall stay away” from her mother, along with “any bar or establishment serving intoxicating liquor, beer, or wine, and any place of Disrepute.”

Olivia was given 48 hours following her release from jail to move out of Molly’s home.

Additionally, Olivia agreed that she could not “possess any dangerous weapons, nor be present at any location where [they] may be found.”

Additionally, she could not “possess or consume any intoxicating liquor or drug, without prescription, or be present at any location where [they] may be found.”

Notably, just as Olivia is not accused of wielding a weapon during the incident, the bond agreement does not necessarily mean that she is accused of having been intoxicated at the time.

Often, bond agreements and probation orders alike attempt to mitigate the risk of releasing a person from custody.

Someone who is poorly behaved while sober should probably not be drunk, at least for a little while. Alcohol rarely improves behavior.

In November, Olivia’s attorney filed a motion asking the court to adjust the bond agreement.

The goal was to allow Olivia to move back into Molly’s home.

All of the other conditions — avoiding alcohol, drugs, weapons, and whatever the hell a place of Disrepute is — are to remain in place.

Molly Hopkins Mugshot

Olivia has an upcoming arraignment, scheduled for January 21.

It is unclear what the outcome is expected to be, as Molly has not spoken publicly about this.

If Molly is fine with Olivia living with her again, as the November motion suggests, she may be planning to drop charges … but that is unclear. Molly does have her own criminal history.

Molly of course appeared on Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance, after having met the much younger Luis Mendez while on vacation.

They hit things off quickly, and soon Molly brought Luis over with cameras to film it all.

Like most couples on the show, they did end up marrying. Like a number of them, however, it did not last.

Luis and Molly divorced only months into their marriage.

Five months later, Luis was marrying another young woman.

Molly wished them well, albeit shadily, noting that the remarriage was evidence that Luis had just been using her.

Elizabeth Potthast: 90 Day Fiance Star Accused of Being WAY Too "Gross" on OnlyFans

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet have explained their system to 90 Day Fiance fans.

Elizabeth goes to work for her dad’s company. Andrei is a stay-at-home-dad.

If they need any more than that, Libby goes to ask daddy for more money.

Recently, she’s been making extra cash through OnlyFans … but some of her photos are turning off fans in a big way.

It was a genuine shock to many that Libby was on OnlyFans.

Andrei is a prideful dude, and the two of them had shamed Larissa as a “stripper.” It was deeply rude.

And now, hypocritical. Elizabeth is now posting content to the site that she previously scorned.

Perhaps it is because of the perceived hypocrisy that some of Elizabeth’s content has made it onto the broader internet in leaks.

People have been putting her OnlyFans on blast, accusing her of having “ZERO sex appeal” even when she posts pics without pants.

Libby has been seen going without pants or underwear but standing sideways, so that fans know that she’s not wearing anything but a shirt but can only see her legs.

Some people really go for that kind of content.

Others have said that Elizabeth looks downright “uncomfortable” showing off her body, even to this very limited degree.

However, there is one thing that fans did not expect to see … and it appears to have been an oversight on Elizabeth’s part.

There are lots of things that OnlyFans content creators might show sticking out of their bodies. Most of them are adult toys. Some may even come with tails.

But Libby was spotted by an eagle-eyed “fan” with what appeared to be a tampon string dangling between her legs.

She seemingly forgot that she was wearing it and didn’t catch that it was visible when uploading the photos.

“Oh hey Lizzie cute pics girl .. might wanna hide the tampon string next time though.. jk it’s probably the camera,” wrote one social media user as the photos leaked.

“This is grossing me out,” commented another, while another opined: “She is so cringey and has a bland personality.”

One social media user simply asked: “Why take a bare bottom pic when you’re on your period??”

Elizabeth didn’t tweet or Instagram these pics, so we cannot show them to you.

And frankly, based upon the reviews, you might not want to see them even if we could.

It is our understanding that she still has a lot of content on OnlyFans for anyone who wants to subscribe and take a look.

By the way, Andrei is also on OnlyFans — and the dude has had a lot of admirers for a long time.

However, those hoping that they’ll see Andrei hang dong or Elizabeth show actual nudity or see the two of them bang on screen are probably setting themselves up for disappointment.

First, they both seem a little conservative when it comes to nudity and sex, so we have a hard time seeing them go full frontal.

TLC has shown that they will quickly fire anyone who displays nudity on camera … at least, on any cameras other than their own.

While this is clear-cut discrimination against sex work and sex workers, that is sadly not illegal.

Until that changes, horny 90 Day Fiance fans should get used to the idea that their favorite stars can do no more than tease them with softcore flashes of thigh and lingerie pics.

Ellen DeGeneres Returns to Television, Shares Experience with COVID Symptoms

In early December of 2020, Ellen DeGeneres tested positive for COVID-19.

Production on her show, which had already been embattled for months over a toxic workplace culture, was shut down.

Now, Ellen is back, and she is sharing her experience with this deadly virus with her audience.

Ellen was one of the lucky ones, and she knows it — and she had a symptom that most people don’t realize COVID can cause.

Ellen degeneres returns after covid

As you can see in this clip, Ellen marked her return to television — in front of a virtual audience — with a dose of sobering reality laced with humor.

“There’s a lot of negative things going on,” she joked, “so I want to talk about something positive: my Covid test.”

“I test positive before the holidays, I’m fine now, everything’s good, all clear,” Ellen assured.

Ellen degeneres on her show

“I want to thank everyone who reached out with kind words with support,” Ellen expressed.

“I wish I could hug every single one of you,” she joked.

Continuing the joke, Ellen then acknowledged: “but that would have been dangerous and illegal, probably.”

Ellen degeneres on ellentube

Ellen recalled how she had been in hair and makeup when she was informed of her positive COVID-19 test.

“Then everyone around me ran away,” the comedian and talk show host exaggerated.

“They told [producer] Andy Lassner and when he heard he literally ran full speed off the lot. I didn’t realize you could run,” Ellen teased. “Just the slow walking. You left so fast you forgot your phone!”

Ellen degeneres sucks

On a more serious note, Ellen stated that she left the studio immediately. The COVID response team then contacted everyone with whom she had been in contact.

“I went home, I had to quarantine and Portia made me sleep in a different room, on a different bed,” Ellen shared.

She then joked that Portia only made this demand “because she wanted the race car bed all to herself.”

Portia de rossi and ellen

“This is my experience with COVID,” Ellen revealed.

“The first three days I slept for 16 hours a day,” she shared, “and then on the fourth day I woke up with back spasms.”

“And I thought I had pulled a muscle or slept weird because I was in a different bed,” Ellen explained, “but it just persisted.”

Ellen degeneres in mourning

“The doctor put me on pain pills and muscle relaxers,” Ellen revealed, before joking: “Jackpot, this thing is finally paying off.”

“The painkillers did not help, my back got worse,” she described. “It felt like I cracked a rib.”

“You know how I make you laugh so hard that your ribs hurt? That’s how it was like for me,” Ellen joked. “Now I know how you feel when I make you laugh.”

Ellen degeneres is happy

Ellen shared that, like many COVID patients, she was put on steroids to combat the symptoms.

“But here’s the thing about steroids, they make you very speedy and really edgy,” she acknowledged.

“So the best thing to do was to stay on the muscle relaxers and pain kills with the steroid pills to balance it out,” Ellen half-joked.

Ellen on set

Over time, speaking to others who had experienced the virus, Ellen learned that she was not the only one who had suffered back pain.

“It’s the only symptom I had,” Ellen acknowledged. “I didn’t have a headache, I didn’t have a fever,”

“I didn’t lose my sense of taste,” she quipped, “although I did wear socks with Crocs for a day, so you be the judge.” 

Ellen degeneres returns to television shares experience with cov

Ariela Weinberg STUNS 90 Day Fiance Fans with Unrecognizable Pic!

Ariela Weinberg had quite the ride on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2.

What started off as an affordable vacation for her turned into a relationship after Biniyam Shibre impregnated her.

She gave birth in Ethiopia via emergency C-Section and, despite a host of problems, remained with Biniyam.

But in her new photo, she is absolutely unrecognizable.

It turns out that getting to know someone on television when they’re pregnant and then right after they’ve given birth might not show you their “normal” look.

Pregnancy and childbirth can transform your body forever, but a lot of people still look fairly different once they have had months or longer to recover.

Ariela is making that very apparent in this stunning photo that she shared on Instagram.

Ariela shared this snap to a litany of praises from her followers.

Lighting, hair and makeup, and a talented photographer can make a world of difference for your image.

It also helps that she is a genuinely beautiful young woman.

It’s nice to see Ariela receive positive attention from fans. Sadly, she was the target of a lot of cruel comments.

Some people seemed to slut-shame her for (gasp) having sex with a handsome stranger while on vacation.

As if that weren’t a huge goal for vacationing while single anyway.

Ariela spotted Biniyam

Beyond that, people bombarded her with criticism for her kind gesture of having the baby in Ethiopia so that Biniyam could witness the child’s birth.

Though even Ariela’s mother, a nurse, agreed that the hospital was up to her standards, other fans couldn’t imagine doing it.

For some, “I wouldn’t do that” turned into “she’s a fool for doing that,” which turned into hate.

There were a lot of genuine problems in Ariela and Biniyam’s story.

Ariela had to repeat herself again and again just to be heard as she explained to Biniyam how things needed to be.

Let’s face it — some of that came in the form of whining, which saw more hate pour in Ariela’s direction.

Many fans noted that Biniyam’s behavior was much more alarming than any amount of whining or complaining.

He would seemingly dismiss any other way of doing things that was different than his own.

When Ariela objected or shared her way of doing things, he would act as if all of her preferences, desires, and comforts were ridiculous. It wasn’t encouraging to watch.

But somehow, they made it through.

Ariela resolved to make it work, sacrificing her own comfort again and again for Biniyam.

The two became engaged at Biniyam’s favorite holiday on the season finale, and all signs indicate that they are still very much together, if no longer in Ethiopia (for safety reasons).

Congratulations to Ariela on posing for this glamorous pic.

Everyone deserves to look their best from time to time, but moms — especially those who have made so many sacrifices — deserve it the most.

We wish her the best. Perhaps her appearances on Discovery+ content like The Other Way Strikes Back will change some more hearts and minds.

Yazan Abo Horira Called Out by 90 Day Fiance Fans: Clean Up Your Life, Dude!

90 Day Fiance fans haven’t necessarily loved everything that they’ve learned about Yazan Abo Horira.

But overall, Yazan continues to be pretty widely liked.

His latest photo, however, has fans reconsidering how they see him.

Others just want him to get help and clean up his act.

Brittany Banks stunned reaction to Yazan Abo Horira

We would say that Brittany Banks received a “villain edit” on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, but that’s only half of the truth.

The fact of that matter is that our society comes pre-packaged with enough misogyny and racism that it just takes a wink and a nudge by production to turn a young woman into an easy target for viewers.

Yazan, in the meantime, skated by and has continued to be widely loved by fans even though, objectively, his behavior on and off camera was much worse.

yazan abo horira tries to silence brittany banks

That appears to be changing, however.

Whether it’s Yazan becoming too comfortable on Instagram, him not having Brittany to play off of, or fans getting bored of him, he’s getting more criticisms these days.

Specifically, his latest photo has ignited a wildfire of backlash.

Here, we see Yazan’s controversial pic. His beard is full and he looks very much like himself, though some note that he looks a little worn.

But notice what he is holding in his hand so very casually.

It’s a cigarette, as if it were 1986 and not 2021.

“Yazan you need to cleanup buddy,” writes one fan.

Another follower comments: “He needs to lay off drugs.”

But a number of comments were about the distasteful presence of the cigarette.

“All I see is a burnt,” one commenter writes.

“He’s smoking. And smoking is gross,” another correctly describes.

Another follower comments: “It’s against the religion to smoke.”

So, first of all, we have to address that last claim, because it’s complicated.

First, we all know that some people who belong to organized religions that ban things do those things anyway.

Second, technically tobacco use is not addressed in the Qu’ran, but rather in Islamic law built upon the Qu’ran to address other aspects of life.

Smoking is gross, yes, but it looks like commenters perceive that Yazan is up to more than just that.

Much earlier in 2020, Brittany had accused Yazan of enjoying a number of chemical vices.

A growing number of fans are finally beginning to believe her.

Yazan is accustomed to having his posts and looks praised.

Clearly, he did not anticipate the backlash that this one would elicit.

He even temporarily deleted the photo before restoring it. Yeesh, sensitive dude.

What fans are realizing is that much of Yazan’s behavior on camera was a performance, as he was conscious that his extended family would be watching.

According to Brittany, he was well aware of her marital status, but wanted her to pretend to deceive him in order to deceive his grandfather.

Additionally, he had assured her that she would be able to continue to live her life without changing … only to then freak out when she took him at his word.

Why? Because of his super-conservative family, who placed much stricter expectations upon him than the nation or culture of Jordan did.

We can feel sorry for Yazan, because his family clearly messed him up and left him with a lot of emotional baggage.

But at the same time, that doesn’t let him off the hook for the way that he treated Brittany. Also, don’t smoke, dude. Gross.

Ashley Martson: I’m Getting My Jay Tattoo REMOVED!

On September 19 of 2020, Ashley Martson broke up with Jay Smith for the fourth time.

Fans hope that this divorce attempt will be successful, and that the exes will never have to break up again.

Ashley is showing 90 Day Fiance fans that, this time, she’s serious about making Jay nothing but a bad memory.

She is removing her tattoo of him … and giving fans a look at the process.

Though they spent many months of it apart as Ashley begged Jay to sign divorce papers and he refused, their marriage lasted over three years.

Jay’s real name is Conroy St. Christopher Smith, and his passion in life is tattoo artistry.

As such, Ashley had a finger tattoo in tribute to Jay … a permanent mark on her skin that she has obviously come to regret.

Ashley Martson IG tattoo removal before + after Jan 2021

Just days ago, Ashley shared this image to her Instagram Stories to update fans on her divorce journey.

You can see the “C Smith” tattoo at the beginning of this image.

After, you can see how much of it is already gone.

Ashley and Jay’s romance started pretty normally.

Ashley just happened to be in Jamaica at the time when she saw a tall, handsome man dancing at a club.

They hit it off right away. It wasn’t until they were already preparing to get married that she learned that Jay was college aged, about a dozen years her junior.

Despite learning of the age gap, Ashley was already in love with Jay.

The two were married after airing their journey on 90 Day Fiance.

Unfortunately, this is where the trouble began.

As Ashley revealed on the Tell All special, three days after their wedding, she caught Jay cheating on her by video chatting with a younger woman.

She later disclosed that the woman in question was an 18-year-old girl — a high school student — whom Jay had met on Tinder.

He had downloaded the dating app immediately after the two tied the knot. For whatever reason, Ashley did not dump him then and there.

In early January of 2019, Ashley discovered that Jay had cheated on her — this time, physically.

He and a random young woman had hooked up in the bathroom of a barbershop where Jay liked to hang out.

Ashley saw evidence of the hookup and tried to get a divorce. Jay balked, refusing to sign the papers. Eleven days later, he convinced her to withdraw the filing.

To the surprise of no one, Jay was found just a few months later to have cheated again.

This time, he had kept a mistress for weeks.

Ashley wanted him out of her house. This time, their separation lasted for months.

Somehow, the two secretly reconnected late in the summer of 2019 after Jay parted ways with his former mistress, Kayla.

Ashley and Jay kept their rekindled romance under wraps until, you guessed it, Jay cheated again.

Ashley announced that they had broken up again after one of Jay’s side pieces claimed to have become pregnant by him. Still, he refused to grant her a divorce.

In March of 2020, Ashley and Jay once again reunited for what would prove to be the longest stretch of their marriage.

Their inexplicable reconciliation raised eyebrows and shocked fans, but it ended the only way that it could — with Jay once again cheating.

They broke up in September of 2020. As we said, fans hope that it will be their final breakup … and that Jay can be bothered to sign the divorce paperwork this time.

Geoffrey Paschel Dredges Up Random Dead 90 Day Fiance Feud: Tim Malcolm Got Dean Hashim Fired!

90 Day Fiance has, as a franchise, shown viewers many breakups. Some even happened on camera.

Most are of romantic partners. But brothers Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim had their own falling out.

Now, disgraced former 90 Day Fiance star Geoffrey Paschel is dredging up old wounds … sort of.

He’s trying to rehash an old fan theory, accusing Tim Malcolm of getting Dean fired from Pillow Talk.

Geoffrey Paschel mugshot

Geoffrey Paschel, eager to make headlines to raise funds for his multiple legal battles including standing trial for his latest brutal domestic violence arrest, spoke to Domenick Nati.

On The Domenick Nati Show, the notorious scumbag joked that the host himself was responsible for Dean Hashim being fired from Pillow Talk.

“Didn’t you get somebody fired from ‘Pillow Talk,’” Geoffrey said towards the end of their chat.

geoffrey paschel flips out

“You did,” Geoffrey accused. “You got him fired, that is the truth. You got him fired.”

Spinning his own theory, he continued: “Tim got all up in his little ballsack and got all upset and then went and complained to TLC and [Dean] got fired, it’s true.”

“I know you got all up in his little ego and he reached out to TLC and he was like, ‘Hey, umm supposedly Dean said this,’ and then they fired him – absolutely,” Geoffrey accused without evidence..

What Prince Joffrey here is referring to is an interview with Domenick back in September of 2019.

At the time, Dean — whose job was to provide commentary on fellow stars — made some jokes about Tim Malcolm.

Fans may remember Tim, if less from his time on the show and more for the bigoted rumors that circulated about him.

Unfortunately, it seems that some people within our society are so inundated with images of filthy men that they see a guy take care of his skin or nails and “accuse” him of being gay.

This is precisely what happened to Tim Malcolm during his season.

Fans also remarked about his reluctance to initiate sex with his beautiful lady love while on camera.

Dean took things too far when making his own jokes, veering away from the homophobic jokes … and straight into some transphobic comments.

He suggested that the way that Tim crossed his legs indicated that Tim might not have any testicles, and that perhaps he was a trans man.

To his credit, Dean clearly did not mean this maliciously, but accusing a cis person of being trans is transphobic. Outing a real trans person would be worse — because it can put them in danger.

Dean also expressed an almost charmingly naive impression of how bottom surgery — that is, genital surgery upon a trans person — works for trans men.

He seemed to be under the impression that trans men simply grow penises after spending enough time on testosterone.

While trans men who experience certain types of bodily dysmorphia might wish that this were the case, it is not. But Dean didn’t know that at the time.

Point is, Dean made these comments about Tim, who fired back on social media as he had at other weird statements.

However, Dean and Tim made peace, and Dean — a longtime fan favorite of the franchise — declared that anyone who had a problem with Tim had a problem with him.

It’s amazing to see feuds resolved in such a way. Reality stars can feud for years, but these two made peace very quickly.

Dean also very specifically quashed the rumor that Tim had gotten him fired.

That, Dean implied at the time, had been the doing of someone else — Tarik.

We have since heard much more about the brothers’ falling out, though we all hope that Dean and Tarik can once again get along.

Geoffrey Paschel to the camera

Some fans have responded to Geoffrey’s misunderstanding of events, accusing him of deliberately lying as he has throughout his lengthy criminal career.

But why, others wonder, would he dredge up a short-lived feud from well over a year ago that never involved him in the slightest?

The answer, fans speculate, is simple: Geoffrey wants his name in headlines, and he’s name-dropping men who don’t beat up women and children in order to do it.

Amira Lollysa: Why Was 90 Day Fiance Star Detained in Mexico? What Happened?

At the end of this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance Season 8, we saw a preview for next week.

Amira will be finally released from detention, though it’s unclear if she and Andrew can, or will, reunite.

But … what exactly happened?

Are they even still together after all of that?

32-year-old Andrew Kenton is an American. 28-year-old Amira Lollysa is French.

The two met online and then saw each other in person for the first time in Las Vegas, when they became engaged.

Unfortunately, the timing of their K-1 visa process could not have been worse — as they received approval just as the COVID-19 pandemic triggered the too little, too late ban on travel from Europe.

Amira Lollysa - and now that I have (K-1 visa) I can't even use it

The clock on the K-1 visa began ticking the moment that it was issued, so Andrew and Amira had to think fast.

Andrew did his own research and found, via message boards, that they might have a shot if Amira traveled to Mexico, quarantined for 14 days, and then entered the US with her visa.

Of course, he wasn’t asking her to do that alone. He traveled down to meet her, planning to spend the fortnight with her in a luxurious stay in Puerto Vallarta before returning home to California.

Amira Lollysa - hope so; fingers crossed

To her horror, however, Amira arrived in Mexico City only to find herself detained by customs officials.

Andrew, already in Puerto Vallarta, tried everything that he could think of to find a way to help Amira. Notably, the French consulate was closed due to the pandemic.

But, as we all watched on this season, he hit multiple dead ends as he pursued various avenues.

Andrew Kenton contacts Amira's dad with bad news

Andrew also had the unenviable task of notifying Amira’s father, Hamdi, of what had taken place.

Hamdi had expressed to Amira his real concerns about this plan.

“So emotional right now seeing my dad like that [two crying face emojis]. #FREEAMIRA #90DAYFIANCE,” Amira tweeted as the scene played out on Sunday night.

Andrew Kenton tries to release Amira from detention, no luck

That was Season 8, Episode 6. On Season 8, Episode 7, things are looking up.

In the preview for that episode, we can see that Amira is released after days in lockup and reaching out to Andrew via WhatsApp.

“I stay three days, two nights locked up in detention,” Amira stated before she began to cry. “Nobody deserves to go through that. Nobody.”

Amira on 90 Day Fiance: nobody deserves to go through that

Amira is clearly distressed by her ordeal, and it is unclear what happened.

It may be that she was detained and given a COVID test to determine if it was safe to release her.

What people on message boards may have forgotten is that Mexico is a country with its own people and laws, and not a lawless staging area for Americans and Europeans to do whatever they want.

Andrew Kenton is stunned and hurting after Amira's detention

Similarly, though we can assume that Andrew and Amira reunited, the preview for Episode 7 did not show that.

It showed them clearly messaging and filming themselves from afar.

This kind of ordeal would be enough to cause many people to reconsider their plans and their entire relationship — and who could blame them?

Amira Lollysa facetimes Andrew Kenton about Mexico plans

We already know a great deal about which Season 8 couples are still together.

That said, Andrew and Amira are more mysterious than most of their castmates.

It is possible that they are happily living together in California. At the same time, perhaps they could not get past this. Only time will tell.

Brandon Gibbs’ Mom Insists She’s Not the Bad Guy, She Just Knows Best

Betty Gibbs wants to control everything about her 27-year-old son, Brandon Gibbs.

The 90 Day Fiance villain has taken a particular eye to his engagement, mandating where the grown adults sleep and more.

Betty even tried to force Brandon to change their wedding date, though this time he stood up for Julia Trubkina’s wishes.

But in a new interview, Betty is insisting that she is not the bad guy that everyone sees.

Brandon's mom Betty makes a Dr's Appointment for Julia

Reality TV villain and ambulatory hair museum Betty Gibbs sat down with The Progress-Index to reflect upon her experiences on 90 Day Fiance.

“Since the day he was born, no matter how close or far we are from each other physically,” Betty says, “nothing will ever sever the bond between Ron, Brandon, and I.”

In other words, she’s confident that nearly three decades of relentless control have put her hooks in too deep for Brandon to ever go no-contact.

Brandon tells his mother Betty he and Julia are rawdogging it

“At first, I didn’t think they would have a chance given how many couples are out there with their same K-1 visa situation,” Betty admits of when Brandon told her about his application to do the show.

“But when it happened, my first thoughts to him were: Wow, this is crazy, I hope you’ve thought this out well,” she recalls.

Betty continues: “Know there will be good and bad times both during filming and regarding feedback on social media.”

Betty Gibbs sees "red flags" in Julia Trubkina objections (wtf?)

“And If you do it, try to have fun because this will just be a blip in time that you will remember always,” Betty notes.

As for appearing on the show, Betty says that it’s “Surreal. I don’t think it fully hit any of us until we started seeing the show trailers and commercials.”

She adds: “The first time you see yourself on national TV, it is very strange.” 

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina make out at the airport

“We got to know her very early in their relationship while she video chatted with Brandon every morning as we had our breakfast and coffee together,” Betty says of Julia.

She describes: “She was always smiling and sweet, but her English was not the best.”

“As time went on,” Betty appraises, “it did get better and better.”

Julia Trubkina - Betty didn't ask me if I *wanted* to help ...

“One of the cutest things ever was when Brandon was trying to help Julia learn English,” Betty details.

“He would use children’s flashcards that had a picture with the word underneath it,” she adds.

“She really picked up the language fast,” Betty shares, “as did Brandon trying to learn Russian.”

Brandon Gibbs tries to bribe dad with wine

“Our first face-to-face was when we were all in France together.” Betty reveals.

“Brandon and I went to the airport to pick up Julia and her parents when they arrived from Russia,” she says.

“When they came thru the doorway at arrivals, she immediately gave Brandon then me a hug…as did her Mom and Dad,” Betty shares. “That seemed to start things off on a good foot.”

Brandon Gibbs mom Betty explains yes, she's really that pushy

Did Betty really call the gynecologist against the wishes of a grown woman, or was that producer meddling?

“Oh yes, I absolutely called her. In that scene, she was calling me back,” Betty confesses as if she hadn’t done anything wrong.

She explains: “Julia doesn’t believe in medicine or birth control because of the negative effects she has seen with some of her friends in Russia.”

Betty Gibbs tries to demand a different wedding date

“I felt it was my parental duty to help them,” Betty says as if she weren’t describing two grown adults.

“Especially knowing they were not wanting to have children yet until they were in a better, more stable situation,” she adds.

“I would never force anything specific or make her/their decision for birth control,” Betty claims. “But, I did want them to make an intelligent decision and without talking to a professional, I didn’t feel they could.”

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs "gifted" with condoms

On the flip side, Betty says that she is not the bad guy when it comes to the infamous bowl of chocolate and condoms.

Apparently, the family friend Aspen did that wildly inappropriate move while the family was picking up Julia, and so they had no idea.

“I had no clue she was going to do that,” Betty admits. “Of course, everyone is giving me credit or blaming me for that.”

Julia Trubkina laughs at condom

But Betty’s ridiculous, controlling objections to Brandon and Julia’s wedding date was 100% real.

“That is one thing that I did feel adamant about. They can’t see it now, but Julia would not like it in the future when her anniversary has to compete with all the mothers of the world,” she says.

Betty then suggests: “Try to get a table in a restaurant for dinner Mother’s Day weekend.” One, reservations exist. Two, literally it’s not her business so, um, who cares what she thinks.

Brandon Gibbs "blocked" by mom

“With age comes wisdom … but, everyone is painting me as the bad guy,” Betty, who is absolutely the bad guy, laments.

She then throws back her head and laughs.

It must be amazing to go through life with zero self-awareness even when millions of people cringe at your poor decisions every week.

Brandon Gibbs feels put on the spot with Julia Trubkina, parents

“My 90 Day experience was mostly fun, at times deeply emotional, sometimes exhausting,” Betty describes.

“And overall,” she assesses, “a great experience thanks to all the wonderful people we were able to work with.”

Weirdly, Betty did not address the worst of her wrongdoings — forcing Brandon and Julia to sleep in separate bedrooms — at all in the interview. Does she correctly feel shame over that?

Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali: We Reconnected in Lockdown!

Last spring, longtime 90 Day Fiance fans received the shock of their lives.

After all that they put each other through, Danielle and Mohamed Jbali became friends.

In this 90 Day Diaries sneak peek, Danielle talks about their reconnection and reconiliation.

And we also get to hear from Mohamed’s side of things.

As you can see in this preview clip of Discovery+ original series 90 Day Diaries, Danielle and Mohamed aren’t as bitter as they once were.

“Recently, Mohamed started reaching out to me,” Danielle shared in footage recorded last April.

“We have been texting once or twice a week,” she revealed.

“When he reached out to me, i was totally shocked,” Danielle confessed.

She added that she had to double-check the number on the offchance that she was being pranked.

That’s … not an unreasonable worry on her part.

Even once she confirmed that it was Mohamed who was messaging her, Danielle confessed that she was initially suspicious.

In her mind, the only good reason for Mohamed to reach out would be to “make amends” for their past.

Famously, Danielle and Mohamed both wronged each other during their marriage (and frankly, with their marriage), though their drama made the franchise what it is today.

“I have a guard up when it comes to men,” Danielle added, speaking more generally.

It sounds like Mohamed is not the only man who has made her feel regretful and foolish in the past.

But she shared that there is a new man in her life, and the video clip even showed a bit of him.

Mohamed will also be speaking on the spinoff, sharing his life by filming himself during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I just remind myself I’m doing something good,” Mohamed stated about his job as a long-haul truck driver.

He added: “There is nothing to worry about.”

Mohamed, too, shared that he had been texting with Danielle during the pandemic.

He wanted to check on her despite their intensely bitter divorce.

Mohamed explained his reasoning very simply: “It’s a good time to make some peace.”

“I hope now that she sees that I’m not the bad guy that she always thought I am,” Mohamed added.

“You know, it’s been back and forth between me and Danielle,” he related to fans and viewers.

Mohamed shared that the two ex-spouses had been “apologizing to each other for stuff that we said about each other.”

Mohamed also emphasized that he had learned a tremendously valuable lesson from his erstwhile marriage to Danielle.

“That’s taught me how to be careful next time,” he stated.

Mohamed learned to take better care when “choosing the person that’s going to be with me for the rest of my life.”

Real talk? Danielle wanted a handsome younger man and Mohamed wanted to come live in the US. That’s why he and Danielle married.

Using each other was a terrible premise for getting married, and as far as fans have seen, they were both equally guilty of doing this.

Are they talking for the sake of chitchat, or to make their story interesting enough to film — and get paid for?

Danielle mullins and mohamed jbali we reconnected during lockdow

Jihoon Lee Launches Fan-Funded Custody Battle vs Deavan Clegg

In 2020, a Jihoon Lee superfan started a GoFundMe, suggesting that 90 Day Fiance fans send the former star their hard-earned money.

Well, that hasn’t gone away, and believe it or not, some people actually donated.

Now there’s an attorney on the case, who made a last-minute filing with the court.

And Jihoon is preparing to square off in court against Deavan Clegg.

Jihoon Lee - I'm embarrassed

Sometimes, celebrities — even only moderately famous reality stars — get superfans who get a little overinvested in a person they see on TV.

That is what happened with Jihoon Lee last year.

A superfan made a GoFundMe on Jihoon’s behalf and (initially) seemingly without his knowledge, trying to bilk 90 Day Fiance fans for funds.

Now, that same superfan, Amanda Grayce Crosby, seems to have appointed herself as Jihoon’s spokesperson.

Speaking to In Touch Weekly, she updates anyone who still considers themselves to be a “fan” of Jihoon on what is sure to be a painful custody battle.

“Yesterday we actually introduced Jihoon’s lawyer to the world,” Crosby announced. “His name is Joseph C. Alamilla.”

“He is a family law attorney based in Utah where Deavan had filed all her paperwork,” Crosby continued.

“He took the case because Jihoon was about to lose all of his rights to his son this week,” she alleged, “so Joe had filed a response.”

“If Jihoon’s lawyer didn’t file appropriately,” Crosby continued, “everything that she would have asked for in that paperwork would have been hers.”

Crosby, through the GoFundMe that she set up for Jihoon, explains the staggeringly high amount of money that she wants from fans.

“Jihoon is looking for $50,000 to cover all of the costs — filing fees, attorney fees, accommodations, now mediators,” Crosby shared.

“We’re trying to promote the GoFundMe like crazy to get it out there so we can get Joe the money he deserves,” she added.

“His law firm set up a PayPal that is listed under his law firm’s name for people to donate to as well,” Crosby said.

While we make no accusations towards Joe or his law firm, we would remind readers to be careful when making online donations.

A donation to a person or entity can often be used however they wish once it is processed, even if that was not the donor’s intention.

Believe it or not, there were people who endured all that 2020 brought to bear, saw all of the people struggling and suffering during the pandemic, and opted to donate funds to Jihoon.

Hey, it’s their money, and they can spend it however they like. We’re allowed to go “whaaa-” in response, though.

Donors have raised more than $3,700 out of the GoFundMe’s goal of $50,000. That is more than seven percent!

Crosby says that Joe the attorney is already at work on Jihoon’s case.

“He’s filed to make the court aware that he is representing Jihoon and he’s filed a response to Deavan’s lawyers,” Crosby said.

“And he’s not waiting for the $50,000 to come in,” she reported. “He’s working while we’re raising this money.”

Jihoon Lee fistbumps - nice!

Some fans are more than a little harsh when it comes to the fundraiser — one so dubious that GoFundMe temporarily hid it in December to confirm that it was not a scam.

Part of the reason is that Jihoon is accused of a harrowing a vicious incident of child-abuse.

A lot of fans feel that, quite frankly, Taeyang is better off with Deavan.

Jihoon Lee - my mom needs her credit card back

But perhaps the bigger issue for some fans is that Deavan has stated again and again that Jihoon can see Taeyang and is not denied access to him.

In fact, Deavan has shown fans DMs and screenshots of Jihoon saying that he’s not interested in seeing photos of his son.

Additionally, a lot of fans have seen enough of Jihoon’s “work ethic” on TV and feel that he should earn his own dang money if he wants to wage a courtroom battle.

Isabel Roloff SLAMS Audrey: America Was Attacked! Stop Promoting Your Book!

On Wednesday, January 6, armed white insurgents stormed Capitol Hill in an unprecedented attack on the American government.

Though the attempted coup failed, the subject of the heartbreaking attack by white nationalist Trump supporters has been on everyone’s lips … well, almost everyone.

Audrey Roloff has adamently refused to directly mention the insurrection to Little People, Big World fans.

And her sister-in-law is calling her out.

Audrey Roloff and Isabel Rock, header zoom

Last week, Audrey told her fans that she refused to be “pressured” into commenting about the attack in DC.

“While I think there are so many important issues that we, as influencers, can speak out on and move the needle on…” she began.

Audrey then stated that “just because someone isn’t sharing about something, doesn’t mean that they’re not for it or they’re not against.”

“I just think we need to be slower to speak,” Audrey added vaguely.

“And,” she commented, “I think what’s happening in D.C. right now is terrible.”

That line was almost aggressively ambiguous, a detail that many fans picked up on.

“But me not having the perfect words to speak to something going on right now,” Audrey continued.

“And,” she wrote, “throwing something up on my Instagram Story just because I’m pressured into it in my DMs to share about every little issue that’s a current event.”

Auj opined: “I just think… [those people DMing] should check your heart and realize we’re humans, too, and need space to process things, too.”

“And don’t condemn people for sharing things they always share about,” Audrey continued.

Notably, she had continued to promote her new book in the wake of the white nationalist coup attempt in what fans found to be a hurtful business-as-usual approach.

Audrey concluded by insisting that it’s not a “bad thing” that she continues to share things that fall within her “lane and space.”

Clearly, Isabel Rock — wife of Jacob Roloff — sees things very differently.

Izzy has of course been using her own platform to speak out about the attack, using poetry to cope while also directly addressing the issues at hand.

She also appears to have fired a shot at Isabel by way of her Instagram Stories.

Isabel Rock IG - if it's not "on brand" for you ...

“If it’s not ‘on brand’ for you to talk about things like white terrorism,” Isabel shared in a post, “your brand is bulls–t.”

She might not specifically have named Isabel, but many interpreted this as being a deliberate and specific dig at her sister-in-law.

That’s the trick with general statements like that — it’s easy to read as personal, even if you’re not thinking of anyone in your life.

Now, Audrey is partially right — not commenting doesn’t mean that you don’t personally care.

Many people do lack the language and confidence in what they can say to address all or part of national tragedies and other major events.

This is something that even politicians may struggle with. it’s part of why they have social media managers and speech writers.

But the solution here isn’t to remain silent and keep blogging about your book after just a few years of marriage.

Instead, the best solution is to share things that others have said. Retweet, reblog, and share to your own Stories.

If you’re not doing that … people are going to be uncomfortable and wonder why it is that this particular subject is so hard for you to address.

In Audrey’s case, well, fans already know that her political leanings tend to be both fairly extreme and on the conservative side.

Just last year, Jeremy attempted to demonize both the Democratic Party and the historic civil rights protests in a scathing reference to “rioters and looters.”

Audrey herself has referred to living among a “twisted generation,” appearing to take a swipe at fellow Millennials whom she may believe are insufficiently Christian.

This has led Audrey and Jeremy into numerous conflicts with Jacob and Isabel, who are considerably more mainstream in their views.

Jacob is outspoken and sometimes takes a hostile tone with family members after his explanations fail to sway them to use their platforms more responsibly.

Isabel often plays the peacemaker. But who will play peacemaker for her and Audrey after this conflict?