Britney Spears and Sam Asghari: Is Their Relationship Doomed?

Britney Spears is showing off that social media freedom by slamming the paparazzi and accusing them of doctoring photos of her.

In the meantime, she’s also posting steamy pics of her sexy vacation with boyfriend Sam Asghari.

And while they’re having fun in the sun, relationship details are leaking. Take a look:

The legendary and incomparable Britney Spears is living her best life with her ludicrously handsome boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

The hot pair uploaded photos from their time on the open water.

Britney captioned the pics, which we have included, as: “Miami with mi amor.”

Sam captioned those same photos as: “305 with my Lioness.”

These two appear to be life goals on the surface. But does their relationship hold up if we dig a little deeper?

Entertainment Tonight spoke with an inside source about whether there’s more than outrageous good looks keeping this couple together.

“Sam is really in love with Britney,” the insider reveals.

First of all, everybody loves Britney, so write that down.

“He will always be there to help,” the source adds. “In any way he can.”

“He’s her protector,” the insider characterizes.

While Britney and Sam have been showing off their romantic getaway, the report sheds light on their domestic bliss.

“When they’re together,” the source shares. “They cook at home most nights.”

That sounds so sweet (and, to this Millennial, a little exhausting).

The report explains why they would choose to do the labor themselves instead of order whatever they want or have a private chef make it.

“They like to keep things relaxed and simple,” the insider explains.

Sam may be a big part of her life these days, but he’s not the center of her world.

“For Britney,” the source emphasizes. “Being a mother is the most important part of her life.”

“She is the most content whenever she is around her boys,” the insider shares.

The source reveals that “Sam is also very involved with the kids’ lives.”

“The boys appreciate it when they all spend time together as a family,” the insider notes.

It’s great to hear that Sam has been bonding with Jayden James and Sean Preston.

“Her kids love when Sam is around,” the source divulges.

According to the insider: “They have from the beginning of the relationship.”

It sounds like he’s great with kids.

“He gets along with all of them very well,” the source states.

It is so reassuring to hear that Britney and Sam’s relationship is going so well despite all of the drama, media speculation, and the nature of relationships.

That said, it is not a surprise in the least.

Britney is smart, gorgeous, phenomenally talented, and one of the best celebrity moms on the planet.

Of course she would make careful decisions about who she invites into her home, into her life, and who gets to meet her precious children.

Just because the relationship began with thirst (as most do!) doesn’t mean that she’s not making good decisions about her life.

Good for her. Good for Sam. We wish them both a world of happiness.

Jennifer Lamb Asks Fans to Pray for June Shannon After Failed Intervention

From Not to Hot fans and her own family were hopeful, but June Shannon’s intervention was a dramatic failure.

As fans brace themselves to see the next ugly turns in Mama June’s life, she’s receiving vocal support from an unlikely source.

Jennifer Lamb took to social media to plead with fans to keep June in their prayers.

Jennifer took to Instagram and shared a photo of her, producer Gina Rodriguez, and June, who was sticking out her tongue.

“This photo shows June’s fun personality,” Jennifer’s caption begins.

“When we took this photo,” she says, providing context. “It was earlier in the season.”

“And,” Jennifer recalls. “Everything was good.”

She quickly admits that something may have already been wrong in June’s life, adding: “or at least we thought.”

This is such a sweet photo, and Jennifer’s right about how well it illustrates June’s personality.

Sometimes, between the clownish moments and the drama, it can be too easy to forget that reality stars are real people.

“June and I may have had our differences in the past,” Jennifer readily admits.

“But,” she emphasizes. “I truly care about this woman and her family.”

Part of June’s family is now, through Sugar Bear, part of Jennifer’s family, too.

Jennifer then issues a plea for her followers to provide emotional and even spiritual support for June.

‘This has been a difficult time,” Jennifer points out.

That is an understatement. A crack cocaine arrest and a failed intervention are just the tip of the iceberg.

“And,” she continues. “I ask that you keep Miss June in your prayers.”

She adds several instances of the prayer emoji.

Jennifer, at the time of her posting, reminded her followers to watch the show.

She then asked a special favor of them, imploring fans to “(please be kind in the comments).”

Many fans abided by Jennifer’s heartfelt request.

“This was heartbreaking to watch,” wrote one follower. “The silver lining being how amazing you look and how hard you worked.”

Jennifer’s storyline was much more positive than June’s.

June Shannon is not going to a mental hospital

“Glad to see such a nice, fun photo of you 3 together & your kind words regarding June,” praised another fan.

The comment continued: “Hoped you two were friends off screen – oh and Jennifer you looked absolutely fabulous last week with your shorter curly hair!”

“Jennifer you are kind hearted person,” wrote another commenter.

That follower continued: “Set your difference asides and you didn’t judge her for what she is going through. Prayers for Mama June.”

It sounds like June could use all of the good vibes that she can get.

See, it’s not just that she was arrested for crack cocaine, or that Geno was arrested under suspicion of domestic violence.

June adamantly refused to go to any in-patient treatment, despite the pleas of her children who are afraid that she will literally die.

The reason, as Pumpkin Shannon explained, is actually very simple.

June is afraid that she can’t watch Geno Doak, her good-for-nothing boyfriend, if she’s in in-patient treatment.

She’s afraid that he’ll cheat on her, as he has allegedly been doing already. She’s afraid that she’ll lose him.

No man is worth dying over.

And a man whom you have to watch constantly to keep him in line? He’s not worth keeping.

Nicole Nafziger Reveals Partial Wedding Date to Azan Tefou!

If you talk to 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? fans, you know that they have all sorts of strong opinions about Nicole and Azan.

Even though Nicole isn’t his sugar mama anymore, some still cling to the conspiracy theory that he’s just using her for money.

Others aren’t sure what to believe, except that they’re adamant that they shouldn’t get married.

(Yes, some critics of their marriage are thinly veiled body-shamers; yes, some others are racist or Islamaphobic; but others have real concerns)

Nicole dropped several hints recently that, when combined, revealed her plans for a summer wedding.

Now, Nicole is putting at least part of a date on those plans.

Take a look!

1. Nicole and Azan are still engaged

Azan tefou and nicole nafziger
Fans have howled and gnashed their teeth and Nicole’s family has done the same, but this engagement is moving forward … however slowly.

2. But when is the actual wedding date?

Azan tefou nicole nafziger and may
Over the weekend, Nicole shed some light on the exciting details.

3. Nicole and Azan have been doing this dance for a long time

Nicole nafziger may 16 q and a 11 90 year fiance
Fans have been calling it “90 Year Fiance” because they still haven’t gotten married. Even Nicole knows that it’s been a while. In fact, she knows better than anyone — it’s her life.

4. How long HAVE they been a (long-distance) couple, anyway?

Nicole nafziger q and a 3 and a half years
Just a little earlier this year, Nicole informed her fans that she and Azan have been together for three-and-a-half years. Some marriages don’t even last that long.

5. Some think it’s been long enough

90 day fiance 9 june 2019 nicole nafziger stepdad 02
Nicole’s family has expressed real concerns that Azan is just stringing Nicole along — maybe for money, maybe because he doesn’t want to admit that his family doesn’t approve.

6. Her stepdad is not mincing words

90 day fiance 9 june 2019 azan has no intention of marrying nico
Fun fact: this is not the correct pronunciation of the name “Azan.” It’s also not the right way to pronounce “Hassan,” his real name.

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Kendall Jenner Physically FIGHTS Kourtney Kardashian in New Promo!

A couple of weeks ago, Keeping Up With The Kardashians viewers saw Kourtney Kardashian’s weird tension wtih sister Kendall Jenner.

Even Kourt recognized that she and her three children had overstayed their welcome.

In this KUWTK teaser, the feud between the sisters ignites into an unbelievable physical confrontation. Take a look:

Kendall jenner complains on kuwtk

In a very short promo for this Sunday’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall and Kourtney have reached a breaking point.

“I don’t understand how my own sister is, like, talking s–t about me,” Kendall laments.

Khloe is clearly listening, trying to provide a sympathetic ear while wearing a stylish hat.

Some might point out that Kendall is effectively talking s–t about Kourtney right back.

Before any context can be provided, the promo flips to the other end of this feud.

Kourtney kardashian is furious

Here, we see Kourtney doing her best impression of Tamra Judge’s infamous and heavily memed “that’s my opinion” moment.

“I didn’t even know there was a problem!” Kourtney exclaims.

We love Kourt, we really do, but her voice tone here is deeply aggressive.

She sounds like she’s on her last nerve.

To illustrate the topic of the conversation, the promo shows Kendall again, from the earlier scene, as she walks away.

Kendall jenner is not the crazy one

We see Khloe nodding in silent sympathy as Kendall speaks.

“She will go out of her way,” Kendall accuses.

She continues: “To make me look crazy!”

It’s not totally clear what Kendall means in this exact moment.

But what happens next makes Kendall look stark raving mad.

Kendall jenner vs kourtney kardashian

We then see Kendall in zebra striped leggings taking a swing at Kourtney.

It’s almost a reenactment of Kim’s “don’t be f–king rude!” moment, one of many famous memes born from this series.

Kourt throws up her hands to defend herself against Kendall’s blow.

The promo then cuts to Kendall tackling Kourtney in the grass.

Needless to say, no one should be fighting, but sisters should absolutely not be brawling with each other.

Khloe kardashian tries to lend a sympathetic ear

All of this looks very tense, right?

But, if you’ll allow us to float a little conspiracy theory, we think that this fight is presented out of ocntext in this promo.

Watch very, very carefully — the gif that we whipped up for you may help.

Kendall appears to be smiling as she swings her bag at Kourtney.

This horseplay may not be our idea of a good time, but it may be that this isn’t a violent display of aggression.

Maybe they’re just messing around.

Khloe kardashian wears a stylish hat

What may be the source of tension under discussion is Kourtney and Kendall’s extended status as roommates.

See, during that awful fire, Kendall insisted that Kourtney and her kids come stay over.

It may bet hat Kendall didn’t realize how long they would be residing there while their home was fixed up and purged of all smoke residue.

Apparently, Reign peed on a mattress of Kendall’s. A small inconvenience for a family of their means, but still.

(Also, maybe not something that needed to be shared on the air — Reign will soon be old enough to have friends who realize he’s a celebrity)

Sometimes, even two people who love each other can get a little stir-crazy when they’re living side-by-side but don’t have truly separate spaces.

Kendall jenner physically fights kourtney kardashian in new prom

Ashley Martson Flaunts Mysterious New Ring: WTF?!?

The marriage between Ashley Martson and Jay Smith is over, right?

After all, Ashley filed to divorce her cheating husband.

But in Ashley’s most recent Instagram photo, fans have spotted something interesting — and potentially alarming.

She’s wearing a conspicuous band around her left ring finger — a finger usually reserved for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Has Ashley found someone new already?

Or, worse, are she and Jay trying to make it work yet again?

April wasn’t the first time that she filed to divorce her cheating husband this year. Last time, she took him back.

Is history repeating itself? Read our post below to find out what Ashley revealed:

1. Ashley Martson is taking time for herself

Ashley martson enjoys the simple life and a ring
She uploaded this new photo to Instagram, tagging it “#simplelife #lake #nature.” It’s great to see her relaxing after all that this year has put her through.

2. But … what’s this?

Ashley martson mysterious new ring zoom
We’ve zoomed in a little for you — as much as we could without sacrificing image quality. That’s definitely a ring on Ashley’s finger. On her ring finger of her left hand, no less.

3. WTF?!?

Ashley martson pic
Ashley has been spotted with a couple of very hot guys in the almost two months since she went public with the demise of her marriage to Jay. But she said that they were just photos, and that she wasn’t dating anyone seriously.

4. She had a lot of healing to do

Ashley martson looks majestic
Ashley has lost months of her life trying to fix a marriage that was broken within days of the nuptials.

5. It’s not that she can’t find another man

Ashley martson bikini photo
Ashley is hot, has an entertaining personality, and doesn’t seem to be short on cash, either. Of course she can find any man she likes.

6. But …

Ashley martson gazes into the distance
Ashley needs time to heal and recover before she moves on from Jay.

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Wendy Williams: I’m Dating a VERY Sexy Boy Toy!

Even though Wendy Williams’ messy divorce feels like it has scarcely begun, it was a long time coming.

Clearly, Wendy is not wasting any time finding a new man for herself.

And by new man, we mean a man whom she describes as “sexy” … and young enough that she could be his mother.

On Monday morning, June 10, Wendy Williams took to Instagram and posted a photo of her in the sunlight, embracing a man’s hand.

“Last night was the most beautiful sunset in Sherman Oaks with special people,” Wendy’s caption begins.

Notably, she and her staff are all on vacation.

“Thank you, California!” Wendy gushes. “You’ve won me over!”

It’s not every day that you hear a New Yorker say that.

“I’ll be back for the Hip Hop Festival in August!” she tells her fans.

But people’s eyes were immediately drawn to the hand against which she is so clearly snuggling.

Wendy’s tags tell it all.

She writes”#oldenoughtobeyourmother,” which is the type of boasting disguised as a self-deprecating statement known as a humblebrag.

In another tag, she praises this person as a “#verysexyman.”

Wendy then labels the photo as all part of “#mynewlife.”

It’s great to hear that Wendy is moving on, and with someone young enough for a woman of her means and fame.

But … who is he?

Many were quick to theorize that she’s currently boinking DJ Boof.

He’s a familiar face from The Wendy Williams Show and he’s young, and they were even spotted hanging out together recently.

But that was last week.

This week, he was far from SoCal — in fact, DJ Boof was in Atlanta. He has an alibi, so to speak.

Hilariously, DJ Boof had to swat away this theory all day long on Monday.

“Are you dating Wndy,â€� a follower asked on Instagram, prompting Boof to reply: “No.”

The cacophony of questions got so bad that he took to his Instagram Stories to address it.

“Try again!!” he instructed his followers. “Not my hand!!!!”

People are scrambling for answers.

And, until Wendy identifies her cougar cub, the speculations will continue.

Some have, of course, been spouting a different theory at anyone who will listen.

There are those who wonder if perhaps Wendy hired a hand model to snap a photo.


Maybe to make Kevin Hunter jealous — and drive him crazy — during their divorce. Maybe as a small punishment for allegedly attacking their son.

Or maybe it was directed at fans. Maybe Wendy wants them to see her living her best life.

You know those services that give rich people fancy trash to throw away to make their lives look more glamourous? This could be that but for dating.

We somehow don’t believe that, however.

One, no one actually expects her to be dating this early, so we don’t imagine that she’s really that desperate.

Two, Wendy knows the ins and outs of fame and how their stories are covered better than anyone.

A fake dating story is bound to get out — especially if she’s doing it on TMZ‘s turf.

Even if it’s long after the fact, that sort of revelation would be all kinds of embarrassing.

So congratulations to Wendy and her boy toy. There are many roads to healing from a divorce. It looks like she picked a fun one.

Stormi Webster Speaks: Watch the Adorable Video!

When Kylie Jenner isn’t throwing weird Handmaid’s Tale parties in questionable taste, she’s also a mom to an adorable toddler, Stormi.

Stormi turned 16 months old at the beginning of June, and she’s hitting more and more milestones.

In an unbelievably adorable video, Stormi is asked to say her own name. Check it out!

Stormi webster tries to speak

Stormi is only 16 months old and already modeling for photoshoots.

She looks as cute as a button as she poses for a cluster of cameras.

In a behind-the-scenes look shared by proud mom Kylie, Stormi is prompted by various voices off-camera to speak.

“Can you say Stormi?” she is asked.

Our hearts are full of love.

Stormi webster speaks

Stormi does her level best to say her own name — showing that she clearly understands the request.

Names can be tricky to pronounce.

Some of us may be shocked to learn of a 16-month-old struggling with her own name (and not having an explanatory diagnosis).

But different babies develop at different rates and reach milestones at different times. Very soon, Stormi will be a chatterbox.

“A for effort, baby,” Kylie praised in the captions of the video.

Kylie jenner and stormi webster pretty in pink

Kylie was not the only one head-over-heels enamored with her precious baby.

“She’s the cutest” praised Khloe, the delighted aunt.

In typical Millennial (yes, 1998 is Millennial, not Gen Z, don’t @ me) fashion, Sofia Richie was overwhelmed, writing: “I can’t.”

“Nononononoooo,” an overcome Chrissy Teigen exclaimed. “How is she so good at this!!”

Chrissy is a model. She had to learn to do photoshoots. Stormi is a natural at it.

Stormi webster dances in kylie jenners arms

Kylie has actually been somewhat sparing when it comes to showing off Stormi.

Sure, we’ve seen her adorable baby girl, but compared to some other Kardashian babies we could name, we’ve only had a few glimpses.

This is very deliberate on Kylie’s part.

She grew up famous from a younger age than any of her siblings (obviously).

It is natural and good that she wants to show off her baby while also placing limits on how much she broadcasts to the world.

Kylie and stormi in

There’s another reason for which Kylie has dialed down how much of Stormi she advertises to the world.

People can be vile.

Just as some racists monsters called baby True “ugly” for her dark skin, Stormi’s appearance has been the subject of scrutiny.

People thought that Stormi wasn’t dark-skinned enough to be Travis Scott’s baby, so they came up with their own wild, irresponsible theories.

Some accused Kylie’s smokin’ hot bodyguard of being the baby’s real father. That was an absurd lie, but Kylie found it hurtful.

She doesn’t want to give trolls another target by showing off her baby 24/7.

Stormi holds travis scotts hand

As we mentioned, some find it surprising to hear about so many celebrity babies speaking so late, relatively speaking.

That’s just how it is sometimes.

Some families have talkative babies who form sentences before they hit 10 months. Others don’t speak until they’re two.

There are also studies that say that screen time for babies can delay speech milestones. That could also be a factor.

Either way, Stormi is as cute as a button and we’re sure that she’ll be saying her name just fine very soon.

Stormi webster speaks watch the adorable video