Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Photos: Tales From the Crypt

Quite understandably, HBO is playing it close to the vest when it comes to spoilers for the final season of Game of Thrones.

As a result of this extreme secrecy, even details like episode titles are being kept under wraps, and fans are forced to fight over crumbs of information like the lowliest peasants in Flea Bottom.

So here’s what little we know so far about Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2:

It’ll be longer than the season premiere — clocking in at 58 minutes — but still be considerably shorter than the four feature-length installments to follow.

Also, it should provide a nice counterweight to all the pastel cheeriness of the Easter festivities that will precede it — though it might be just as concerned with resurrection from the dead.

Oh, and we have the following photos from the episode, generously provided by HBO execs who know we’ll drive ourselves mad dissecting them for details.

Join us as we do exactly that, won’t you?

1. Crypt Keepers

Crypt keepers
Something is going down in the crypts at Winterfell. You can bet whatever scheme is being hatched in Varys’ noggin is way more frightening than all those decaying Stark corpses.

2. Hatching a Plan

Hatching a plan
Jon and Arya are there as well. We guess they got over their little feud about how smart Sansa is.

3. Drinking and Knowing Things

Drinking and knowing things
Naturally, Tyrion brought a goblet of red to the meeting. It’s stressful always being the most knowledgeable person in the room.

4. Sam’s Concerned

Sams concerned
Sam Tarly’s got a lot on his mind these days. He has a kid and a baby mama to worry about, an army of the undead is inching closer by the day, and now he’s forced to make nice with the woman who torched his husband and brother.

5. Bran Ruminates

Bran ruminates
And then there’s Bran, doing what he does best — staring creepily into middle-distance and making everyone uneasy about what sort of earth-shattering insight he’s about to reveal.

6. Busted Big Time

Busted big time
Speaking of Bran, the guy who put him in that wheelchair is about to be in some serious sh-t. In addition to that fateful shove in S1E1, Kingslayer Jaime Lannister got that name by icing the Khaleesi’s father.

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Farrah Abraham Accused of Being a Prostitute, Showing Off Botched Butt Injections

Another day, another reminder that Farrah Abraham is one of the most ridiculous human beings on the planet.

As you may have heard, Farrah appears to be broke these days.

That hasn’t stopped her from taking lavish vacations or spending all her time on social media, but it has led to some wild rumors about how she’s paying the bills (and affording all her cosmetic procedures).

Of course, this is Farrah we’re talking about — which means no theory should be counted out as too bonkers to be true.

Take a look at the latest:

1. Farrah Being Farrah

Farrah abraham and her boobs
Farrah has been a trainwreck from the time she first entered the spotlight. But to be fair, she usually keeps it fresh.

2. A True Artist

Farrah abraham with the blow
There’s really no predicting what sort of batsh-t behavior she’ll engage in next. It’s almost impressive. Almost.

3. On Her Grind

Farrah abraham exit interview
As usual, Farrah is doing all kinds of desperate things in her never-ending quest for money — but even fans who have been observing her behavior for years couldn’t have predicted that Farrah would get THIS hard-up.

4. The Master Is In

Farrah ig 2
For one thing, Farrah is offering online lessons in business management as part of the formerly-reputable Master Class series.

5. Child Management — Not the Best Idea

Sophia abraham childrens boutique
She landed the gig despite the fact that at least three of businesses ventures have failed in the past 18 months, including the children’s boutique that was managed by Farrah’s daughter, Sophia.

6. Too Much Irony

Farrah abraham at froco
Hilariously, it looks as though several class “modules” were filmed at FroCo, Farrah’s now-defunct frozen yogurt chain.

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Anna Duggar: Weight Loss Transformation Stuns Fans!

Generally, when fans get worked up about a social media post from Anna Duggar, the uproar has something to do with her widely-hated husband, Josh Duggar.

Fans think Anna should divorce Josh, but she seems to have no interest in doing so.

And thus, the comments section on her Instagram page frequently devolves into a war zone.

Recently, however, something astonishing happened.

In her latest pics, it looks as though Anna has lost a ton of weight.

Fans have been singing her praises — but they’ve also been reading way too much into what this body transformation might mean.

Take a look:

1. Slimmed Down

Anna duggar weight loss photo
Here’s a photo that recently appeared on Anna’s Instagram page. As you can see, she’s looking very trim these days.

2. Unrecognizable!

Anna duggar weight loss pic
This pic was posted on Jana Duggar’s page earlier this week. Fans declared that Anna was downright unrecognizable.

3. A Gradual Process

Anna duggar ultrasound photos
Anna appears to have lost a fair bit of weight, obviously. But it seems that she did so naturally, and in a gradual, healthy way.

4. Widespread Shock

Josh and anna duggar image
Regardless, some fans were flat-out stunned by how quickly Anna shed the pounds.

5. Motivated Mom

Anna duggar in 2015
“Anna, you’re looking gorgeous! I can’t believe she has five kids,� commented one fan.

6. Doppelganger Anna?

Josh and anna duggar with family
“I thought that was a relative of Anna’s. Looks like her but also doesn’t,” commented another.

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