Duggar Family House Rules Revealed: 21 Ways Jim Bob Utterly Owns You [UPDATED]

If you know anything about the Duggars, you know that they love rules.

There are the Duggar courtship rules, of course, that are now infamous.

But patriarch and matriarch Jim Bob and Michelle have equally strict guidelines for just about every aspect of their children’s lives.

Long before, and aside from, courtship.

Until they move out on their own (usually only permitted once they’ve married), the Duggar kids are under their parents’ control.

Not just as a figure of speech. Entirely.

From the moment they start their morning chores to the moment they finish their evening prayers, it’s Jim Bob’s show. Period.

If it sounds like a lot of pressure … well, it is.

A newly-revealed list of Duggar house rules sheds more light on exactly what’s expected of Michelle’s massive brood.

And man alive, this is super effed up.

[UPDATE: The moment we’ve been waiting for is finally at hand — the Duggar kids are rebelling against Jim Bob’s strict control! Scroll down for the latest on this exciting situation.]

1. Family Law

The duggar family picture
There’s nothing Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar love more than rules. And it seems the controversial couple has put together a list of strict regulations by which they expect their children to abide.

2. Shifting Focus

The duggar family photo
The rules were revealed this week by Focus on the Family, a fundamentalist Christian organization with which the Duggars have long been affiliated.

3. Making the Rounds

The duggar family a photo
The Duggars have a new book out, and it seems that as part of their promotional campaign, they provided Focus on the Family with the following list of 22 rules (and counting!) that help maintain order in one of the world’s most famous fundamentalist households.

4. Soft Words

Michelle duggar and jim bob duggar
“1. Always use soft words, even when you don’t feel well.” We’re not sure what’s meant by “soft words,” and unfortunately, the Duggars don’t elaborate. Suffice it to say, probably not a lot of F-bombs being dropped in Jim Bob’s home.

5. Kind Actions

The dillards vs the duggars
“2. Always display kind actions and joyful attitudes, even if you have been mistreated. Have the right response by quickly forgiving others in your heart even before they ask.” With all these rules for his kids to follow, it’s a good thing Jim Bob is big on forgiveness!

6. Praise Be!

Jed and duggars
“3. Always be enthusiastic and look for opportunities to praise others’ character.” To their credit, the Duggars are always building each other up.

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Farrah Abraham Ignores Coronavirus Warnings, Drags Daughter All Over LA!

If you’re familiar with Farrah Abraham, then you’re probably already aware that she’s not the brightest bulb.

That may sound cruel, but Farrah needs to be called out, as sometimes, her foolishness is damaging to others.

For example, ake her callous disregard for the social-distancing protocol that was put in place to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

All over the world, people are social-distancing and sheltering in place.

Meanwhile, Farrah is bouncing around LA with her 11-year-old daughter in tow.

To make matters worse, she’s boasting about her idiocy on social media.

Thankfully, she’s getting roasted by followers who are encouraging her to stay the eff home!

Take a look:

1. A Sad Scene

Farrah abraham and soph
Farrah Abraham was never a mother of the year candidate. But she may have just reached a new low by risking her daughter’s health for the sake of some internet clout.

2. Masked Bandits

Farrah abraham screw coronavirus im taking my daughter shopping
Farrah recently posted this video in which she delights in the media coverage of her decision to take her daughter Sofia out on the town in the midst of the worst public health crisis this country has ever seen.

3. She Thinks It’s a Game

Farrah and sophia abraham selfie
“Still the coolest celeb mom even during #covid_19 #latex #facemask,” Abraham captioned the video.

4. Big Yikes

Farrah corona
Even more offensive is Farrah’s caption on Twitter, where she referred to the coronavirus as “#ChineseVirus19”.

5. Running Scared

Farrah corona 2
The criticism that followed led Farrah to make her account private. We guess she is capable of feeling shame!

6. The Thirst Is Real

Farrah abraham is plastic
Anyway, this all happened because Farrah not only took her daughter out and about during a global pandemic, she also felt the need to boast about her foolishness on social media.

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