Javi Marroquin: Back With Kailyn Lowry Following Lauren Comeau Split?!

Kailyn Lowry takes a lot of flak on social media for the decisions she makes in her personal life.

Kail likes to say she’s been unlucky with men, but her haters believe all of her suffering is self-created, and she’s a victim of her own bad decisions.

The truth, of course, is probably somewhere in the middle.

But if the latest rumor about Kail’s love life is true, well … it won’t be easy for us to continue defending her.

Folks, it seems there’s reason to believe that Lowry is back together with Javi Marroquin following his most recent breakup with Lauren Comeau.

At first, we didn’t believe it ourselves, but at this point, we have to admit that the evidence is pretty compelling.

Take a look:

1. Say It Ain’t So

Kailyn lowry lauren comeau
Teen Mom 2 fans are convinced that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are secretly dating. And as far-fetched as that rumor may seem, it would explain an awful lot.

2. The Disruptor

Kailyn lowry in glasses
As you probably recall, Kail played a major role in Lauren and Javi’s most recent (and seemingly final) breakup.

3. Kail Tells Her Tale

Kail on the side
During an October episode of Teen Mom 2, Kail alleged that Javi tried to have sex with her in a Wawa parking lot while she was pumping gas.

4. Speaking Her Truth

Kailyn lowry and a selfie
“You’re willing to come to Middletown to f–k me but you won’t come to Middletown to meet me to get your son or even meet me halfway to get your son?” she said to her producer. “Only if it benefits you in a sexual way? Now you’re being disrespectful and I’m going to disrespect the f–k out of you.”

5. Wawa … Wow

While we’re sure the convenience store chain appreciated the shout-out, this probably isn’t their ideal form of product placement.

6. Putting Her Foot Down

Lauren comeau with her man
Lauren might have caught Javi cheating and forgiven him in the past, but this time, she stuck to her guns and left his ass for good.

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