Alex Hall Calls Brittany Snow ‘Calculated’ Over Tyler Stanaland Cheating Allegations — Wait, What?!

Alex Hall thinks Brittany Snow is the “calculated” one?! Really??

The controversial Selling The OC star infamously sparked cheating allegations with the Pitch Perfect alum’s husband Tyler Stanaland before they ultimately divorced after season one of the Netflix series dropped. Just last month, the actress finally spoke out about her split from the real estate agent on the Call Her Daddy podcast — and she confirmed all the allegations about him were true!

Sure, she was cryptic about it, but she insisted “what people think happened, happened.” Not unsurprisingly, Tyler’s already clapped back and argued he never stepped out of the marriage. But it’s obviously hard for fans to trust a word he says after watching him get flirty with so many women on TV. And now his alleged other woman is hitting back at Brittany’s revelations, too — and she’s just as heated!

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While promoting the upcoming season of the reality show, which airs on Friday, Alex told ET on Monday:

“You know, that was her intention, was to get some traction and, you know, promote her book or movie and show and it worked. She’s got great PR. I’ll give her that.”

The real estate agent then claimed everything the John Tucker Must Die star said was false, adding:

“Her allegations and her calculated verbiage and approach to alluding to things that happened. Anything that was aimed at me is completely false and untrue. I think any viewer who watches the show can see that that’s untrue because you literally see mine and Tyler’s friendship progress, or not. And so people are gonna believe what they want to believe.”

Ummm… she really thinks “any viewer” would AGREE with her side of the story?? It’s her flirty behavior on the show that started this mess in the first place! That said, we understand why she’s upset with the vagueness of Brittany’s comments. It certainly doesn’t put an end to any of the rumors and speculation. Alex complained:

“I think it was a really, really unfair move on Brittany Snow’s part. However, she did it for her business and that’s what I’m going with here. And I just would have had more respect for her if she would have said it with her chest and said, ‘Alex Hall did X, Y and Z with my husband while we were married,’ but she can’t do that because that would be a bold-faced lie. So, again, calculated in her best interest. Maybe I get it, but very, very couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

Even if they hadn’t gotten physical before the split, the bond Alex and Tyler shared would have any wife upset! We mean, at one point, Alex literally sat on her co-worker’s lap and gave him a “nosey,” basically making out with his nose! We don’t know many platonic friends who are doing that! Not to mention, Tyler also almost kissed colleague Kayla Cardona, something she claims she wouldn’t have attempted if she wasn’t feeling a spark from him already! So, yeah, it’s just hard to believe that Alex and Tyler never crossed a line after everything that went down on camera!

But looking to the future, where do the friends-to-lovers stand now? As Perezcious readers know, they finally kissed on-screen in the second season, but then Tyler announced his departure from the Oppenheim Group last year. Turns out that was the end of this complicated love triangle, Hall insisted:

“Tyler and I don’t speak. I haven’t spoken to him since very shortly after he left the Oppenheim Group or maybe the day that it was announced. I had a conversation with him. There was some revelations that were made, not by his choice, but some things that came to the surface that gave me some understanding and clarity on why certain things progressed or didn’t progress throughout season 3.”

Hoping that’ll be the end of all this drama for her, she noted:

“[It] kind of gave me the closure that I needed, I guess. I wish him nothing but the best. I just don’t want to be dragged through it any further.”


Are y’all buying this?? Do you think Alex really didn’t do anything wrong? And that Brittany is the “calculated” one here?? Sound OFF (below)!

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