Amanda Bynes Makes RARE Public Appearance with Fiance

Two months ago, troubled Amanda Bynes returned to Instagram to remind the world that she's alive and as well as she can be.

Now, she wants people to know something else: she and her fiance are going strong!

Amanda Bynes and Fiance Paul Michael, Still Together

Amanda Bynes has shown off her engagement ring from fiance Paul Michael before.

Just a few days ago, she and Paul stepped out together in public in Los Angeles.

According to eyewitnesses, she had her man by her side and her sizable engagement ring sparkling on her finger.

Paul Michael and Amanda Bynes Engagement Rings: "My Baby"

This is a rare public outing for the two of them.

Though they have been affectionate on each other's social media, with Amanda "liking" Paul's latest Instagram post (which was a few weeks ago), they have been somewhat reclusive.

And, of course, just nine months ago, Paul confirmed that the couple had broken up. It was not long before they got back together.

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael

“[Amanda is] still with Paul, and he’s actually a great influence on her,” an insider source dished to E! News following the public appearance in L.A.

“He’s an advocate for her sobriety," the insider shared, "and he’s just a really wonderful, nice person."

The source then appraised: "She’s definitely been in a much healthier place.”

Amanda Bynes and Fiance

Amanda continues taking online classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising while working towards her bachelor's degree.

“She’s on great terms with her parents right now, too,” the insider dished. “Amanda and Paul don’t live together."

"They spend a lot of time together, but Amanda still does live in a sober living community," the source added. "Overall, Amanda is doing great.” 

Amanda Bynes in 2020

In October, Amanda returned to Instagram, giving her half a million social media followers a pleasant surprise.

She wore plaid bottoms, a loos-efitting black top, and a pair of nude pumps.

Amanda's outfit was augmented by sparkling bracelets and a Chanel purse.

Amanda Bynes Face Tattoo

Amanda also has a heart tattoo on her cheek, one that she has shown off more than once on social media.

But no, folks, it's not the same as the "I've killed someone" prison tattoo.

It's just a simple outline of a heart that she has had tattooed onto her cheek.

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael Flaunt Engagement Rings

As we mentioned earlier, Amanda and Paul broke things off in March of this year.

It was, after all, a difficult time for many couples. Some were forced together, others apart, others broke up by coincidence.

Just two months later, however, the pair reconciled, officially renewing their romance in May.

Amanda Bynes for Paper

From the outside looking in, it appears that the time apart did their relationship some good.

It gave them time to reevaluate their feelings. That is always a good idea.

It is especially useful to take a short break when your romance has thus far been a whirlwind.

Amanda Bynes Smells Flowers

In May, Amanda shared with her followers that she had spent the last two months in treatment, specifically working on coping skills for her life-impacting anxiety.

At the time, her anxiety had prompted her to drop out of school. She has been living in transitional housing as her mental health improves.

We are so happy for Amanda and Paul's relationship and are pleased to see that they are still going strong.