American Idol Alum David Archuleta Opens Up About Struggling With His Sexuality & Faith In Emotional Post

David Archuleta got candid about his sexuality for the first time.

On Saturday, the American Idol alum took to Instagram to share an emotional post about reconciling his faith with his sexuality. While he came out as gay to his family in 2014, David explained how he is still figuring out where he fits within the LGBTQIA+ community. The 30-year-old, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, began the lengthy caption with:

“I like to keep to myself but also thought this was important to share because I know so many other people from religious upbringings feel the same way. I’ve been open to myself and my close family for some years now that I am not sure about my own sexuality. I came out in 2014 as gay to my family. But then I had similar feelings for both genders so maybe a spectrum of bisexual.”

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The singer-songwriter also thinks he may be asexual, explaining how he doesn’t “have too much sexual desires and urges as most people,” which aligns with his decision to save himself for marriage. David continued:

“There are people experiencing the same feelings of being LGBTQIA+, (i know that’s a lot of letters that a lot of people don’t understand, but there are a lot of unique experiences people feel and live that make them feel isolated and alone that are represented) who are wrestling to follow their beliefs that are so important to them, just as I have.”

The Crush hitmaker then asked followers to “consider making room to be more understanding and compassionate to those who are LGBTQIA+, and those who are a part of that community and trying to find that balance with their faith which also is a huge part of their identity like myself.” Archuleta even urged people of faith to be more accepting of the community, saying:

“I think we can do better as people of faith and Christians, including Latter-day Saints, to listen more to the wrestle between being LGBTQIA+ and a person of faith. There are more than you may realize going through that wrestle after all the misunderstandings that come with it. I don’t think it should come down to feeling you have to accept one or the other. For me to find peace the reality has been to accept both are real things I experience and make who I am. I’ve yet to figure out what that means but I appreciate you listening to this personal matter.”

In case you didn’t know, the LDS Church has had a long terrible history of opposing same-sex marriage and the LGBTQIA+ community. While they revised its stance in 2019, the church still considers same-sex attraction to be a violation of their teachings and is subject to “ecclesiastical discipline,” per their website.

The performer concluded his thoughts in the comments section, sharing:

“I’ve tried for almost 20 years to try and change myself until I realized God made me how I am for a purpose. And instead of hating what I have considered wrong, I need to see why God loved me for who I am and that it’s not just sexuality.”

Wow… We’re so happy that David found the courage to embrace his authentic self. Ch-ch-check out the entire message (below):

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