Amira Lollysa: Why Was 90 Day Fiance Star Detained in Mexico? What Happened?

At the end of this week's episode of 90 Day Fiance Season 8, we saw a preview for next week.

Amira will be finally released from detention, though it's unclear if she and Andrew can, or will, reunite.

But ... what exactly happened?

Are they even still together after all of that?

Andrew and Amira for 90 Day Fiance Season 8

32-year-old Andrew Kenton is an American. 28-year-old Amira Lollysa is French.

The two met online and then saw each other in person for the first time in Las Vegas, when they became engaged.

Unfortunately, the timing of their K-1 visa process could not have been worse -- as they received approval just as the COVID-19 pandemic triggered the too little, too late ban on travel from Europe.

Amira Lollysa - and now that I have (K-1 visa) I can't even use it

The clock on the K-1 visa began ticking the moment that it was issued, so Andrew and Amira had to think fast.

Andrew did his own research and found, via message boards, that they might have a shot if Amira traveled to Mexico, quarantined for 14 days, and then entered the US with her visa.

Of course, he wasn't asking her to do that alone. He traveled down to meet her, planning to spend the fortnight with her in a luxurious stay in Puerto Vallarta before returning home to California.

Amira Lollysa - hope so; fingers crossed

To her horror, however, Amira arrived in Mexico City only to find herself detained by customs officials.

Andrew, already in Puerto Vallarta, tried everything that he could think of to find a way to help Amira. Notably, the French consulate was closed due to the pandemic.

But, as we all watched on this season, he hit multiple dead ends as he pursued various avenues.

Andrew Kenton contacts Amira's dad with bad news

Andrew also had the unenviable task of notifying Amira's father, Hamdi, of what had taken place.

Hamdi had expressed to Amira his real concerns about this plan.

“So emotional right now seeing my dad like that [two crying face emojis]. #FREEAMIRA #90DAYFIANCE,” Amira tweeted as the scene played out on Sunday night.

Andrew Kenton tries to release Amira from detention, no luck

That was Season 8, Episode 6. On Season 8, Episode 7, things are looking up.

In the preview for that episode, we can see that Amira is released after days in lockup and reaching out to Andrew via WhatsApp.

“I stay three days, two nights locked up in detention,” Amira stated before she began to cry. “Nobody deserves to go through that. Nobody.”

Amira on 90 Day Fiance: nobody deserves to go through that

Amira is clearly distressed by her ordeal, and it is unclear what happened.

It may be that she was detained and given a COVID test to determine if it was safe to release her.

What people on message boards may have forgotten is that Mexico is a country with its own people and laws, and not a lawless staging area for Americans and Europeans to do whatever they want.

Andrew Kenton is stunned and hurting after Amira's detention

Similarly, though we can assume that Andrew and Amira reunited, the preview for Episode 7 did not show that.

It showed them clearly messaging and filming themselves from afar.

This kind of ordeal would be enough to cause many people to reconsider their plans and their entire relationship -- and who could blame them?

Amira Lollysa facetimes Andrew Kenton about Mexico plans

We already know a great deal about which Season 8 couples are still together.

That said, Andrew and Amira are more mysterious than most of their castmates.

It is possible that they are happily living together in California. At the same time, perhaps they could not get past this. Only time will tell.