Amy Robach: Holy F%$K, T.J. Holmes is a Total Dirtbag!

According to a brand new report, Amy Robach simply can’t believe the man she’s been cheating on her husband with does not have a strong moral compass.

For those unfamiliar with this story, a quick refresher:

Robach co-hosts GMA3 (a spinoff of the wildly popular ABC morning show) with T.J. Holmes.

In late November, photos emerged of the journalists canoodling in upstate New York — despite the fact that both have been married for years.

Shortly after these racy photos went viral, Holmes and Robach were pulled off the air by executives while they conducted an internal investigation.

Then, they were fired.

Neither Robach nor Holmes (who very recently filed to divorce his wife, Marilee Fiebig) has publicly commented on their alleged affair or pink slip.

But a disturbing article published by The Daily Mail just a few days ago reportedly has left Robach reeling.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes may have cheated on their spouses to be together. They appear to be in love.

As previously detailed on this website, Holmes stepped out on Fiebig on multiple occasions.

In 2015, he supposedly started sleeping with ABC News coordinator Jasmin Pettaway … who was only was 24 years old at time, while Holmes was 37.

On at least one occasion, an insider says Holmes and Pettay had intercourse in the former’s office, mere hours before he went on air.

“They had sex and I know she was confused afterwards as to what it meant,” wrote The Daily Mail, adding that the relationship eventually “fizzled out.”

And was also wildly inappropriate.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 17: TJ Holmes attends the 2022 ABC Disney Upfront at Basketball City – Pier 36 – South Street on May 17, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images,)

Overall, the Daily Mail source had very few kind words to say about the long-time anchor.

“He was a predator who took full advantage of his position, and he was reckless,” this person tells The Daily Mail.

“It was Jasmin’s first real job in television, and it was a big deal for her. She was looking for a mentor, and she reached out to several people.

“T.J. was someone who was responsive, but he absolutely abused the position of trust.”

YIKES, huh?

The Sun now reports that Robach had the basic same reaction upon learning of her lover’s former sexual romps, while she’s also taken aback about losing her job as a result of their shagging.

“She certainly did not foresee that their relationship was going to cause major upheaval – outside of her own marriage,” alleges an insider to this outlet.

“She did not expect this to blow up into a scandal.”

The source adds that while both Holmes and Robach’s attorneys are in contact with ABC as they work out their potential exit, their cases are being treated separately by their respective teams.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are pictured here on set. They like to also be in bed together, we hear.

Perhaps most troubling to Robach, The Sun claims, is that she had no idea about the “scope” of Holmes’ past dalliances.

To be clear, she and Holmes are still employed by ABC… they have just been taken off the air.

“They have not been terminated yet, but I don’t expect T.J. to be on again,” an insider told Page Six last week, noting that both parties have lawyered up amid negotiations and concluding:

“They do want Amy to stay and be a part of things there, but likely not on “GMA3.”

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