Britney Spears Intervention Planned, Friends Fear Singer “Is Gonna Die”

Just about six weeks ago, social media users feared the worse.

Due to suspicious activity on the Instagram account of Britney Spears, a rumor started to spread that something horrible had happened to the artist.

Thankful, this was mere speculation and Spears was perfectly fine at the time.

Now, however? Those especially close to the singer have new reasons to be VERY concerned over the state of Spears’ well-being.

Britney Spears uploaded yet another video of her dancing to Instagram in early 2023. We grabbed this photo from it.

According to TMZ sources, the mother of two has been struggling with her mental health and substance abuse of late… to such an extent that friends and loved ones planned an intervention this week.

One unnamed insider even said the following to TMZ of the world famous icon:

I’m afraid she’s gonna die.

We don’t have any specific examples of Britney’s behavior that would back up such a troubling claim.

Britney Spears rocks a sizable hat in this pic. (Photo via Instagram)

However, TMZ quotes individuals with “direct knowledge” of Spears who “have become alarmed by her erratic, volatile behavior.”

This celebrity gossip website says the superstar has allegedly been taking medication that “hype her up.”

As a result, the sources say she’s been “flying off the handle” with increasing regularity — and is not taking the medications required to stabilize her.

TMZ therefore reports that plan was enacted on Tuesday in response to these fears and this sort of abuse.

Britney snaps a selfie while sporting some specs. (Photo via Instagram)

The singer’s manager supposedly rented a house in the Los Angeles and the scheme was to bring Britney over there… at which time she’d be confronted by husband Sam Asghari, an interventionist and doctors.

They would try and convince Britney that she needs help, while recommending she stay in this home for the next two months while receiving medical treatment and psychological counseling.

For those wondering, no:

Britney’s kids were NOT involved in any of this planning.

So, what happened?

Britney became “somewhat aware” of the intervention and it had to be scrapped.

But these same sources claim Britney agreed to meet with a doctor of some kind on Wednesday afternoon and it “went well,” for whatever that is worth and whatever that means.

No one associated with the artist has yet commented on this report.

Britney Spears was not yet ready to reveal her new haircut, but she was happy to bare everything else. (Image Credit: Instagram)

In mid-January, TMZ also went public with a story about Britney acting manic at a restaurant, rambling incoherently before being taken away from the scene.

The troubled star, of course, was in a conservatorship controlled by her father for 13 years.

As part of this ordeal, Speaks was involuntarily committed on two different occasions to the hospital for alleged mental health issues.

When conservatorship was finally terminated by a judge in November 2021, no medical evaluation was ordered for Spears.

At this point, we can only wish her the very best going forward and we can only hope she receives any help she does, in fact, need.


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