Céline Dion ‘May Not Be Able To Return To The Stage’ Ever Again As Insiders Worry About Her Health & Future

Las Vegas is reacting to Céline Dion‘s recent diagnosis.

As we reported last week, the 54-year-old singer revealed she has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Stiff Person Syndrome. That malady has forced her to cancel some 2023 tour dates and postpone others. And it’s also affecting local life in Sin City, where Dion lives, as insiders grapple with the fallout from the diagnosis.

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For one, Vegas residents are pondering what may happen to Céline’s performance schedule following this health reveal. One local journalist in the Nevada party city, Scott Roeben, told Page Six that Dion’s legendary 16-year-long residency at Caesars Palace helped propel Vegas into what it is today. And without Celine on the docket possibly ever again the city will have lost something.

Roeben explained:

“This is the house that Celine built. People had been telling me for some time that Celine would not be returning to live performing — maybe ever at all.”

Oh, no…

Of course, the My Heart Will Go On singer had long been a fixture in the desert town. She first started canceling shows there in October of last year, though. At the time, she told fans she was dealing with “severe” muscle spasms.

Her more recent diagnosis of Stiff Person Syndrome has made the situation even more urgent. As Roeben indicated, it could be possible she never returns to performing. That would be just awful. The journalist explained what sources are saying:

“When it’s Celine, it’s not what you do, it’s who you are. To have it taken away, it’s even more tragic. My sources believe she may not be able to return to the stage. After that initial talk of struggling with muscle spasms, we started hearing about how serious things were, but Celine is the type of person who doesn’t want people to be unnecessarily concerned: Her fans are obsessed with every breath she takes. They hang on every word.”

Much of this most recent struggle has roots long before the Stiff Person Syndrome diagnosis, though. And the issues go far beyond just the singer’s physical health.

Some insiders are worried about Celine’s outlook and mental health following the death of her beloved husband and manager René Angélil. Of course, he died back in 2016 following a battle with throat cancer. He was instrumental in Dion’s career, setting up her first residency with Caesars Palace in 2003 among other things.

He was also her beloved partner for decades, and the one with whom she shares three children. Thus, when he died, it hit Céline extremely hard — and it’s still affecting her. One insider reported:

“Since René died, it’s been very difficult. He hasn’t been there to protect Celine. He was her touchstone, he looked after everything for her. Celine relied on him for everything — her management, her finances, her music production — and things have gone downhill since his passing.”


That source also cryptically explained how they’re not sure who looks after the singer’s best interest right now:

“I’m not sure exactly who she has in her corner looking after her anymore, or if they have her best interests at heart. It’s true — she may not ever be able to perform live again.”

Ugh. We hate to hear that.

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Amid that insider’s new claims, at least one thing is certain: Céline hasn’t been seen around Vegas often in recent years. After Angélil’s death in 2016, locals say the Canadian-born crooner’s world has closed in. Roeben explained that dynamic:

“[People in Las Vegas] would spot Celine out and about with her entourage. But, for this very long stretch of time, nobody has shared even a paparazzi photo or a fan photo. She just kind of disappeared.”


From a career perspective, the singer does have some proverbial irons in the fire. She is supposed to make her acting debut in the romantic drama It’s All Coming Back To Me starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas. That project has been pushed back from February of next year to May, per Page Six. But Dion is set to play herself in the film. Plus, it will feature her music.

To that end, the unnamed insider is optimistic there could still be a future. They said of Dion’s resilience:

“Celine said she will be unveiling new songs for the movie. But whether she does press or not for it [remains to be seen]. Celine is really tough. She’ll be OK.”

Wow. Well, we sincerely hope she will be OK.

Sending love and light during this difficult time…

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