Chris Lopez to Kailyn Lowry: You Secretly Gave Birth Last Year! Admit It!

Here we go again, folks.

Yet again.

Late on Tuesday, Chris Lopez reignited one of the more fascinating and confounding rumors on the Internet, accusing his famous ex-girlfriend and multiple-time baby mama of having recently given birth.

Such an accusation comes in the wake of many social media users also believing Kailyn Lowry now has five kids.

This speculation started to make the rounds in October when observers claimed they spotted a baby bump in one of Lowry’s Instagram videos.

A few weeks later, folks wondered whether Kailyn had taken a break from podcasting because she was on maternity leave.

The veteran Teen Mom star hasn’t directly addressed the very personal chatter, only denying any fifth child exists in broad and vague responses across her various social media accounts.

But now Lopez has come forward and stated it plainly… while also tearing Lowry a painful new one.

“At this point it aint about the kids… she doin to much… on here and behind the scenes… running to the internet for validation because her fans enable her behavior,” Lopez opened his latest post on Instagram, continuing as follows:

“You try to call me out publicly and take away time with my kids for me dropping son off an hour late to school but he misses school completely just because you didn’t have control of a situation…

“so you took him to the hair salon when his hair was fine smfh.”

We’re not even gonna try to delve into the specifics behind this rant. Lord knows what has been going on of late between Kailyn, Chris and the two children they share.

Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez Choked Me, and Now He's Lying About It

Lopez added:

“I’ve never seen someone take advantage of someone keeping quiet for so long… seriously and I’m done bro.. you claim to babe so real so raw but yet you got a whole new born you should be focused on and yet your trying to create unnecessary drama to cover up that FACT.”

We bolded that final part for emphasis.

Lopez, you may recall, alleged way back in July that Lowry was pregnant with baby number-five.

Is he the most reliable narrator/source? No.

Lopez and Lowry have feuded for years and the latter even revealed to the public in October 2021 that the former was expecting a kid with another woman… before Lopez wanted this information out in the world.

So he definitely has a reason to be angry with Kailyn.

But here’s the thing: Lopez did have a kid with another woman.

Lopez-Lowry Fight

So even if Lopez hates Lowry and even if he has an ulterior motive to making the claim above… it doesn’t mean that it’s false.

Elsewhere, one TikToker recently wrote the following of Lowry:

“My sister works at the hospital where she delivered. She def had another in November.”

The user added: “Surprised it’s still a secret.”

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