Christina Applegate & Jamie-Lynn Sigler Call Out ‘Healthy’ People ‘Abusing’ Ozempic!

Jamie-Lynn Sigler doesn’t approve of all the willy-nilly Ozempic use!

During Tuesday’s episode of her and Christina Applegate’s MeSsy podcast, The Sopranos star ripped into perfectly healthy people using the weight loss drug — because they’re derailing all the “body positivity” progress we’ve made! She said:

“I’m annoyed at myself that I’m admitting this and I’d like to get to the bottom of why I’m a little triggered about all the Ozempic stuff. It’s upsetting me. I wish I didn’t care.”

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She continued:

“It felt like we were on this road to solidifying body positivity, and every shape and size and color, and everyone’s looking the same now.”

The 42-year-old clarified that she’s not upset about the use of the drug for people who genuinely need it, as it’s helped people she knows who’ve “struggle[d] with their weight for a very, very, very long time.” She noted:

“I’ve seen it give them a lot and I am so happy for them.”

What she DOESN’T approve of is all the perfectly “healthy” people “abusing” it! She explained:

“I have also seen friends of mine who were beautiful and healthy and perfect, abusing it, and it’s upsetting me.”

Christina agreed, adding, “people are, you know, fading away.” She also pointed out the benefit of carrying a little bit of fat when it comes to aging:

“For women out there listening, the thinner your face is, the older you look, okay? Not that looking old is bad! … Aging gracefully is beautiful.”

In the same episode, the co-hosts both vulnerably opened up about their past battles with body image, with the Anchorman star detailing an anorexia battle and a point in it where she’d eat just “five almonds” a day. Ugh.

Is Jamie-Lynn on to something here about Ozempic, tho?? Let us know down in the comments!

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, there is help available. Consider visiting or call their hotline at (800)-931-2237 for resources.

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