Christine Quinn: Chrishell Stause Totally Used Jason Oppenheim!

When Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim started dating back in the summer of 2021, those closest to the couple seemed to have a lot of doubts about their longevity.

Those fears were validated in December of last year, when Chrishell and Jason broke up after less than six months together.

Now, the postmortem examination of this doomed romance continues, as other Selling Sunset stars sound off on a relationship that some believe was all for show.

The latest to speak her mind is Christine Quinn, who's convinced that the short-lived affair was nothing but a well-timed showmance ... at least for one party.

Christine, Chrishell, Jason

Appeaing on the Call Her Daddy podcast this week, Quinn explained that she felt the relationship "was opportunistic," adding:

"It was a great storyline. I think that Jason did have genuine feelings for her."

Quinn amended her comments to note that she does believe Jason had genuine feelings for Chrishell -- she just doesn't believe that those feelings were reciprocated.

Christine Quinn on Selling Sunset Episode

Christine called the relationship "one-sided," noting that Chrishell seemed "really uncomfortable" around Jason.

"I saw the chemistry that Jason, you know, really liked her," Christine shared, "and radiated towards her."

Chrishell insists, however, that her feelings for Jason were genuine, and that the two of them parted ways simply because she wanted kids and he didn't.

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim Selfie

"Jason was and is my best friend," she said on Instagram at the time of the split.

"And other than our ideas for family ultimately not being aligned, the amount of respect and love we have for each other will not change going forward."

These days, Chrishell is dating G Flip, a 27-year-old non-binary Australian singer whom she appears quite smitten with.

G Flip and Chrishell Stause

"I know this is new for you guys," she told her Instagram followers on May 10. "I understand that it's confusing, but I think it's an act of love to understand that, if it's not something that you know, of keeping that curiosity about life and evolving forward," Chrishell continued.

"And I hope that you guys see that I'm the same person that you've been following this whole time. Like I said on the show, not a lot's changed."

On last week's Selling Sunset reunion show, Jason admitted that he was still devastated by the split, and he suggested that he would be open to a reconciliation.

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim Photo

"It's been a few months but I'm still just going through stuff and I think there was a lot of love between us, and I still care about her very much, this has been a very difficult breakup," Oppenheim explained.

"I can never think more highly of someone than I do Chrishell she was an amazing girlfriend, and she would be an amazing mom," he added.

"It's not that I think I made the wrong decision it's just that I had a lot of respect and still have the upmost respect for Chrishell and still love her as much today. It's difficult."

Chrishell Stause Addresses Fans, Relationship

Unfortunately for Jason, it appears that Chrishell has definitively moved on.

And no one is under the impression that this new relationship is for show.

After all, it's unlikely that she started dating an obscure Aussie pop singer in the hopes that it would boost her public profile.