Could “Dune” Still Be An Exclusive Theatrical Release?

We’re all still digesting the recent news that Warner Bros. is going to be putting all of their 2021 slate on HBO Max, as well as in theaters. It’s a massive shift for tentpole releases, obviously. Moreover, we learned that the filmmakers and producers of the WB movies were largely in the dark about it, too, which was surprising. Now, at least one film is hoping to be the exception to that rule, and it’s Denis Villenueve’s impending Dune remake. It might be an uphill battle, but the potential franchise is hoping for an exclusion from the big plan next year. So, the final word on the HBO Max move has not been said, at least just yet. Read on for more… According to Deadline, Legendary and Warner Bros. are sparring over how Dune will be released. Whether or not it goes to the courts remains to be seen, but it’s possible that WB will opt to exclude Dune from their 2021 plan of putting all of their films on HBO Max as well as into theaters. Is this the movie that will warrant the special treatment? Perhaps. Will it happened? We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes down next year. Here’s the pertinent bit from their story: Legendary is in a big fight that might result in lawsuits after it financed 75% of tentpoles ‘Dune’ and ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ and was completely blindsided. Rumors have the solution to that breach being to preserve ‘Dune’ as a traditional theatrical to preserve its franchise potential and since its October 1 release date falls well after the estimated late spring date when Covid vaccines should achieve herd immunity. ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ might stay an HBO Max hybrid in its May 21 slot, but only if Warner Bros. makes a deal with Legendary that uses as a base the $250 million value established when the film was shopped earlier to Netflix. Stay tuned for more… (Source: Deadline)