Devoin Austin to Briana DeJesus: Here’s $80 For Our Kid! Now GTF Away From Me!

Like so many of the Teen Moms, Briana DeJesus has attracted some severely loser-y dudes who turned out to be horribly inept as dads.

Sadly, both of Briana's baby daddies have shown little (if any) interest in being financially responsible for their daughters (Nova and Stella).

Fortunately, the Teen Mom 2 firebrand makes a very good living, and she's willing to call her baby daddies out for their deadbeat behavior.

Last week, Devoin Austin - father to Bri's 8-year-old daughter Nova - took to social media to boast about how well he's doing financially.

Bri responded by suggesting that, you know, may he should think about using some of that money to actually support his daughter.

Devoin's response to that? Well, it has to be seen to be believed.

Take a look and get ready to cringe/break s--t ...

1. Briana vs. Devoin

Bri 7
Briana DeJesus is fed up with deadbeat dads! She took to Instagram this week to publicly call out Devoin Austin, the father of her eldest daughter.

2. Nova's Folks

Briana dejesus and nova
Briana and Devoin are parents to 8-year-old Nova -- although to hear Bri tell it, Devoin hasn't done much parenting at all.

3. Self-Acceptance of the Worst Kind

Bri 8
Interestingly, Devoin hasn't done much to push back against that characterization. As far as we can tell, he's a deadbeat, and he doesn't care who knows it.

4. Put In His Place

Bri 5
But if Devoin thought he had gotten away with something and would never suffer any consequences for his actions ... well, Bri just set him straight in a major way.

5. Deadbeat Baller

Bri 9
And something tells us that Devoin will think twice next time he considers boasting about his wealth on social media,.

6. Stacking Bills

Bri 1
It all started when Devoin posted about some sort of money-making opportunity on his Instagram Story.
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