Doctors Remove 8-Inch Wire From Teenager’s Penis!! It Got Stuck While He Was…

A teenager in Sri Lanka is the focus of a shocking new report after doctors surgically removed an 8-inch wire from HIS PENIS…

The young man — who was not named in the journal Psychiatry Research Case Reports when his story was revealed late last month — got an 8-inch wire lodged inside his penis while masturbating. The boy (who is NOT the person pictured above, FYI) was just 17 years old when the incident occurred late last year.

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Per the report, the boy experienced “extreme pain” for days when urinating after shoving the wire up his urethra — something he had done for sexual gratification. Over nine days, he suffered through the issue at home before finally going to a hospital in the Sri Lankan city of Colombo with severe abdominal pain. There, doctors were forced to surgically remove the wire.


After removing the wire, doctors in the Colombo hospital diagnosed the teen as suffering from Polyembolokoilomania. More commonly known as PEKamania for short, that is a medical condition in which people stick things — often wires, but also other metal, glass, and plastic items — into the urethra, vagina, or rectum while masturbating. PEKamania is similar to urethral sounding, when men stick metal and plastic rods and wires in their urethras for sexual pleasure.

When questioned about it, the teen admitted he’d been practicing the act for two years. Prior to the incident, he had always been able to “remove the foreign object himself,” per the journal. But not this time…

According to the medical reveal, the teen thankfully “did not suffer any severe health consequences” from the event. However, doctors became concerned because the teen “was lost to follow-up after discharge” once surgery was completed. They were unable to provide him with any psychiatric help after surgery, even despite prescribing a dosage of a generic antidepressant, as he never returned to the hospital.

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Regarding the situation, doctors wrote in the medical journal:

“Complications of inserting a foreign body into male urethra are numerous. Serious complications including bladder tissue necrosis have been reported after the insertion of corrosive substances like batteries.”

The doctors also noted in the journal that the patient’s IQ was “moderately low” at just 78. With that, they are worried about the likelihood he may re-engage in the same risky behavior again:

“It is anticipated that his risk of re-engaging in such behavior with associated surgical complications is high. Sri Lanka has been identified as a country with a high level of stigma attached to mental disorders. It is our opinion that stigma may contribute to in these patients avoiding contact with health services.”


You can read more in the shocking (and very technical) case report itself HERE

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