Erika Jayne Goes TOTALLY Topless! OMG!

Erika Jayne is letting it all hang out… literally!!

The 52-year-old reality TV star is the cover model for Interview Magazine‘s newest issue. And in a photoshoot-slash-interview with her that they dropped online on Monday, she bares all AND opens up a bit about her tumultuous life.

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First, the photos. The longtime Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star decided to go super-racy for the shoot with Interview. Not wanting to leave much to the imagination, Jayne posed topless while only allowing her left arm to cover her otherwise-exposed boobs! And it was SO hot!

Oh, and for good measure — and giving off very Vegas-like vibes, which was appropriate for the mag chat — Jayne accessorized only with a pair of large hoop earrings and a set of matching silver bracelets that were very tastefully and creatively used to cover up her nipples!

That snap is seriously so sexy! Ch-ch-check it — and the rest of the shoot — out down in the embed (below):

Holy s**t!

Thirst trap alert, y’all! That one is BARELY safe for Instagram! But we love it, we’re definitely not complaining! Ha!!

Along with the photoshoot, Jayne got very candid about her career, her life, and her ongoing legal troubles in the interview with the appropriately-named mag.

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Speaking about making art — which in this case has to do with her newly-debuted Vegas residency — Jayne first said:

“If you’re going to make art safely, you’re not making art. You’re supposed to be a little rebellious, a little over the line. I’m at a place in my life where I’m like, ‘f**k everybody.’ I’m very confident in my own skin. And I’ve struggled hard, especially these last couple years, to get to that good place.”

She also got real about some of her not-so-great moments that Bravo fans have seen on RHOBH recently.

For one, regarding her alcohol consumption on the hit show and how it led to some “poor choices” that made it into episodes weeks and months later, Jayne said:

“It’s terrible when you see yourself struggling on television and you’ve made poor choices, like drinking too much or crying. But those are self-destructive choices that I made. And it lives forever and ever. And then you step outside and there’s paparazzi and you look like s**t. You feel like s**t. At some point you quit. You just say, ‘you know what? It is what it is.’ You can’t fight it.”

Then, she added:

“It’s alright to be human. And it’s alright to not feel good. And it’s alright not to look good on certain days. And that’s just the way it goes. If you don’t accept that, you will fail. I didn’t want to become a reality TV show casualty. … You fight for things that are necessary. You let go of other things. One thing about this whole process is that you become comfortable in your own skin. You know who you are and what you’re capable of doing and not doing. And there are days that just suck really bad and there’s nothing you can do except go to bed and wake up and try it again.”

Honestly, that’s not bad advice!

When the mag asked Erika for her advice on “getting out of a funk,” the always-controversial reality TV vet had thoughts about that, as well:

“Don’t do what I do. Don’t drink. Go to therapy. Get a psychiatrist if you need one. I did. I know medication doesn’t work for everybody, but it worked for me. You need to keep a close circle of friends that you really trust and the rest is on you. You have to want to get better. And you have to want to live and rebuild and re-discover. Otherwise you lose. And I just didn’t want to lose at the end of day. … I wasn’t going to allow a television show, or people that I worked with, or press outlets, tell me who I was and how my life ends.”

Well damn!!

You can read the whole interview HERE, by the way.

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