Halle Bailey Blasts Comments About Her ‘Pregnancy Nose’ Amid Rumors She & DDG are Expecting

Halle Bailey Blasts Comments About Her 'Pregnancy Nose' Amid Rumors She & DDG are Expecting

Halle Bailey would very much appreciate if people would stop commenting on her appearance.

The 23-year-old The Little Mermaid actress took to Snapchat on Saturday (November 18) to blast someone who said that she had “pregnancy nose.” The message comes following weeks of speculation that she is expecting a child with boyfriend and rapper DDG.

Her response makes it very clear how Halle feels about the speculation and obsession with her body.

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“If I see one more person say something about my nose one more time, it’s gonna be hell to pay,” Halle said in the clip.

She continued, saying, “And you know why? ‘Cause I am black. I love my nose. What is you concerned about my nose for?”

“Leave me the hell alone,” Halle added. The video was accompanied by a comment from someone that simply said “That pregnancy nose” and included the pig nose emoji.

Halle did not directly respond to speculation that she is pregnant. If you missed it, last month a viral quote discussing pregnancy and marriage was incorrectly attributed to her. It was in fact from another celebrity.

She and DDG were recently seen together on the red carpet.