Heather Gay: Prosecutors Found a “Smoking Gun” to Prove Jen Shah is Guilty

Ahead of her incarceration later this month, Jen Shah wants to tell her side of the story.

Well, Jen wants fans to sign up for her mailing list. Anyone who wants to give the confessed fraudster their contact info can hear what she has to say.

Jen was not at the Reunion — but, obviously, her castmates discussed her.

Heather Gay says that there was clearly a “smoking gun” that drove Jen to plead guilty. And Lisa Barlow has a guess of what it was.

Heather Gay had several intense moments during the The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 3 Reunion special. (Image Credit: Bravo)

On Wednesday, the Season 3 Reunion concluded.

The topic of Jen Shah, her abruptly reversed plea to “Guilty,” and husband Sharrieff Shah Sr’s support of that change.

Heather noted that part of the concern was likely “for the financial strain, and it was just an uphill battle.”

The Housewives discussed the extreme expense involved in Heather’s legal defense. Her attorneys did not work for exposure, folks.

But there was more to it. As Heather noted, they must have realized that going to trial could mean a greater risk.

“And I have to assume it wasn’t something that he thought was worth rolling the dice [for],” Heather speculated. “Just some sort of smoking gun.”

At this point during the reunion, Lisa Barlow spoke up to weigh in.

“It was a text or something that she had sent to Stu,” Lisa claimed, referring to Jen’s accomplice and co-conspirator.

According to Jen, this was something “that basically incriminated her” and might have led the jury to convict Jen. Which would, in turn, have given her a lengthier sentence than she received.

Heather did not necessarily disagree. But she did not claim to have any specific knowledge.

“I don’t know the details,” she quickly admitted.

“But,” Heather added, “I would assume it was some type of smoking gun that showed knowledge.”

The cast also delved into the sensitive topic — the allegation that Jen and her husband asked people for money to pay their legal fees.

On the one hand, obviously, this was devastatingly expensive. The Housewives assume that Jen’s reason for signing up for this show was because she knew that she would need money to fund her legal defense.

At the same time … Jen’s crimes have real victims. And, if anyone gave money to her defense, was there a point to it? Because they might justifiably feel betrayed now that she has pleaded guilty.

Heather Gay found herself public enemy #1 during the Midseason 3 trailer for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. (Image Credit: Heather Gay)

“I did not give them money,” Heather confirmed at the Reunion.

“But,” she added, “I know people on this couch did.”

Heather singled out Angie Harrington as someone who allegedly “gave [the Shahs] money.” 

Although Heather did not financially support Jen, she did double down on emotionally supporting her during her looming incarceration.

“She said she committed fraud and she’s going to prison and she’s making $15 million restitution,” she cited of Jen.

“And,” Heather expressed, “I think me being mean to her or mad at her is just a virtue signal to the world and doesn’t do anybody good.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay looked beautiful and strong despite the Season 3 Reunion’s unflattering color scheme. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“And I’m this far down the road with her, I’m not going to drop her now,” Heather affirmed.

That is good news for Jen. On February 17, she will begin serving a six-and-a-half year sentence in federal prison.

No one envies Heather for this … but, when we consider the victims of her widespread fraud scheme, it is hard to feel sorry for her.

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