Jana Kramer DEFENDS Tom Sandoval After VPR Cheating Scandal — Despite Her History!

Jana Kramer is coming to Tom Sandoval‘s defense! Wait, what? We’ll take “sentences we never thought we’d hear” for $500, Alex…

The One Tree Hill alum took on the Vanderpump Rules scandal, aka Scandoval, in the latest episode of her Whine Down podcast. During the show, the 39-year-old host said she wanted to see some grace extended to Tom and Rachel Leviss amid the affair they carried on behind Ariana Madix‘s back.

Considering Jana’s own history with cheating exes *cough*Mike Caussin*cough*, we can only say… WOW!!!

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In Monday’s podcast ep, Jana explained:

“I don’t want everyone to be canceled. Just because you make mistakes doesn’t mean you should be canceled, just like my ex [Caussin] shouldn’t be canceled, just like someone who says something wrong. You shouldn’t be canceled for something when we’re all human, we all make mistakes.”

Honestly, that’s a good take! We do all make mistakes. Still, the Tom Tom restaurateur’s mistake was really long… and really bad… and really public… So maybe it’s understandable if folks aren’t ready to forgive JUST NOW. We mean, it must have taken a long time to come to terms with what Mike did, right?? Cheating while gurl was recovering from surgery?? With over a dozen women total maybe??

But anyways, Jana tried to contextualize how reality TV puts its cast members “under a microscope,” saying:

“There are so many things that we do on a daily basis that if people’s lives were under a microscope, everybody would be getting ‘paused,’ in every genre of category.”

Maybe that’s true, but a seven-month affair is a lot more than a “slip.” You know?

But Jana asked people to give Sandoval a second chance, offering this conclusion:

“We’re all just human.”

Obviously, that’s interesting because of the Michigan native’s own experience with infidelity. Jana’s life was completely upended after Caussin’s extracurricular escapades came to light years ago. The duo shares two children — daughter Jolie, now 7, and son Jace, 4 — and Kramer dealt with unimaginable heartbreak and coparenting issues through those affairs and the split. Let’s not forget, she filed for divorce from the ex-NFL star in 2021. So sure, he’s human, he made a mistake — but it doesn’t mean you stay married to him! Right?

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It’s also interesting to hear Jana defend Sandoval now, because on last week’s Whine Down ep, she was surprisingly critical of Ariana!! Hmm…

Slamming Madix for choosing to remain in the home she shared with Sandoval after the Leviss affair was revealed — and offering her skepticism about Ariana’s reason to remain as being for her pets — Jana said this on last week’s show:

“I don’t understand the whole cat and dog thing. That’s confusing to me. But for someone she hates so much, it’s interesting to me — because again, I’ve been cheated on, I know. I would never stay in the home of someone that did that, no matter how much money or how little money I had. I would stay with a friend or something.”

She continued:

“I get how angry and upset [Ariana] was, but it’s just so mean, some of the things that they said about [Rachel]. I get what she did was messed up, but everyone is so mean and so hurtful.”

Soooo she’s backing Tom a week after calling out Ariana and the rest of the VPR cast for slamming Rachel, thus essentially defending Rachel through all that, too.

Curious. Definitely not something we thought a person who’d been so publicly cheated on would do. Ya know?!

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