Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s Wedding Rings Remain ON Amid Split Rumors!

Don’t lose hope on Bennifer yet — they haven’t completely thrown in the towel!

This week, talk of a divorce between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck kicked into high gear, made worse by the fact that the Batman v Superman star has been seemingly living in a separate Brentwood home recently. So, it’s not just talk — there’s some IRL proof that things are rocky! But while sources are going back and forth about whether or not a divorce is imminent, it doesn’t look like the couple has actually given up yet!

TMZ obtained photos of Ben on Thursday morning driving in the Brentwood area of LA (that’s about 30 minutes from his home with J.Lo and super close to where his ex-wife Jennifer Garner lives). In the snaps, the 51-year-old notably had his hand dangling out the window — and he still had his wedding ring on! That’s a biggie! See it HERE.

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The good news is that Jennifer is ALSO still rocking her bling! On Thursday as all these reports were surfacing, she was photographed arriving at an El Lay dance studio — perhaps preparing for the tour that supposedly drove a wedge in their marriage? Oof! The 54-year-old was rocking a dark blue sweatsuit with her silver wedding band in clear view. Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

Remember, J.Lo started sporting a simple platinum ring after the wedding as opposed to her glitzy green engagement ring. So, if this looks different to you, it’s not a downgrade because of these rumors. She’s been wearing this classy bling for a while now! So, this seems like a positive sign!

Sure, it doesn’t necessarily mean the pair are on the best of terms, but we doubt they’d be wearing their rings if they’d already ended things! There’s a sliver of hope left!

That said, signs of marriage trouble haven’t just been coming from anonymous sources. The Marry Me star actually signaled problems in the relationship, too! The Let’s Get Loud singer made fans worried that the split talk might be real after liking an Instagram post on Thursday morning all about toxic partners who “lack integrity and emotional safety,” don’t “respect your time,” and aren’t “effective” communicators. Uh-oh…

Yeah, so, things are certainly complicated… at the very least! But as long as those rings stay on, there’s a chance they can work this out! Thoughts?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Tonight Show/Late Late Show/YouTube]

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